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Chat log from R10 of 2018: Geelong vs Carlton

Chat log for Geelong vs Carlton, R10 of 2018

2cabs: Big game, Curnow. Thx
Burnsy03: dow or phillip 57?
anthsill03: Vc on cripps
luke394: Simpson 5 touches for 6 points awesome
SilverLion: New recruit Danger is my VC, go huge
anthsill03: Great to see gaz back – fav player a couple of years ago
MONEY TALK: got the c on danger
Raspel31: Don’t be greedy after Robbo Silver.
Apachecats: same ant hills
SilverLion: Haha not at all Rasp. 120+ is all I want
Apachecats: same here MT ,signs promising early.
Apachecats: This is shaping as the slaughter of the year.
anthsill03: Come on boys show something.
Hadouken: 100 points+ im afraid…
Wends: Evening all, just traded Kelly out for Danger, Cunico on field, desperate times…
jaypeee: stay down Danger
Raspel31: No Hurley so no Kelly trade-touch the pill lad.
anthsill03: Hopefully kelly bounces back tonight or i might be forced to trade him
lukat: Reversed a Kelly to Heeney trade, this might hurt
Manowar: Stupid Trade
Umpirespet: Kelly be is 120 to so we gunna lose a bit of cash
feralmong: went kelly to macrae. looking ok so far.
oc16: kelly becomes rocky for me next week
SilverLion: Haha love the crowd when ablett flopped
Raspel31: And Dow finally exists- at least still on my bench.
anthsill03: When hendo comes back, does geelong have a spot in the team?
Manowar: Traded Kelly to M. Robinson just before the Brisbane game
Raspel31: Are you serious manowar-that’s a major coup.
SilverLion: Cape for Stewart
pcaman2003: Kelly back to the magoos if poor again this week.
Manowar: Yeah, preparing for the byes
frenzy: nice qtr Stewart, don’t stop there thou
Wends: Sounded like there were a few trading out Henry out this round
duckky: Kelly has a BE of 120… oh dear
DrSeuss: Kelly has definitely hit the rookie wall
SilverLion: Did I miss something, why is Thomas’s getting boo’d?
anthsill03: Too many freekicks
Raspel31: Ah well- Kelly still the most owned midfielder but not next week.
anthsill03: I assume because he nearly took gaz’s head off
luke394: Tim Kelly time to go son
SilverLion: Ah cheers @anths
hinsch: lucky I got E Curnow in this week unless I could be lloking at a doughnut
SilverLion: 5 sleaved players for Carlton has gotta be some kinda record
kano: Who is that maggot jed lamb on ?
hinsch: T Kelly how can there be such a big change in a few weeks
jaypeee: 1995 prelim was the record SilverLion
Gotigres: Stewart wtf?
luke394: Christ Stewart 75 already
delphs: woah rat dead
delphs: proper broken leg
anthsill03: Stewart dominating playing loose and intercepting
dipstick: morphine on the way rata
Raspel31: Poor bugger.
Jukes82: call the RSPCA, we have a dead rat
anthsill03: I am not angry just disappointed. Mark it liam lol
hinsch: Carlton enjoying their first trip to Geelong for 10yrs
Apachecats: Danger good for 140SC from here.
Wends: Not watching the game, Thomas not taking Simpson points tonight?
wadaramus: Simpsoooon!! Go you good thing!
CBeezDeez: Is there room for both Duncan & Danger in the same SC team?
SilverLion: Shouldve been 50 against duckwood there, but hear the Geelong ferals boo anyway
Lawls: If I have the E on Henry and put Gray on field I get Henry’s score yeah?
wadaramus: After the byes, it’s open slather!
SilverLion: @Wends nope, Simmo being the general back there
Wends: How are you shaping up in bye rounds CBeez?
Hawks_13: Menegola has had a good quarter
Apachecats: yes to that Lawls
Pokerface: yes lawls, as long as you don’t have a second E in the forward line!
Hawks_13: Cape for menegola?
CBeezDeez: Yeah no so bad Rnd 12 but might look at it after that @Wends
Lawls: Sweet, Gray on for Spargo it is.
CBeezDeez: Silly me held Kelly this week to conserve trades for during byes & late season…
lukat: Ratugolea looks like he cant even walk out there
Wends: I’m just waving white flag early w rd 14, hence the Kelly to Danger trade. He may well make up lost points tonight tho!
MONEY TALK: kelly is going to let me down more than billings tghis weel
duckky: I thought Henry would be my dog this week… Kelly???
CBeezDeez: That was exactly the same 1 I held off on doing
dipstick: how is it NOT HT in the other game after the long delay here?
th3rio: Just traded henry out to downgrade knew this would happen
Wends: thx silver lion, shld have done the trade tonight, feeling some fomo right now…
Raspel31: Kelly still owned by more than 50%-stop moaning lads. Lot of us in same boat.
dipstick: @wends dont fomo… BTC going down to US$5K…. maybe even 4K
CBeezDeez: Sounds like a lot of us just hoping to get to the bye with him @Rasp
Migz: What happened to rata?
Torz: Picked up Simpson this week. Luckily an ‘up’ week.
wadaramus: Snapped his leg in half Migz.
Ash777: broke his leg
TheOnyas: onya dowy
wadaramus: Let’s hope he doubles it Torz.
Hadouken: @raspel remember when i traded kelly 2 weeks ago ? mwahaha
Ash777: titch or gawn for c?
Stu7: Gawn
Apachecats: No one can tag Gawn @Ash
dipstick: Rata didnt breake his leg…. he rotated his ankle over 180 degrees
luke394: Cats not very inspiring at all
Raspel31: I do indeed Hadouk and was going to this week but Hurley still out which screwed me.
