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Chat log from R8 of 2018: Fremantle vs St Kilda

Chat log for Fremantle vs St Kilda, R8 of 2018

pcaman2003: Have the C on Fyfe this week.Huge score would be great
Raspel31: That makes two of us on this lonely site pcaman.
The39Steps: This could end in 1-1 draw.
JockMcPie: Keeping Billings is like repeat torture
Wends: Hola! is this the ‘I picked “insert name” over Macrae/Fyfe C over Gawn” online support group?
Wends: /I kept Billings?
Raspel31: Nailed it Wends- welcome.
JockMcPie: Yep I think I could list a fair few of them Wends…
Wends: It all hurts soo bad Raspel 🙁
pcaman2003: Score a tad faster Nat
Raspel31: But at least we’re exposed to perhaps the most exciting game this round Wends. Yawn.
Wends: Jock I think I needed the Costanza do opposite to every instinct rule this year…
Umpirespet: Can I join your club 🙁
Wends: Welcome Umpires… unload here.
Umpirespet: I have the C on fyfe over Maxxy to…Move ya ar$e Nathaniel
Fatbar5tad: Captain Nat for Fatbar 🙁
DrSeuss: Jesus Neale – get a touch perhaps?
CBeezDeez: Are these 2 teams doing circle work? WTF is going on with the scoring?
the worm: wow, billings doing 3 times better then i expected!
Wends: Fatbar if it makes you feel any better, I took the C off Gawn just in time for his lockout….
Fatbar5tad: Jeez that’s crook mate
Raspel31: And at the last minute I moved cap from Macrae to Fyfe- welcome to the stream of the losers.
wadaramus: Surely, Billings hasn’t forgotten how to play footy, see ball get ball!
Umpirespet: I had the vc on Gawn but ran out of loopholes so C had to stay on Fyfe
bones351: Cmon Mundy don’t do this 2 weeks in a row!
Wends: Lol, we’re not losers Raspel! We’re just… very… special.
Umpirespet: Not over yet tho fellas
CBeezDeez: OK I’ll give U moving C from Max to Stef pre-game & raise U fielding Spargo over Fritz!
Wends: Anyone seen Heiz here lately? Billings needs a lift.
Gotigres: Can’t believe i had Billings and Armitage at start of the year. Glad i got rid of them.
CBeezDeez: No more Match Day, no more Heiz by the looks of it
bones351: I still have Billings on field. He’s making it near impossible to stay stubborn!
Ash777: blame the coach for billings
Raspel31: Billings is apparently a good cook so worth keeping on your bench.
Ash777: sticks him on the ball in preseason then makes him a forward for the real season
Gotigres: stay on 3 billings and it makes up for noughton
korza: If that was Barry Hall, he would get locked up
the worm: guess he wasnt good enough to go on the ball when the real games started
wadaramus: How can Billings just be so damn deplorable?
pcaman2003: Billings and Armitage….the heart of StKilda. lol!
duckky: He voted for Trump Wasa
the worm: armitage might be the heart… billings might be a different body part
J.Worrall: Jesus Billings, get off your falmin’ ass
luke394: Good boy Fyfe
pcaman2003: Thanks Captain Fyfe
snake_p: anus @worm?
MONEY TALK: alright bye billings, also gooo fyfe my c
Wends: Jaysuss mary and joseph, what will he be on in SC post rd 8 though?
DrSeuss: Neale gets stuck on the bench way too often
the worm: post rd 8 if you have a spare 100k you might be able to do billings to ronke
wadaramus: Just try and get involved Billings, FFS mate!
JockMcPie: Billings -> Fwd rookie, Naughton -> Yeo, me thinks
J.Worrall: Billings!
Raspel31: Et voila wada
MONEY TALK: i dont believe it
Torz: Glad I picked up Phillips this week, unsighted.
the worm: i hope billings gets just enough tonight to suck everyone in to keeping him
J.Worrall: Do that again, Billings – off your ass!
JockMcPie: SLow down Billings scoring a bit high right now…
Gotigres: first gamer leading the way for the saints!
wadaramus: What a lovely sentiment worm!
Raspel31: The worm is our spiritual guidance counsellor wada
wadaramus: Ed Phillips the TV host?!
