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Chat log from R10 of 2018: Richmond vs St Kilda

Chat log for Richmond vs St Kilda, R10 of 2018

A_Frame_: Welcome all to the mismatch of the round!
A_Frame_: Welcome all to the mismatch of the season!
GoochLicka: % boost for tigers today, 8+ goals victory
Umpirespet: Is that all Gooch I’d be disappointed with only 8 goal win
BigChief: This will be closer than Cats and Blues.
BigChief: Dusty will go huge today and I have him as VC
PowerBug: Billings and Phillips in AF, Dusty and Rice in SC
Umpirespet: That’s encouraging BigChief
Umpirespet: Couldn’t get Dusty this week cause I had Mills
SilverLion: Loopholing Billings and Spargo.
pcaman2003: @Big Chief. Got Dusty as VC too. fingers crossed!
pcaman2003: Have Webster Martin Nank andCaddy
hinsch: sorry to all with Mcrae traded him in and did not BE, FYI got Ed Curnow as well might be good to get off him sort Grundy
Umpirespet: How’s your end 14 bye lookin pcaman lol
BigChief: Anyone else getting the error page when screen refreshes?
Umpirespet: Hinsch why u pay 727 k for Macrae?
Umpirespet: Rnd*
hinsch: have heaps of $$ in bank
pcaman2003: @Umpirespet. Round 14 looking shot to bits lol!
Umpirespet: Lol
hinsch: umpirespet also sorting the bye rounds should be able to field a solid 18 now
circle52: WEbster continuing his good form – Hope he does not rise too much.
MONEY TALK: billings looks like he wants the ball
Umpirespet: cool Hinsch
circle52: MRd 14 only issue as have Laird and Savage
pcaman2003: @circles. I only got him in this week. His form is steady.
koolkatt: who has dusty asVC
Umpirespet: Just worry if Webster can keep it up
lukefield9: nah umpire I’m sold on him, an absolute star in our shambles of a team
cusch1: I hope Webster continues to fly under the radar. Has been a very good since i traded him in.
SilverLion: Webster very impressive
SilverLion: Clarko’s rule
Gotigres: Got Lloyd instead of Webster. Regretting it already.
Umpirespet: Getting error msg “ no such key” when site refreshes?
pcaman2003: Over the moon with Jimmy. Maybe should’ve put the VC on him
BigChief: I am getting it @ump
TheOnyas: onya shorty
wadaramus: Takes the ball at 45m and runs to 20m without a bounce? Did I see that right?
pcaman2003: Caddy,Nank,Martin…get moving boys
koolkatt: i thought he ran a bit far also
pcaman2003: Webster shooting for 1st qtr record here
BigChief: Yes you did Wada.
Umpirespet: Saints should be in front but for horrible kicking
BigChief: You not doing the 1st goal kicker star now @m0nty?
SilverLion: Billings only got 2 points for a mark and effective kick. Hmm.
wadaramus: Billings 100% DE but no love from SC…
koolkatt: 14 possessions .. killing it
Fatbar5tad: Martin robbed by the Clarko CEO Coffee rule
SilverLion: Webster: 6 points from the pine. Billings: 2 marks, 2 effective kicks – 5 points
cusch1: Anyone else getting an error every now and then upon refresh of the page?
Umpirespet: Billings points go towards propping up Macraes score
MONEY TALK: surely billings should be on at least 20-25
Umpirespet: Yes Cusch BigChief and I have mentioned it
circle52: @Cusch yes every now and then and have to come in again
wadaramus: SC is my preferred game, but sometimes I fail to understand the logic.
SilverLion: And now they’ve even taken a possie off billings. Love you CD
cusch1: Moore has a horrible ball drop
luke394: Billings sucks just trade him
circle52: Currently raining in Brisbane for anyone interested in next game
cusch1: Cheers guys, must have missed the messages
SilverLion: Yes cusch. I’ve been having an xml error on Firefox for months, starting to get it on chrome today too
pcaman2003: @cusch. Yep. Just push backspace arrow to return to page.
PowerBug: Billings has 3 disposals, and 0 contested possessions. Surely that says it all…
SilverLion: Good for us I’d say @circle
BigChief: Tigers should be 6 goals up. They are dominating as expected, just poor Inside f50.
wadaramus: I’ve been getting bloody pop up you’ve won a prize when on the gameday page recently.
