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Chat log from R8 of 2018: Western Bulldogs vs Brisbane

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs Brisbane, R8 of 2018

CBeezDeez: Now 150+ for Big Stef to make up for my Gawn Gaff!
lukat: Brought Mclean in
TheBoy89: Went fyfe instead of macrae for c
Ben_Gogos: Muppet alert. Hipwood misses everything from 15 out with little attention!
circle52: He definitely has no left foot.
runt: The Lions to match the Blues
Ash777: good chance for lions to win
runt: Oscar Mac and ernie 3 players in one
DrSeuss: What is Beams doing?
luke394: Please Dahlhaus just this once tonne up you useless prick
circle52: 3 Turnover already –
th3rio: Hows Captain Beams Chief? :
Raspel31: Oh groan, why didn’t I trust you 3rd week in a row Macrae-groan.
runt: Beams is struggling
Raspel31: And cheeky th3rio- but kind of dumb call by the big honcho.
DrSeuss: That Beams HTB was BS though
BigChief: Beams going forward and a long time left.
th3rio: Stef would’ve been a decent roughy
Raspel31: I’m completely behind you bigchief-brave call and should rack up at least 50. Innovative thinking.
Raspel31: Rather quietly enjoying Martin playing a team without a ruck- dark horse.
pcaman2003: Traded Christensen for Sicily at the right time
Fatbar5tad: Vocal Lions contingent in attendance
CBeezDeez: Traded Christ to Spargo and even I’m still happy @pca LoL
Gotigres: Naughton injured. Great game son. You did my supercoach team proud.
Fatbar5tad: N0ughton gone
DrSeuss: Good comeback from Beams and Brisbane
pcaman2003: Naughton gone me thinks
Raspel31: Game on !
luke394: Is Naughton injured bad? My opponent has him on field
penguins00: I was having a great week in Supercoach, but I have Naughton on the field
pcaman2003: @luke. So has mine. I’ve got the E on him in my side.
luke394: Traded Naughton a few weeks ago for Mirra
Gotigres: Coffield to ton up now as i had Noughton on field ahead of him.
Haydo: WOWWWWWW Naughtons gonna lose me my league match
Haydo: Same gotigres
Raspel31: Naughton not counted out yet.
Jukes82: lmao you starting naughts in your 22? you deserve to lose every league match
Burnsy03: my opp does lol
CBeezDeez: I’ll take 4 times 2 times that My Big Stef C
Breezey: The Recruit is battling to get near it
runt: Lions missing Brown and fevola up forward
Gotigres: Yes Jukes. Shameful.
Haydo: Naughtons been decent
Raspel31: Jukes is very obviously a mastermind and topping every SC comp. All hale the mighty Jukes!
Ladbrokes_: lmao jukes one score under 75 in the last 4 weeks, a 62. he was very obviously a solid rook to have onfield
th3rio: i bet GOD doesn’t have naughton on field
runt: Naughton stuffed
J.Worrall: hail
Apachecats: hail
runt: small picture I had him on the field. big picture Lions will have an advantage
CBeezDeez: Is that the weather or the Boy Wonder?
Breezey: GOD made the brave move to put Charlie captain. Brilliant as usual
DrSeuss: These refs are horrendous
Jukes82: lol
runt: So many hit outs for Martin it is ridiculous
wadaramus: WIth his GOD powers he just moves the C to the highest scorer at the end of the round.
circle52: Would be great if umps paid frees both ways.
circle52: Hipwood held up one end without ball no free
runt: Daniel and Zorko toe to toe, the grass shook
Ash777: expect martin to get a record with hitouts
pcaman2003: Macrae is a machine. Have to get him next week.
DrSeuss: Agreed Circle – such BS.
Ash777: macrae already on 20 possies
wadaramus: Carn McLean, get involved mate!
DrSeuss: Macrae holding Beams at every stoppage too – but nothing
sammyo7: capt gawn and macrae makes up for naughton on the feild
Raspel31: Oh, and I didn’t cap you Macrae my boy. Gorgive me. Forgive me.
Breezey: Macrae must be good to hold Beams and get the ball 22 times thus far
Gotigres: mclean having sympathy pains for Noughton
Ash777: wtf already 91 sc
Apachecats: Macrae racing away to more Brownlow votes here.
DrSeuss: Why is that not going at below the knees??
Apachecats: Had another $30 on him at $34 on thursday.
twinpeaks: Earth to McLean?
DrSeuss: Always pick the wrong player to put on field – Zac Bailey Vs Rayner
wadaramus: Macrae, what a ball magnet, could ton up before the half is out!
runt: Honeychurch not much of a tagger
Apachecats: nearly the same @Dr S
DrSeuss: Brisbane defence on the ground is what’s killing them
Apachecats: in SC that is.
Growlers: Whack the Superman badge on Macrae!
Haydo: Macrae and big Stef should make up for Naught-one
Haydo: Macrae is a god
Roksta: Thought I was doing well bringing in Oliver this week
Breezey: Dahl mate. What’s happening