Hadouken: i was lucky to get macrae out of that trade, and he has saved me last 2 weeks by 20 points each week !
luke394: hands in the back from Hawkins?
CBeezDeez: Might have to loophole Dow in at this rate
Hadouken: so will danger get fwd status? i reckon he will.
Wends: Lol Dipstick, I was hoping Simpson’s scoring might follow that pattern another week or two…
Ben_Gogos: @dipstick Cats doctor confirmed expected broken fibula for Ratagoulea
dipstick: really? well his ankle was also pointing 180 degrees according to the replay…that is it was facing the wrong way
Wends: Kerr L plates?
CBeezDeez: Simon Lloyd said it could well be both Tib and Fib broken.
dipstick: @gogos thanks. i just found that a broken tib is also referred to as broken ankle sometimes
Jukes82: how much cash is kelly likely to lose in sc fellas?
Raspel31: Tibia is far from the ankle Dipstick- study anatomy.
frenzy: maybe none Jukes
a1trader: only 55BE, he might get there
luke394: think again @Raspel31 Tibia connects to your ankle joint
Jukes82: lol no it isn’t his BE in sc is 120
dipstick: @raspel Open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF)-A fracture here might be called a “broken ankle.”
dipstick: The tibia, or shin bone, is the larger bone in your lower leg. … (A fracture here might be called a “broken ankle.”
Wends: If he makes his ave of 94, he was projected to lose around $15k Jukes, the maths to work it out makes my head hurt tho
Raspel31: A tibial plateau fracture is a break of the shin bone- not the ankle which is a joint.
Wends: Or in light of recent discussions, my cranium.
Gotigres: Kelly breakeven is 120
frenzy: a1trader, m0nty’s BE’s are last weeks
Raspel31: Hmm- not many bringing in Kelly next week.
wadaramus: Glad I looped Kelly this week 🙂
dipstick: @rasp no worries, but what i wrote my partner got from a medical site. hope its not both bones
CBeezDeez: Who said joint?
Raspel31: Sorry for being a pedant dipstick- all forgiven?
dipstick: @wends i always thought you divide the difference by 3. if its 40 then the price change is 13K’ish.
Raspel31: Lol CBeez
Rush: Tibial plataeu is near the knee ftr
Gotigres: I reckon about $40,000 Jukes
SilverLion: Happy with my Kelly to Danger trade so far
Wends: I’ll take your word for it dipstick, i can never work that shite out 😉
Umpirespet: Lucky u wada. I get both Howe and Kelly’s score
Umpirespet: 40 sounds about right
Jukes82: cheers
jaypeee: argggg i should have got danger for kelly
CBeezDeez: Wonder what price a Carlton/Ess double?
Rush: I traded out Henry, kept Kelly. This round is killing me.
wadaramus: Got Spargo at M8, should cover the 24.
Wends: That’s all very well jaypeee, but here’s hoping Danger pulls his surfboard from his rectum intestinum in Q4.
CBeezDeez: There’s my KoD for the night!
Raspel31: Lol Wends. But I hope not.
Haydo: Lucky i held henry and can loop cus of robbie
MONEY TALK: heheh danger
th3rio: Last week ttaded holman and got fucked this week.henry 🙁
MONEY TALK: imagine what cripps would be on without 10 clangers
oc16: imagine where he would be without 7 frees against!
Wends: Are you coveting Danger Raspel? Pretty sure that’s one of the deadly sins.
JockMcPie: Thought I could loop Henry with Keeffe but forgot GWS played tonight…should have looped Higgins isntead
CBeezDeez: Tempting fate?
Manowar: Rookie error Jocko
JockMcPie: Say goodbye to top 1000 for me 🙁
Gotigres: This is not the time for a siesta Simpson
carlton_99: WTF are these umps doing how is that deliberate
Raspel31: First year in many without him Wends- but not quite coveting yet.
SilverLion: Booooo Carltons too close
Manowar: Umpires cheating against Carlton again
dipstick: its cvipps, not cvipps
SilverLion: Cmon Danger, just 13 points
Umpirespet: Think my midfield premos next year will look different to this years
lukat: Seriously considering Curnow
Gotigres: Kelly probably now losing 25000-30000
MONEY TALK: there is ur 13 points for danger
SwaggyP: Is selwood dead?
a1trader: Kelly will lose less than 5000
Stu7: Go fisher you dudd
dipstick: E curnow is my special POD
lukat: Tim Kelly breakeven is like 120 not 55?
Wends: Had him in RDT since rd 1 to scratch that itch Raspel, but it was surprisingly relieving, bringing him in to SC tonight.
carlton_99: Umpiring in this last qtr has been shithouse
Wends: Cunico onfield this round – gets my 3 votes.
Rush: Kelly’s breakeven is 115, he was projected to get 87 and drop 27.5k. Scoring around 50 will drop his price plenty
Jukes82: do you want some chips with that salt? lol
Haydo: what happened to Cripps
Rush: wait no, sc is being weird and adding how much he’s losing over the next 2 weeks. projected to lose 15k if he scores 87
SilverLion: Corkie @Haydo
Stu7: Injured
dipstick: does that say cripps has given away 7 frees?
Apachecats: Just a corky Haydo ,nothing life threatening.
Wends: Quad corky apparently Haydo
Umpirespet: Hope Cripps doesn’t miss any games
dipstick: if kelly gets 60 i reckon he’ll lose around 20k
Umpirespet: My op has meningococcal
Haydo: phew, i thought he was getting possessions after he had died apache
Haydo: Wow cripps has given away 7 free kicks and danger has had 7 free kicks
Haydo: Gawn or titch as cap?

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