Karlpov: Carlisle was reported source
SilverLion: Webster almost got as many points from scaling alone than billings did all quarter
luke394: spot on @Powerbug
MONEY TALK: i have savage now i just need webster after the bye
SilverLion: He actually has 4 @Pb, including a score involvement. CD don’t like him.
Umpirespet: What did u win WADA?
BigChief: Has Reiwoldt come back on?
feralmong: Is JRoo gone for the day? Or came back on.
Haydo: Same wada, i was bored so i read the comments its so obvious its fake dont know how anyone could fall for it
BigChief: Did you win a Carlton or St Kilda membership @wada?
luke394: CD conspiracy theory
wadaramus: Lol Umpirespet, the joy of having to close the page and reopen a new one!
pcaman2003: @Chief. Only 24%TOG ,so probably not
Umpirespet: Lol Chief
PowerBug: Riewoldt and Houli in the rooms
BigChief: thanks pcaman
Haydo: Nah u win a breakfast out with gil
pcaman2003: Go Caddy!
dipstick: who is pendles?? who is dusty??
BigChief: Houli back on.
luke394: anyone else VC Grundy last night? Its bloody nice being able to relax all weekend 🙂
BigChief: who is dipstick?
circle52: AFL now reporting Jake Carlisle reported for Striking Jack Riewoldt m0nty
MONEY TALK: maybe chuck carlise fwd
Umpirespet: What is a dipstick?
circle52: @luke I vcd Treloar so reasonably happy as well.
pcaman2003: C’mon Dusty! Start scoring
BigChief: also reporting the Carlisle booked.
luke394: nice @circle52 gotta take that
Umpirespet: I have Vc Danger his last chance
feralmong: Pet it’s a long dry shaft with a wet oily tip.
Umpirespet: Sheesh Feral
duckky: McCartin probably saw three sets of goals anyway…
pcaman2003: Saints sharking Nanks taps. Where is Dusty?
duckky: Dusty and Cotchin covering Reiwolt’s absence
Umpirespet: CD give Dusty his points after 1/2 time
feralmong: Meh u asked, lol.
BigChief: 1st and last time I vc you Dusty you flop.
Umpirespet: Silly me lol
pcaman2003: @Umpire..hope so
cusch1: Does Webster get any midfield time or purely off half back?
MONEY TALK: dusty hasnt really done anything but cotchin has sure
pcaman2003: Damn Nank gone backwards this qtr by 2 pts
cusch1: remember when Carlisle said “this club is f*cked” after being played in the ruck because both Essendons main rucks
cusch1: were injured? Saints have 2 fit rucks and he is still playing in the ruck
Rebuild: this game isn’t so bad. saints really digging in for the moment
BigChief: @cusch that might be because Tigers don’t have a tall fwd now.
cusch1: My point is that Carlisle left because he was being played out of position (both forward and ruck) by essendon
cusch1: only for the same to happen at his new club
luke394: Ed Phillips outscoring Dusty nice
pcaman2003: FFS, someone teach Nank how to tackle properly. Gives away too many frees
StuL: What’s the difference between a CL and a muppet? Does that really mean 4 clangers for Dusty?
Raspel31: Hmm-should have put Phillips on ahead of Dusty.
SilverLion: $$$ for Phillips
BigChief: @StuL Cl = Clearance
Costanza: look at afl records and you’ll find Dusty leads a few clanger sectioins
SilverLion: CLs are clearances I believe @StuL
ReggieOz: CL=Clearance
MONEY TALK: lol what did steven get a -4 for
pcaman2003: No points for Caddy past 15 mins. Disappearing act?
StuL: Thanks guys
Gelly: how do i stop these errors? getting annoying having to reload the page every minute
Raspel31: Just backspace Gelly
m0nty: Shift-reload if you’re getting errors, sorry about that
BigChief: @ Money a tackle taken off him I beleive
oc16: i still dont get how dusty is still second fav for the brownlow
circle52: @gelly just hit backspace on keyboard and it returns.
StuL: Might have to field the drovers dog ahead of Dusty soon.
SilverLion: Lol umps are allowed to change their minds about advantage
Jackwatt$: Why do Richmond have such bad SC scores even in games where they are winning?
feralmong: Carn Moore nows ur chance.
colin wood: Atlekast Billings is consistent…
colin wood: consistently shit..
circle52: Ross’s SC/DT ration stats similar to Webster. CD must have rought him in this week
BigChief: Is that the clanger of the decade from Geary? LOL
Jackwatt$: I thought SC scoring was supposed to reflect the game more. Perhaps pressure acts need more points right, m0nty?
bones351: Picked Howe over Webster. Hopefully only a one week shocker but this score would have been helpful.
pcaman2003: Billings back to the 2’s.
