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Chat log from R8 of 2018: North Melbourne vs Richmond

Chat log for North Melbourne vs Richmond, R8 of 2018

m0nty: big test for Dusty today
SilverLion: I hate taggers. They add nothing to the game.
Cotts: mason wood, 104TOG, thats amazing! what a gun
the worm: he’ll get beaten, get moved forward, kick 3 or 4 goals
the worm: really looking forwards to another billingsesque performance from goldy
Haydo: henry + 94 vs dusty today, should get the w
Apachecats: you look safe there at the moment haydo
Apachecats: thought Dusty was supposed to be untagable
Death: taggers are vermin
Death: parasites
TheOnyas: Onya Woody
SilverLion: Too good for you Rance
Gebs: dump martin in the forward line ez coaching move
SilverLion: Jacob is literally holding Martin a thing stoppages. Umps have to start paying it.
SilverLion: Jacobs*** at*** sorry on my phone, autocorrect.
the worm: i might need to look at getting dusty in a few weeks if he drops 100k
Umpirespet: #freekickrichmond
Death: Good on Jacobs for finding a role for himself that allows him to play at AFL level, but personally, I would be ashamed
SilverLion: Still haven’t paid martin his handball…
a1trader: Jacobs should be in your teams, he’s been killing it
billnats: Razor just blowing for Tig freekicks
OllieC: still salty @umpirespet?
DrSeuss: Taggers have pretty much screwed every midfielder of mine this week. Titch, Zerrett, Beams now Dusty
Umpirespet: At what?
Death: goldstein still posessionless
Gebs: lol umpires pet pretending he doesnt know
SilverLion: What was the difference between those 2 pushes?
Umpirespet: Hey we have 23 years b4 we have to win another if you go by Richmond’s efforts
facebook23: hey umpirespet, catch the showdown? LOL!
Umpirespet: Lol an Essendon sup showing his face in public
luke394: @facebook23 dunno if Essendon supporters can be lippy right now lol
a1trader: @Death, you would be ashamed of getting 22 points in a quarter and keeping the brownlow medalists to 2 handballs! really
J_Herer: Dusty going real cheap soon
J_Herer: My bench is going to look great at seasons end (Billings, Merrett)
facebook23: the power from PORT
duckky: There should be a spot for the best tagger in the AA.
Umpirespet: Well if,he does a good job why not duckky
Apachecats: bit of sledging in the room this arvo.
SilverLion: Martin has forgot how to kick a football
Umpirespet: Very short lived Apache
facebook23: martin any chance of getting dropped? he is normally very good, but richmond have a lot of mids that can step up
J_Herer: Dusty is brilliant, just not fantasy relevant it seems
Ash777: ben jacobs must be the master of tagging
Umpirespet: Lovin Nank so far
Apachecats: North giving a bit of cheek here ,I’m 3 out of 7 ,could be 3 out of 8 soon.
the worm: i think everyone’s natural hatred of north leads us to underestimate them a bit
LuvIt74: I hate to say it but I’ll be getting rid of Martin next week.
kirky12: Surely a joke Facebook.
facebook23: any1 see the luke McDonalds report? reckon he will get off like parker?
luke394: fuck off Lambert
Apachecats: He’s burning dollars luv it ,but he had a quiet patch last year and came good ,I’ll stick with him.
the worm: cant beleive parker got off on that one, clear 2nd move to lay the hit i thought
Umpirespet: Agree Luke got rid of him after r2
a1trader: Jacobs will be moved onto Caddy soon
SilverLion: Magnifying glass for the Tatt man
facebook23: so no one saw the luke macdonalds report?
luke394: my opponent has him @Umpirespet :/
a1trader: I think McDonald is safe
batt: Ben Jacobs is a savage. Takes no prisoners.
kirky12: Most teams have learnt that tagging one of richmond link up players is a better idea
kirky12: Cotchin Vlastiun and Caddy are controling this match by linking up. Tagging dusty only stops dusty
StuL: Come on Spudstein.
luke394: Dusty lives
luke394: When Sandy says back from whence it came reminds me so much of LOTR
facebook23: sandy roberts is the worst commentator in the league, he is the adelaide crows of commentators. RUBBISH
luke394: salty @facebook 23?
