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Chat log from R8 of 2018: Collingwood vs Geelong

Chat log for Collingwood vs Geelong, R8 of 2018

Junktimer: Darn, Ratugolea is my captain!
Apachecats: Why?
DrSeuss: Stephenson any chance of a touch?
duckky: Comeon Murry – I need an 85+ out of you
duckky: Henry … Champ one week … Chump the next
duckky: Justice for Selwood … take it from me!
pcaman2003: Bews
boo!: wtf you doing grundy
Haydo: Need more than -29 from Henry to win
SilverLion: Be nice if Grundy went sub 90. Hasn’t done that all year…
TheOnyas: Onya crispy
Breezey: Is that cape worthy from Crisp
pcaman2003: Good luck Haydo,you’ll need it.
frenzy: i want me Grundy trade back, give me Goldy back
Breezey: Grundy always starts slow.
SilverLion: Grundy’s had 5 hitouts in 2 minutes hah
Breezey: There’s a first Selwood duck
SilverLion: Graph for Kelly?
a1trader: wtf was that against Grundy?
jayshi: grundy marked then got ball knocked out of his hand and get paid holding the ball?
jayshi: umpires nneds to be sacked!!!
snake_p: #freekickgeelong wtf
Breezey: Horrendous against Dunn there
Schillaci: T Kelly may be a keeper me thinks
jayshi: unbelievable
bones351: Grundy marked goal side of Smith and took a step to play on. Tackled and dropped the ball. Tough call but was there.
Haydo: even if he does a Naughton I win pca
Breezey: That’s high against On Varcoe. What’s doing
jayshi: high vs varcoe
Raspel31: Varcoe slid into it.
jayshi: ump is biased big time
Breezey: Selwood does the same. Ducks in to it
jayshi: are you telling me dangerfield didn’t slide into that one
OllieC: typical collingwood nuffie
JRedden: the week i bring Grundy in, yay
pcaman2003: Kelly close to a premo with 7 games @101%
DragonLass: grundy will ton up from here easy
Raspel31: Some premos been shocking this week-I now rate Kelly as a pimo.
batt: i luhhh you Howe
pcaman2003: @Raspel. He’s a lot more consistent than many.
Raspel31: That’s what I mean pcaman- so consistent.
cobrakai00: LoL go do your umpire bitching on big footy
Haydo: Naughton to Howe and Finlayson for Ed Phillips
duckky: Nice to see Crameri getting a bit of the ball
Umpirespet: Dusty will be 500k soon who would have thought
PowerBug: If Sidey, menegola and Howe all ton up then I get 11/11 tons in my average SC draft team
Apachecats: Was wondering who the jinx was @redden.
Apachecats: Cox on the bench doing better than Grundy ,bit of a worry.
Apachecats: Grundy put on 23SC in 6 mins
BigChief: I doubt Phillips will return.
LuvIt74: Are these scores correct? Danger only 49 bloody hell he is going to be $500k soon at this rate..
runt: Set shot kicking skills seem to be at an all time low
MONEY TALK: same with dusty luvit
Umpirespet: Was is even a free to Danger?
Breezey: What are these yellow maggots doing
runt: The funny little spoil like fist as a handball technique has gained traction.
pcaman2003: @Breezey. Munching on dead Magpies
MONEY TALK: what did danger get the plus 4 for
Breezey: They are certainly not umpiring
runt: Cats slipped away again
SilverLion: Don’t taunt me Paddy
pcaman2003: The umpiring seems to deteriorate more each season
cobrakai00: Stop your complaining your team is a joke
BigChief: Phillips in tracksuit. He’s done.
Breezey: Power off flog
luke394: Grundy coming alive!! Go you beautiful man
runt: We can all agree. Umpires are way too visible and full of shit
cobrakai00: Get a kick Stephenson you pissant
runt: Like a colostomy bag with a whistle
luke394: Salty Breezy
SilverLion: Knew it was asking too much for Grundy to have an average day.
Breezey: No not really. I just dont think we are a joke mate
PowerBug: ease up lads less of the personal attacks
DrSeuss: Stephenson and Murray doing very little
runt: The so-called triple twats havent won together yet.
BigChief: Essendon are the AFL joke side this year.
runt: Only Parsons could stuff that gift up
