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Chat log from R9 of 2018: Carlton vs Melbourne

Chat log for Carlton vs Melbourne, R9 of 2018

Rebuild: let’s go dees!
ReggieOz: Go Dees!
Wends: Just did last second C switch from Titch to Gawn, normally that doesn’t end well but here’s hoping…
CBeezDeez: Jack’s Back!
DrSeuss: Big score from you Mr Hogan
Generalsor: Don’t like our chances without both Curnows.
Apachecats: Good move Wends.
frenzy: you’re missing the late in Kerr, m0nty
circle52: So we blame you Wends if Gawn crashes
Torz: Fritsch is looking great up the ground.
Torpedo10: All I want this week is a good Gawn score and Simmo keeping under 70.
anthsill03: Spargo please try to outscore holman
duckky: Sounds like its a suburban footy match on the radio (can hear the players) not crowd.
Torz: Haven’t seen anyone tagging Hibberd.
CBeezDeez: I’d take that too @Anth
Apachecats: Any one heard if Nankervis is in or out?
Wends: We’ll see apache. And circle post yr bank accounts end of Q4 and I’ll reimburse if he crashes and burns 🙂
Haydo: Hows everyone going sc wise this week
Apachecats: Looking at 2206 Haydo ,original forecast was 2399 ,several under performers dragged me back nearly 200SC.
Haydo: come on spargo and petracca lift
Wends: Sounds like ump not going with spirit of the game from radio call on Jones just then?from ump
DrSeuss: Hogan….you there?
ajconodie: Haydo – Could go 2500+. Absolutely rapt.
Haydo: yeah had a bit of luck so far as well as a bit of bad luck but projected 2397
anthsill03: Anyone chuck the C on gawn?
Apachecats: You’ll be in the paper with that ajcondie.
DrSeuss: So glad I traded out Fritsch before he started averaging 90 ffs
luke394: Sure did @anthsill03
frenzy: tell me Oliver usually starts slow
Gotigres: yes anthsill
Apachecats: Good effort Haydo and ajcondie.
Haydo: how nice ajconodie, who have u got in this one? suppose u also had mcrae vc and lloyd?
m0nty: I have Gawn C in SC and enjoying it, not so much Oliver in DT
Wends: Not so great Haydo, no Macrae or Lloyd, heading for abt 2150 if Gawn gets projected 270 as C.
Stu7: Go Gawny you good thing
Raspel31: Loving Macrae’s early games- makes for stress free weekend. Handy little chappie and handy little cappy.
Wends: @Frenzy, Oliver usually starts slow 🙂
Cotts: im projected 2300, hopefully its enough to keep me top 1000 since i finally cracked it last week! gawn C today
Torpedo10: If you don’t have Macrae or Lloyd this week, you’re not going too well.
Stu7: Fischer is on the scrap heap next week
Apachecats: Might click back a few lost points here .Got Gawn ,Cripps and Fritsch
Haydo: Thats not that bad wends, what r u in the rankings?
circle52: @wends Same no Lloyd or Macrae but G as C today hoping to get to 2150.
Apachecats: Fisher in trouble with leg -radio
Wends: True @Torp; Holman somewhat made up for beverage related accidental leaving on of M Crouch on field tho.
ajconodie: Haydo – Cripps, Simpson, Gawn, Fritsch and Oliver.. Had VC on Macrae and yep, had Lloyd. The rest were average.
Haydo: Looking forward to Mcrae vs Collingwood next week
anthsill03: Oshea having a shocker so far
Torpedo10: That helps Wends! I suffered with TK on field over Holman, there goes another 80 points. 🙁 1320/15 with Capt Gawn
Apachecats: What are Buddy’s chances .looked really bad to me.
Haydo: When Petracca’s doing well u know ur having a good week
luke394: Finally traded Petracca out for Oliver lol
DrSeuss: Hogan and Viney still at the pre-game?
duckky: Kerr is an L plater
ajconodie: I’ve got Holam on the bench too.
Haydo: Same but without simpson and oliver and have spargo and petracca
ajconodie: Apache – Probably won’t even be cited.
ajconodie: *Holman
Cotts: what is everyones projected at the moment?