Wends: No way Torz, that sounds like something GOD would say 😐
pcaman2003: Need bigger 2nd half Nat. Fell off a bit that qtr.
wadaramus: Perhaps the advice could be more positive?
the worm: i’m just bitter because i had him too…until i ditched him to get henry’s 114 last week 😀
wadaramus: Excellent trade:)
the worm: I got guelfi, but i think he will struggle to get a game at the bombers, they look unstoppable 😀
poolboybob: Billings should be playing VFL next week
wadaramus: We can loop Guelfi until he gets back in.
Raspel31: And loop Guelfi for Billings which is even more exciting.
wadaramus: Use him to loop others I mean 🙂
Raspel31: I know.
the worm: i dare say the bombers will be rushing guelfi in this week 🙁
the worm: oh, you mean use billings as the loop when he gets dropped. Good idea!
Growlers: Go Arma……get more than billings… watching a snail race really.
StuL: One of the few calls i got right, no Billings.
Ash777: drop richardson to coach the vfl
MONEY TALK: whoooo yay
Wends: Regularly switching pages and checking Macraes score is not working out well.
Cotts: poor row marshall, i wanna see the big fella do well and its just a debacle this whole saints team
poolboybob: I honestly have no idea where Billings is playing on the
biggs2dujj: Old mate Armitage needs the hamburger. What a fatty
MONEY TALK: woah calm down down billings
JockMcPie: Just put Billings in the guts and tell him to chase the ball all day
poolboybob: I honestly have no fucking idea where Billings is playing on the ground
luke394: Need more Fyfe
J.Worrall: need more cowbell – lfit, Billings
pcaman2003: Yes Fyfe. Lots more
J.Worrall: Lift more, Billings
mardyb: billings the most overrated player in the league
Fatbar5tad: Fyfe be in it
J.Worrall: Bagbo Billings
Ash777: did I hear billings missed from the goal square?
J.Worrall: Jack Steven!!!
pcaman2003: Selfish McCarthy. Very selfish
JockMcPie: Nah they couldn’t
poolboybob: McCarthy is not a handsome man
Ash777: I hear ross lyon is in talks with Milne to come back and play for freo 😛
Raspel31: This marks their second most prolific quarter of the season. Commentator. Hmm-perhaps turn sound off.
Breezey: Could I request a CAPE from Seb Ross this qtr.
Fatbar5tad: Fuck sake fyfe
pcaman2003: Thought Fyfe would smash the Saints.Disappointing really
shrtlg: banfield and coffield not really making the $ today
Fatbar5tad: My opponent has Webster. Webster!
J.Worrall: Billings tackled
obione05: Solid captain Geary
Apachecats: Cfffield BE 58,should put a few $ on.
pcaman2003: Try a kick sometime Fyfe.
Apachecats: Thought that sort of thing only happenned to me fatbar.
the worm: raise the bat billings!
Wends: So frustrating the lack of loopholes this w-end @PCA, otherwise more of us wld not have this frustration…
J.Worrall: More Cowboy Billings
wadaramus: Billings half ton :)..:(
J.Worrall: Billings marks!
Fatbar5tad: Fuck off billings
Fatbar5tad: Good lad
pcaman2003: How true @Wends
J.Worrall: Billings lives!
Ash777: that was either a complete shank or deliberate from billings lol
J.Worrall: More Cowboy Bill!
Fatbar5tad: Fyfe kicks!
pcaman2003: Hopefully Fyfe will junk it up a bit.
Wends: Atleast he beat Titch’s RDT Capt score, which some of my oppts had. Naughton’s big fat 0 made up for that of course.
pcaman2003: @Wends. Poor Titch had a shocker. Even the best can fall over
Fatbar5tad: Yeah I had Noughton on as well. 😡
Raspel31: As a Pom I still find it hard to understand how Sandilands, who has no skill or athletic talent simply top scores as hug
Wends: Think it’s best we just agree to just forget Rd 8 even happened @Fatbar
The39Steps: Saints are not well conditioned. Struggling in the conditions.
Fatbar5tad: Going ok except for Naughton and skipper deficit tbh
JockMcPie: Bye Billings that’s the last straw, downgrade to Ed Phillips
MONEY TALK: upgrade to phillips

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