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Chat log from R11 of 2018: Sydney vs Carlton

Chat log for Sydney vs Carlton, R11 of 2018

BigChief: Anyone know how wet it is at SCG tonight?
wadaramus: The radar shows plenty of rain off-shore, and it’s heading due North and staying off-shore!
Ash777: I stacked my midfield now I dont know who to vc/c
Ash777: atm it’s gawn vc fyfe c
BigChief: I put VC on Heeney and C on Gawn
Yelse: do i trade in Franklin now? or should i wait for the byes
Ash777: franklin is a yo-yo this season
Apachecats: Keep him for this round Yelse definitely.
Apachecats: Reckon Grundy will have a field day with no sandi ,so gone Macrae VC ,Grundy C.
Yelse: who you think top 6 fwds this year?
wadaramus: I’m thinking the same Ash, but maybe Macrae instead of Gawn?
Ash777: gawn is facing a sore roughead and boyd
wadaramus: Looking for a good start to the weekend with Simpson, Heeney and Ronke!
BigChief: McLean, Gray, Heeney, Sicily, Darling and Devon Smith.
Yelse: gray might struggle if rockliff takes mid now and sicily in backs for me
mardyb: cripps with the mattress on the thigh
IHateChat: Swans by plenty.
Ash777: I bought in tim smith this week
th3rio: please franklin get over 60 this week x
th3rio: thanks buddy good start
Ash777: buddy is off tonight it seems
NoneyaB: geez cant stand d hannerbery idk what it is about him
NoneyaB: wakey wakey monty lol
JockMcPie: Carlton by plenty
BigChief: Have Sydney actually turned up yet?
Stu7: BigChief I did the same
Stu7: Hey BigChief I did the same
anthsill03: Swans play better without buddy imo. One dimensional
th3rio: Ducks to be me I have Simpson and cripps
luke394: fuck off Franklin you useless prick
th3rio: And buddy:/
mardyb: simpson wtf you knob??
pcaman2003: @th3rio. Have the same as you. No joy yet!
Chelskiman: Great start. Simmo and Cripps have 8 points between them.
original: buddy smfh
pcaman2003: Don’t have Buddy though. Have Ronke and Heeny
th3rio: wtf im trading buddy to liam ryan fuck this
Apachecats: same trio Ronke and Cripps here.
wadaramus: Should have looped Ronke..
luke394: wtf is Franklin doing
StuL: This is why I never get Franklin. Got him just for the GF last year and it worked but otherwise. Meh.
Breezey: Is there a chance Liam Jones might get a cape after this qtr
BigChief: Franklin is being double and triple teamed. And you all expect him to dominate? Think about it guys.
duckky: I think the umps are winning this game
luke394: not watching the game @bigchief
th3rio: StuL first year ive been sucked in, i got sick of watching ihim last year get 160s against me
th3rio: Chief, he is also giving away stupid free kicks though.
luke394: Cripps going well
pcaman2003: Where for art though Cripps?
StuL: Just as I was saying to myself everyone has Cripps. My opp doesnt!!!
StuL: Buddy will frustrate Threeo.
BigChief: only 1 free against th3rio.
Ash777: tagged and carrying a injury
th3rio: and a 50m , was enough to piss me off. But agree he is being tag teamed
runt: I must be dreaming. Parker has slouched around my team since the beginning and he has finally woken up
Sixty656: You watch parker still not get to 85
BigChief: Simpson seems to have lost a lot of pace this year.
runt: Getting sick of non-ruckman being used in the ruck
th3rio: marking is really not buddies strong point is it
Breezey: This Pat Kerr from Carlton. Has he got a brother Wayne
runt: @Breezey Brother is Joe
Ash777: the answer is always yes
BigChief: Nice 1980’s joke Breezey.
snake_p: #dadjoke Breezey
luke394: solid quarter from Buddy 20 odd lol
th3rio: wtf! that was an accident by buddy are u serious
BigChief: WTF was that free against Franklin for?
wadaramus: He’s got an uncle Far.
original: lol claims of accident by buddy. ive got him too boys it hurts for sc
jocka: LOL, Buddy looked, and then tossed it into that dudes head. He knew what he was doing.
luke394: they must have missed one earlier?
wadaramus: The umpires keep finding new ways to pay free kicks.
original: just dumb by buddy, soft as but can’t allow it, where are umpires meant to draw the line
Breezey: He has a mother far Kerr as well
StuL: Ump invented a new rule. Free for high contact with the ball.
th3rio: Chief, he was looking the other way and went to hand the ball to ump and it went into jones face
snake_p: related to Michael Hunt Breezey?
