Chat log from R10 of 2018: Brisbane vs Sydney

SilverLion: Just be competitive boys
Umpirespet: Go the lion cubs
koolkatt: go lions
cusch1: I get the feeling Ronke and Heeney will struggle in the wet this week
facebook23: gday umpires pet XD
boo!: cmon buddy 13+ goals
2cabs: Heeny will go 90 odd.
koolkatt: if u had balls u would pick buddy as captain
Umpirespet: Lol facebook
Umpirespet: Looks miserable up at the Gabba
boo!: cmon stoddart ton up son
Umpirespet: Agree boo
colin wood: ahh good weather for parker and jpk to do damage!
2cabs: Lets not see a tag on Zorko today.
SilverLion: I’m not sure ether side will kick 13 goals in this weather
lukat: VC on parker here. May as well risk it
cusch1: If Eagles doesn’t get a rising star nom this week, the comp is rigged
ReggieOz: He is too old!
Hawks_13: Will Hannebery play another shocker?
pcaman2003: Have Zorko and Ronke in this one. C’mon boys!
pcaman2003: And Heeney…nearly forgot!
DrSeuss: Beams, Ronke and had to field Zac Bailey as well 😢
duckky: Wll McLuggage back up again this week
Umpirespet: Good mark Rayner
pcaman2003: SC scoring doesn’t reflect good kicks. Zorko 2 dis to mates but only 50% DE. Sucks!
penguins00: if a player hits a target and his teammate drops the mark champion data label the disposal ineffective
th3rio: Lloyd :/
pcaman2003: Buddy 1 kick goal assist 11pts? What?
pcaman2003: @penguins. Which is my point. Good kick,nut gets penalised because of a dropped mark not his fault.
Hadouken: yay ronke
th3rio: Last year i didnt have buddy kicked 8.4 this year have him prob kick 0.2
SilverLion: Stef’s Sc is broken. Hasn’t moved from 10 since first minute. DT ticking over normally though
Raspel31: Phew, took a while for Lloyd and Ronke to get some.
BigChief: Move your backside Sinclair.
penguins00: yeah I’m with you @pcaman I like most of the supercoach system. But not everything
SilverLion: How can you play high for a head clash?
BigChief: Is Sinclair injured or something? Not been on the ground for a long time.
th3rio: Not liking mcinerneys influence on stef
SilverLion: 3 HTAs for Stef, all got clearances, literally no SC points
aces-high: How is Robinson scoring so highly in supercoach
pcaman2003: Franklin 22pts with 2 possies and a clanger? What a joke CD
th3rio: Yeah silver, if it was grundy would be on 45 lol
duckky: 100% accuracy aces
luke394: back at it Silverlion
Hawks_13: Something is wrong with Hannebery
SilverLion: Ikr th3rio
koolkatt: 6 kicks on point
SilverLion: Just my observations luke
th3rio: Literally two of stefs hitouts TA were identical to grundy who was getting 7 pts ea last night
pcaman2003: Zorko you goose. Pick up your act amte
pcaman2003: should read “mate’ . No! I’m not pissed
Pokerface: remember when dan hannebery was a thing
Pokerface: why would you throw in ‘all got clearances’ when thats irrelevant
Pokerface: tin foil hats every game
koolkatt: remember when sydney wasa thing
SilverLion: HTA, clearance = advantage
Umpirespet: Remember when poker face was a thing?
Pokerface: clearances do not give sc score. you get told that every week
Umpirespet: Poker face works for CD listen to him guys he’s an expert
colin wood: Poker, shut up. People are allowed to say what they want. Stop ridiculing everyone.
Pokerface: when you say people are allowed to say what they want, you are saying people other than me it seems?
SilverLion: Just realised Sinclair is on -8 hahaha
Pokerface: why do i not get the same colin?
Apachecats: Agree PCA ,Buddy only has to sniff the ball to get bi
Umpirespet: +1 Colin wood
Raspel31: Exactly Poker- relax lads.
koolkatt: pokerface -3
Apachecats: * to get big SC points.
Pokerface: its free speech if you have the same opinion as colin!
pcaman2003: @Apachecats. SC is such an enigma. I’ll never get it.
Hannibal: poker +3 with that comment to advantage
Apachecats: Enigma is a good word for it.Wish I could crack the code.
Umpirespet: hannibal +6 hit out to advantage
piro: pokerface -3 holding the ball
koolkatt: poker -3 for off topic
korza: I need to let off some steam.
