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Chat log from R10 of 2018: Collingwood vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Collingwood vs Western Bulldogs, R10 of 2018

Burnsy03: anyone else struggle to get to the matchcentre? i got some error page 15 times
Haydo: yeah
Apachecats: Same burnsy ,seems to be all fixed.
boo!: minty wasnt pedalling…he back on now
Haydo: Greenwood in specially to tag mcrae sadly should i keep him vc or change? If so who to
Apachecats: I’m sticking with him Haydo.
Ash777: lol greenwood
Lewysport: Had to watch a movie first to get in Burnsy!
th3rio: im going danger or titch into gawn lads
BigChief: I doubt a tag will effect Macrae too much.
Haydo: yeah i think i will too
Apachecats: JacMac in to Danger for me.
th3rio: most probably danger.
BigChief: Get out of the way you stupid umpire.
ReggieOz: Hard to go past Danger V The Blues
Lewysport: Grundy into Fyfe for me.
Lodgy: Grundy cap. Best ruck in the league for years. Go the man bun!
Burnsy03: grundy into gawn, backing the rucks
Umpirespet: Danger into Big Maxxy here
BigChief: Dusty into Gawn for me.
lilboat: Cripps into Gawn/Titch, Cripps 3 of last 5 143+, Danger yet to score higher than 137 yet
cusch1: Gundy into Gawn for me. am considering Cripps as C though
ReggieOz: Best Ruck?? are you kidding Max is the best by a mile!
BigChief: I did think about Howe as VC though
Ash777: macrae into gawn
TheOnyas: onya mayney
ReggieOz: Who is greenwood paying on?
LMartos: annoys me when players get clangers when it’s their teammates fault for not contesting the ball
Lewysport: Anybody have to go in short from the 2 teams on the bye?
th3rio: nope, i have subs everywhere lol
original: sitting here without macrae waiting for him to have a damaging possession lol
ReggieOz: Nah…Holman was due for a 40 this week anyway
circle52: @lewysport – Nope but in trouble if I have a late out in defence cover on other lines.
Umpirespet: Not here I’m borrowing th3rio’s subs!
Burnsy03: lewy i have gowers on bc of it that counts right?
original: lewy..not due to the bye but 5 defenders out lol
Breezey: How can inget rid of this Star Wars rubbish every time it updates
Lewysport: Finlayson and Murray being out might have caught some out.
th3rio: take em pet haha, except guelfi and mirra I like them
Yelse: greenwood seems to be playing in the back
Ash777: no tagging tonight it seems from pies
th3rio: Seems I made the right decision last week keeping doedee and offloading finlayson, paid off this week I guess
ReggieOz: You are right..he is
Umpirespet: Bought in stoddard this week has huge wraps on him
The39Steps: If McRae gets 40 touches, Greenwood’s in but not tagging and Pies lose by one, how much heat on Bucks?
TheMessiah: Tom Phillips is the real deal. Wish I picked him up.. Still might
Umpirespet: Doedee is good till his bye
th3rio: you’re brave pet! has he played a game yet? thought most went ridley
Jukes82: seems im the only one who missed getting on the McLean boat! damn.
BigChief: 1st goal star for Phillips @m0nty?
Umpirespet: He was gunna play rnd1 till he got injured th3rio
circle52: I’m on the McLean boat but missed the Macrae boat
th3rio: grundy problem?
th3rio: oh nice, done your research lol
Apachecats: Macrae forecast on supercoach is 161 ,bit of a challenge.
frenzy: now Mills is cooked, he could have good JS @ pet
Umpirespet: Same Circle
Lodgy: Who the hell is Mclean? This is fantasy football… not die hard
Ash777: langdon for the muppet
Rush: I got on both boats.
J.Worrall: both in DT, @circle, but just McLean in SC, sadly
BigChief: That would be Toby McLean #16 WB @Lodgy
pcaman2003: Hope Pendles stays quiet. Opponent has him.
original: love how umps choose to pay those ruck frees some games not others.
Yelse: buckleys fault why rest murray we have no run now
TheMessiah: Wish Bucks would tag Macrae
luke394: cmon Grundy i vc’d you
th3rio: josh kelly is projected 141 first game back too
Lodgy: Cheers chief… pay me a million bucks a year and id kick that goal boyd
lilboat: Macrae slow start by his standards
th3rio: yelse was he rested or dropped?
rtz23: @yelse wasnt murray dropped not rested?
Umpirespet: And sorry guys bought in Howe this week
original: dropped
BigChief: Hahaha Eddie has the killer look in his eyes in the stands.