Stu7: Heeney….. today would be good!
original: th3rio u got no idea on that one lol he was looking at rowe and threw it up into rowes face lol
Arch: Umps keeping blues in the game. AFL order to keep channel 7 viewers
th3rio: don’t care who the player is original, but you’re dreaming if you think that was intentional.
wadaramus: Hardly a throw, a little flick, clipped him on the chin. Free Kick!!
runt: Franklin was being a smart arse. He deserved the free against.
DrSeuss: I swear that Smith, McVeigh and Jones never look to kick to Lloyd
Breezey: Buddy reeling them in pretty quickly
original: go back and look at the vision, clearly looks at him lol
th3rio: god heeney has great hands
BigChief: Umpires have zero control over the game.
SilverLion: Go Ronke, gotta make up for Cripps and Simpson spudding it up.
JockMcPie: Oh Cripps
pcaman2003: Ronke got awarded a free kick,but not showing? Why?
runt: Hewett turning into a good tagger
duckky: Cripps just got a clanger for no free against and no incorrect disposal… what gives???
JockMcPie: 50m penalty
runt: Silvagni always seems to be pulling a Blue Steel from Zoolander
colin wood: Lift Phatty Chips
Breezey: Cripps gave away the 50
BigChief: @duckky he gave the 50m penalty away on the Heeney goal.
Sloan4Pres: Silvagni always looks like he’s about to burst into tears
duckky: Oh… fair enough
Jukes82: you dont need the ball to give clanger. dropping mark or 50 metre etc also
pcaman2003: How did CD miss Ronke’s free and points? Pretty ordinary!
Jackwatt$: Who is Jed Lamb playing on
duckky: According to someone in here last week, dropping the mark counted as a clanger against the kicker.
Breezey: Ronke free went back to Buddy. Didnโ€™t play advantage
Jukes82: so loopholing Cripper for the C isn’t going to workout out it appears lol
BigChief: Not a clanger duckky, but ineffective disp.
Ash777: umps hate cripps atm
Jackwatt$: Might wait for Stoddard to drop under 100k then get him for loophole
SilverLion: Clarko’s rule
duckky: Cool, thanks for the clarification.
runt: Franklin does weird stuff. Takes 30 seconds to prepare to do a boomerang banana
NoneyaB: yep got rid of parker after weeks of crappy scores now look he does meh fyfe is better anyway
duckky: Still doesn’t change the fact that Cripps is having a shocker.
pcaman2003: @Breezey. The frree at start of qtr was paid to Ronke and he played on. Still a free!
Breezey: Silvagni career high I reckon
SilverLion: Just give Cripps the Mare already :/
th3rio: what happened to nic newman? he was a gun last year
Breezey: I was talking about a different one
frenzy: Jack Silva Zombie
Ash777: lol kerridge celebrates a goal assist
Jackwatt$: M0nty is awfully quiet tonight
Mcswains: Stay down Phatty Chips ๐Ÿ™‚
Yelse: crips gonna drop dramatically like all other premiums
pcaman2003: @Breezey. Okay! Wasn’t aware. Cheers!
BigChief: Was it a free to Ronke or someone else Pcaman?
Stu7: Does Cripps have chaffige?
SilverLion: Stop giving away frees Cripps ffs
Jackwatt$: Has Stephen pulled on the boots for Jack Silvagni tonight?
BigChief: @jack I think it is Sergio.
NoneyaB: my opp has cripps rampe fisher lmao
pcaman2003: @Chief. Most definately to Ronke.
luke394: cmon Ronke
duckky: OMG Cripps
hinsch: got the C on Cripps this week looking OK at the moment
pcaman2003: Cripps should be ashamed of his effort.
StuL: How does Cripps have 5 Clangers!? 5!
BigChief: Pull ya finger out Charlie
The39Steps: Cripps would have known for weeks that Hewett was going to him. Can’t be considered an a grader if he cant deal with it.
runt: Sivagni has confidence now. Proves that a spell in the reserves can help players
StuL: I get Lloyd in and he goes back to the Lloyd I used to own. Need a def with Mirra dropped though. FFS!
