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Chat log from R9 of 2018: Adelaide vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Adelaide vs Western Bulldogs, R9 of 2018

Apachecats: Laird or Macrae for VC.??
BigChief: VC on Laird tonight.
Apachecats: Got 29 playing so only loop oportuity is in the Geelong game.
BigChief: Wow it is very wet in Adelaide.
Apachecats: Yeah BC lots of stoppages.Going with Macrae.
BigChief: Nice goal Eddie.
Ash777: bruce just had a orgasm…
frenzy: who’s Gibbo tagging?
Ash777: bont
BigChief: 5 goals might be enough to win this.
BigChief: Gibson tagging Macrae.
DrSeuss: Gibson not doing a great job so far
Apachecats: Macrae racking up like normal.
lilboat: Started Murphy over Ed Richards RIP
Apachecats: Early days lilboat .bet murphy gets his 70 -75.
DrSeuss: Come on Seedy
Ash777: seedsman will be horrible in this weather I think
BigChief: C’mon Laird, a few tackles would be nice.
frenzy: Penguin 4 Sauce
Ash777: macrae out marking sauce
DrSeuss: That’s a ridiculous free kick in that situation. Tripping over people attacking the ball will be the new ‘ducking’
BigChief: Soft, soft, soft. Webb hang your head in shame.
Apachecats: Macrae will ton up by half time at this rate.Another 3 brownlow votes.coming.
BigChief: Good call on VC @Apache.
Apachecats: Thanks Big chief ,think I can do the loophole now.
BigChief: Not yet. Anything can happen in 2nd half.
Apachecats: Yeah plenty of time ,I’ll wait.
BigChief: How good is Eddie?
Ash777: welp that’s over
benzammit: Joke score for Macrae no goals? In a team that’s been rubbish.
BigChief: What are you on about benzammit? He has been BOG by a mile.
frenzy: c’mon Doedee lift
frenzy: gee that worked, not
frenzy: wow Macrae

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