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Chat log from R9 of 2018: Gold Coast vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for Gold Coast vs Port Adelaide, R9 of 2018

BigChief: Martin out for Suns. Replaced by Rosa.
BigChief: I hope this is a better game than the 1 in Hobart.
m0nty: oh I dunno, 7 goals each at half time isn’t bad
BigChief: Is there problems with chat today m0nty?
m0nty: dunno, maybe the swear filter is acting up?
NewFreoFan: Is Heron the first player to play their first AFL not in Australia?
BigChief: I have made quite a few comments on the other game and none published.
BigChief: Yes he is Freo
NewFreoFan: Decent weird claim to fame to have
J.Worrall: Rocky first to play in 3 countries!
phelps: Monty DT scores and the game scores seem to be 5 minute delayed for this game, While SC is in real time
m0nty: hmm, appears there was a bug in the chat filter, should be fixed now
Gotigres: Holman going crazy with 3 handballs.
Hadouken: testing testing 123
Gotigres: Thanks Monty
Hadouken: ahh there we go! couldnt work out what happened. go rocky!
BigChief: star for m0nty 🙂
DrSeuss: Maybe I should have put the C on Rocky
Lewysport: Is Westoff injured anyone?
Gotigres: Great quarter Crossley. Keep this up and you might just reach your breakeven of -47
circle52: Westhoff with a shoulder being checked.
circle52: Witts givinf Ryder a bath
Lewysport: Cheers circle
Gotigres: Halfway through second quarter now.
Apachecats: Dixon done well from 4 touches at 50% =35 SC
circle52: Games has progessed brw only 11mins remaining till half time.
Generalsor: When Rocky tackles my heart sings.
JockMcPie: Rocky at m9 makes me feel things
circle52: First free seen for deliberate rushed behind to Suns score now 38 – 33
BigChief: please remove the crows logo m0nty. It won’t let me.
Umpirespet: M0nty will you be in Queensland with ya hawk man suit on this w/e?
Hawks_13: Rockliff looks like a definite for next week
circle52: Just hope Rocky does not go up too much – Planned to bring him in Rd 11
Jukes82: lol holman, typical
Raspel31: Is this a Crows fan site?
Umpirespet: Rocky is looking better for sure
luke394: I put Holman on the bench and Bought Oliver in this week lol
rtz23: what’s up with holman and hall’s DT to SC discrepancy
Gotigres: Holman gone bizerk in sc
luke394: how is Holan on 62 going at 57% with 5 handballs?
Burnsy03: nah but idk y i have it im a dogs supporter
Hadouken: @circle i think we all planned to bring him in round 11 🙂
OllieC: whats wrong with SC scores
PowerBug: DT scores are a fair bit behind
Burnsy03: and my opp has him
Umpirespet: Chinese have hacked the site
penguins00: because the dt stats not working
Gotigres: Ryder now up to 39 sc. Strange scores.
DrSeuss: Not watching the game – is Rocky still getting it – hard to tell with these scores
poolboybob: Wow that Australian to Chinese SC conversion is something else.
Gotigres: You are allowed to kick or hand pass the ball Crossley.
Raspel31: When do you think Sloane will be back BigChief?
korza: Clurey s/c score. Hmm c/d is a joke
BigChief: I don’t want a logo so I picked Bangladesh.
BigChief: Who cares about Sloane. Not in my SC team.
Gotigres: Yes he is DrSeuss. Playing well.
Hadouken: wow crossley, no words. i regret choosing him and not mcinerney
Apachecats: Good to see the chat flowing ,been suffering withdrawl since 1/2 time last night.
korza: Look at Young s/c score
Umpirespet: Just a glitch Chief chill m8
penguins00: young has 5 clangers…
Burnsy03: holman jump in dt and mb
DrSeuss: Cheers Gotigres – grabbed him this week on a whim – even with the bye next week
Apachecats: RGray needs a 3rd quarter like last week.
Gotigres: Seems there was a problem with possession count.
BigChief: time to watch Ess get hammered again.
Raspel31: Just because you had a good win against the Dogs last night BigChief.
BigChief: My team has not won since 1995 Raspel, just like yours.
Raspel31: Ha ha- I’ll stop stirring. Nothing worse than the wrong monicker
anthsill03: Interesting your a crows supporter. Says alot with your comments
Lewysport: Has the Chat stopped again? Testing
anthsill03: I went back to the archive bulldogs vs blues, and the proof is there. You said the blues wouldn’t win a game.
BigChief: Don’t be a moron anthsill03 I am not and never have been a crows fan.
BigChief: And show me exactly where and when I said that. Oh thats right you can’t. Douchebag.
anthsill03: I am not a moron but your icon next to your name is a crow
Burnsy03: they cahnged teh way it works so he ahs to have an icon thats y i have one
m0nty: I can half close my eyes and pretend this game is being played at Kryal Castle
DragonLass: how does SPP get on 76 SC points when he’s given away 6 frees?
anthsill03: Thanks for the heads up @burnsy
BigChief: That is because I can’t change it you idiot. If you had actually read that chat you would know that.
Salambo: Just up the road from me Monty. Kryal, not Shanghai.
Lewysport: Dyslexia there Burnsy or spell check off?
