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Chat log from R8 of 2018: Hawthorn vs Sydney

Chat log for Hawthorn vs Sydney, R8 of 2018

JockMcPie: Big night for Luke Parker!
JockMcPie: Please
frenzy: a stinker from Heeney pls πŸ™‚
Seiya: Evening everyone
Burnsy03: ronke 20 pts i traded him in, sorry fellas
Ash777: dw I traded in and vc JPK
TheMessiah: Hi Guys!
Umpirespet: Yes Jock Parker needs a biggie
Apachecats: Took the VC off titch with 10 seconds to go and gave if to big Max.We’ll see ,but titch a blinder for sure now.
Apachecats: Ronke @Burnsy!!
wadaramus: Ronke goal!
Apachecats: Although rough start for Titch so far.
Umpirespet: I took the C off Titch as well Apache
Apachecats: Mwssiah ,you any relation to GOD
DrSeuss: Great start from Titch…can only get better I guess
thedodgey: surely Hawks won’t run this out?
JockMcPie: Fair kick by Sicily there…
thedodgey: what’s the asterix next to Gunston for?
TheMessiah: @apache, not too sure who that is mate?
masterhc2: people compaining about titch after 5 mins ffs lol everyone has him
DrSeuss: Couldnt just let it go thru Breust?
TheMessiah: Wish I traded in ROnke πŸ™
wadaramus: Ronke again!
TheOnyas: Onya ronkey
thedodgey: lol Doc
rotated: @thedodgey first goal scorer
Apachecats: He gets on the forum occasionally ,always claims the top scorer is his captain.Has up to 5 captains per round.
thedodgey: aha!, thanks
Breezey: First goal kicker @Dodgey
Raspel31: Evening all- just home from a long lunch. Well, hello Ronke.
pcaman2003: Sicily goal assist. How much is it worth? Thought his score should be higher
thedodgey: soccer off the ground, from the middle whilst being tackled……. deliberate!
Breezey: You talking about GOD @ Apache with multiple captains
Apachecats: Yeh Breezy,bit of a pest.
Apachecats: Like it was probably funny the first few times.
duckky: Sicily kicking = the new Fletch
BigChief: Anyone not VC Mitchell?
JockMcPie: If Sicily keeps kicking like that his level of flogness might decreases
Umpirespet: Yep I didn’t Chief
Fatbar5tad: VC Sicily
Breezey: Happy with the early good work from Lloyd
Raspel31: Me bigchief-left Macrae open to Fyfe
TheOnyas: Onya Lloydy
JockMcPie: I went for interstate VC/C, Vic weather is terrible and was worried skill level would be down
BigChief: I went Mitchell because of the weather.
Ash777: slow down ronke!
frenzy: Ronkey baby
luke394: traded Garlett out for Ronke looking very good
oh_lol: Ronke for Coleman.
wadaramus: SC don’t like Ronke, three straight for 25, please.
Raspel31: I must say as a rather drunken English chap- I’m enjoying Ronke.
McSpud: i went mitchell because he is a pig and often pigs out
RGriffen: superman Ronke has 3 goals
wadaramus: Thats better πŸ™‚
Fatbar5tad: Pretty happy with my Trac to Wronk trade
lilboat: Gunston superman as well?
CamT: Ronke least time on the ground.
luke394: If Dusty had kicked 3 goals @wandaramus he’d be on 50
BigChief: Bit early to be drunk @Raspel.
runt: Hawks have a touch of class that the Swans lack
thedodgey: Gunston going for MASSIVE FF score!
Umpirespet: M0nty is biased
masterhc2: Traded Ronke in but reckon he won’t hit 70 still
thedodgey: wash your toungue @BigChief!!!
original: sicily robbed..100%eff
Fatbar5tad: A lot more experience runt
wadaramus: Word up luke, Ronke being harshly treated!
