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Chat log from R9 of 2018: Essendon vs Geelong

Chat log for Essendon vs Geelong, R9 of 2018

Umpirespet: Danger go big plz
korza: Crameri 1st goal plz =$600
Umpirespet: Good luck Korza
cusch1: Stringer in the middle…Didnt you try that already John
J.Worrall: earth calling
DrSeuss: Lets go Zerrett – you need to earn some redemption
mardyb: so that zerritt tackle wasnt counted?
cusch1: That Crameri bet just got Smacked
SilverLion: Which grub is going to sit on Zerrett today
Torz: Zerrett’s tackle saves a go. But apparently wasn’t a tackle according to CD.
SilverLion: Ikr mardy lol
Hadouken: if zerrett doesnt 100+ this week, ima keep him. haha
cusch1: This is going to hurt more than last week when we lose this. We have actually put in effort this quarter
Hadouken: @korza what would mckernan have paid ?
SilverLion: Looks like GHS has got the job. Fantastic. Even Geelong tags him.
Raspel31: Looks like we’ve got this wrapped up.
wadaramus: D.SMith needs to register some DE.
JockMcPie: go the dons
BigChief: Don’t worry Cats fans the 3rd 1/4 is still to come.
DrSeuss: Tagging Zerrett working well so far for the Cats.
stuballs: Only Geelong could lose in this scenario
Junktimer: Birthmark icon for Baguley
Torz: I’m not convinenced Zerrett is getting tagged. Haven’t seen GHS near him.
cusch1: Gee thats soft
stuballs: Danger in defence, Scotty taking the absolute piss
Gotigres: Wow McKearnan
Umpirespet: Why is Danger rucking Cats have so many talls
Raspel31: Onya McKernan.
Umpirespet: Scott nearly in tears
Gotigres: Cats getting smashed
stuballs: Wtf was that from the Cats defence? No 3rd man intercept across Tippa and 7 men just watching. Gonna be a long day
DrSeuss: Come on Zerrett and Devon – join in the Bomber party
Jukes82: holy shit this is amazing lol
stuballs: Two step shot for goal, holding the ball. Had that been anywhere else on the ground, play on. No consistency
Cotts: god danger better have an absolute blinder.. make up for forgetting to VC macrae
Seiya: he stopped and propped for the kick, had plenty of time. Correct holding the ball call @stuballs
JockMcPie: Kelly hit the wall?
circle52: Lift Guelfi need you to score as you are subbing for Jack Martin
stuballs: Correct call, i agree @Seiya, just no consistency with the call is all
Umpirespet: Seizable people don’t understand prior opportunity
Umpirespet: Seiya *
TheOnyas: onya smithy
Umpirespet: Ok stub all’s does lol
Apachecats: Raspel beats me why McKernan doesn’t get a go.# games last year and ave 80 SC.Definitely not the worst player.
SilverLion: Kelly –> Rockliff next week?
StuL: All over. We have always lost these games my whole life.
Apachecats: * 3 games
BigChief: Where has this team been since rd 1 Raspel and Apache?
Umpirespet: Can u turn off,auto correct on iPads? Driving me nuts
StuL: Rocky bye next week.
Apachecats: Probably backing themselves to make the 8 -at excellent odds Big chief
Raspel31: I know Apache- agree. Much knocked but seems to deliver. Just sitting and watching in awe.
cusch1: Dont think you can Umps Pet
Raspel31: And there we go.
cusch1: I dont understand tbh. This is what we expected from the outset. Where has this been?
Umpirespet: Thanks cusch1
Apachecats: Never lost faith for one minute. Oh!My nose just got bigger.
SilverLion: Is Goddard ever accountable?
Umpirespet: U told me I was dreaming b4 Apache bombers going ok
SilverLion: Yeah meant after his bye @StuL
aj74: Geelong played their grand final last week
penguins00: This is the worst I’ve ever seen Geelongs defence play
BigChief: 100% pressure from Ess been missing for 8 weeks
stuballs: At least Tuohy is getting all of it down his end. Silver linings
Raspel31: BigChief-you’ve dropped The Crows.