Breezey: It says dropped for Murray
ReggieOz: dropped
a1trader: me too, brought in Howe
Lewysport: They said Murray was fatigued but will play in vfl?
Lodgy: Well i was settled in to watch this game and another garbage call. Im just gonna follow on ff
th3rio: yeah thats fancy talk for dropped lewy lol
Gotigres: Surely a clanger to Macrae before after a fumble and handball to opposition
Lewysport: Sportsbet have paid out already.
Lodgy: Umpires learn rules. Please. Thank u
ScootD: #freekickbulldogs
Umpirespet: How did we lose to collingwood???
BigChief: Adams in tracksuit already. Is he done?
th3rio: macrae surely will get a hard tag after that.
Umpirespet: gotigres well all know he is a CD fav we just have to get him in
BeastMode: Pet your team has been irrelvant this century, move on
Ash777: pies are giving away silly frees
ReggieOz: Because you didn’t have Lever lol
luke394: thats the best quarter Dahlhaus can have and he scores 26 🙁
Umpirespet: Your team is very fast following suit BeastMode
Umpirespet: No Reggie we pulled the right Lever
ReggieOz: So how did you lose to Collingwood then?
cusch1: Umps pet the most common question in football is how did my team lose to
Umpirespet: Good Question still have no answers
Umpirespet: It is a even comp this year except for probably 2 teams
cusch1: How did essendon lose to carlton? How did Hawks lose to Brisbane (by so much)
teachrtony: Bought in
teachrtony: Bought in Howe this week. Sorry all.
Gotigres: Yes Umpires Pet. Have to get macrae in. Maybe after the bye.
ReggieOz: Hawks beat Dees by 10 and lose to brisbane by 10
Umpirespet: Same m8
frenzy: adams still scoring m0nty
TheMessiah: Get involved De Goey
ReggieOz: Eastom Wood on DeGoey is a good match up
feralmong: Out Tim Kelly in Macrae. Was the only way. Out finlayson for Phillips for the balance.
cusch1: Hopefully De Goey gives him a few bum taps Reggie
Umpirespet: lol cusch
Ash777: adams is playing a mare
Umpirespet: Not rich enough yet to do that Feral
jocka: I liked that the ump held onto the ball there
original: +10 for macrae there i bet
feralmong: Lol treloar what a spud.
luke394: missed the Grundy FF
cusch1: Can we go back to the days where commentators would actually commentate instead of talking utter crap
runt: @cusch1 Those days are long gone
BigChief: Right on queue hey feralmong. LOL
Breezey: Yeah well said Feral. Goal
th3rio: i need grundy to fuck off just a little bit
StuL: Just need Dermie on tonight and it would be the dream team of dribblers.
cusch1: ridiculous. We have no idea whats going with that ump signalling the wrong way, and theyre talking about god knows what
Umpirespet: Geez Dermie and BT thats scary
feralmong: Hehe nah the argy barge he tried out and fell flat on his face. Was funny. And spuddy.
BigChief: That is not a free to McLean. He dropped to his knees.
Breezey: If that’s not ducking then what is from McLean
Gotigres: Complete duck by Mclean and he gets a free. lol
original: should have been play on
BigChief: #freekickbulldogs
Umpirespet: Dogs and Cats allowed to duck
th3rio: wow wish i kept my mouth shut re grundy just went from 37 to 58 in 3 mins
StuL: DeGoey not such a superstar tonight.
luke394: Go Grundy go
Sixty656: Dogs wanna get some more basic AF free kicks.
BigChief: Cox back on m0nty
Gotigres: Ice on big Cox
vamos77: Have to give Treloar the Muppet for that attempted bump on Macrae. Hilarious
frenzy: hey monty too quick with the cross for cox
original: dw im sure that will still be effective macrae
luke394: Macrae scoring very well for all uncontested possies
Haydo: There should be a rat icon for ratagolea
spudaroos: Cox is on field
Umpirespet: Collingwood fans will be brawling in the stands soon
original: dw im sure that macrae kick (turnover) will be effective too hehe
frenzy: m0nty’s on auto pilot
BigChief: So nothing new then @ump LOL
Umpirespet: M0nty is ironing his Hawk Man costume
runt: It definitely isn’t Brazil
luke394: McLean is an absolute beast this year
Umpirespet: M0nty one day I know u’ll bite lol
bernieV: the last good tall number 1 draft pick was riewoldt, why do teams keep picking them, wait til they get good
Ash777: all that effort from pies lost
runt: Dogs repelling Pies advances well
BigChief: Sidebottom having a shocker with his disp tonight.
