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Chat log from R8 of 2018: Port Adelaide vs Adelaide

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs Adelaide, R8 of 2018

BigChief: Go huge Lairdgend.
DrSeuss: Will Doedee reach his BE at this rate…
Raspel31: Early days DrSeuss- fry a green wood and chill.
DrSeuss: Thanks Rasp – I hope you are right!
BigChief: Make that 26.
BigChief: Talking about Howard and 1st comment not posted.
Raspel31: Mr Laird-the 30 possies a game man-what a hero.
Raspel31: Ah-and the wek you say farewell Mr Bonner.
DrSeuss: Where is Rockliff playing today?
duckky: Can it get into the crows back line so I can get my players to score?
pcaman2003: C’mon R.Gray. Need a big score from you
pcaman2003: Get ya DE up Gibbs
Apachecats: Can someone explain to me how DHoward is on 35 SC
Raspel31: Gibbs just seems to coast if team doing well- lost his grunt.
a1trader: Bet the Power are happy they got Watts! lol
Jukes82: have a mare r.gray, drop those dollars nicely
pcaman2003: @Apachecats. Good point. Very baffling,but that’s SC for you
BigChief: Lots of spoils @Apache
pcaman2003: @Raspel. I’m soory I got him in a couple of weeks ago. Epic fail so far.
th3rio: robbie gonna be cheap as cheaps soon maybe 🙂
pcaman2003: Gray and Gibbs determined to sink my week
Haydo: No robbie dont listen now hurry up and ton up
runt: Howard is on 35 because his kick was exquisite and his 2 handballs sublime.
pcaman2003: @runt.Ah! That explains it perfectly.
Apachecats: Thanks runt that explains it.
Strskes: @pcaman2003 Mitchell as captain ruined my weekend early 🙁
Seiya: @pcaman this website doesn’t show the 9 1%’s that would include spoils that give the big boy points in SC
lukat: Go Westhoff
pcaman2003: @Strskes. Ouch! Hurt quite a few I think. Got C on Fyfe so fingers crossed.
Apachecats: Dougal must have had another 9 spoils.
pcaman2003: Gray and Gibbs are concreted into the ground.Won’t move
duckky: Doedee – please make your BE
runt: 8 single goalkickers for the Crows so far. Quite rare
Phasir: Check out the difference between Howard and Petracca
zoomba23: Mrouch. Sexy. Laird. Do something ffs
runt: Howard is actually the overall leading 1% er this season
pcaman2003: Gibbs 81% TOG,but must be on different ground. Haven’t seen him
Apachecats: Reckon Monty’s having a leg pull.
Seiya: @phasir uncontested handpasses are worthless
pcaman2003: OMG! Gray got a touch
J.Worrall: which leg?
Apachecats: left one
pcaman2003: Damn! Gibbs got a touch too. Amazing!
Raspel31: To trade out a primo is tough but I think Gibbs simply has to go. No grunt.
runt: Says Gibbs is playing inside midfielder. Inside what exactly? He’s a slacker
BigChief: Laird on track to get his 35 disp average.
DrSeuss: Pick it up Seedy
Hawks_13: Rockliff looks a good buy for next week
Tonche: Not watching, Rocky looking piggish today?
Raspel31: Good to see the Rocky back- wouldn’t touch him with a bargepole but noice.
runt: Rockliff in the guts, R.Gray forward best for Port
Hawks_13: I agree @ runt
The39Steps: Good to see Tex imposing himself in another big game. Pea heart.
pcaman2003: Gibbs is shower since I got him in. Going this week…had enough
runt: wow port stuffed that up
Raspel31: pcaman- had Gibbs since day one. He’s lazy- if the team on top he glides off to smoke a joint.
Burnsy03: hawks he will drop a 30 next week, after you say that
wadaramus: The umpires are BOG so far today.
Snarfy: Go Robbie you good thing!
Hawks_13: I have a feeling he has recovered from that bad form
Haydo: Yes Gray
BigChief: Cape for Gray.
Apachecats: 42 pt 1/4 for Gray so far.
BigChief: 3 goals gets cape for Gray
Sixty656: Laird gone cold
m0nty: Robbie Gray could be as good as Ben Ronke one day
th3rio: okay, maybe Gray won’t be cheap as piss soon.
DrSeuss: Seedsman stopped. 1 kick this quarter? Pick it up
BigChief: Star for Gray already.
Snarfy: This last quarter looks as if it would be worth watching.
pcaman2003: R Gray you champion. Great comeback
Raspel31: Give it a few years Monty.
lukat: what the gray
Apachecats: Gray was 38 SC at 1/2 time.What a quarter!!!
Hawks_13: Was r gray on 38 at 1/2 time?
BigChief: I think Adel went home after the CEY goal.
Haydo: 6 goals this qtr for robbie??
Umpirespet: The whole Hawks side wish they were as good as Ronke
pcaman2003: Just need Gibbs to do a R Gray now
Umpirespet: Considering Gray had cancer last year the guy is amazing
BigChief: Anyone who beats cancer is amazing.
DrSeuss: Seedy and Doedee? You there?
Ash777: time to trade doedee
BigChief: This game is almost over.
runt: What the hell happened to the Crows!! Tex Walker please stand up!!
Fatbar5tad: Eddie still turning tricks?
Hawks_13: Gray gone cold
BigChief: C’mon Laird, ton up.
Haydo: keep going Gray
Breezey: Keep it up Hoff. Outstanding my friend
stoo: Nothing without the Sloane Ranga
runt: Walker is a pain in the butt
lukat: Hoff my best recruit this season
Raspel31: Think it more the midfield runt- need Sloane back. Gibbs is lazy and need Brad Crouch back too.
pcaman2003: Gibbs has no influence on games. Misses lots of opportunities to get the ball.
kangawalla: Zombie for the Rockpig or am I suffering from premature adulation? 😉
runt: The Crows have done a 2017 GF Switched off when it got hot
Sixty656: Finally play an opp who doesn’t have Laird and he goes to sleep at HT.
Raspel31: Sloane in- Gibbs averages 114- Sloane out 80. Come back Rory-you are missed.
BigChief: more ass than class from Gibbs
pcaman2003: Gibbs kicks to Eddie who marks and goals. Gets 2 points.WTF?
runt: Surely the Crows don’t win this
JockMcPie: Woweee
cusch1: The Showdown never fails to disappoint
BigChief: Port fans celebrating too early LOL
pcaman2003: Wowee! What a finish
penguins00: best game this year

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