Umpirespet: Chief facebook 23 came by to say hello earlier u missed him
SilverLion: Ying Yang for the Demp
BigChief: LOL I saw his attempted trolling again @ Ump
BigChief: Massive courage from Varcoe there.
batt: Grundy must be close to a superman quarter?
BigChief: @batt he was on 27 at 1/2 time.
pcaman2003: Murray done SFA since 1st qtr.
runt: Grundy has had a monster qtr
batt: sounds like he’s done alright then Chief haha
Umpirespet: yeah getting Grundy after byes
LuvIt74: 1865 vs 1757 – I have crappy Henry & opponent has Danger…
cobrakai00: Boooooooooooooooooooo
korza: Just won an iphone as alucky windows user
StuL: Pies fans just boo nothing
Roksta: Time to trade danger in i reckon
StuL: Welcome back Danger.
runt: Is Sharni Layton Jon Brown’s sister from another father?
Roksta: Kelly might make a good m9
StuL: 3/4 time, booooooo!
Breezey: I need Treloar to beat Ratugolea by 89 to win my league match
The39Steps: Need Stephenson to take six marks and kick six goals this qtr to have a chance.
korza: Danger still a sucker bet. Waiting till the buys @$550k
Umpirespet: Murray’s be is 63 get a move on son
JRedden: carn danger, superman quarter
StuL: Boo!
Roksta: Danger has had a niggle… looks to be getting over it
korza: Danger’s S/C score now is a joke. Inflated !!!
korza: Mega Gola clearly BOG.
LuvIt74: Henry lift ffs
LuvIt74: I will only score around 2000 this week worst week this season
Apachecats: 7 behinds in a row .Can’t win like that.
SilverLion: Why couldnt Collingwood kick like this last week?
MONEY TALK: thats cute luvit im always projected to score 2200 plus then it just goes down to 2000
Apachecats: Any one pay for super coach Gold?Their predictions are way out.They forecast 92 SC for danger.Any idiot would know bette
cobrakai00: Swallow that chumps
circle52: Don’t like their predictions at all Apache. Do not pay much attention at all.
batt: Brian “opportunity” Taylor
PowerBug: predictions are just a guide lol, too many variables in a gmae of footy for them to be remotely accurate
LuvIt74: You would be pretty foolish to take SC predictions seriously to be honest…
Umpirespet: Should get 2260 but will slip in the rankings I rekon
SilverLion: Flower you Grundy
batt: Grundy going for the second half tonne
Breezey: Mouths back
Apachecats: Grundy getting off the canvas like Gray did yesterday.
lilboat: Pretty sure their predictions are just a formula of form and past scores against the team, nothing to worry about
circle52: Don’t think so Umpires Pet unless someone avoids all the prem carange,
teachrtony: I think 2260 is a reasonable score this week. Shouldn’t hurt your rankings.
MONEY TALK: any premo thats been injured, ive had in my team and plus billings to that list
Apachecats: 2260 will be top 10% at least Umpires Pet ,maybe even better.
Umpirespet: Hope so guys only at 692 would like to move up abit
PowerBug: only top 1000, himble brag 😛
batt: Howe is sooo much more than an aerialist. <3
MONEY TALK: danger shouldn’t drop much
TheBoy89: No around 2150 will be 10%
Haydo: wow henry why did I field u over Fritsch
Umpirespet: Haha Power best ranking in 7 years
Apachecats: I’m going to be 2200.Dodged most of the carnage.
Apachecats: Dusty my worst result.
TheBoy89: I would of got possibly 2400 if Nic Nat and naughton didn’t get donuts
PowerBug: flaunt it while you have that good rank I say
Apachecats: Grundy 101SC for 2nd half so far.
TheBoy89: Rat should have more points
Umpirespet: Adams will have to be a watch now
The39Steps: 20 shots to 21 and down by 21 points – pretty costly.
Rilian: Blue moon for Mayne?
RGriffen: superman for Grundy please 103 DT last half
Cotts: yeah im looking at roughly 2200 around that mark, hoping it can keep me in top 1000 😮
kirky12: Sh*thouse Sundee strikes again, bloody barely made 2100
jocka: Little Master strikes again. GOAT.

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