Fatbar5tad: If your man plays and gets zero you cop the donut yeah?
Haydo: Macrae to make it 400 in 2 weeks with a 211 here anyone?
Raspel31: If you capped Macrae after telling me to go Fyfe I will hunt you down and drink your wine Haydo.
benzammit: Fat bar SC used to default to emergency a few seasons back for an even zero
wadaramus: Would love a double hunjy Haydo, took the C off Gawn and gave it to Macrae.
wadaramus: Should have listened to me Raspel 🙂
Raspel31: Yep-indeedy wada.
Burnsy03: what two premosin te=he afl oo=to buy, any pos any price
wadaramus: Gawn and Macrae.
poolboybob: Sorry guys I added McLean this week
duckky: Traded in McLean (for Fritsch) and JPK (for Merrett). Sorry.
Torpedo10: Yeah guys I’ll cop it for McLean too, traded him in this week
Ash777: mclean is a 2nd half specialist
wadaramus: Me too poolboy, disappointing so far 🙁
The39Steps: In SC, how many trades have you peeps got left?
duckky: Is Zorko safe to trade in yet?
wadaramus: I’m down to 18, I love to trade 🙂
Apachecats: 18 trades left
Apachecats: i think you could do better duckky
duckky: looking to offload JOM
Roksta: 21 left
circle52: Gee would be great if umps paid lions frees that are there. Dog dives on ball in goal square should be HTB any day.
Haydo: Nah I got stuck with Cripps after VC Titch Raspel, please don’t drink my wine
Raspel31: 18- but ironically got 3400 1st round and only beaten that once.
DrSeuss: Come on Beams – get after it
Raspel31: Fair call Haydo.
Haydo: 20 trades left
duckky: Yay Toby McL
DrSeuss: To make it worse – Macrae is going to Beams at stoppages as well and keeping him quiet
damoc85: Robbo paying some attention to Macrae now
DrSeuss: How is that not holding the main after he got rid of the ball?
circle52: Bailey held after he disposed of ball where was the free.
obione05: If Natanui doesnt get injured, Macrae comes into my side this week
m0nty: who woke up McLean, onya
Raspel31: Don’t touch Macrae obloine- he’s ours!
StuL: God has the C on Macrae and Gawn.
The39Steps: Why all of a sudden do people start naming their kids Bailey?
Ash777: sheesh at this rate macrae will be 150 by 3 qtr time
Breezey: Dahlhaus is Shitehaus about now
DrSeuss: Miss HTB when Brisbane tackle, whistle it straight away for the Dogs. Such BS
JockMcPie: Why couldn’t Macrae be a forward this year 🙁
MONEY TALK: Glad i got macrae this week
circle52: Thta was not a thr2wo more BSb from these umpires
DrSeuss: That was a freaking handball ump
wadaramus: The umpires just want to blow the whistle, trigger happy.
DrSeuss: The Lions are young and crap – don’t need the umps to screw then as well
m0nty: 42 point quarter in DT there by Toby, clap clap
Ash777: wonder if they’re the same umps from the dons blues game
duckky: Did McLean jump 50 pts in one quarter?
Roksta: Throw on the replay Dr
wadaramus: Big 4th Macrae 🙂 160 would be awesome!
Ash777: I told you mclean is a 2nd half specialist
Burnsy03: missed his hand
luke394: Why doesn’t Dahlhaus play on ball anymore he used to be a jet
wadaramus: Full time, gee whiz that was a short last quarter!
DrSeuss: Beams – do you even care tonight?
pcaman2003: McLean earning bonus points.
wadaramus: You’re spot on Ash!
Raspel31: Two doggies- 2 Macs- loving em.
duckky: I know its early, but what odds macrae for the Chasser?
wadaramus: He gets stacks of it but is he a match winner?
Roksta: Umps trying to get lions back in it
Migz: No they aren’t too.
the worm: his last 4 games vs freo,suns,blues,lions… might be a tougher draw from here
Migz: No they aren’t rok don’t be silly
The39Steps: Cameron 4 Petracca?
vamos77: What was Macrae’s BE? I fear I won’t be able to afford him now
mardyb: kermit taylor
Roksta: Clearly goal touched
benzammit: Zorilla is back in form my gamble on him last week to find form paid off.
luke394: Lewis Taylor is so bad hides up in Brisbane
Roksta: Goal clearly touched
Haydo: be of 70 for mcrae
Burnsy03: any two players to bring in with 55k extra, what 2?
Burnsy03: two times that first one was aswell
Haydo: profected rise of 72k with a 142
Apachecats: BE of 45 for Macrae
luke394: Beams isn’t a captains asshole
benzammit: Just wait for premo players to drop to 440k there about then fill ya rookies.
Haydo: yea sorry apache sc stuffed up for a sec
wadaramus: Macrae, Bont, McLean & Dunkley 🙂
runt: Lions keep plugging away
Raspel31: Thank god I didn’t cap Macrae- done nothing for 5 minutes.
wadaramus: Only the 50 for the second half for Macrae, disappointing.
Haydo: I’ll steal all ur wine if fyfe beats mcrae raspel
Breezey: That’s a serious second half from McLean
Raspel31: Ha ha- not happening Haydo.

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