Umpirespet: Chief u traitor
Burnsy03: system glitch was the reason he had it same here
Burnsy03: mine hasnt dropped yet
Umpirespet: Crows better than Bangladesh
BigChief: Reality back to normal
Apachecats: Yeah Umpires Pet ,hard to believe this .still got to get through the 3rd quarter nemesis.
BigChief: You need to select default I think Burnsy
Raspel31: Hell this is awful for my Super Coach but so good for the emotions.
Gotigres: Working well with Danger in the ruck.
Burnsy03: i dont have any fav teams selected they are all on none now
wadaramus: Is Dangerpants rucking?
SilverLion: Was about to say the same @gotiges
wadaramus: This whole player vetsatility thing is going too far!
Umpirespet: Try logging out then in burnsey may fix itself
BigChief: Down the bottom what is selected Burnsy? Mine is Bangladesh.
DrSeuss: Come on Devon, more possessions mate
Raspel31: What’s your team BigChief-Adelaide?
Umpirespet: U know ur in trouble when parsons is on 48 sc before 1/2 time
wadaramus: BigChief mentioned 95 so i think that means carlton?
BigChief: Try Fitzroy wada.
Lewysport: Fitzroy for the Chief
SilverLion: Goddard is so shower
wadaramus: Roger that, sorry BC!
Raspel31: Why did you choose the Adelaide logo earlier BigChief?
SilverLion: If Macrae had Zerrett’s stats he’d be on 100
BigChief: All good wada.
Gotigres: Great half by Dons
J.Worrall: Go the sameolds!
cusch1: I am so scared for this quarter
StuL: In the 80s I remember a game we lost to Fitzroy when nobody lost to Fitzroy. Ever since then we do this.
Haydo: Come on kelly!
Chelskiman: Big second half, Zerrett. Guelfi to get a solid 85 would be nice too.
Raspel31: IndeedHydo.
Lewysport: I’m with you cusch, mite go outside for 30 min!
Roksta: Its danger time
BigChief: That was a shit free against Stewart.
cusch1: Langford more clearances than Dangerwoodlett
GOD: looks like Essendon are up to there old tricks again!
Raspel31: With Hurley out- to my shame I don’t have one Don on the pitch.
cusch1: Thats a sentence I never thought Id say
Umpirespet: Ump should get 3 weeks for that
BigChief: Get out of the road umpire.
Lewysport: It’s got to be selabledanger doesn’t it cusch?
DrSeuss: If only McKernan had forward status 😉
Hadouken: wheres this 130+ from clarke?
SilverLion: How was that not high on tippa
luke394: Typical from Geelong lose to one of the worst teams in the Comp
Raspel31: Your uplifting and generous words are much appreciated Luke.
Umpirespet: What’s happened to Devon today?
bigsandi: not just losing getting reemed
BigChief: Ess will lose the 1/4, but win the game.
cusch1: He hasn’t had to carry the whole team Umps Pet
Apachecats: Yeah Luke we would rather be thrashing Richmond but for today thrashing geelong will have to make do.
Umpirespet: He and Kelly killing my ranking cusch1 🙁
luke394: Easy guys I was having a crack at Geelong, are you saying Essendon haven’t been one of the worst teams?
Umpirespet: Danger isn’t doing much so for C Grundy or Titch?
Apachecats: Suppose you do have a point there.But hopefully thats behind us.
Apachecats: Need danger to go big to cover for RGray ,Smith and Kelly.
luke394: Hopefully for you’re sake @Apachecats I don’t think anyone expected the bombers to start like they did
The39Steps: Blue Moon McKernan.
Umpirespet: In tips I picked Bombers they had to win soon
Raspel31: How lucky are all of us with Macrae- had him since day one. Everyone will have him next week.
Apachecats: The only good thing about TK bombing out is that everyone has got him.
cusch1: Where can I buy grand final tickets guys?
luke394: The cats actually structure up better with Danger at full forward and Hawkins out of the team lol
Umpirespet: Lol Cusch
Apachecats: Yeah Raspel but we didn’t have to pay $725k which is what he will be after beating his BE by over 100
SilverLion: Wall for Kelly
Raspel31: Yep everyone has TK
DrSeuss: Devon finishing the quarter with a flurry
Raspel31: So true Apache.