Breezey: Cripps definitely not fully fit being padded up like that
Hadouken: ronke alive????
wadaramus: Lift Ronkster…Lift!
luke394: dunno why you’d pay top dollar for Lloyd @StuL
Jackwatt$: Tell me it’s all a bad dream and Cripps swapped shirts with Silvagni
DrSeuss: Ronke and Lloyd – oh what a night
runt: Ronke no tackles. No goals.
duckky: Cripps just doubled his SC score
Hadouken: i had ronke down for 4 goals and 91 AF points….
wadaramus: Heeney and Simpson going OK, to quote Meatloaf..2 out of 3 aint bad.
Apachecats: Total for my 2 this 1/4 is minus 8.
Breezey: I have Lloyd. My opponent also has Lloyd. He also has Heeney and Parker. Geezus
Stu7: Ronke has gone Ranke!!
BigChief: Shut up BT you moron.
Ash777: I have simpson, cripps, lloyd, ronke, jpk
BigChief: @wada nooooo, no Meatloaf.
th3rio: id be happy with 70 from cripps at this point
Apachecats: Cripps gone Ranke too.
Sloan4Pres: Sydney will still win by 50+
duckky: “I’d do any thing for love”
wadaramus: Sorry Big Chief, bad pop reference!!
luke394: Cripps looks bloody sore
Stu7: Cripps the new Cripes 😃
SilverLion: The 2017 Kreuzer has returned
pcaman2003: @th3rio. Was that 70 or 7?
wadaramus: Oh crap, got duckky singing schlock, sorry peoples..
runt: Strange game. Swans threaten to run away but look around and let the Blues catch up
bongidongi: sc opponent put the c on cripps <3
wadaramus: At half time it’s..paradise by the laptop light.
Sixty656: My opp has the C on Cripps too, just had a look ๐Ÿ˜€
Wends: I think somebody somewhere must be tollin’ a bell, for my Perfect 9 – last min change from Kreuz to Cripps ๐Ÿ™
MattyZ: Quick shoutout to the guy who gave me Jack Silvagni for Stoddart in the keeper league <3
th3rio: lol pca
J_Herer: Cripps getting belted
BigChief: Neale Daniher, a true legend.
hinsch: Cripps to get it togther this half will get 100+ SC
Haydo: I wish hinsch
ado88: Cripps is sore, lucky the bye is next week
SilverLion: Taggers are a stain on the game
hinsch: Haydo agree just messing
hinsch: Carlton win this they must be looking at top eight
The39Steps: Cripps is not the legend many think – only 4 scores over 100 this year in AF.
th3rio: hahah cripps “hes a b****”
SilverLion: What a flop Sinclair
anthsill03: Who plays af?
Breezey: Carlton wn this they go past Brisbane Hinsch
anthsill03: Hinch ur attempt at humour needs work
StuL: SC weeks where you can give up on Friday night. I hate this. My opp has one player, I have two and trailing by 50.
circle52: @antshill I play all three SC, DT and AF
th3rio: lol spud thomas
Wends: Agree BigChief, MND such a horrific illness.
The39Steps: Apologies @ant$%#%$@ – DT I should have said.
StuL: Don’t even know what AF is.
BigChief: I just ordered my beanie.
pcaman2003: Need massive half Mr Ronke
SilverLion: Cripps tripled his 1/2 score already
StuL: Carlton will still lose by 10 goals.
anthsill03: Circle thats a fair effort. Too much stress and pressure for me to try that lol
wadaramus: Ronke my world..
Wends: Good on you BC; the fund/awareness raising he’s done has been incredible.
SilverLion: Can Cripps ton up from here?
Stu7: Cripes is about to pass fishlips
pcaman2003: @Be nice,but not likely
BigChief: Not a chance @SL. Might get to 75.
wadaramus: I wanna Ronke with you…
pcaman2003: Get DE up and clangers down Simmo.
BigChief: Did I see O’Brien pull out of a contest?
Sixty656: Classic Parker doing faarrkk all seoncd half
anthsill03: If we cant kick goals when we have the momentum its going to be hard to win the game
Apachecats: Blues should be well in front.Last 3 were very getable.
StuL: Nice Parker
luke394: cmon Ronke get a goal son
Sixty656: bout time you weak dog
StuL: Boo Parker
BigChief: It hurt you last week anthsill and it is hurting again this week.
SilverLion: Umps hate Cripps
Stu7: Come on Heernia!,
anthsill03: Agree bigchief that goal hurts ๐Ÿ™
God_: Hannes is such a crab this season
Stuart88: Anyone else watching this game wishing the umps would let it play
Apachecats: Betting this is going to blow right out now.
