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Chat log from R10 of 2018: Hawthorn vs West Coast

Chat log for Hawthorn vs West Coast, R10 of 2018

BigChief: Hawks home ground is MCG and it is vacant today. Stupid by AFL not to play there.
SilverLion: Collingwood’s is too, and they used Etihad on Friday. Not sure what the deal is there.
luke394: $$ guys they have to play a hame game at Etihad
BigChief: I also think it costs more to play at Etihad.
m0nty: MCG clubs have to play one home game at Docklands, that’s a league rule
frenzy: everybody has to play atleast one game there per season.
cusch1: The AFL is such a backwards league it isnt even funny
anthsill03: Common knowledge come on hawks
th3rio: Whos tagging titch lads ? Yeo?
lukefield9: @th3rio mark hutchings
anthsill03: Hutchings
Hadouken: hutcings i think
th3rio: Thanks luke
Hadouken: even hutchings*
TheLegend6: Hutchings but doesn’t look like a hard tag
luke394: god i love having Sicily
MONEY TALK: got yeo and sicily from here
Pokerface: muppet smith. that was disgraceful
anthsill03: C on titch
feralmong: smash em hawks. since we couldn’t lol.
Pokerface: band aid redden m0nty
Jackwatt$: Honestly that is a ridiculous rule and unfair on non Vic teams since the GF is played at the G
th3rio: Took dangers score oopt changed to titch last sec need him to stay decent
Raspel31: Thought Titch and Fyfe would both be tagged so was a coward and went Gawn.
Manowar: Naitanui 200 points today, Mc Evoy and Ceglar not upto it
DrSeuss: Capt Mitchell, Yeo and Redden – fantastic start for my guys
Jackwatt$: Naitanui prob would get 200 if he had 90% tog like other ruckmen
TheMessiah: Eagles are bloody good this year…
cusch1: Willi gave ump a little bum tap there. Easton Wood not happy
carlton_99: Rioli report for the umpire tap?
poolboybob: Might as well just give Nic Nat the clock icon now
TheLegend6: I played junior footy with Hardwick, was an absolute gun. Good to see him playing well in the AFL.
anthsill03: If rioli gets rubbed out i wont watch another game this year
Pokerface: did he always have the mullet?
m0nty: ump has Titchell in his DT I think
TheLegend6: Nah he used to have short hair, mullet only come when he was in his draft year I think
BigChief: Rioli might get looked at for dropping the knees, but no way for ump contact.
carlton_99: @anthsill agree. But they have set a precedent with the Curnow and Hawkins one. Will probably get a fine
Breezey: Mirra Mirra on the wall. How about you get the ball.
Pokerface: very good breezey 🙂
carlton_99: Intentional contact is a week. Even if it is slight it is intentional. @BigChief
luke394: lol @breezy
cusch1: these goal umps are shocking. I wish I got paid for not doing my job like they do
BigChief: Then why was Powell-Pepper not suspended@Carlton_99? Use your brain.
Breezey: He needs to have a good look at himself @Poker
carlton_99: Powell Peppers wasnt intentional this one was.
SilverLion: Thought Yeo had a good quarter. Guess not.
carlton_99: Even if it was the AFL has come out and made the statement with the decisions that you CANNOT touch the umpire
BigChief: Did you not see the low 5 on the boundry line? Obviously not. Exactly the same thing. Rioli giving Ray a pat for a good
TheOnyas: onya shielsy
BigChief: decision on the 50m penalty.
frenzy: Lol Breezey
SilverLion: Waterman has a wing next to his name but is starting forward
cusch1: Common sense should be the ultimate prevalent when it comes to these decisions. Unfortunately, the AFL is a shamble
carlton_99: IDT any of them should have been reports but the precedent should be followed imo
wadaramus: Get back into it Sicily!
TheMessiah: You beauty Jaeger
Carnster: Yo Yo on one of his down weeks by the looks of it
luke394: stop giving away frees Yeo
MONEY TALK: yeo can go big fast
TheMessiah: Jarman… you bloody jet
cusch1: Say what you want about his on field antics, Sicily is a skillful player
Pokerface: Mirra is broken.
Jackwatt$: @cusch I agree. He reads the ball very good in the air and can kick the ball 60m with ease
luke394: Yeo is actually playing an ok game just some silly frees
cusch1: Yeo second highest possession getter on the ground I think?
BigChief: Sicily will be a gun, but has too many brain fades.
MONEY TALK: see there is yeo
cusch1: I dont think they are brain fades, just mind games and getting into oppo head.
Strskes: Damn Mirra. Do something.
AFL Blues: Sicily, you’re a gun.
Carnster: why jaeger such low tog
cusch1: Sicily has had at least 4 kicks due to Out on the Full frees
BigChief: Is Shiels tagging Yeo?
korza: The ancestors of Yeo, lived near a river or a stream. FACT
luke394: just when you think Mirra will be an ok on field option……
Strskes: 7 Players from the hawks on 3 posessions or less. Get involved.
korza: The ancestors of Hurn, lived by a bend in a river. FACT
Pokerface: need cole to light up
Costanza: Hutchings 14% disposal efficiency. Impressive.
cusch1: How good was that by West Coast off the back of Willie Rioli