Apachecats: Shooting down Montys pop ups is a bit like playing that old space invaders game.
colin wood: kookat +3 clever comment 🙂
Seiya: I wouldn’t call it an enigma, the stats can be deceiving at least on this website but if you’re watching the game
Raspel31: Go boil a kettle korza
Pokerface: lol Apache
Seiya: you can see the influence the players are having
koolkatt: is there a site without the cancer ads
Pokerface: adblock is the go
Umpirespet: Ahh the good old days Apache
th3rio: Wish buddy would have some shots at goal tho
piro: franklin aint getting to 50
SilverLion: Franklin my hero
korza: Here i go. That fasting fkg bearded tiger player, can go fk himself. Thats for starters
th3rio: Scored better when his heel was fucked
koolkatt: martin is a beast
Raspel31: Well steamed korza
pcaman2003: Hell Zorko,you’re killing me here.
Apachecats: monty?
th3rio: Is it just me or can buddy not mark for shit
Hannibal: just remember me when it comes to the votes @Umpirespet
korza: *Raspel, the kettle hasn’t boiled as yet
colin wood: Heeney such a talent.
Umpirespet: Haha hannibal 3 votes?
Raspel31: We are rather pleased with you Mrs Martin and Lloyd but wouldappreciate a bit more effort lowly Ronke
SilverLion: That’s dropping the ball on Heeney
Apachecats: Got stuck holding witherden because of all the backline outs.
Pokerface: you want to trade witherden?
Hannibal: blue moon for me! @Umpirespet
th3rio: Oh ffs buddy stop giving away frees champ
koolkatt: is buddy going for all time record of FA
pcaman2003: How can Franklinhas 80%DE with at least 2 inneficient disposals I’ve seen?
korza: To the cow who gave birth to Billing’s, you stupid mole, next time give your offspring some heart. It’s all your fault.
Apachecats: Yes PF ,even more so with todays effort ,although he sometimes comes good in the second half.Reckon he’s hit the wall .
koolkatt: korza how much u had to drink
BigChief: That is uncalled for korza.
Raspel31: We are not a happy chappy korza?
SilverLion: Here comes Duddy
korza: One more coming, then i’m gonna feel good about myself
Lewysport: Hope Mason Cox wasn’t in your team Korda
Lewysport: *korza
Pokerface: interesting – i’ve been considering trading him in!
th3rio: Come on spuddy
SilverLion: Cmon Robbo what are you doing this qtr
th3rio: Korza, why do you still have billings? Why r u surprised lol
Apachecats: Well PF you’ll pay a lot less than i did ,his $ are dropping like a sinker.
korza: To my RDT eliminator opp, who had Treloar as his C you cheap scum. Phewwww, thats better.
Raspel31: Billings is a very handy differential.
th3rio: Lloyd loves the easy touches
SilverLion: Cape for heeney
Hannibal: wipe ur mouth PF, your sarcasm is dripping
AndyJ: come on duddy .. need me some points !
pcaman2003: Dorko is my dud for the round I think.
Pokerface: @hannibal it’s true!
Raspel31: Big Stef-should have remembered Sydney don’t have a ruck.
cusch1: And just like his groin, there goes Matty Eagles’ hopes of a Rising Star nom
SilverLion: Good half boys
th3rio: Buddy cant mark for shit
jesseboy: Eagles is 28
shaker: Eagles is 28 maybe rising old flog
colin wood: Stef, Heeney, JPK & Parker good so far keep going!
pcaman2003: Great half by Heeney.
pcaman2003: Need Ronke and Dorko to lift second half.
Raspel31: Stef, Heeney, Lloyd and Ronke-almost matching
SilverLion: Stef, Robbo, Heeney, Ronke for me
Raspel31: Good work Silver.
MONEY TALK: only got martin, lmao to all those ppl who brought bddy this weel
2cabs: Heeney, Martin, Zork, Lloyd. Big gsme for me.
koolkatt: buddy can put on 60 odd points in the matter of minutes
Umpirespet: Conditions don’t suit buddy tho Money Talk
MONEY TALK: my laughing is really sadness because i had buddy and greene when they got injured
God_: Stef Martin must be the most underrated ruckman in the comp
SilverLion: You too Rasp
cobrakai00: McChoke
korza: C/D punishing the magnificent
JockMcPie: Slow down Heeney and Lloyd…
TheOnyas: onya beamsy
koolkatt: i dont think stef is under rated at all
pcaman2003: Opponent has Buddy as VC,so glad he’s down
DrSeuss: Lloyd – done nothing this quarter. Step it up please!!
th3rio: Buddy pisses me off
Torz: Ronke tackling less on a wet day.
Raspel31: Lloyd has indeed been a bit under the radar DrSeuss- Carn lad!
th3rio: Cmon big stefanos power to 150 lad
Apachecats: PF if you still want to buy witherden I will give him to you for free.
pcaman2003: Fagan must be on the right track with this mob. They’ve improved heaps
Apachecats: Yeah PCA he’s got a few artfull dodgers out there.
th3rio: Apart from v tigers theyve been ery competitive good call pca
Raspel31: Must have picked a pocket or two.
Apachecats: Got it in one Raspel
SilverLion: Can still win this, just gotta take our chances
ReggieOz: Yes Lion.. You need Charlie Cameron to fire up!