The39Steps: No-one at the Oz soccer game.
anthsill03: More people at socceroos game then gws games
BigChief: If you want to talk about soccer, go to a soccer site.
The39Steps: Probably 750-1000 at this one.
Breezey: Umps love the little ticky touch wood frees
th3rio: no wonder, all that strapping is weighing cripps down
Stu7: Sixty656 Happy with Parker now?
pcaman2003: Lift Ronke and Simmo. Need more lads.
The39Steps: Its called half-time @big chief. You are allowed to surf and compare.
th3rio: hope you VC’d Sinclair again Chief
BigChief: Nope. Took Heeney this weel @th3rio.
BigChief: It’s called a banable topic @39steps.
thommoae: More points on GWS’s tally than Blues’ … bad as things are at Spotless
anthsill03: It was a joke.. i dont mind the giants ๐Ÿ™‚
th3rio: why does BT insist on calling players stupid names. Curn-Now
Raspel31: Hmm- evening all- Cripps and Kronke- not exactly excited.
Apachecats: Hi Raspel ,I’ve got the same 2.
Breezey: Pleased I got Kerridge in my Draft League
m0nty: good recovery by Lloyd, already 50 since HT
th3rio: holy shit hannebery is going to be 250k soon
BigChief: Hannes just touched the umpire. Fine coming?
SilverLion: Yep Umps definitely hate Cripps
korza: “cCH7 commentator: Hannebery has had a solid year. FK me
Wends: Evening Raspel. Cripps must be exhausted running round with that QS Sealy posteurpedic on his thigh ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
anthsill03: Bias from jude bolton. Hanners needs to get back on the pi$$
pcaman2003: A couple of goals would be nice Ronke.
Breezey: That was Jude Bolton saying that Korza. A little biased I think
th3rio: damned if you do and damned if you don’t of your a commentator. Cant exactly say hes been shit
Raspel31: You may excuse Cripps Wends- I find his behaviour simply unforgiveable.
korza: Thx boys, that’s still pretty ordinary by Jude
BigChief: Hannebery has been shit all year.
Ash777: bont last week cripps this week
th3rio: anyone know where buddy went?
StuL: Thigh padding doesnt make clangers.
anthsill03: Comon on heeney ton up already
th3rio: woooo bud
SilverLion: “It didn’t look good”. Top umpiring
anthsill03: If ur seriously trying to bag crips stul, u must be taking the pi$$. He got a bad corky last week and shouldnt be playin
StuL: P weak free kick
Ash777: protected species 50
Wends: Ahh the poor fella… 45 more points than I expected, wondered if he might be a late withdrawal this wk.
Wends: Except for all those frees he doesn’t get being triple teamed/scragged Ash ๐Ÿ˜
StuL: Of course im not serious, im shirty in SC world, not the real world
Raspel31: Four expected tons but none- c’mom Lmb, Stoddart, Cunningham and Rampe.
MattyZ: Ying yang for silvagni 4 points this half
m0nty: Buddy’s TOG playing tribute to LeBron
Wends: But agree that one was a bit dodgy.
pcaman2003: Simmo,Ronke and Cripps killing me tonight. My opponent will be happy.
luke394: clanger for Lloyd there?
Pokerface: please, this is not a basketball forum m0nty.
anthsill03: I hate friday nights sometimes. It can either make or break my weekend for sc
Jukes82: Cripps ankles RIP
anthsill03: Poor lebron one man team
Raspel31: Just so glad I capped Sinclair- yeah, right.
Breezey: The Curnow brothereโ€™s slowly working their way to the top
The39Steps: Will be trading Cripps for Relton Roberts on Monday. He’s got a heart and leadership skills.
SilverLion: At least the umps call him Lance
runt: Whatever Bolton said to Silvagni at half time sucked the confidence right out of him!
Pokerface: knew I should have fielded Dow over Cripps
Stu7: Damn Heeney hasnโ€™t done enough formVC loophole!,,
BigChief: That should be no score. He went off the line.
th3rio: ‘straight line dont step out’ steps out anyway..
frenzy: bye bye Ronke
Manowar: Umpires cheated against Carlton again
Wends: If anyone wins Perfect 9 having guessed Sam Kerridge this w-end, they deserve it.
original: sinclair robbed of the medal
original: @Wends 100% agree

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