MONEY TALK: need paddy to get in the game
Lewysport: Webstar is a gun, 105 average, defender, 1% ownership, what the?
colin wood: SC scores reflect player popularity etc. No more so than Mccrae’s ridicolous score last weekend in a team that scored 2
SilverLion: Glad I’m looping Billings this week.
duckky: Why punish the 2’s pcaman?
MONEY TALK: i had hibb and billings, hibb went this week next week billings
Schillaci: CD brought in Webster last week.
Pokerface: colin wood’s comments reflect stupidty
Pokerface: P Plate for Rice?
colin wood: 2 goals. You need to move with the crowd when picking players as they tend to get looked after once they
Umpirespet: Macrae throws the ball a lot which he gets handball stats for
PowerBug: The fact that there were barely any goals HELPED Macrae score big. Meant that all his CPs carried more weighting
colin wood: Nah they don’
duckky: I wanted Webster 5 weeks ago but injuries and dropping meant I had to cover elsewhere.
luke394: conspiracy CD theory
Pokerface: schillaci you do realise jimmy has the most contested possies on the ground?
Umpirespet: Webster doesn’t suit my byes atm
Pokerface: tin foil hats sold out this morning it seems
SilverLion: @PB But his side got absiolutely smashed. His possies had no influence on the game. No way a player should go 170…
SilverLion: …in a side that only kicked 2 goals and got flogged. DT I understand, but SC is about impact.
cusch1: While im so happy with Webster’s score, everyone will trade him in this week if he goes too big like Lloyd last week
duckky: When the ball is up his end of the ground all the time…
teachrtony: Yeah Umps Pet, was the same. Had to go Howe as only one fit the byes.
Raspel31: Given Macrae down this week who to cap out of Gawn, Titch, Fife?
Umpirespet: Went the same Tony pity he only got 59 last night
Pokerface: if a side is smashed should a player be ineligible for 3 brownlow votes? such silly comments
shrtlg: Fyfe will probably get Jacobs’d
SilverLion: I’d go Titch @Rasp
PowerBug: I think Jacobs will go to Neale actually
colin wood: Such a silly comparison Pokerface…
Raspel31: Good point shrtig and thanks Silvr
Umpirespet: Have C on Maxxy atm
PowerBug: I didn’t watch Crows/Dog @SL so can’t comment on specifics, but the margin wasn’t that big. Cripps went 150 last week…
colin wood: I’ve gone Danger. Hope he kicks 8 against the Blues
teachrtony: Probs my fault he got the 59, went Sicily last week.
Pokerface: @power especially when the margin was due to dogs kicking 2.14 more than anything else
PowerBug: On the flip side I can say Macrae dominated the midfield and his side only conceded 9 goals for the game
SilverLion: Fair comparison, I just feel somethings up when a player goes massive when their side isn’t in the contest.
Umpirespet: Tony Greenwood seemed to take Howes role last night hope it doesn’t continue
StuL: Thoughts on Danger C? We have to avenge like the dons did to us.
Pokerface: macrae did his bit, got the ball up there
SilverLion: I also can’t understand the 75 point difference between his last 2 scores.
Umpirespet: How do u know if you didn’t watch it Power?
PowerBug: Maybe StuL, I’ve gone Danger VC so hoping for a big one
Pokerface: the 25 contested possessions last week compared to 6 this week is pretty clear i thought?
StuL: I went macrae vc. Stuffed that up
teachrtony: Silverlion, was a scrappy wet eather game, record tackles for both sides, pressure points, CPs etc.
MONEY TALK: no one going to acknowledge that hicky has 6 clearances
teachrtony: Last night he was all outside possies and less value.
Raspel31: Yep, I’d vc Danger rather than cap him if you can loop StuL
Raspel31: Ah, same StuL
Pokerface: or the 13 tackles to this week’s 4?
Umpirespet: Hickey has 6 cl Money
SilverLion: Ah maybe, didn’t watch last night’s game haha. Just saw he had another 30, thought thered be more than 6 contested.