Raspel31: Don’t think Cameron’s expose in The Age was very timely.
SilverLion: That’d help too Reggie
Apachecats: Monty links to the 7.25 games not working for me.
ReggieOz: Me either .. Try on Firefox and Chrome
ReggieOz: Tried
cusch1: Links not working for me either on chrome
JockMcPie: Yep they’re broken links
Breezey: I think a qtr of seagulling from Lloyd is in order
Apachecats: Any one heard any late outs?
pcaman2003: Christensen won a free kick. Where’s his stat?
MONEY TALK: harry taylor out
JockMcPie: Aaron Black in for Harry Taylor
cusch1: No late outs for our game, geeelong swapped Taylor and Aaron Black
Gebs: ronke again. i dont know why i didnt get the bloke
luke394: glad i traded in Buddy this week
pcaman2003: My boy Ronke. Go boy!
pcaman2003: @Luke. Ouch!That hurts!
cusch1: Does a kick off the ground constitute as a disposal
ReggieOz: Hmmm Still waiting for Chriso’s free kick lol
SilverLion: My pod Robbo may not remain a pod for long at this rate
lukat: Ton up parker
th3rio: What are the chances of lachlan mirphy playing? May have fucked up a loophole lol
Raspel31: My boy Ronke too pcaman-never ignore the father.
luke394: FFS Buddy don’t have your worst score of the year the week i trade you in
Raspel31: Think odds of Murphy playing very low th3rio.
Fatbar5tad: Parker has dead set stopped.
th3rio: Also what does every1 think of danger into maxxy? Surely will carve up against blue
lukat: 4 frees against and 6 clangers for parker 🙁
Apachecats: Thanks Cusch
th3rio: Thank you rasp. Thought as much
Umpirespet: I’m doin Danger and Maxxy
th3rio: Nice lad pet
Raspel31: I’m tossing up Macrae to Tich, Gawn or Fyfe so your guess as good as mine th3rio
SilverLion: Hah dangerous tackle bs
th3rio: Its either danger or titch into max for me. Xant risk the jacobs tag on fyfe
Breezey: Onya Lloydy
cusch1: I have captain Sam Hayes this week. Expecting him to go 150 plus
Apachecats: good choice thrio ,but hope you don’t need Maxie after Danger does the job.I’ve got Danger C after JacMac last night.
Umpirespet: Last chance for Danger tonight he needs a big one
th3rio: What the actual fuck is buddy doing 1 mill a year mate
th3rio: Thats the plan apache
Raspel31: Yep, the Fyfe tag a worry.
DrSeuss: Garbage 50 – Hannebery took the Ball off Berry
pcaman2003: Ton up Zorko.
SilverLion: No way Heeney star. Robbo, Beams, Stef all way better.
th3rio: Almost dont wanna trade christensen next wk hes been valuable
Raspel31: Robbo gone huge for you Silver.
Fatbar5tad: Robbo star
th3rio: Omfg buddy
Apachecats: Thanks Monty links to 7.25 games working now.
pcaman2003: Where are you Zorko?
luke394: fuck you buddy you useless cunt
SilverLion: @Rasp Sure has! Hope people don’t start jumping on is all haha
th3rio: Buddy probs gonna cost me league thamks champ
koolkatt: lions playing good
pcaman2003: Luv ya Duddy. You may have saved my week.
luke394: i do this with buddy every year, i trade him in and he give me a 50 does my head in
koolkatt: trainer nearly got his first touch
DrSeuss: Lloyd get a touch
MONEY TALK: heheh go stef
th3rio: I traded him in coz i hate watching him carve up against me and now hes fucking me
batt: only 2 clangers are FAs for Mitch, love ya work mate
Apachecats: Buddy went on my never again list 2 years ago luke394.
luke394: lol @th3rio needs this goal
batt: and I jinxed it…
koolkatt: ffs buddy
Sixty656: parker you mutt
frenzy: nice cash Ronkey
JockMcPie: Cmon Parker junk time points
koolkatt: these conditions dont suit buddy at all, relax
th3rio: Fuck you buddy
a1trader: Come on Andrews, need 100+
SilverLion: What’s the reason for the star on Heeney? Just because Sydney won?
cusch1: Robinson another player that Carlton let go
luke394: does anyone else think behinds should be effective kicks? you’re scoring for your team and it can be close to a goal
th3rio: Robinson is the definition of hardnut
luke394: Bud has a FF and kicks a point and gets 2 points
pcaman2003: So close Zorko. 2 more pts mate.
SilverLion: @luke I agree they should luke.
MONEY TALK: y didnt i just trade billings to robinson
Raspel31: Attaboy Lloyd-finally a good trade.
koolkatt: can the bombers maintain the pressure game they put on last week… im not confident
koolkatt: what an idiot, there is 1-2 weeks
luke394: I’ve always wondered about that one @Silverlion

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