BigChief: Oh I forgot you’re a Carlscum fan and can’t read.
rotated: lift Witts!
Chelskiman: This argument in chat is more exciting than the game!
Raspel31: The half closing the eyes may be taken as anti Chinese M0ntey- beware.
Apachecats: I’d be a bit salty too Big Chief if it happened to me.Especially Crows ffs.
anthsill03: Can you stop with the name calling. I will embarrass you later
BigChief: I am sick of anthsill03 and his moronic comments and lies.
anthsill03: Do you know how to use a computer you 87 year keyboard warrior.
BigChief: And FYI I don’t follow any side since the AFL kicked my team out in 1995. I am and always will be a FITZROY man.
Raspel31: Chill guys-all pals.
Burnsy03: anthsills03 your 15 calm down
anthsill03: Stop using made up words to sound smart
BigChief: Sorry m0nty but I am sick of him and his BS
Burnsy03: what word was made up?
CBeezDeez: Wasn’t it BigSpud or someone complained last year about all the Chinese accented writing etc?
Chelskiman: Needed Gray and Rocky to stay low. 1 out of 2 aint bad.
anthsill03: theres always two sides to every story mate!! stop crying to monty
m0nty: just fixed the Crows icon bug, sorry about that
anthsill03: just go back to watching this great game of footy!! i need holman to score 100 because i have him on my bench
Raspel31: But it afforded much amusement m0nty.
TheOnyas: onya wittsy
Salambo: There’s a great game of footy on? Where?
Raspel31: Golly yes anth- Holman on my bench too- he will ton up.
Haydo: Robbie Gray, Hinkly, give him a spray
anthsill03: i was being sarcastic
Haydo: Holmannnnnnnnn!!!!!!!! Yessssssssss
Chelskiman: I think we need Fitzroy, South Melbourne and University icons.
Salambo: If you understand sarcasm at all, then you would have realised I too was being sarcastic. Relax s bit 🙂
anthsill03: true all good 🙂 @salambo
Apachecats: RGray going worse as the game progresses.14 SC that 1/4
exatekk: How many traded Holman?
exatekk: How
th3rio: Hi
LuvIt74: Dunno why so many people traded Holman considering his B/E was still only 44
LuvIt74: Although admittedly he is on my bench as E
th3rio: Yay chat working. I traded Holman, oopt has him on field. Standard
Raspel31: Agree Luvit- love it-money, money, money.
Jukes82: for many people it was the only way to get danger in
PowerBug: Holman was possibly out next week but I wanted to hold just incase I decided to hold through the multibyes
Jukes82: but in hindsight, trading out finlayson would have been the right move
anthsill03: holman loves the wet weather! i might need to keep him for a few more weeks
Chelskiman: I kept Holman but he’s on my bench. I traded out Finlayson and got Macrae in.
JockMcPie: Welcome to my bench Rocky <3
anthsill03: would you guys recommend upgrading whitfield to macrae? i dont think whitfield can average more than 100 at this rate
th3rio: Definitely ant, although youll be paying an inflated price for mac
th3rio: Definitely ant, although youll be paying an inflated price for mac.. worth it though right?
Burnsy03: bring in rocky next week? two goodweeks ina row
anthsill03: i normally dont buy players at inflated prices, but the man is unstoppable. i dont have danger either
Jukes82: GCS shouldnt count, i’m waiting one more game
DrSeuss: Rocky doing well considering less than 70% TOG
Chelskiman: If you are able to get him in it shouldn’t matter the price. If you wait for him to drop he could keep pumping out 150
anthsill03: yeh spot on!! i just assumed he would drop off but i was so wrong 🙁
Burnsy03: bring in rocky?
th3rio: Oppt has miller too, what the fuck haha
th3rio: Ddo it.burnsy, worst case scenario m 8
th3rio: Can also use as a loop option
anthsill03: rocky b/e 98 plus he has the bye next week, could be handy m8/9
Haydo: Rocky taking grays points 🙁
Gloryhound: @Burnsy: Going to bring in Rocky at the end of next round and keep at at m9 and loophole any huge scores he may get.
Lewysport: Aaron Hall seems to have his groove back, be a good number 8or 9?
Jukes82: rocky tog is low but he’s done FA since half time
anthsill03: sinece Olango is my loop and w/coast play most games on sundays
MattyZ: Come on Jonas junk it up plsss
Gotigres: Nice sc Holman
anthsill03: ignore my previous comment lol i looked at rockys upcoming qames Thursday/Friday 2 Saturday 7 Sunday 3…
Apachecats: Don’t think the Chinese food agrees with RGray.
cusch1: How serious is the Holman injury?
SilverLion: Rockliff in the guts not good for Robbie
DrSeuss: Rocky has done nothing this qtr
Gotigres: Largest tv audience ever for this game.
Lewysport: Never seen 2 guys in same team with more possies than s/c points!
Raspel31: Holman-you have served us well. Travel well lad.
Haydo: how longs holman out for
SilverLion: Still getting points for nothing though Seuss. 10 points in the last 5, haven’t seen him.
PowerBug: scaling because the game is over and he was good in the first half
BigChief: Holman out next week guaranteed
DrSeuss: Only SC points on the bench though
Jukes82: hilarious ppl asking about holan injury, no docs here. Just wait for during the week ffs

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