Haydo: I had holman on the field
Snarfy: I feel your pain Luke!
Torpedo10: I’m content having Holman for the byes, but wow how good would it have been having him on ground instead of Kelly!
ajconodie: Oh, I have Spargo too.
Torpedo10: The one week I couldn’t loophole Barry for them…
Raspel31: Got 2400 round one and backwards since except for maybe this week- keep it up big Maxie.
aces-high: Fk off petracca honestly can’t do anything right this year
Snarfy: If Gawn keeps going like this Cotts, 5000
Stu7: Is fisher injured.?
Wends: @Haydo spectacular crash back to around 36 500 after a high of 2000s earlier in season. Making really poor calls this yr
Carnster: FFS cripps you gronkasaurus lift your game fool
Cotts: @snarfy yeah look, pretty average round then by the sounds of it?
StuL: Only need about 250 from Gawn to be competitive
Cotts: sitting 846 overall so hoping the C on gawn can salvage me some points after a pretty average round so far
Torpedo10: What are you sitting on Cotts?
Torpedo10: and WTF Gawn just went from 55 to 45.
Apachecats: Leg strapped up Stu7 ,but back in the game.
LMartos: 50 metre penalties are so annoying for SC scores, Hibberd and Gawn both lose 8+ points for it
Haydo: Ah well bad luck wends
colin wood: Gave 50 away on siren
original: had to take c off gawn to hope i could make up some ground and hed go
Cotts: projected is just under 2300
Snarfy: Bend over Gawn, cause we are all lined up to kick you up the urse
colin wood: Martos yep.. and I have both 🙁
Stu7: Apachecats – thanks
Wends: Will Simpson make his BE? After Lloyd’s little show last night wondering if I shld stick to Simpson plan?
Death: they are tagging hibberd? classic
Cotts: 1277 from 14 @torpedo
Fatbar5tad: FFS Hogan shit again.
luke394: Bought Simpson and Oliver in for Petracca and Doedee and put Holman on bench this week working out so well
Torpedo10: That’s pretty solid Cotts, not awesome but without the big two this week still par.
Wends: Monty, I think yr entitled to editorialise yr blog posts following C Gawn snafus like that one…
Torpedo10: I’m sitting on 1320/15, only Heater was bad but no stars thus far.
Cotts: yeah its not bad, just hoping its enough to maintain rank
Wends: Oliver travelling ok luke, he’ll pass Petracca soon.
Wends: *if you mean SC
Rebuild: welcome back Jack!
pcaman2003: C’mon Simmo ,get the ball.
StuL: That -13 seems to have killed Gawns momentum
Chelskiman: OF course Hibberd has a forward tag on him. Jesus.
pcaman2003: Blues have a spud defence
luke394: U sure Wends?
frenzy: Murphy dead again
Fatbar5tad: Fuck sake Hibberd. Shit all year. Fucking plodder.
luke394: Is Kade Simpson alive?
billnats: SO I WEnt Hogan in for Petracca
luke394: Hogan’s a key forward this is what they do
Fatbar5tad: McDonald has killed Hogan. Dead set killed him.
Stu7: Come on Gawn!
pcaman2003: @Luke. Not sure . He hasn’t touched it this qtr yet
Wends: Yeah very sure…. 5 minutes ago anyway:)
Stu7: Hibberd and Simpson are playing 2 up!
Wends: Was anyone tempted by TMac this rd?
Cotts: hopfull gawn just likes the odd number quarters,, goes huge in Q3? 😮
Fatbar5tad: I’m 52 and I reckon I could catch Hibberd. Never again list.
MONEY TALK: dont tag hibb plz
CBeezDeez: Traded Rayner upto him @Wends and finally bought in McRae.
Apachecats: Gawn gawn quiet.
DrSeuss: Yep – feeling the Hogan pain as well. Did this last week, then junked it up huge in the 4th
Wends: Big moves CBeez, but you must be confident in Tmac role then, being a Dees supporter?
luke394: Fritsch’s new role up the ground is awesome!