CamT: Ronke was paying $81 to kick 3 goals
BigChief: What are you on about @original? It says Sicily has 100% eff
JockMcPie: Solid quarter for Ronke
Breezey: Super super Ronke
DrSeuss: Ronke is On Fire
sammyo7: i had to reverse changes and not bring ronke in
StuL: Ronke will.kick 16.
runt: Well done Ronke
wadaramus: 4 goal Ronke, what colour cape for this rookie m0nty?!
Raspel31: You were saying master?
RGriffen: perm superman for Ronke tonight
original: so glad i decided NOT to bring ronke in
frenzy: Ronkey baby
TheMessiah: I was contemplating Sicily as VC – He will go huge since I decided not to haha
StuL: God has the C on Ronke i bet.
bones351: Looks like Guelfi comes onfield for me. He better not be a late in!
korza: Donke on track for 200
TheMessiah: Happy with Sicily and Gunner – Pick it up Titch!
JockMcPie: Wish Parker knew how to do something apart from handball πŸ™
wadaramus: Solid quarter Jock??!!
Raspel31: I’m not religious but thank god for Ronke rather than Fritz
Breezey: I looked at Ronke and I said to myself β€œBreezey can Ronke possibly kick 4 goals in a qtr”.Nah mate i said to myself.
Umpirespet: GOD has the C on Gunstan and Ronke at the same time
JockMcPie: Very solid quarter @wada
th3rio: Fuck sake all my fwds were on minus BE so didnt get ronke.
Umpirespet: Ronke can wonke tho
Haydo: damn couldve downgraded ti Ronke but decided not to
Schillaci: The Ronkey Donk!!! Brought him in for Crowden and whacked the E on him but I have Guelf about to get a gig on my field.
TheMessiah: I thought about Ronke, and talked myself out of it due to Buddy’s return
wadaramus: That’s better Jock πŸ™‚
BigChief: Ronke will struggle to get many more touches.
Fatbar5tad: Jock I’ve got Parker on the bench. But not much to loophole with.
StuL: Ronk E! Are these commentators hard of speaking?
frenzy: reckon Ronke will get another game, just quietly
Raspel31: As you keep saying bigchief but, frankly he’s done his job
th3rio: Ronkes js will be safe, he wont be like this every week so meh
Umpirespet: Sheesh was that you M0nty I just saw at the footy?
StuL: God has the C on Ronke for Q1 only.
Fatbar5tad: LOL@pet. Hawk man!
wadaramus: Ronke continuing to rack them up BigChief πŸ™‚
runt: BT to Bruce, thats YOU saying Im weird.
Raspel31: Gday Wada
Umpirespet: Thought Catman was weird but I was wrong lol
JockMcPie: FIVE for Ronke, boy oh boy wowee
Torz: Ronke is in the zone.
duckky: Now Ronke is just showing off
Fatbar5tad: Thank you sir can I have another!
th3rio: Lol
korza: The Donke goes bang, thats 5
wadaramus: 5 sausage rolls to Ronke, giddy up!
TheMessiah: Maybe Buddy wont get a call up haha
RGriffen: can we get a double cape
Apachecats: Hawks vs Ronke!!
frenzy: Um wtf Ronke
poolboybob: I think I made the Ronke decision not to add that kid this week
luke394: Hes a jet Ronken
wadaramus: Evening Raspel, love Friday night footy :):)
Apachecats: He’s outscored hawthorn
masterhc2: Ok Ronke may get 70 haha. Keep going son!
th3rio: I made the ronke decision by not trading him in
Breezey: Ronke has 30pts in a total of 32
pcaman2003: O’Brien jumping a lot. Will he ever take a grab?
th3rio: Dam beat me pool
Jackwatt$: Ronke the Donkey!!! Wow! He’s like a grown man having a VicKick session
Raspel31: I traded Ronke out for Garlett- joking.
pcaman2003: Everyone will get Ronke next week anyway.
