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Chat log from R8 of 2018: Gold Coast vs Melbourne

Chat log for Gold Coast vs Melbourne, R8 of 2018

CBeezDeez: C’mon Deemondo’s!
Gazza95: Cmon Gawn get us another one of your huge scores
DrSeuss: Traded in Hogan this week…lets see if I am a genius or an idiot
CBeezDeez: Today you are you, that is truer than true good doctor
DrSeuss: Yes but was I smart to pick Jesse, or will my fantasy score become messy…
teachrtony: Be good to see Sprargo go close to Ronkes score, won’t feel so bad.
boo!: cmon gawn, 4 capes
luke394: Petracca stats and score hmmm
DrSeuss: Ummm Jesse Hogan, I am starting to get concerned…
TheOnyas: onya harmesy
Fatbar5tad: I brought Hogan in a few weeks ago. Not sure I would after his 36 the other week.
MONEY TALK: glad i held hibb… watch him score 70
Nuffman: almost time to lock in Gawn’s score methinks
Raspel31: Find it so hard to put C on rucks- but Gawn, you make me wonder.
DrSeuss: Hogan was injured/sore that game and has scored well otherwise. Should have gone safe….I guess we will see
luke394: fwd Petrarca just do anything
JockMcPie: @nuffman just looped him in, looking on track for 150…touch wood
MONEY TALK: gawn wont get a cape yet because its based on fantasy
Burnsy03: me had gawn vs grundy c and my opp has dusty c
CBeezDeez: Opp (1) & me (3) both had Gawn C so I changed to Stef for a PoD
lukat: Traded Petracca! Stay down big boy!
luke394: Petrarca contested mark and handball for 5 points lol
TheLegend6: Spargo on my field over Ronke… hoping he goes huge
DrSeuss: Hogan trade this week – seems like a terrible decision – not even getting near it.
Yelse: petracca seriously what is wrong with u. overRated
luke394: he’s playing fwd @Yelse so annoying
Raspel31: Problem with 2 Melb rookies-benched Fritz for Spargo- goSpar.
spudaroos: Been watching alot of Tracca this season, he doesn’t really seem to have enough impact wherever he plays.
luke394: Petracca is just so frustrating he’s a shit POD every week in my league matches
korza: Is James, the borther of Wayne Harmes ?
BigChief: Petracca needs to drop some bulk so he can play mid.
The39Steps: This is just like the 1970s – six games of footy on a Saturday.
J.Worrall: Yep, the borther ….
luke394: He’s gets a FF kicks a point and gets 1 point fuck me
DrSeuss: Traded Hogan in as a POD – turns out in my team he is a POS
J.Worrall: Big Tomm going off
kangawalla: We missed you T Mc!
korza: Hibberd plz dont do this to me No1 overall for the week on the line. Go you PIG
luke394: if you get a free kick and advantage is paid do you still get it?
Apachecats: Point of Suffering @Dr Seuss?
the worm: wow korza, you dont have tom mitchell or merrett?
Apachecats: Love Gawns SC compared to DT.
DrSeuss: Yeah Apache – traded in a forward this week – chose between Hogan and Mitch Robinson – guess who I chose…
duckky: Crossley looks a monster
Haydo: korza r u Dewys Blues??
korza: @the worm both. RDT
LMartos: have 5 Melbourne players now and Petracca is the worst even though 2 are rookies
the worm: if you have both you’re not winning anything, if you dont have both, then good luck
original: CMon Hibberd
korza: @Haydo nooo
StuL: Go Fritsch!
luke394: Its beyond a joke with Petracca he is getting slaughtered by CD @LMartos he doesn’t get any points
original: The worm how good are my parents my premos so far jpk zerrett Titch all 70s…lol
Snarfy: I making the big decision. Bringing in Crossley for Olango over the bye season.
Hawks_13: What’s with all these huge SuperCoach scores for Melbourne
korza: @the worm, if you dont have Mitchell, no way your good, projected 2415 S.Martin (C)
the worm: 800k for 58 points is not winning anything if you have titch in rdt
korza: @the worm, to correct you $783k RDT
the worm: what did you pay for him?
korza: Leave it be, i’m just enjoying the moment.
the worm: correction, 878k πŸ™‚
korza: Could someone correct this peanut, the worm. What is T.Mitchell cost in the RDT
the worm: he costs what you paid for him
lukat: Just realised i have the C on Gawn. Not mad.
DrSeuss: Hogan, less handballs – more marks, kicks and goals please
J.Worrall: Maxxy!
luke394: Petrarca ruining my SC weekend
Breezey: Anyone seen Hibberd