MONEY TALK: ty umpire
TheOnyas: onya shorty
Umpirespet: Ur Welcome
cusch1: Hickey has one less clearance than Richmond Money
MONEY TALK: what a man hicky is
BigChief: Hickey has most CL and most Tk on the ground
cusch1: Liam Pickering has said “Rance has had 6 disposals but it’s probably been the most influential 6 disposals on the ground
gdshifty: something wrong with website Monty after 10 mins it goes to error page.
BigChief: Wow 2 onyas for Short in 1 game.
cusch1: He is so overrated
Umpirespet: Is Pickering his manager?
feralmong: down 2, played WA last week, nows ur chance saints.
JockMcPie: Remember when we thought Billings was a good pick..ha haa
cusch1: Might be Umps Pet. Only explanation
luke394: remember when Billings scored 130 round 1
Umpirespet: Lol that was a goal
cusch1: Higgins robbed
PowerBug: wow score review got that wrong
BigChief: Yes he is @Ump
SilverLion: #backfromwhenceitcame #andco.
pcaman2003: Martin becoming a SC spud.Shame!
cusch1: Higgins takes a mark over the boundary line pretends its a mark, like sstk player pretended he touched the ball over the
BigChief: OMFG Billing did something.
duckky: I didn’t think Martin could get cheaper…
SilverLion: Billings!
LuvIt74: Dusty has turned to crap, not worth keeping him as far as im concerned with scores of 91,88,87,64,103
BigChief: Is it time to trade Dusty for a can of coke and a bag of twisties?
Umpirespet: Why any manager gets media time is beyond me…Can’t be impartial
Torz: Billings almost doubled his score in 5 mins.
pekka: hahah billings
TheLegend6: Umpires… just poor.
Umpirespet: Hinkley will say yes to the coke
cusch1: why half of the current media get any media time is beyond me…can’t be impartial
BigChief: Can the Saints actually upset Tigers here?
pcaman2003: Not sure why Nank no pts this qtr with 1mark and kick.
Umpirespet: Why Legends? When has a manager not pumped up his client?
BigChief: Great call @cusch. You are spot on.
PowerBug: Tigers 2 short on the bench, certainly possible
koolkatt: basil zemplias is the worst
Costanza: two vic teams at G always pretty much 50/50 imo
SilverLion: Go Saints
cusch1: THink he was referring to the actual umpires on field, not you umps pet
TheLegend6: @umpirespet not talking to you was referring to the umpiring this game being poor
m0nty: go go go Billings!
BigChief: BT is the worst commenator.
Umpirespet: God Eddie is going off now
Torz: Billings is on a rampage!
SilverLion: Where has this 5 mins come from Billings?
Umpirespet: Oh lol np
BigChief: Hahaha m0nty.
pcaman2003: Saints in front.Wowee!
frenzy: Billings will ton up at this rate
koolkatt: i actually dont mind BT
werdna007: how about all you fake einsteins actually learn the rules as to how SC points are scored and stop your flowering stupidi
BigChief: This is Billings circa 2014
Pokerface: Billings Shock
koolkatt: wow, pies fan is out.. how many teeth u missing
TheLegend6: That disallowed goal has started a domino effect lmao. 2 down on the bench and every call going for saints now.
Ladbrokes_: Billings on fire last couple mins and still getting no love from cd
PowerBug: I’m an actual einstein @werdna007, am I allowed an opinion now?
Jackwatt$: Boy oh boy woweee! It’s all happening here, the Saints are in front, m0ntys saying stuff
Umpirespet: Hardwick will be having breakfast will Gil this week
BigChief: C’mon Saints. Win this and shut my Tigers mates up for a week.
feralmong: carn tigers time to lift.
MONEY TALK: gee we getting a bit of the umps lol
Jackwatt$: The boys on SEN were saying which players would be deeply missed and Riewoldt is one they mentioned
luke394: Dusty might be trade bait soon hes terrible
koolkatt: tiges 2 man down, will do well to win it now
pcaman2003: Fire up Caddy and Nank,quietened off this qtr
BigChief: Vlastuin rucking now?
werdna007: powerbug get the punters here to learn the SC rules
SilverLion: Richmond cheating the Ricky nominating rule there
SilverLion: Richmond cheating the Ruck nominating rule there
StuL: Dusty is going to be worth $50 at this rate.
MONEY TALK: the one week i tip against the boys
Umpirespet: Sad day when Pies fans are Einstein’s and the rest of us are plebs
pcaman2003: Big mistake putting VC on dustpan
SilverLion: Hah my phone playing tricks on me
BigChief: @Money Tigers win your happy with tipping, Saints win your over the moon for the win.
pcaman2003: Jimmy stuck high 90’s for a while. Egg him on people!