3rdstriker: Sicily about to belt him by the look of it
Haydo: Sicily in my perfect 9
DrSeuss: Come on Titch
Umpirespet: Feel for those who bought in JPK this week having a mare
TheMessiah: Gunner!!!
luke394: haha @Raspel31 I actually did the opposite pretty happy πŸ™‚
Raspel31: But pcacman-the whole point is picking and staying ahead of the pack.
Breezey: Crap decision that.
TheMessiah: Did many people keep the VC on Titch?
Rush: Yeah, i’ve got the vc on Titch.
duckky: Boo to Heeney
wadaramus: Yep, I did Messiah.
Jackwatt$: It’s the Ronke-Gunston show!
runt: As a defender, if a forward grabs your jumper, dont try to prise his hand off!
Rush: Had to really, my only option to loophole is Olongo and he plays next game
McSpud: i did, but i’m a spud
pcaman2003: Another goal for goal game between these 2.
DrSeuss: Yep I did too – was contemplating taking it off all week…
Haydo: Or not
Apachecats: took it off him at the last minute@ messiah
Raspel31: No choice Wada- but Macrae or Fyfe?
Apachecats: swapped vc to Gawn
wadaramus: Go Sicily πŸ™‚
Umpirespet: #freekickhawthorn atm
Haydo: Yea πŸ™ @messiah
Rush: I have the C on Macrae at the moment. Really tempted to switch to Gawn
wadaramus: I backed Macrae with the VCl ast week, can he back it up, I think so!
runt: tacklemania
TheMessiah: I have VC Gawn and C Fyfe atm
duckky: good game
luke394: I think everyone in Aus VC’d Titch right?
Raspel31: The Bont back-I’m leaning to Fyfe though love Macrae
McSpud: i thought i saw heeney kick a goal?
pcaman2003: Bad turnover Hawks. Damn h/ball again going awry
mardyb: get stuffed sicily you flog
Blaircam: me too Messiah
CamT: Why are Sydney taking Ronke off all the time ?
TheMessiah: Beautiful Impey!
breezly: Is omeara injured
Blaircam: Ronke as emergency argh
wadaramus: Why the hate mardy?
runt: Impeys footwork was like Sammy Davis junior
wadaramus: Can you loop Blair?
Raspel31: Two trades this week- Sicily and Ronke- no complaints so far.
TheMessiah: Nice trades Ronke!
TheMessiah: Raspel*
Fatbar5tad: Did the same Rasp.
Apachecats: C on Macrae ,got him in the brownlow at 100/1 ,more at 50/1 and more at 34/1.
frenzy: come the flower on Titchell
pcaman2003: Clunk one O’Brien for ffs
BigChief: Sinclair being robbed of spoils.
runt: a punch over the boundary line is not deliberate. please explain
Breezey: Dogs would have to win a fair few more games @ Apache
mardyb: opp has him. i dont
masterhc2: Anyone know whats up with JPK this year? Carrying something?
Raspel31: Bravo fatbar and ceers messiah.
wadaramus: TMitch the mayor of struggletown πŸ™
BigChief: MacCrae won’t win charlie as Dogs won’t win enough games.
Apachecats: He’s only got Bont to take votes off him in that team breeze
TheMessiah: Problem with Macrae is he goes unnoticed and therefore may not get all the votes he deserves
Ash777: Macrae should only be on about 7 votes atm
masterhc2: not a bad bet at all @Apache, from vague memory he’s polled ok in past too?
RGriffen: what did Sicily have at quarter time?
TheMessiah: Only 8 or 9 last year I think @master
Raspel31: Apache- he rose enormously last round. Dusty. Titch crap- I think a good bet.
masterhc2: Yeah he’s pretty durable too and I see dogs finishing around 8th so not bad at all
TheMessiah: Gaff is my roughy for the Brownlow this year
wadaramus: 30 odd RGriff I think.
Apachecats: Macrae one vote behind Fyfe in herald Sun ,top point scorer in super coach.
Ash777: dogs should finish about the same as last season I think but they’re playing a very young group
Apachecats: Recent Brownlows Cotchin 2012 ,Richmond 12th ,Ablett 2013 GCS 14th.
