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Chat log from R10 of 2018: Western Sydney vs Essendon

Chat log for Western Sydney vs Essendon, R10 of 2018

koolkatt: go the dons
Raspel31: Carn GWS- joking of course.
MONEY TALK: got cong, kelly zerret and guelfi
pcaman2003: How is Langdon on 5 pts with a tackle and a free against? No disp.
koolkatt: pressure is back boys
koolkatt: pigeon
SwaggyP: My man guelfi, the kid has future star written all over him
Lodgy: Kelly back in, Taranto finished?
duckky: In trouble this week … McGrath, Guelfi, Ridley, Smith and Coniglo
pcaman2003: @Swaggy. Hope he goes well tonight. Have him on field
Hadouken: featured player taranto…1 handball. fail.
Hadouken: he’ll kick in to gear soon and be worthy 🙂
duckky: Trust Belly to run Lobb into form
DrSeuss: Taranto?? You there?
Umpirespet: Last time Kelly played taranto only scored 48
chinkas: taranto dead man walking
DrSeuss: It’s not as if Kelly is taking all of his possessions and tackles though? Or has he moved forward?
Raspel31: Hate to say it but you are not missed Daniher.
koolkatt: daniher is the worst
koolkatt: d.smith such a gun
DrSeuss: Zerrett and Ridley nothing in the last 10 minutes
duckky: Ridley running at 58% TOG
lukat: Heath Shaw will still struggle to ton up from here
Sloan4Pres: bombers getting another armchair ride from the umps, afl is so rigged
koolkatt: basil hates the dons, cant stand him
koolkatt: sloan ur outfit got rekt go sit down
Sloan4Pres: @ koolkatt good luck in the finals, oh….
Raspel31: Sloan is up beyond his bedtime- give him a break.
pcaman2003: No way should Langdon be on 17 pts CD.
koolkatt: giants starting to get a bit of momentum back
Breezey: Mighty pleased so far with Godard, Heppell,Zerrett and Conigs in this game
pcaman2003: Vintage Shaw. Pity he’s not more consistent.
Pokerface: why not pcaman.
Pokerface: you know there are more stats than are on this page, such as his 1%ers
luke394: Shaw owes me a 150
pcaman2003: @Poker. At the time 1disp 2tack,one FA and no spoils.
a1trader: cant believe I brought McKernan in for Natanui
CamT: Exactly, Luke394
Pokerface: he also had 1 bounce and 2 1%ers.
Pokerface: 1%ers are sc gold
wadaramus: Lift Timmy T!
Pokerface: a1trader change your username
pcaman2003: @Poker. Can you tell me where I can get these stats? Thanks.
luke394: a lot of people here should work for CD
wadaramus: Go Coniglio!
Stu7: a1trader I bought Mc GErkin too 😩
Pokerface: first port of call would be the afl website i would have thought. but there are over 50 stats used for sc scoring
Pokerface: where your possessions are etc
Stu7: a1trader I bought Mc GErkin too
pcaman2003: You quoted specific stats. Where from?
luke394: Stringer carrying a few extra kg’s?
pharace: McK was my in fir this week with Witts out in Draft League – slim pickings though
Pokerface: afl website
Umpirespet: So u have no idea Poker just sprouting BS
Pokerface: is google broken for you pcaman?
pharace: 6 Pies on the way to footy tonight for Stringer?
Snarfy: Gee Taranto’s having a day out, because he sure aint here!
pcaman2003: @Poker. Thanks mate
Pokerface: umpirespet ive already said it twice. not sure how you wouldnt think to look there
Umpirespet: Why u say tin foil and then can’t back it up?
MONEY TALK: any one else cringe when richo said dybala’s name
Umpirespet: AFL site does not help with understanding sc scoring
Pokerface: tin foil hats are the conspiracy theorists. burden of proof is hardly to prove there is not a conspiracy
PowerBug: Not all stats are available to us but most are on the AFL site
koolkatt: u guys got no idea, sc scores are done by a guy drinking beer throwing darts at the dart board
luke394: Shaw to score 70 from here
Umpirespet: most don’t help Power u even said they are subjective
MONEY TALK: wth is zerrets scaling
Pokerface: it is no more subjective than DT whether a tackle is classed a tackle or not
MONEY TALK: nm saw the 5 clangerss
pharace: you are closest to the mark koolkatt
SilverLion: Why is Zerrett’s TOG so low?
PowerBug: I said the recording of stats is subjective to a degree
PowerBug: Once the stat is recorded or not, everything is mathematical
Breezey: Wow what a game
Umpirespet: And that is where some of the problems arise incorrect administering of the stats
Seiya: pokerface are you gonna do this all night, heard enough crap last game mate lets just talk about the game
Umpirespet: Do you notice at the end of each quarter players DT scores change but SC never do
Pokerface: well that’s no different to DT then UP
Pokerface: i mean if a tackle is called a tackle or too high is subjective by umpires. thats part of the game
Pokerface: thats the algorithm, nothing to do with what we are talking about.
Pokerface: happy to seiya, i heard enough of people saying CD cheats.
Pokerface: its monotonous every game
Umpirespet: Well show people where it makes u an expert and we will all shut up?