Apachecats: And he’ll still have a low BE next week ,could set a record price in SC.
Apachecats: Happier than ever with my Brownlow bets on macrae at 100/1 .50/1 and 34/1.Another 3 voter last night.
Raspel31: Very low BE- again good call. But we’ve got him so doesn’t help us.
SilverLion: @Apache Wouldn’t lock in a 3 last night, his side only kicked 2 goals. Could easily give them to Betts.
Umpirespet: Dunno if he got 3 last night CD pumped his score up last night
Raspel31: I forgot that Apache- the Macrae Bronlow call. Off for dinner but what a good bet!
Apachecats: He got the 3 in the Herald Sun which is usually a good guide .Outscored everyone in supercoach by 57 points.
masterhc2: No way McCrae got 3 last night
Umpirespet: Lol not one show I saw gave him the 3 votes
Apachecats: Yeah raspel I’ll be off for dinner if it gets up.
The39Steps: Good night coming up – footy, tacos, coronas and a bottle of decent red.
masterhc2: I forgot to put cats in my multi this week lol, ended up being a good thing looks like
Umpirespet: You inviting your FF friends Apache?
Raspel31: That’s the spirit The39- a man with taste. I’m off to the Royal Wedding-groan.
wadaramus: Lil, enjoy that Raspel😁
Umpirespet: Joys of being a Pom Raspel?
Raspel31: Shall save some cake for you Wada.
Raspel31: Indeed umpire- tata all.
wadaramus: Haha, thanks!
Umpirespet: Rather watch a replay of portvGc than watch a wedding
Chelskiman: Come on, Merrett, junk it up!
poolboybob: If McKernan doesn’t get the blue moon then nobody should ever get it
Umpirespet: Both unexciting
jesseboy: That would mean he’d need two blue moons in a week. Ton last week
poolboybob: McKernan going from spud to premo would be the most shocking development in afl history
The39Steps: So Neeld was the problem after all?
Snarfy: Anyone watching, how is Guelfi playing? Will he keep his spot?
Umpirespet: Ess won’t change a winning squad
poolboybob: Kelly you have been great but it’s almost time to go
BigChief: Hurley would be the only 1 to come in if fit.
Snarfy: Make them all life members, you reckon Umpirespet?
Apachecats: lol 39 steps
The39Steps: Guelfi shouldn’t have been dropped in the first place. Also, agree #poolboy.
Koss: Who is your BOG today FF chat?
Umpirespet: Na but why upset a team that wins after so many losses except Hurley
stuballs: lol fm team
Umpirespet: Mckernan Koss
BigChief: Hooker for me @Koss
Apachecats: Give it to McKernan Koss
Torz: McKernan star, Hooker X
The39Steps: Heppell – CLs, CPs, Possies and good response from last week.
th3rio: Has buddy been a late withdrawal yet lads / ladettes
StuL: Merrett has been dire. If he can come back so can you Dusty and Titch.
Apachecats: Heppel 24 touches at 45%.
StuL: Got to be one of the worst games of my lifetime. Like the time we kick 4.17 against Fitzroy.
DMS774: thought the Selwood Dangerfield Ablett combo was meant to be unstoppable!
boofjb57: No trio
poolboybob: First and last time that McKernan receives Brownlow votes
StuL: Cale Hooker BOG, if it were the days will still gave awards to non mids.
BigChief: Franklin playing. No late changes.
HawkTalker: Has geelong won a selwood, dangerfield, Ablett match this year?
th3rio: Hell yes
BigChief: Last week @Hawk.
circle52: ath3rio – No changes to either team
luke394: Who do I field out of Ronke and Spargo?
th3rio: Thank youu
Rilian: Trash can for Hawkins.
BigChief: Trashcan for Hawkins?
StuL: Ronke easily, tackle machine
TheOnyas: onya bewsy
th3rio: Prob ronke, after last week he’ll get more tog
shaker: That should shut loud mouth Scott up for a bit
BigChief: With Franklin back he might not though.
StuL: Bllings to bounce back hard tonight. My opp has him.
Fatbar5tad: Crikey pretty flat after that!
StuL: I love games that are over from the first bounce.

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