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Chat log from R9 of 2018: West Coast vs Richmond

Chat log for West Coast vs Richmond, R9 of 2018

JockMcPie: Oh no Higgins out..
th3rio: fuck yes, oppt only has keefe as cover 🙂
Jukes82: higgins won’t get many more games anyway, rioli will only miss one more game before he’s back in the team
th3rio: now just need dusty to have a big one
th3rio: i wonder if nank is fucked, need grigg to help out in the ruck?
pcaman2003: Higgo not playing,my round will be tight. Get score of 61 for Guelfi.
MONEY TALK: im sorry guys i brought yeo in, oppo has higgins tho hehe
StuL: Was tossing up Yeo amd Lloyd
SilverLion: Got Yeo and Martin. Slow start.
pcaman2003: Duggan 2 H/B’s 1 effective for 11 pts?
MONEY TALK: i really hope tigers get smashed, becasue every tigers fan seems to forget they have lost this year
SilverLion: I went Yeo and Simpson for Finlayson and Doedee. Thought those were good trades…
Chelskiman: Dunno what Tigers fans you’re talking to, Money, but I’m pretty sure we know we aren’t undefeated.
korza: YO Yo hey cmon
StuL: There was no doubt yeo would suck. I got him. Should do the opposite always, as everything i do is wrong
luke394: Got Yeo and Cole so happy right now my opp has Nank and a 27 point headstart surely I win
DrSeuss: Yeo and Redden – great start boys
TheBoy89: What a week to bring in yeo 🙁 sorry yeo owners should I was tossing up between yeo Simpson and Lloyd
Chelskiman: fuck West Coast have a good forward line.
TheBoy89: Mostly yeo and Simpson I’ll be honest but for now I’m hoping he beats simpson
penguins00: Yeo tagging Cotchin but it’s not working
Ash777: yeo yeo must of ran out of string
Apachecats: Almost ,almost bought Yeo this week.Get him cheaper in a couple of weeks.
pharace: Yeo gone
StuL: Yeo dead
BigChief: Yeo looks done for the day.
Ash777: I didn’t mean leg string!
SilverLion: Ffs I brought yeo in this week… What happened?
DrSeuss: Are you serious? First half decent work in AF and Yeo gets injured…ffs
StuL: Real good. Ffs! Traded to defeat.
Haydo: noooooo i could’ve gone 2500+ whats yeo’s injury
pharace: Looked like a heartstring according to his face
luke394: That’s all my league matches done if Yeo is gone
Burnsy03: is yeo done for the day anyone?
pharace: Looking like a knee being checked in the rooms for Yeo
TheOnyas: Onya Gaffy
Burnsy03: hope hes getting changed
wadaramus: Yeo ankle pinned under a tackle, saw him walking in the rooms, get back out there mate!
Burnsy03: coming back on yeo yeo
pharace: Yeo kneee heavily strapped ab=nd on the bench
TheMessiah: Onya Darling
wadaramus: Knee also bandaged, on the bench atm, hopefully he gets back out there.
DrSeuss: Cheers Wada
korza: It’s only a leg get the fuck back out there.
CBeezDeez: Curse U SC Gods! Having best round for the year now this happens to Yo-Yo! I cry in my beer…
SilverLion: Id just be happy if Yeo gets back out there, don’t care what he scores in SC
Burnsy03: i need him done and dusted
Hadouken: i want to get yeo round 13, so hopefully he has a rest for the better 🙂
LuvIt74: Glad I changed my mind and didn’t bring Yeo in this week and chose sicily instead…
Burnsy03: yeo back on the ground
pharace: Yeo back on – it’s a modern miracle!
ReggieOz: Yeo back on and looks fine!