MONEY TALK: meh its only a tipping app where i im in a league bty my self
teddyt: Yeah money talk how didnt you predict 2 key richmond players getting injured and the umpires being brain dead
Umpirespet: Pcaman caged or free range?
koolkatt: carlton paying 8.50 to beat geelong, not bad for a 2 horse race
teddyt: richmond will still win by 40
pcaman2003: @Umpire lol!
TheLegend6: Geelong were shocking last week, might be worth a punt
teddyt: the 1 saint injury had 1 top in a half of footy so dont you dare talk about a complete spud
pcaman2003: Choking on Caddy’s score. Rapt!
luke394: keep spudding it up Lambert
koolkatt: richmond will run out of legs
cusch1: Webster in the nervous 90’s. Raise the bat son!
duckky: Finally Dusty
BigChief: Dusty to get 25 for that goal
SilverLion: Hmmm Austin
MONEY TALK: martin does one thing and eddie calls him the bhest player
BigChief: Cape for Gresham
th3rio: Finally dusty. Anyone else feel like the tiges are ignoring him ?
DragonLass: bringing in Caddy is pretty much the only thing I’ve done right in SC this season
pcaman2003: C’mon Nank..only 9 pts for the qtr. NGE!
Umpirespet: Didn’t think goals were worth 12 points?
teddyt: LOL one thing? one thing meaning winning the 2017 brownlow or? Fuck you are dumb
TheLegend6: Dusty is easily the best player out there @Money
duckky: Why is Dusty off the ground so much when they only have 2 on the bench?
luke394: goals are big points now game in the balance @Umpirespet
koolkatt: well he did win the brownlow 2017, so..
MONEY TALK: talking bout this game and year he looks out of it
Jackwatt$: Hey m0nty can I change my username? It’s soooo 2017
SilverLion: Billings back to the wilderness
Umpirespet: What if there is 10 more goals then Luke?
Umpirespet: Lol Jackwatt$
Pokerface: from the supposed best individual season ever, there was only one direction his scoring could go
PowerBug: Then Dusty’s goal will get scaled down when that occurs
PowerBug: That’s why players go backwards in close games for doing nothing. Or they go up in blowouts when they do nothing.
PowerBug: There’s in game scaling
TheOnyas: onya rossy
SilverLion: Hah he got 0 SC points for the kick and handball at the end there
SilverLion: Nvm just refreshed
duckky: I should VC’d McKernan
koolkatt: should i captain fyfe or gawn for supercoach
Umpirespet: thats why we call BS on it Power CD can scale however they want
MONEY TALK: raise the bat billings, half a ton
BigChief: Until he goes backwards in the last @Money.
SilverLion: @Umps Yep. I remember the Dogs/Suns game, Macrae and McLean got buffed up 15 points each after the game for example.
Raspel31: My prob koolkatt-Fyfe, Gawn or Titch.
SilverLion: Thats the part they definitely pick and choose with.
Pokerface: ‘whenever they want’ – u think its a manual thing umpire? good grief. its automated based on 3300 points per game
luke394: 65+ a pass from Ed Phillips?
heppelitis: Hi all
PowerBug: No, they scale it based on the impact a player has in the game. Efforts in close games worth more.
Pokerface: like listening to a flat earth convention
duckky: Come on Dusty … 40 points in a quarter aint much to ask for
SilverLion: hi hepp
PowerBug: The scaling is 100% objective, the only subjective points about SC are the way stats are recorded (e.g. what’s a tackle)
PowerBug: anyway, Q4 has started, let’s see what happens
duckky: Gee these goal reviews are a blight.
jaypeee: C’mon Phillips do something
Raspel31: Another mini surge from Billings.
colin wood: Good GA Billings come on!
snake_p: he still needs to get to 99 to hit his BE @cwood
Gotigres: Higgins be 36
heppelitis: lift special fried
pcaman2003: Caddy killing it this week. Helps heaps
Death: non-owners – now’s the time to jump on Billings
Pokerface: rather stick with fritsch thanks Death.
pcaman2003: Be nice if Nank could tap to advantage. Hits it more to opponents
Death: i’m happier with venables
colin wood: Yeah, no good going Billings now. Still kicking myself why ive stuck by him lol
Raspel31: Great point Higgins.
SilverLion: Butler such a peacock
Raspel31: I think they took you seriously Death.