CBeezDeez: Yeap. Lovin the roles he and Hogan can play now.
pcaman2003: Like I said. Carlton has a spud defense
Fatbar5tad: Hogan and Hibberd. A lot of cash for bugger all points. Fail.
frenzy: TMc destroyed Hogan
DrSeuss: Yeah TMac going forward will screw Hogan. Too many targets – Hogan needs to get way up the ground
anthsill03: We get exposed on the counter attack, teams always go over the top
CBeezDeez: Not that it helps SC, but Hogan’s a great decoy and also up the ground. Under-rated tank I think
a1trader: Gawn gawn out of the game a bit in this quarter
anthsill03: Add doc marchbank and williamson and we improve
MONEY TALK: great my cripps and hibb vs petraca and fritsch
anthsill03: And weitering when he comes good.
Wends: Who’s this Tim Smith fella?
pcaman2003: Pick up your game Simmo. Need a good score from you.
Haydo: wow a1
pcaman2003: Too easy for Dees to score goals.
CBeezDeez: Smith punctured his lung in debut last year
luke394: Good Quarter from Gawn
TheOnyas: onya crippsy
DrSeuss: Huge Qtr from Cripps
StuL: I was trying to get mcD and Lloyd but couldnt afford it.
circle52: What has happened to Murphy – Is he back on field no score that quarter
StuL: So stuffed up instead.
Stu7: Only 21 points for Gawn that qrt
luke394: Ofcourse Doedee will putscore Simpson after I upgrade him always gonna happen
frenzy: on the radio, they think the same foot injury @ Circle
BigChief: Murphy still on the field.
duckky: Blue moon for Melkshake
Torz: Fritter approaching premo status!
bones351: I did the same Luke
luke394: I hate Petracca so much he’s screwed me all year and the week I trade him my opp has him fuck off
Chelskiman: Thanks for ruining my weekend, Hibberd.
StuL: How did this rabble beat Essendon?
cusch1: I think the real question is how did geelong lose to the rabble yesterday StuL
anthsill03: And how did u pretenders lose to essendon
Apachecats: opponent has Hibberd ,going to get me home in that one.
masterhc2: There goes my multi lol, need dees 1-39. Need some serious junk from blues
cusch1: But to answer your question, Mark Neeld. Has to be. Don’t know what else it can be!!!
duckky: Yes it was a Neeld less loss yesterday.
BigChief: Carlton have given up.
anthsill03: Hopefully we see some fornite celebrations/emotes now
Apachecats: Sorry chelks.
cusch1: He might be a grub, but I love the way Jed Lamb goes about it
Chelskiman: I’m going to have to pull the trigger on Hibberd. He’s lost me so many matches this year.
Jukes82: lol ppl still have hibberd hilarious
Apachecats: A sook and a dobber.@cusch
oc16: a bit harsh on cripps monty
cusch1: Apache, players hacing a bit of mongrel and attitude is nothing but good for the game.
scrappers: take it off cripps ! doesnt deserve it
cusch1: Cripps deserves atlas
Haydo: yeah everyone but cripps
anthsill03: Lol the witches hat made me laugh
Gelly: crips for atlas
Apachecats: And if they dish it out they’ve got to take it with out squealling
TheMessiah: Take Gawns VC over Titch?
cusch1: Yeah I definitely agree with that apache, but his niggle is great to see.
Apachecats: cheers @cusch
DrSeuss: Hogan you useless tool.
Wends: Do you think he’ll get tagged Messiah?
Apachecats: I reckon Max is good for 130 @messiah ,so yes.
carlton_99: Weitering, Silvagni, C.Curnow, Casboult, E.Curnow, Marchbank all out. 6 of best 22. Always gonna be tough today
Raspel31: One would think thats the wise move Messiah
Wends: Just go with the gut feel, it’s all you can do….
scrappers: silvagni no where near best 22
StuL: I wouldnt go near Titch with the C any more. Bank Gawn.
Apachecats: Hibberd points!!!
cusch1: Carlton_99 you could have had Judd Kernahan and SOS and still lost by 6 goals
kano: lamb is an absolute germ, how can you possibly like the way he goes about it
carlton_99: @cusch are u alright. I never said we would win but every one of those players help.