TheLegend6: Is Cotchin still underrated? One of the AFL’s elite players imo
Umpirespet: Na Luke just a low IQ
the worm: facebook23 is the sandy roberts of trolls 😀
buddy4pm: Goldstein has basically destroyed my season. Think he’ll become Nic Nat after his bye
luke394: @Umpirespet no doubt lol
circle52: Pendles out of Pies team. for those interested
luke394: played on Cotchin in year 12 Grand final to be honest prob took the chocolates 😉
MONEY TALK: all those ppl who laughed at me when i said jacobs for brownlow
Umpirespet: Was on the cards Circle so not suprised
facebook23: i actually am the top of my class for year 6 maths so…
Burnsy03: year 6 maths says a lot
Haydo: Naughton with a 0 and im still gonna win my league match
BigChief: Must be a class of 1 person.
Umpirespet: WD Haydo mines depends on Dangers score as opp has the C on him
Haydo: How much does he need to get for you to lose umpirespet
Umpirespet: Not sure yet depends on scores in this game first
Umpirespet: I have Nank he has Martin + higgins
Haydo: Who’s do u both have in this one?
Umpirespet: So far so good
facebook23: wow, no-one cares
kirky12: Had Titch VC and now had Martin C… Had Gawn, Oliver McCrae, Parker and Fyfe all could’vee been good choices but nope..
Umpirespet: Been one of those weeks for that Kirky. I took C off Gawn for Fyfe
Apachecats: Same Umpirespet ,have oponent with no Dusty and Danger C.Have a 50 point lead but won’t be enough.
kirky12: I’ve had 1 VC score over 100 this year, been shocking, can’t bloody pick one
TheLegend6: Surely Dusty just goes forward and gets Isolated with Jacobs? He’d kick 4+ one on one
pcaman2003: C’mon CD. Nice tackle by Nank not paid.
Apachecats: Funny year ,the way the scoring is going you end up with 6 choices for VC ,Lots of room for errors in that.
kirky12: Like picked Martin as captain since he averages 125 against north in recent history.
Apachecats: The consistant ones have been Gawn and Macrae.
Torz: Vlastuin having a massive blue moon.
Rush: Why would you go anywhere near Dusty as captain this week? You know Jacobs is going to tag.
kirky12: Warning for Next week Gonna VC McCrae so expect 50 from him 😉
Umpirespet: Yep and with promos like Danger, Martin,Titch and Crouch not playing great makes it hard
Umpirespet: Premos*
CamT: Stack your midfield with guns they said :O
Apachecats: Thanks for the warning kirky.Also won’t be VCing (new word invented) any one playing North.
Apachecats: Next week it will be ward or Coniglio gets the Jacobs tag.
TheLegend6: Maybe Shiel
Apachecats: True Legend ,Sheil copped the Hutchings paddlock this week.
Apachecats: Long as they leave conigs and taranto alone I’m happy.
Apachecats: Think everyone else must be taking a nap legend.
Raspel31: Afternoon all. Not often enjoy seeing Martin fail having him myself but should get me over the line. Happy Mother’s Day.
Apachecats: Happy to just chat away with myself.
Haydo: not me just watching the footy
Apachecats: Thank God you’re here Raspel.
MONEY TALK: no u dont
Apachecats: and Haydo
Raspel31: Arvo Apache. Anything exciting I’ve missed?
Umpirespet: U better stay on Nank need u
pcaman2003: Nank gone very quiet this qtr.
Apachecats: Yeah Dusty all tied up like Houdini for the game so far.And lots of people whining about VC and C choices.