Pokerface: lol Death
Pokerface: P plate for Rice?
luke394: fuck off Lambert
pcaman2003: @Silver. His DE in perfect conditions is crap.
MONEY TALK: lol white is back on @monty
cusch1: Point of the year by Captain Cotch
werdna007: thank goodness,the 2 pretend einsteins have left the building
heppelitis: was silk that pick up cusch1
th3rio: Why the fuck are they ignoring dusty
AFL Blues: Richmond should be thrashing — this is pathetic.
anthsill03: If both rice and riddley are named next week, who are we all picking?
PowerBug: good thing the real einstein (me) is still here
jaypeee: that’s crap Rance kicks to an opponent and then a goal results and no loss of points
th3rio: Ridley
oc16: what about austin?
koolkatt: richmond doing well, considering the two they have lost and how early
colin wood: Billing Mark + Eff kick andanother GA for +5… makes sense…
pcaman2003: Ton up Nank,please!
m0nty: nominations for star please
Raspel31: Amazingly the Dusty looks like tonning up.
heppelitis: Is Ridleys job security there?…Hurley to come back Francis going well in 2s
MONEY TALK: bit stiff on the mark but oh well
SilverLion: Yep pca. Ive just noticed that he tries to make everything look as impressive as possible, making the easy look hard
duckky: Cotchin Monty
BigChief: Caddy for star and Webster gun
anthsill03: I normally wait for them to be on the bubble before bringing in
SilverLion: Caddy @m0nty
jaypeee: monty do we need a star? no standouts today
pcaman2003: @M0nty. Caddy for star
OnTheRocks: Billings for star, best player for Richmond
Raspel31: Webster for my money m0nty
RGriffen: Caddy
Death: rice
koolkatt: caddy is bog
cusch1: Billings Star
colin wood: Think Cotch for the star. 16 con possy’s
TheLegend6: Cotchin or Caddy
PowerBug: Vlastuin X Factor perhaps? Caddy or Cotch for Star imo
teddyt: The umpires gets the star for the saints. Clearly the biggest game changer. BOG by a mile
Pusti: ErrMyyGerrd! Billings kicked a goal!
MONEY TALK: caddy has been good in the last month
DragonLass: Caddy star easy. 5 goals, 11 score assists, 13 CPs
MONEY TALK: teddy u realise if saints could actually do something wed be all over u
cusch1: St Kilda need 5 Jade Greshams
koolkatt: yeh cotchin would get gun imo
Jackwatt$: Cotchin for the star m0nty. Rance for the heart because hes handsome
SilverLion: Bin for Martin?
BigChief: How did Rance get rid of that ball?
Jackwatt$: Ying Yang for Billings?
frenzy: whos on Gresham, the full back of the century Rancid
Pokerface: is this the same logan austin who would get 3 touches a game at port?
SilverLion: Rance permanent rock according to the media
heppelitis: webster over 100 5 weeks in a row interesting
MONEY TALK: id say cotch for star he has killed us
teddyt: but the saints cant do anything? its been proven all year. This is exactly like richmond vs carlton.
teddyt: I hope you are proud with this weeks performance it wont happen again
Raspel31: Um yep-Caddy star.
SilverLion: My hero Butler
MONEY TALK: @teddy its funny how some of u tigers fans talk as soon as u know u won, u were bit quiet b4
teddyt: Carlton were proud to get within 30 points when it should of been 80 also. Howd that go for them
teddyt: I was replying to you from the 3rd quarter when I realised you were brain dead? but ok typical unaware spud
Jackwatt$: Good call moneytalk. Some of them have been quiet for 37 years before this year!
AFL Blues: You*, Money.
SilverLion: The All-Australian, Champion, General Alex Rance… Best defender in the comp by lightyears
TheLegend6: Good win this, tested in the 3rd but good response
Gelly: that goal review in q3 was deplorable and cost us to lose all momentum. stkilda should have never been in the game
shaker: Settle down teddyt your are going over the top a tad
MONEY TALK: ooo caled me a brain dead unaware spud. im hurt ur club hasnt beat any top 8 teams from last year
MONEY TALK: i was clearly taking the piss in the 3rd because we have been bad this year
MONEY TALK: gg anyway to the civilized tigers supporters
teddyt: lmfao I guess we didnt beat any top8 sides last year either. Ah god this is what happens when people drop out in year 9
JockMcPie: Civilised Tigers supporters? where?

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