DrSeuss: Hibberd is hanging out with Hogan – drinks on the boundary line perhaps
original: Breezey has had an essendon like 3rd qt ffs
Burnsy03: GOD had the c on mcdonald this week
pcaman2003: Spargo! WTF nman. only 8 pts added since 1st qtr. Rubbish!
luke394: Holman needed that one
m0nty: Hibberd has had one kick, one tackle and 1 FA since QT
runt: The sparg has gone out of little Charlie
luke394: Spargo is a good trade in just having a stinker
StuL: Spargo going backwards
korza: Thx for rubbing it in Monty. You and the worm has jinxed me.
TheBoy89: Brought in Clay this week so happy with that and who should I captain Macrae Or Fyfe
Umpirespet: GOD has the C in his hand this week
cusch1: A moments silence for those who traded in Spargo instead of Ronke
luke394: I got them both @cusch1 :/
pcaman2003: I got Spargo this week. Sorry people!
Hadouken: crossley have a pulse ?
Raspel31: Me too Luke-just benched the wrong one. Fritz looking more all round.
Breezey: Hibbo lives
TheMessiah: Hogan… you are killing me mate
circle52: I got sparg as well but at least on bench.
DragonLass: well deserved goal to Hibberd there. Put in the hard yards
cusch1: I’ve got both on field due to my decision to hold both JKelly and Walters
luke394: Fritsch has played a ripping game been on the wing a lot looks good
J.Worrall: I have the C on Spargo!
Burnsy03: benched him tis week, he was always going to go big
wadaramus: Spar going backwards.
Raspel31: And for the last time I drive people crazy by asking Macrae or Fyfe?
wadaramus: Spar goes bang with a goal πŸ™‚
Haydo: when u field spargo, petracca and henry over fritsch
tommy10: Glad I got rid of Petrecca this week.
luke394: Petrarca fucking do something
Haydo: Fyfe raspel
boo!: spargoal
DrSeuss: Any chance of a goal or two Hogan?
StuL: Spa will be a reverse Ronke
Raspel31: Droll wada
Breezey: Lucky you can’t Rage Trade during the game or Hibbo would be on the bus home
wadaramus: I had the C sitting on Gawn as a placeholder, but changed to Macrae.
Snarfy: Both Raspel31.
StuL: 5 in the last q for Spargo
cusch1: Spargoal
duckky: Crossley seems to only play one half each week
Haydo: oppo has cap on gawn
Raspel31: Thanks Snarfy.
DragonLass: I had to choose between getting rid of Billings or Petracca this week. Bet Billings tons up now.
luke394: Stewie Dew stacked the KG’s on
BigChief: It is his 2nd game duckky.
Burnsy03: can spargo please beat holman?
Raspel31: Hmm, benched you but u be lookin de goods Fritzo.
StuL: Ton up Fritsch. Will at least make up little for Ronke
DrSeuss: Every Melbourne forward except Hogan scoring today??
lukat: nothing less than 150 thanks gawny
Strskes: Hogan 2 goals was the last leg of my multi πŸ™
Snarfy: Olango, go get a rub down mate, you’ll be captain again today son.
Apachecats: Gawn 170 any one?
Haydo: Spargo, Holman and Petracca with fritsch on bench and oppo has gawn cap really couldnt have had much of a worse match
Fatbar5tad: Bit late for the Colango…
wadaramus: Olango has already played?
BigChief: Exactly how are you going to do that @Snarfy?
CBeezDeez: Very similar to me @Haydoz
Ash777: phew cappy gawn
Haydo: or not played wada
Raspel31: Whoopsy doos Haydo.
Koss: Theres one for you Strskes!
CBeezDeez: And I put the VC on Titch! LoL
Strskes: 1 to go!
Apachecats: Whats it worth Strskes?
Gotigres: Your dog knows what a spud you are Petracca
DrSeuss: Finally Hoges
Burnsy03: hes got the free kick
Breezey: Some big Dees scores tonight on SC
Burnsy03: youve got it strkes
kangawalla: Free beer at Strskes joint! 🍻
Apachecats: strkes just fainted
kangawalla: Triple M saying Dees inside 50s is a world record. We have 80 so far. .
BeastMode: cape for hogan! huge last quarter
oc16: junking it up nicely jesse!
Ash777: club record more like
Ash777: trash can for hogan
Breezey: U r a disgrace Hibberd
kangawalla: @Ash, I checked AFL website. 76 was the AFL record til now. All clubs
kangawalla: Two world records. Most inside 50S & lowest ever crowd at the Gabba
Ash777: why isn’t it at metricon
CBeezDeez: And the AFL pay for this team and yet give NOTHING to Tassie footy!
pcaman2003: Thought Spargo would go better. Oh well!
kangawalla: @Ash. Still cleaning up Metricon after Comm Games

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