korza: Two yrs ago, i thought Hutchings would be the next big thing. Wrong…
snake_p: was that a Gaff tackle??
SilverLion: Big second half Mirra, would like 60+
MONEY TALK: i fell for the darling trap
TheMessiah: Cracker of a game so far
cusch1: Darling on 40 points without kicking a goal. He is on track for a tonne Money talk if he can get on the end of a few
circle52: Same @ Moneytalk Brought him in for Gray in AF
MONEY TALK: smh i expect 200 from him
BigChief: If you expect 200 from Darling then I expect 500 from Yeo.
Costanza: Mirra had time to reflect at half time – can he pick up the pieces?
TheOnyas: onya gaffy
feralmong: carn hawks.
korza: *Costanza: What he saw was not appealing
th3rio: slow down titch
Breezey: Exact Costanza. It’s Mirra’s time to shine
Haydo: Do u get points for kick ins if u dont play on
Pokerface: seedy a very late out for crows
Jackwatt$: Where is God? Is he banned?
BigChief: nope
Pokerface: @haydo no
th3rio: theres been no 170+ scores so he isnt advertising his captain Jackwatts
th3rio: whos replacing poker? please dont say lachy murphy
Jackwatt$: @haydo who’s in? Murphy?
Pokerface: th3rio poholke. that was my fear too!
pcaman2003: Mirra having a mare.
korza: Aboriginal art, i don”t get the love for it. BT acting though he is interested
th3rio: thank god poker lol my danger VC was nearly gone.
BigChief: @th3rio Mitch Robinson got 172
Costanza: player in mirror lamer than may appear
th3rio: lol nice call chief, the perfect BS god story right there
Pokerface: th3rio yep, i was on murphy watch with gawn as emergency switch!
Carnster: Come on yeo
cusch1: clarko at half time: im starting with that man in the mirra, im asking him to change his ways
BigChief: LOL yep you’re right.
cusch1: and no message could have been any clirra, go get the f*cking ball youre my coverage for Hurley
th3rio: yep i’ve been checking late changes all day lol , gawn was the contingency
Pokerface: being burnt by cole
korza: Gaff would look good in the navy blue
BigChief: Anyone else having issues opening the MElb v Adel game?
th3rio: yep chief, no code
JockMcPie: Yeah @bigchief same thing happened yesteday, we just gotta wait until right before the game
anthsill03: Cole is hurting me too
BigChief: Cool not just me then.’
korza: BigChief +1
Jackwatt$: Sometimes Ben Gogo has trouble opening match up, m0nty will have it sorted in no time
th3rio: I brought in tim smith for henry for future $ , interested to see how he goes.
kano: Seedsman out. Cunt !
th3rio: there you go lads that are on Mirra, boost
korza: Mirror going at 100% whats everyone’s problem
Costanza: can Cole dig himself out of this big hole?
BigChief: @Carlton_99 does Cripps get suspended for intentionally touching the goal umpire too?
JockMcPie: Need a Yo-Yo on the upwards trend right about now…hasn’t scored all quarter
Pokerface: cole is not making me a merry old soul
carlton_99: I didnt see it sorry
Costanza: Mirra not many touches and very clean at 100% DE. I’m done
korza: Mirra looking sexy in the mirror
pcaman2003: Nice pass to WC Mirra.
Pokerface: more like Tom Cold
korza: Yeo, it’s a ball, get, kick, pts for us, it’s not hard.
th3rio: crunch game, this is normally where yeo comes good.
BigChief: If it’s not that hard korza why are you not doiing it?
Breezey: Thats it Mirra. Have a crack
korza: @BigChief, Just like you knackers, i would rather watch those who think it’s easy
SilverLion: Thats the lift I wanted Mirra, good stuff.
Jukes82: 43 point SC 1/4 for Mirra, good stuff
Costanza: Hutchings 9% DE wow.
SilverLion: Hah definite Butcher’s knife here for Hutchings
Manowar: Naitanui get your act together!
JButcher: Ton up plz Hurn
frenzy: cmon capt titch
faisca7: 3 minutes to decide on taking titch as vc or go Gawn.. hmm
BigChief: Take Gawn
DrSeuss: Jesus Sicily, what happened to you in the 2nd half?
th3rio: yeo always has better 2nd halves
cusch1: Someone tell eddie it isnt broost….
rtz23: @drseuss sicily dropped off in the second half last week too
JockMcPie: Cmon Sicily, Yeo, Titch, 350+ between youse
Haydo: Same jock
awesomeguy: anyone else have rioli? and annoye at his second half?
TheOnyas: onya smithy
Costanza: over and almost out
pcaman2003: Hawk turnovers and poor disposal costing dearly
Haydo: Sicily yin yang
JockMcPie: More +6s Sicily bring it home
luke394: great second half from Mirra
Pokerface: mirra shining but cole still dirty
Costanza: Waterman looking for his 6th score in 40’s. Consistent if nothing else
Nuffman: Mirra has done nothing for the entire qtr…
GOD: C’mon Gaff more points GOD has the C on you today
BigChief: Wet Toast flag favs now. They can win away from WA.
luke394: Mirra 4 points for an intercept mark and 2 kicks
Costanza: lol GOD, right on cue haha
AFL Blues: GOD, no one believes a word you say, at this point.
Pokerface: what a crap interview. ask him about touching the umpire rather than ‘your cousin is cyril’

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