Umpirespet: Yeah he has pcaman
MONEY TALK: when dusty finally picks up for, ill happily pick him up
Raspel31: Well I stupidly went Fyfe over Macrae but at least not Dusty like my main oppo.
Apachecats: yeah Raspel ,I looped Gawns score over Macrae.Not perfect but very acceptable.
MONEY TALK: if ben brown can kick a couple ill be very happy with him
Umpirespet: If Dusty and Higgins stays under 60 points combined in the last qtr I should win
TheLegend6: I haven no idea why I’ve held onto Goldy this long
Raspel31: Acceptable indeed Apache. Weird how Titch and Dusty disappeared- were automatic picks earlier.
lukat: Dusty disappearing so he doesn’t have to do another brownlow speech
Raspel31: Good call lukat- as would we all.
duckky: laughing at those whoo brought in MAson wood last week
Ash777: I think bruce might of touched dusty inappropriately afterwards
pcaman2003: Big last qtr Nank and Caddy
BigChief: C’mon Norf you can do it.
pcaman2003: Thanks Cad man
Ash777: big jump by higgins
Raspel31: Timely indeed pcaman
TheLegend6: Umpires once again so poor today
MONEY TALK: richmond fans been asking for a challenge here it is
duckky: stay down Dusty
StuL: Might need to get Crossley amd bench Goldy.
Umpirespet: Im thinking Crowley as well Stul
Umpirespet: Crossley*
JackRipper: I have Martin… 1 mark/Kick then free against + 14 lol
Apachecats: Need Jack H to do his party tricks.Kick a goal or two.
duckky: NAnk does this most weeks… big jump in the 4th quarter
Umpirespet: CD pumping up Dustys score now
pcaman2003: WTF CD. You pay Nank a good tackle,then remove it. I’m baffled
JackRipper: Then 1 handball +7.. Unreal.
kirky12: While it doesn’t bother me, i wouldn’t mind being on the posistive side of a free kick count for once.
Apachecats: If dusty can get to 80 SC from here i would be happy.
JackRipper: Martin 52 – 61 = 1 handball lol
Raspel31: Does Cotchin have Herald Sun shares?
TheLegend6: are you watching @JackRipper? wasn’t a handball it was a clever tap down and goal assist. Worthy of points.
kirky12: Richmond upto -46 free kicks differential, next worst is -26 for GWS and Freo. insane difference 8 rounds in…
Jukesy: I’d say that grand final umpiring should make up for this
MONEY TALK: good call @jukesy
duckky: @kirky but I’d be more interested in a free count for 50/50 or tiggy decisions
kirky12: grandfinal was only 19-24 wasn’t many… If that was a stat @Duckky I’d love to know :’)
MONEY TALK: its what wasnt called kirky
kirky12: Fair call, not gonna dispute that.
SilverLion: Why no advantage to north? Lambert got an identical one earlier
Jukesy: Betts still getting held onto in the MCG goalsquare lol. Umpiring footy is really subjective so its really hard to judge
DrSeuss: Hopefully this game encourages other teams to tag Cotchin in the future rather than Dusty.
lukat: Surely 30 CP from Cunnington is a record?
kirky12: Tagging cotchin Slows our linking play, slows the team. taggins dusty only slows Dusty.
SilverLion: Can’t touch the fullback of the century
kirky12: Yup Lukat Just heard his 31 is a record.
pcaman2003: Nank should be on 9 tackles now,but only showing 7. CD hate Nanks tackles.
MONEY TALK: if only brown kicked those goals, would of got me a nice sc score
SilverLion: Richmond are the reason the state of the game is bad. Ugliest brand of footy, but it’s effective.
duckky: Dusty’s BE will be massive next week
DrSeuss: Agreed Kirky. Would help my fantasy team as well though
intergaze: @SilverLion The team with the highest points for is the reason the game is bad? lol
Haydo: Richmond plays good to watch footy, just that last qtr was scrappy

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