TheMessiah: I think ill take it, but have a feeling Titch will go huge today. I dont think he will get tagged
pcaman2003: Move it Simmo. You’re costing me dearly.
danmaio: 4 of those players would not get a game anywhere else
StuL: My only correct trade this year i think. Flaming Hibberd on 540k
thommoae: Clutching at straws Carlt. Mind you, Blues have been doing that for … how many years?
carlton_99: How am I clutching at straws. Im realistic have one of the biggest injury lists and our two best fowards out.
Wends: Bayley quietly sneaks his way up to the front of the grid.
carlton_99: Take the two best forwards off one team and see how they go.
thommoae: Yes, but your two best forwards includes Casboult. Enough said.
Raspel31: Garlett has to be one of the most consistent players this year.
cusch1: Are you missing your two best defenders too? Can you explain why you’ve conceded 20 goals in 3 quarters while in the wet
teachrtony: Crows seem to manage Carlton 99
thommoae: Caboult has been underachieving and over-injuring for … how many years?
JockMcPie: Collingwood have no Moore Elliot Reid Fasolo and we have Cox at FF but we arent completely hopeless
scrappers: docherty best back in the comp cusch! by a countrty mile
kano: bahaha. Give us a spell scrappers
StuL: Every team has someone out. Carlton are just two decades of deplorable.
aces-high: Curnow x2 weitering marchbank docherty all best 22 casboult through lack of depth is Aswel silvagni won’t make it
MONEY TALK: its like saying we habe bruce out, it wont change much
MONEY TALK: swans had buddy out and still did well
pharace: lol scrappers, am a fan of docherty, but he’s far from the best back, lot’s of outside ball gets and receives
carlton_99: Docherty was the best half back last year how are u complaining about that.
BigChief: Weitering is playing 2nd football so he obviously isn’t in best 22.
pcaman2003: Where is the tackle for Simpson just before the siren. Should be on 4 CD you plonkers
scrappers: pretty sure thats how you spell it
carlton_99: Again you are comparing Carlton with the Swans, Giants and Crows. Much more experienced and more talented list.
Apachecats: Nankervis is starting.
carlton_99: Rebuilding takes time. I for one see where we are going and we’ve needed this since Malthouse
pharace: Thanks Apache – Tiges win then
BigChief: Sorry Carlton_99 but you won’t be playing finals any time soon.
kano: haha. Being a good fantasy player doesnt make you the best back in the comp.
pharace: bank on kano
carlton_99: Kano best half back no person would say best back full stop. But he was the best HALF BACK
pharace: bang on kano
Apachecats: Carlton still getting over Jack Elliot ,pigs a**e!
RGriffen: oh no I have Garlett’s 21 coming on for Higgins
luke394: Field Cole or Mirra?
teachrtony: Agree. losing a player the calibre of Docherty is a blow for any team.
BigChief: Well scrappers said best back full stop.
kano: that is exactly what scrappers said Carlton99. so…..
StuL: Mirra
carlton_99: @Teachrtony Thank-you. Im not saying we would beat the Dees with those players but when a young team is rebuilding it
carlton_99: helps to have the experience that we have out due to injuries.
cusch1: I have Crowdens 19 RGriff
a1trader: Melksham killing it today
carlton_99: Well idt many CFC supporters would believe that. Certainyl not me but he was best half back
BigChief: I would have Laird and Yeo before Docherty.
Fatbar5tad: Fuck you hibberd. Shittruck
Burnsy03: because carlton fans are never incorrect
Apachecats: Hibberd has resumed his inertia.
MONEY TALK: i still have hibb (:
TheMessiah: I went with Titchy!
Fatbar5tad: Richards has outscored Hibberd. Richards.
carlton_99: Look Carlton will get better we will keep rebuilding and our players will get better.
MONEY TALK: billings outscored hibb too, i still have both
pcaman2003: Carlton for the spoon looking good
cusch1: I think the problem with carlton is theyre always rebuilding. When will fans start to demand more?
kano: CD being kind to hibberd IMO
BigChief: Battle between St. Kilda and Carlton @pcaman
Raspel31: Brave but good luck Messiah. Like many Macrae has made it easy for me.