Umpirespet: Macrae only gets 100 tonight and his price will drop over coming weeks
TheHawk: Brought in Howe this week. Ouch
runners47: Need de Goey to (de) go in a lot harder in second half
BigChief: How is De Goey’s 1 million offer looking now?
cusch1: Who has the most terrifying forward line tonight? Schache/Boyd combo or Cox/Mayne
Umpirespet: Collingwood cheer squad Cusch
th3rio: north will still pay it Chief lol
BigChief: Fox Footy reporting Cordy out with concussion.
Haydo: McRae was on 26 10 min mark of the 1st qtr
MONEY TALK: cmon mac
circle52: Zaine Cordy done for the night – Delayed concussion
frenzy: we’d take Mayne too
th3rio: grundy easy 14 sc for a few handballs
duckky: 774 radio reporting that the Bont is coughing up blood
frenzy: bont concussed ?
Breezey: Listen to these umps
Umpirespet: Nothin wrong with that th3rio
duckky: 774 now changing mind – blood only on face — sorry
luke394: Bont copped a big whack to the head cracked his neck he said looked drowsy
circle52: Bont back on now so cleared
Yelse: every week cox gets held no frees bucks needs to speak to umps
pcaman2003: Pendles handy 9 pts for 2 h/b’s
ReggieOz: or have coffee with Gil
circle52: 2Yelse we see it each week but some teams to get more favoured than others.
original: dahl is useless these days
frenzy: lift JacMac
th3rio: lol macrae expectations crazy, if he gets 110 owners will be upset
The39Steps: That’s an absolute disgraceful kick from Dahlhaus.
TheBoy89: Mcrae sc is bull
duckky: Richards having a blinder tonight
BigChief: These umpires hate Mason Cox. He should have had at least 5 free kicks
Umpirespet: Richards looks alright for a kid
TheBoy89: I take 110 as a minimum for all premo mids
TheBoy89: From forwards and defenders 90 as a minimum and ruck 100
The39Steps: The one certainity out of this game so far – you have to have Grundy!
Umpirespet: Check 39steps
th3rio: grundy got 7 points from that tap lol
Umpirespet: I have him
Manowar: M.Bontempelli dead?
luke394: Hit out to advantage @th3rio
original: macrae 24 points in 4 mins?
rtz23: brought in sic last week now. now howe this week :'(
th3rio: yeah i saw, still generous
original: sorry bad math lol
LuvIt74: rtz23 How could u bring in Howe…lol
duckky: McLean must be having a pina colada in the dead pocket
runt: The pies grinding the Dogs down
Manowar: J. De Goey not De Going well
luke394: thats how it works th3rio his influence on the game has been huge look at his stats
Umpirespet: Greenwood is hurting Howes score
runt: Not Brazil
Breezey: Rubbish umpires
Manowar: Howe having a Howler
StuL: Come on dogs. This is no good
pcaman2003: Grundy is a beast! Will have to get him
J.Worrall: hardly Rio
TheBoy89: I’ve got Gawn and Nic Nat maybe soon I’ll upgrade Grundy but that’ll be last thing I’ll do for upgrades
th3rio: im being biased as opt has him lol
TheBoy89: Sc hates treloar
circle52: Pendles seems to be doing a rune with on Macrae.
Ladbrokes_: tell him to get more contested theboy
Gotigres: Just tuned back in. OMG Richards. He will be good cover for some people in defence. I had 4 def outs this week. Got in l
Gotigres: Got in Lloyd and Tim Smith with Sicily moved into defence
Lewysport: Only 7% have him Gotigres
Lewysport: Grundy primed for 150+
cusch1: 20 disposals, 30 hitouts, 14 contested possessions, and 7 marks
Gotigres: Gee i’m surprised Lewysport. Guess he only has an average of 58
Umpirespet: Least Grundy is making up for Howes score
runt: Buckleys beard on the line here. A loss and it looks scraggly and wannabe. A win and it looks wild and daring
TheBoy89: Guys who’s averaged the most points in a season??
luke394: get him @th3rio its fun cheering him on
Umpirespet: Hes a ginger he will be alrigfht
th3rio: im still undecided on tim smith. Need the downgrade for next weeks trades though 🙁
Umpirespet: Probably Gaz @ Theboy
Haydo: Tom Mitchell or Gawn for captain, or danger
BigChief: 1 Collingwood player in my team is almost too many.
vamos77: Bont looks slow, if the dogs win he’ll have a 50+ qtr
th3rio: probably will boy, see how stef goes up till byes
th3rio: haydo, go titch or danger into gawn
runt: throw the ball and get away with it. I love it
frenzy: Varcoe on ice
BigChief: Hunter playing Rugby with that throw.
circle52: Travis Varcoe hammy gone for game.