Haydo: thank god yeos back
pharace: Yeo not happy though – looks uncomfortable
LuvIt74: Yeo has a B/E of 96 so unlikely he will reach it, if he has a stinker today get him in R13
Hadouken: i bet yeo still ends up getting his breakeven….
pharace: He now has the turn circle of the Queen Mary
Gotigres: Yeo will struggle to get 50
Burnsy03: lost points fr that
pharace: Agree GT – he’s playing controlling football
Burnsy03: 2 fa in a minute
Gotigres: Haha Yeo deliberate
luke394: Fuck off Nankervis
pharace: Good test of the knee then, minus power in that leg
original: yess cant wait for the yeo price drop
hinsch: Yeo will struggle to get 20 SC point at this rate
LuvIt74: Yeo is doing the doggy walk
Snarfy: Gee the weagles have fired up Nank, saying they were going to hunt him this week. Go big fella!
pharace: Irresistible Tigers!
luke394: Yeo and Cole just need to to anything please ffs
original: yeo lucky to be on 22 imo lol
rtz23: if nic nat tonnes up, i lose. what are everyone’s thoughts
Apachecats: lus 10 pts vs Nank.
Apachecats: Toss of the coin at this stage rtz23
Apachecats: Thats Dusty plus 10pts vs Nankervis.
StuL: So glad I got Yeo over Lloyd. Cost the game and money.
Apachecats: No good Stul
SilverLion: Yeo lifting
TheBoy89: Wtf darling looks like a top 6 forward premo
TheBoy89: Great start for yo yo
DrSeuss: Need Dusty to beat Nank by 10 in AF – pick up your game
TheBoy89: Adam Simpson you donkey give Nic Nat more tog
TheBoy89: Yeo will still ton up
StuL: Somehow my opp has Darling. I might have been cooked anyway.
DrSeuss: Redden pick it up mate
Cotts: how are people looking in SC?
Gotigres: Yeo on fire!
wadaramus: Yeo Yeo on the Go Go juice at half time!
TheBoy89: 6 minutes in and yeo had already had 31 points
original: yeo pfft
Chelskiman: Seems this is the scoring end.
SilverLion: Heart coming up for Yo Yo
hinsch: Yeo must have had a shot of the Essendon OJ at half time
TheBoy89: For some weird reason I have a strange feeling yo might beat Lloyd
JockMcPie: Yo Yo in full flight
Hadouken: told you yeo would still get to his BE
StuL: Rubbish Cotts. If you don’t have Macrae, rubbish.
pharace: Yeo – the miracle continues…
JockMcPie: Titch and Cripps saved me from embarrassment
Breezey: Extremely weird Boy. Won’t get close
Cotts: @StuL got him thankfully, sitting on 2036 with nank and dusty to play, hopefully score can maintain my rank
DrSeuss: Yeo on one leg doing better than Martin & Redden combined urgh
StuL: Home town decision that free to Darling.
Ash777: tigers kicking into the forward is woeful
Chelskiman: fuck off, Hurn.
Ash777: also that 50 was stupid
pcaman2003: C’mon Nank! Get moving
StuL: I hate Richmond but come on Richmond.
feralmong: i expected a loss this week. tigers haven’t got much form going yet.
Chelskiman: Don’t think we’re coming back from this.
StuL: Special WA umps but Yo yo yo.
TheLegend6: Fair play to the eagles, hopefully we get to play them down at the G when it matters!
DrSeuss: Jesus Dusty – do something
luke394: Yeo you drive me crazy but I love you
Ash777: richmond unlucky with the umps
luke394: Just like the mrs
Chelskiman: We used to travel ok but both of our losses have been in Adelaide and Perth.
Gotigres: Nic nat still only 57% game time
Jukes82: no one has beaten wce at home, and the crows obviously were motivated, not concerned at all
TheBoy89: Could you imagine what Nic Nat would be averaging if his tog was 85% + it would be probs beating Gawn and grundy
Chelskiman: Cracking quarter from Martin.
feralmong: yep jukes its not the time of year to be king of the castle.
TheBoy89: Salty Richmond supporters
RGriffen: superman for Yeo. 51 pt quarter
Haydo: sydney beat wc rd 1 at optus
TheLegend6: @TheBoy89, while we probably do have a fair few salty ‘bandwagoners’, we’ve been fine on here today.
feralmong: nah just realistic TheBoy89 our form is rubbish but happy with the wins so far.
feralmong: so far just happy we haven’t replicated dogs start last year.