CamT: CD seem to have become more consistent. Half the discussion used to be about players being favoured or ripped off.
Pokerface: yes they were stupid discussions camt
PowerBug: Also, if you don’t like it, either a) don’t play, or b) pick the better players
Pokerface: its automated. but people still bring it up every game
CBeezDeez: Bonts used to be one of their faves
PowerBug: I can guarantee if I was winning or near winning the game I’d have no complaints about it, most would be the same 😛
Pokerface: they don’t have ‘faves’.
Umpirespet: power I am ranked 308 and I still don’t understand what I’m looking at
PowerBug: I’d stop complaining mate, enjoy being 308th!
Seiya: i agree with you mate its just getting annoying at this point. lets just all give it a rest pls
CBeezDeez: Got a bug up ur butt tonight @Power
pharace: Voted with my feet – hate SC – was in a few leagues – the complexity doesn’t work 4 me
pcaman2003: There is no one ranked at 308 at present.
CBeezDeez: Sorry @Power meant @Poker
Ash777: now that kelly is back conigolio should start scoring more
Torz: Guelfi always seems to be on 50 at HT. Only to finish up with a 70-odd. Interesting to see if that happens again.
Raspel31: Absolutely pcaman-well said. But I’m 309.
Umpirespet: Sorry pcaman 368… my eyesite not the best
Hannibal: 368th, 309th! Ha! I’m coming 1st! granted my rankings are unofficial, but still…
Pokerface: won’t take his points Ash?
pcaman2003: @Umpires. I can recommend!
Gotigres: Smoke haze at the ground.
Umpirespet: I’ve been there pcaman still can’t see well lol
Ash777: kelly will demand more attention from the opposition
pcaman2003: C’mon Guelfi,need you to pick it up.
Umpirespet: Well done Hannibal
Pokerface: yeah true. though conigs never really copped a tag while kelly was out did he?
Raspel31: I am Spartacus Hannibal.
pcaman2003: @Raspel. I’m Ghengis Khan
Umpirespet: I’m arfa dunga
Ash777: what karma
Raspel31: Pleased to meet you Arfa.
CBeezDeez: How’s the Bionic Beer Gut goin Arfa?
Umpirespet: Lol was gunna say the nig nog from love thy neighbour but ur to young for that show probably
Umpirespet: Going well CBD but Delvine hasn’t aged well
m0nty: back on the game please
CBeezDeez: She was bloody nice in the day tho. Lucky Strop I say!
Umpirespet: Sorry M0nty
Umpirespet: Certainly was
MONEY TALK: well glag i held kelly all this time
lukat: Shaw’s score must be wrong? Normally stops at around 90
Stu7: Come on McGerkin
Umpirespet: Arm chop on Charlie there?
Apachecats: Uncle Arfa here.
Umpirespet: Wrong game sorry
luke394: Shaw has screwed me many times this season due for a good one
Ash777: dons trying hard not to choke it away
Jukes82: merrett done shizen this 1/4
Apachecats: How that Baguely one -held by the arm off the ball in front of 3 umpires was not paid if beyond me,.
duckky: Fantasia owes 2 goals
SilverLion: Holy Smith. 60 SC quarter
Jukes82: ridley needs a 60plus if he wants me to bring him in sc this week
dipstick: shaw must be wearing his kicking moccusins with screw in studs tonight
Gotigres: Is that a cape for Smith?
koolkatt: think gws gonna run away with this one :/
NewFreoFan: Come on Bombers, I tipped you in this
lukat: Took the VC off Coniglio for Titch grrr
Apachecats: Character test for Bombers here.
Apachecats: His first decent game in 6 weeks lukat.
pcaman2003: Dumb push
CBeezDeez: I know only too well Neeld’s history, but surely he was not the difference in this club?
JockMcPie: #BlameNeeld
Ash777: that push was a game killer
pcaman2003: Guelfi fallen off the face of the planet
SwaggyP: Watch the bombers blow this one
batt: Lobb getting slaughtered in the ruck
CBeezDeez: Did Pies blame him also @Jock?
JockMcPie: Draw surely
Raspel31: Not this time Swaggy-it’s not a 3rd quarter.
JockMcPie: Nah @CBeez pretty sure his career ended after he left us
koolkatt: richmond are puckering up right nopw
dipstick: NO!! is that a pumpkin for mckernan? i just brought him in
Ash777: giants over using of the ball is making dons look good
CBeezDeez: I still don’t know how he got our gig! Maybe price was right
pcaman2003: Shaw top scoring. Unreal!
Apachecats: That head butt will get looked at.
SilverLion: Cmon Zerrett, I’d take 90
Apachecats: #by Buckley
koolkatt: if he doesnt get a week for that, the little shit
Stu7: Pumpkin 🎃 I bought him too
MONEY TALK: surely is dons win zerret can finish over 100
Raspel31: Is Dons is Good.
koolkatt: i thought zerret would of racked it up tonight
Apachecats: Fat lady is here.
SwaggyP: Baguley has bought himself another year on the list with that game.
pcaman2003: Go Guelfi. Rack em up boy.
SilverLion: Ying Yang for Zerrett
Stu7: Merrett must have popped a road!!!
Stu7: Roid
Stu7: Merrett must have popped a roid
BallHog: Absolute ball magnet Guelfi!
circle52: Take Guelfis 68 or gamble on Fritsch
Haydo: Titch or Gawn as capt
pcaman2003: @ballhog. Agree. Only got 2 pts for his last tackle and kick which is unfortunate.

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