Gotigres: Bulldogs definitely got the rub of the green/umpires.
BigChief: Did I hear the fat lady warming up?
Gotigres: Macrae’s breakeven is 106 but i think his breakeven after that will be huge.
Raspel31: Good luck with the Crows Big CHIEF.
Lewysport: Hangin with Bomber Thompson is he frenzy
pcaman2003: Wow! Pendles got 14pts for that goal.
luke394: whenever Grundy gets a FF Treloar takes advantage the rat
Raspel31: Just home and good to see the two Mcs doing their job- but a new captain. Hmm??
The39Steps: Pies will now make 8. Finish with 13/14 wins. Doggone.
runt: Watching Cox and his sieve hands makes me appreciate Paul Salmon even more
duckky: Dogs need a ruck… being smashed by Grundy
frenzy: we’ll never know exactly what them needles contained
BigChief: Most teams get smashed by Grundy though duckky
runt: The fat lady dropped her guts long ago
duckky: Yes BigChief, but he is grabbing the ball from the ball-ups too often
original: keep up this junk time dahl
Sixty656: THank you Grundy EL Capo!
The39Steps: Think Stephenson will get a rest next week?
pcaman2003: Pendles only 57 at 3/4 time. Will ton up easy now.
duckky: Cox coughs
runt: No Naughton, no dogs
The39Steps: Ok – go with Cox cliches.
Costanza: out of pretzels, more Crisps pls
dipstick: feel free to give me the donut icon for my defense
dipstick: grundy going 160 🙂
J.Worrall: Cox a little short of projection …
Raspel31: When Grundy gives birth to Eddie’s child he’ll be out for at least six.
J.Worrall: Cox sores (yhanks Kelly Underwwod)
original: macrae 7 turnovers but 79%
pcaman2003: Dogs have fallen apart at the seams
dipstick: cox all iced up after a hard knock
Breezey: Cox can only be stopped with an arm chop
Umpirespet: Cox gets bigger the longer the game goes on
duckky: My ex mother in law would stop Cox
luke394: nice @Umpirespet
pcaman2003: @Breezey. Or a chain saw
Breezey: Is Lynden Dunn going to ton up. Wowee Brian
J.Worrall: She really did say that!
BigChief: Agreed duckky and yes the Dogs do need a quality ruck. Should chase Preuss.
frenzy: magpies love big Cox
J.Worrall: Big call, Chief!
Umpirespet: No teeth an advantage frezy
cusch1: Bontempelli stinking it up tonight. Really showing his true colours
Lewysport: Only got 1 between them though frenzy
cusch1: Pretty limp effort from Cox
J.Worrall: I don’t like the umps advertising pharmaceuticals
BigChief: That was dumb from Cox. Might get him a holiday.
Breezey: That’s how they beat Adelaide Umpires. You asked in the first qtr.
J.Worrall: Just brought in McLean in DT ;-)) happiness
Fatbar5tad: Richards tons up. Loophole on! Very timely from Ed.
frenzy: Cox shoulda pulled out
Ash777: bont had a head knock early
Raspel31: You guys may joke but I think Cox is coming.
runt: Cox is the classic unco bean pole.
Pokerface: cox a bit rough there
Umpirespet: What Breezey with no teeth?
J.Worrall: Cox rises and takes the mark – thanks again Kelly!
Haydo: Who for captain now?? Kept jelly lol
Costanza: Cox most at home around the bottom
Jukes82: give cox the vulture
Umpirespet: wrong chatroom Constanza
Breezey: You asked I tell tossbag
J.Worrall: Was that Cox with a piercing pass?
Raspel31: My question exactly Haydo. Titch, Fyfe, Gawn….?
BigChief: Dusty against Saints good option.
damoc85: gun for pendles
Jukes82: fyfe will get tagged by jacobs, its gotta be mitchell or danger, maybe gawn too
circle52: I think I have to take Treloars 132 as VC
runt: Heres your medal
StuL: Telescopic Cox from BT
Costanza: not Chaturbate? my bad
gers: Was that the most disappointing half of football by the dogs?
duckky: Yeo will stand Mitchell
Fatbar5tad: Gawn against nstvSauce for the C but Danger is due.

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