Chelskiman: Don’t think we’re salty at all. I think most of us actually expected a loss.
SilverLion: WC are the real deal. I thought so after the Geelong win, confirmed today.
Gelly: if we win this one it will be a steal
feralmong: you gotta be happy today Silver. A good win.
pharace: Think the Tiges are re-learning the value of tall fwds
Umpirespet: Onya West Coast
ReggieOz: Yeo is gonna ton up – Nice effort
feralmong: pharace we’ll be right with the big tuna next year.
pcaman2003: Twice caught Nank for ffs
cobrakai00: WC beat us in the last w/1 on the bench
SilverLion: Very @feral, great to see. Happy for the kids and Hodge
poolboybob: Nic Nat is ferocious
Umpirespet: What will Hardwick winger about this week?
Umpirespet: Winge *
feralmong: He’s a massive advantage poolboy. Def team lifter.
pcaman2003: Nic Nat just finished me off for this week.
BeastMode: never seen so many players sub 50 at tgis stage of the game
feralmong: leaking % tiges. get a few will ya.
thornz23: I love watching yeo McGovern and Nic Nat but still hate the eagles for some reason
Umpirespet: Least Dusty will drop in price nicely again
thornz23: Jesus Dafling is a fair target atm
feralmong: lets see if eagles take the foot off or push it down hard.
anthsill03: Darling has elevated his game this year. Unbelievable player
wadaramus: Can’t believe Yeo will probably ton up!
feralmong: looks like push it down hard is going down.
DrSeuss: Junk it up Dustbin
Haydo: ying yang and heart for Yeo
pharace: Was a great early call Wada
feralmong: def be salty if we lose by 60+. want it under 40 at this point.
pharace: Csn’t believe no Tiger will ton uup – maybe
twinpeaks: I have a lot of respect for the Eagles as a team, esp this one. Just can’t get around them, fans are the worst.
feralmong: another goal to JRoo might need an atlas icon.
RGriffen: 200 for Darling here
thornz23: Wowee.. what’s eagles upcoming run like? Might jump on darling in SC
thornz23: I think that’s it twinpeaks, I lived in WA for 15 years and the fans have left a bitter taste in my mouth
Umpirespet: Same thornz Hogan to Darling looking good
feralmong: Hawks next and tigers have saints.
pcaman2003: GWS,Hawks,Cats,Tigers flogged. What’s Happening?
Chelskiman: Really need Dusty to lift. I’m 29 up with my Dusty vs NicNat.
pharace: f me, a Lycett side steps a Tiger
anthsill03: So west coast fans are more feral than freo?
feralmong: In hindsight we shoulda given a sore Nank a hand with Soldo.
DrSeuss: Where is Dusty playing today with the tag?
korza: Bye Bye eliminator. Thank’s for nothing Lambert
thornz23: Yeh anth. Both teams fans at the ground are bad but outside that eagles are way worse
Roksta: Who is rance on? How is he rated so high
spudaroos: Nic Nat absolutely destroys sub par ruckmen. He shows no mercy.
anthsill03: Interesting thanks
DrSeuss: Junk it up Redden
thornz23: Monster second half from Yeo. He has the potential to be the best player in the comp
StuL: Who, how? I would think, “i better get Darling in”!? My opp. Master stroke.
thornz23: Actual player, not fantasy that is :p
feralmong: any tigers fans seen the new kids Balta, Miller and the young ruck play. Any prospects there?
feralmong: Atlas for roo.
Gotigres: Dusty priced almost below 500k next week
Umpirespet: Pity Kelly had a crap score could’ve been a clean swap
CBeezDeez: U would think with all WEAgles def marks, poor tiges fwd pressure?
cusch1: Is Rance still the best defender in the competition?
feralmong: with the speed nicnat is getting it out cusch1 no defender has a chance.
feralmong: 47 points, coulda been worse. no injuries. on to next week.
feralmong: well done wce. no1 for now.
th3rio: i think i just lost my league game by 1 point
Stu7: @th3rio that’s harsh
StuL: 2216? Pathetic once again.

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