Haydo: Ive got Cripps cap should run rampant against dons in a chance for Carltons 1st win, especially in the wet with more sto
Haydo: stoppages
th3rio: Fyfe or gawn c lads?
J_Herer: lol if Sydney had a brain they would tag Sicily and stop the backline run
Raspel31: At half time next week I want you all to write a description of what you think your fellow posters look like.
wadaramus: Only if they were coaching against SC points J_Herer!
wadaramus: You’re getting all creative on us Raspel?!
Raspel31: Ha ha- bored, pissed and curious Wada.
Apachecats: I’ve got a bit of an idea what fatbar5tad might look like raspel
frenzy: lol apache
wadaramus: LOL Apache, very good!
Raspel31: Ha ha- my point exactly Apache.
wadaramus: What doe GOD look like?
Haydo: What do I look like Raspel?
wadaramus: Haydo, Big bold fearless australian opening batsman.
runt: I look like dried turd
Jackwatt$: Hawks midfield looking very light on, they must get 50 games into Worpel ASAP, agree m0nty?
Jackwatt$: Starting next week
Ash777: ronke the new package
wadaramus: Runt, smallest of the lot, but in the end the best pick of the lot πŸ™‚
pcaman2003: How does O’Brien keep getting a game?
Haydo: wow ur really good wada hahaha
runt: wadaramus lol
Umpirespet: No one that drinks xxxx is fearless Wada
Raspel31: A small pig or other runt- most likely to be put down-sorry runt.
Apachecats: Titch 10@ 50% bit of a worry.
Umpirespet: fore x*
runt: O’Brien is really an enigma. He promises a lot but rarely delivers
wadaramus: You’re all making me smile πŸ™‚
frenzy: record possies seem a lifetime ago
McSpud: i look like a potato
wadaramus: Ronke & Sicily is masking the Titch failure!
wadaramus: Nice Mc Spud, buttherearemany different potatoes, which are you?
Ash777: give kennedy the mare icon already πŸ™
wadaramus: JPK value pick? Not…
Raspel31: Okay- I picked Hawks to win this but Ronke-kick a goal.
McSpud: an ugly potato. no good for the markets. vodka only
Apachecats: I went Hawks by 8.
Apachecats: How many eyes you got spud?
pcaman2003: Overuse of hanball is killing this game
wadaramus: Nice question Apache πŸ˜‰
wadaramus: Ton up Ronke you gun!!
McSpud: three eyes
Umpirespet: One big brown one Apache
Apachecats: Probably 2 blue and one brown.
pcaman2003: Langford another great game.
McSpud: two blue, one brown
wadaramus: The third eye is the all seeing eye McSpud, are you omnipotent?
MONEY TALK: other than sicily missing the game while suspended very happy with him
runt: Gunston did some miming as he flew for a mark
Raspel31: As Ronke’s new manager please do not post in public domains Wada.
Apachecats: Hard to think of a bigger improver than sicily MT.
wadaramus: As is agent, can you please make sure ho tons up?
Apachecats: Is that Norman Gunston @runt?
MONEY TALK: billings is a good improver, has improved my anger
stuballs: Wtf! English to Ronke should’ve been the easiest trade of my life… Should’ve fired
wadaramus: First week that my VC has failed, thanks Titch!
mardyb: heeney hasnt moved at all this qtr.
Burnsy03: who do i upgrade o meara to?
Haydo: Lloyd for cape soon?
Apachecats: Bed time ,been good fun in the forum tonight ,cheers everyone.
Raspel31: How quickly have Titch and Dusty become irrelevant-now Fyfe or Macrae. And no Danger. Interesting year.
original: bad footballers dont deserve the cape hehe that marking contest clear lloyd is just good for sc
wadaramus: Downgrade to rookie Burnsy.
TheMessiah: Nice Breuster!
Torz: Titch irrelevant? Lol. He’s averaged 125.
