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Chat log from R9 of 2018: Sydney vs Fremantle

Chat log for Sydney vs Fremantle, R9 of 2018

BigChief: Let’s go Callum, Nathan and Connor
pharace: Fyfe with a niggle but playing….
Snarfy: Any late changes boss?
feralmong: Had danger vice. Think i’ll pass.
Snarfy: Me too Feral.
Hawks_13: I’m thinking this will be a great game
luke394: Damn it can’t decide Spargo or Ronke
Hawks_13: I’d go spargo, I think franklin will get most of the ball off ronde.
luke394: Haha went Ronke here’s hoping
th3rio: Told ya luke 😉
luke394: Thanks @th3rio sound advice 😉
Ben_Gogos: McCarthy receives the muppet after that horrendous effort from 15 out.
Chelskiman: Slow down, Lloyd. 🙁
Ash777: maybe ronke will take off points from franklin
feralmong: I thought no way Ronke will go big again. So I passed. lol.
The39Steps: How can a professional footballer, paid heaps for being a forward, miss from 15 metres?
Burnsy03: who do do i c martin or gawn? fyfe as vc
Ash777: gawn. martin has been poor recently
DrSeuss: Let’s go Lachie Neale – step it up
The39Steps: Big day for the Dogs. Apparently at 56, Brian Royal is getting married again? #royal wedding.
BigChief: @Ash Gawn been poor? Only got 148 last week.
th3rio: Chief, ash was answering who to captain out of gawn or fyfe not saying hes been poor buddy
luke394: He said Martin been poor @chief
BigChief: Oh I read it as Gawn and Martin been poor. My bad.
Ash777: I answered who to C and I said Gawn because Martin has been poor…
th3rio: Martin not fyfe sorry
th3rio: In other news where the fuck is buddy
Ash777: fyfe looking like he will end with 100-115 atm
BigChief: Same place as Sinclair th3rio. The bloody pub.
StuL: Ok. Should have got Lloyd.
Chelskiman: What part of “slow down, Lloyd” did you not understand?
Breezey: Come on Lloydy. Rack me up champ
DrSeuss: Lloyd flying – Ronke slowing
Haydo: Lets go lloydy
TheMessiah: Come on – Neale, Langdon, Fyfe!!
th3rio: Lol chief
th3rio: I have buddy, but that was in the back.
Fatbar5tad: My 15 yo sn is killing me. Gonaway Lloyd
Gotigres: Buddy in trouble with the tribunal
luke394: 70+ from Ronke and I’d be happy
DrSeuss: Come on Lachie get amongst it
Stu7: How’s Fyfes 100+ looking Ash777?
Stu7: Huh
oc16: walters will be ripe for the picking next week
Ash777: he gets alot in the 3rd qtr
TheOnyas: onya lloydy
Breezey: Pleased with that 1st half from Lloyd.
batt: go Ryan go
th3rio: Buddy 1 mill a year and two shit kicks in a row haha
Burnsy03: can someone tell me what flower means bc i hear it in different context all teh time
th3rio: Its the f word filter burnsy
th3rio: Shower for poo and flower for f word
Sixty656: Done with Parker and his YOYO.
Chelskiman: Imagine if Lloyd was in a tackling mood as well today. He would be pushing 190+
Apachecats: For example Burnsy ,flower off buddy.
th3rio: Surely buddy goes 120+ from here
Umpirespet: Or flower off Apache
th3rio: I used to say that every week apach, so i traded him in 🙂
Umpirespet: Who th3rio Flower?
Burnsy03: fuck fyfe
Apachecats: You’ll keep umpires pet.
Umpirespet: Lol
th3rio: The bud!
Ash777: buddy in trouble with hamling concussed?
BigChief: It’s Lance Franklin, he will be fine.
Burnsy03: would bring in fyfe over macrae
Fatbar5tad: Fuck off lloyd
Lodgy: dont flower off lloyd
Fatbar5tad: Another snag would be nice from Ronkey Kong
Jackwatt$: I’m going to take a shower! Haha you guys don’t know if I’m taking a shit or a shower
BigChief: fuck off Franklin.
Umpirespet: Shower joke JackWatts
Fatbar5tad: One at a time please Jackwatt$
th3rio: We dont know jack shit
Jackwatt$: We would know if it was you fatbar by how long you’d be gone for haha
Apachecats: Would have been worse isf you said you were off to have a flower.
Fatbar5tad: The place to be after Geelong’s performance grrr
Jackwatt$: I was going to give my girlfriend a flower but I don’t think I will now
Yelse: the one time i play someone that has loyd
Pusti: Jackwatt$: I’d bet you’re taking a shit in the shower.
th3rio: Fuck yea heeney to buddy good lads
Umpirespet: Rose or sour sob JackWatt$
Jackwatt$: Why isnt m0nty doing this game? Is he at the Royal Wedding?
wadaramus: Piss, shit and fuck.
Umpirespet: M0nty is getting his hawk man gear ready for the Gabba tomorrow
Jackwatt$: Neither umpirespet I was just joking, I don’t even have a girlfriend
Ash777: 18pts in 8mins for fyfe to ton
Umpirespet: U’ll have to wonke like Ronke then
Fatbar5tad: Bad luck Yelse
ado88: If you stop showering in the shower you could probably keep a girlfriend Jack
th3rio: Hayden flowerentyne
Ash777: there we go fyfe
StuL: Took Yeo instead of Lloyd. A big 20 something for Yeo coming for sure.
Stu7: Someone give Lloyd a dead leg
BigChief: Not there yet Ash, but close
th3rio: Why is buddy off? This is his bread and butter
Apachecats: long term Yeo better Stul
Jukes82: fyfe bin
Stu7: Someone please give Lloyd a dead leg,,
Haydo: wowee lloyd even better than mcrae
th3rio: Stu fyfe tonned up champ
runt: Fully natty Fyfe pumping out the watts
StuL: Another if you dont have him your team is rubbish player. Of course every draft ive made this year has been wrong.
Snarfy: 5 tons from this match. Happy Snarfy 🙂
Haydo: 3/3 for me snarfy with 1 170 which helps
Stu7: Good call
Ash777: lloyd didn’t get to macrae despite more possies
Burnsy03: 1 tackle ruined that for him

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