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Chat log from R9 of 2018: North Melbourne vs Western Sydney

Chat log for North Melbourne vs Western Sydney, R9 of 2018

JockMcPie: What an irrelevant game
Yelse: would you take L.murphy 51 or risk L.keefe
frenzy: atleast it didn’t cave for the royal wedding, Lol Jock
Umpirespet: That’s a hard decision Yelse
Yelse: well what about L.murphy 51 or Guelfi i can shift sicily to defence
ReggieOz: Keefe in the Ruck .. Hope you went with him
MONEY TALK: is my chat working now
MONEY TALK: yay i was trying to brag that i had mac on vc last night
Apachecats: VC on mac here money talk.Weekend off to a flier.
MONEY TALK: i had laird and doedoee too, and have cong and brown from this game
luke394: traded Doedee instead of Finlayson 🙁
HawkTalker: Just about done with Dylan Shiel in my draft team
Haydo: Arvo everyone
TheOnyas: onya waitey
tommy10: Goldy is a spud. Lift!!!
HawkTalker: I dont get why anyone would even have Goldy. he’s about 80yo and was cooked two seasons back
teachrtony: Jack Martin late out for Suns
teachrtony: Who is Jacobs on?
Haydo: heard he was on hopper at the start but i doubt thats right teachrtony seeing as how well hes doing
teachrtony: I have Taranta, so probs on him
Haydo: which 2 should i field fritsch, spargo, henry, guelfi
Haydo: haha also heard taranto has a jacket on but no verdict yet he might be just cold
teachrtony: Fritsch & Spargo imo
Haydo: yeah thats what ive got atm
teachrtony: Yeah, Naughton last week so wouldn’t be surprised.
Haydo: yeah same
Haydo: and walters 2 weeks before that
TheOnyas: onya shiely
luke394: cmon Finlayson you spud
Haydo: wow the last chat was like 45 mins ago
Lowrider: Everyone watching the China game instead?
luke394: is Shaw alive?
TheOnyas: onya browny
luke394: hes gone -6 this quarter the fucking spud
Haydo: only 3 chats on that game as well lowrider, so not sure, just a quiet arvo
Lowrider: Odds for Cumming finishing in the negatives?
Haydo: it wont let me chat on that chat
Gotigres: Problems with chat
Apachecats: testing 1,2,3
Apachecats: yeah back on air!
BigChief: still testing chat, still not working
Umpirespet: Test
Raspel31: I think Mr Oliver will more than fill your shoes Mr Finlayson.
m0nty: apologies for that, was a bug that has now been fixed
Jukes82: boy oh boy
Umpirespet: Yay finally back
MONEY TALK: yay chats working now, i was trying to brag that i have ben brown
BigChief: Yay finally fixed. Thanks m0nty
Umpirespet: Thought u banned me M0nty after couldn’t chat lol
MONEY TALK: ben brown on sc, and got mac and brown on perfect 9 for my first week of it
BigChief: hey I am not a crows fan.
Apachecats: same umpires pet.
Lewysport: Never a negative to finish Cumming @Lowrider.
Umpirespet: Suits you Chief
Raspel31: Ha- we all thought we were banned again. Funny.
Jukes82: give finlay the wall!
circle52: Testing again
BigChief: m0nty who put the crows logo next to my name?
Apachecats: mught be pruning Finlayson this week ,reached his highwater mark.
boo!: brown bear to nude apple…..are you there..over
Umpirespet: You can change it Chief go into settings
Apachecats: *might
Raspel31: At least it’s not Collingwood BigChief.
BigChief: I have tried and it won’t change
Dazza87: Shaw and Finlayson ffs…
Apachecats: Change it to bombers Big chief ,then again maybe not.
Umpirespet: Ok welcome to the new Crows fans lol
korza: So much for high draftees. Disgraceful by GWS
Raspel31: How long you been supporting The Crows BigChief?
Umpirespet: Apache counting on you guys to upset Cats
Fatbar5tad: LOL. How did the Blebaggers go down there?
Apachecats: Dreamin’ Umpires Pet
korza: Onya North racking up the frees.
BigChief: @ Raspel i don’t and I can’t change it back to no team.
Generalsor: Junk up Ziebell!
BigChief: I have it set as Bangladesh as I like how the screen looks.
frenzy: Dollars for Keene
Umpirespet: Don’t fight it Chief u know u want to
frenzy: Keeffe *
DrSeuss: Taranto – maybe do something this quarter?
Apachecats: Carefull Korza you’ll have Onya in here in a minute.
Raspel31: Good game last night BigChief.
korza: Oh Geez shhh
original: Shaw smh
MONEY TALK: ahhh good so far. ben brown, cong, mac as c, laird and oedee
BigChief: Hell no I hate the crows.
Burnsy03: can i finally chat now
Hadouken: checked my tips, i did go roos. nice!
Burnsy03: y do i have thecrows emblem
BigChief: GWS are done. They will struggle to play finals now.
BigChief: Same reason I did Burnsy
korza: Clap clap clap
TheOnyas: onya waitey
Dazza87: Bloody shaw… did next to nothing in the second half

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