TheMessiah: Hogan you spudtard
DrSeuss: Hogan can’t even kick one??
carlton_99: Its ok cusch we were happy last week!
Wends: Melksham blue moon, surely?
anthsill03: Cusch agree but carlton in my lifetime has never done a proper rebuild
carlton_99: Just worry about your own team
Apachecats: I think Carlton has a future.
anthsill03: Pcman stop being arrogant you never stop
poolboybob: Melksham blue moon
Apachecats: Possibly late 2020’s.
Breezey: My only POD of the day. M.Hibberd. Flowerin joke. Rage trade coming with no reversal.
cusch1: How are we feeling this week though?
carlton_99: Fine I know what we are doing. As a supporter this is the first rebuild we have ever done.
scrappers: pretty sure 16 premierships cusch isnt always rebuilding!!!
cusch1: And it has lasted 20 years. Is that what the 99 in your name stands for?
Fatbar5tad: Jesse Hanballgan
BigChief: 15 goal loss to a side who are terrible in the wet. Hahahaha
a1trader: This is great to watch
carlton_99: No it has lasted 2 and a 1/2 years. We have made 42 list changes in that time need more time
anthsill03: Still better than fitzroy
BigChief: 2 1/2 years? Now that’s funny.
BigChief: No not really anthsill03.
Burnsy03: you just bring in gws rejects
korza: This is not acceptable. Fkg period…
teachrtony: Titch on 40 SC already whoever was tossing up C got it right by the looks.
anthsill03: When was bolton appointed. Stop embarrassing yourself. Be a man and choose a team.
carlton_99: A PROPER rebuild started in 2016 when Bolton was made coach. Idk how thats too hard to understand
th3rio: simpson is killing me
MONEY TALK: havnt seen a lead this big in a while
CBeezDeez: C’mon Spudgo! Ur killin me here!
a1trader: How bad would you feel if you couldn’t get a game with this rabble?
StuL: That would be right
CBeezDeez: Probably not since Deez were getting beaten by this much @Money
anthsill03: So many arm chair experts. Cheap shots when a young team is still learning.
Fatbar5tad: Hogan all the time in the world, hundred up…turnover. Get fucked.
luke394: Oliver 5 points for a goal ok
Raspel31: Just as I was about to moan about bringing you in Oliver. Thanks lad.
cusch1: Cripps seems to score really really well when Carlton get spanked, but score average when its a close game
anthsill03: Supposed to be a sc site but gotta listen to 13 year olds bagging the team.
korza: Cripps, my man. You are the boss.
CBeezDeez: C’mon @Anth. Dee supporters have taken it for more than 10 years.
MONEY TALK: y pod hibb and cripps
BigChief: Ummm what is the site called anthsill03? FanFooty… Not SC site. DUH
Burnsy03: im sure you have never said a bad word about another team playing bad have you?
carlton_99: @BigChief who do you go for?
anthsill03: Whatever big chief. Go back to watching local footy
carlton_99: Seem to dish a lot out
m0nty: nominations for star please
a1trader: no excuse for getting flogged like this, young team or not
TheBoy89: Respect for Cripps bog even though his team gets smashed by 100 points
pcaman2003: @anthshill. Stop sooking and suck up the criticism for ffs.
Burnsy03: gawn
Haydo: chill guys, it’s just footy, we can’t affect how our teams go
MONEY TALK: hibb for star
cusch1: how typical. Criticise something and saying things how they are, and they get sh!tty about it. Melksham BOG M0nty
TheBoy89: Melksham
BigChief: McDonald for Star and Gawn Gun
anthsill03: Maybe a couple of comments, but do you see me commenting each and every week for saints and bombers
scrappers: fitzroy dont exist! hoping for a come back are we?
anthsill03: Cripps
CBeezDeez: Nate Jones in there somewhere m0nty
TheBoy89: Cripps very happy, Oliver had since the start I knew when viney comes his scoring comes down
Fatbar5tad: Junk time Jessie!
MONEY TALK: keep going cripps
TheBoy89: And Fritsch and petracca I’m also happy with
Burnsy03: just cop it they have been ordinary all year
anthsill03: I have admitted we have been shocking all year. Same people on her repeat their comments during the game.

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