The39Steps: Zac Dawson @Burnsy.
wadaramus: Spot on the moneyRaspel, but I have to hold TMitch and Dusty right?
TheMessiah: Macrae will drop off, teams will lay hard tags on him going forward in my opinion
luke394: I dunno if they are irrelevant @Raspel31 they were never gonna keep up a 140-150 average
pcaman2003: Needed that! Go Breuster
Burnsy03: if he still played i would
Burnsy03: i have 520 k with kelly and omeara
CamT: Ronke has spent the equivalent of an entire quarter on the bench. Makes zero sense.
wadaramus: I’s a four quarter game Ronke, get with the program!
Raspel31: Kept them both of course lads- but not captain picks.
wadaramus: Double upgrade Burnsy!!
Rush: Did Heeney hop of the field and have a nap that quarter?
luke394: how good is Jaeger going
pcaman2003: Did Heeney go backwards that QTR?
TheOnyas: Onya Breusty
masterhc2: Surely people aren’t complaining about Ronke….you’d take 90 every day of the week as his total score
Umpirespet: Jaeger Bomb
TheMessiah: Big final Quarter Sicily!
wadaramus: Yes I would master, but after his start I want more!
bones351: 7 clangers for Heeney
mardyb: yeah pca
bones351: hope he stays down as I dont have him yet
TheMessiah: FFS Frawley, you are a spud
runt: Frawleys lack of pace constantly being exploited
pcaman2003: Nice drop Frawley! Go join spud O’Brien
pcaman2003: @Mardy. Thanks. thought he might have
runt: and skill…
Ash777: wow ronke
bones351: that kid can find the big sticks
Fatbar5tad: Chopping the arms?
TheMessiah: Every game against the Swans is a heart attack waiting to happen for me haha
wadaramus: Ronke!!
JockMcPie: Raise the bat youngster
wadaramus: Ronke tons up, yeah baby!!
pcaman2003: What the hell is Frawley doing? He has no bloody idea.
TheMessiah: BS call
Raspel31: God has Ronke as captain!
Snarfy: Hasn’t Ronke got a lot of strength in his core. Shrugs off tackles like Ablett.
Fatbar5tad: Suit up Fog, you’re on! Sorry Fritsch.
runt: Omeara may want to impose himself at some stage
CamT: You can still back Ronke @17 for the Rising Star. There’s no standout.
wadaramus: Carn Sicily, fix us up with a big score πŸ™‚
masterhc2: I tipped syndey, but fucken hell frawley
pcaman2003: Gee ump. Be consistent
Raspel31: 6 goals and still not 100 on SC?
TheMessiah: Gunner! You champion!
luke394: and 9 tackles @Raspel31!! The one week I have Mitchell as a POD πŸ™
Breezey: Bruce getting excited like Cyrils playing or something
kano: Florent garbage
wadaramus: It’s rubbish Raspel, SC, sometimes I wonder?
CamT: Ronke has 9 tackles as well as 6 goals and no free kicks against ??
pcaman2003: Tough hard game.Can’t pick a winner out of this.
TheMessiah: Sicily is an absolut gun
runt: Burgoyne laying some big tackles this qtr, you can see him calculating the weight difference as well
luke394: if Dusty had Ronke’s stats he’d be on 130
poolboybob: O’Meara is a spud
TheMessiah: @luke – Dusty would have 24 touches though, not 10
Raspel31: Aint that the truth luke.
pcaman2003: Brought Sicilly in this week. Great move to replace Christensen
Fatbar5tad: Tackled without the ball Gunston
BigChief: Martin wouldn’t have 10 disp though
pcaman2003: Shoulda been Gunston free for hold
luke394: that doesn’t make sense @themessiah not what I said
luke394: and I have Dusty btw love the bloke
Fatbar5tad: Holiday for Parker
BigChief: No case to answer. If Cotchin gets off, then Parker is fine.
Umpirespet: Cotchin plays for a victorian side so parker will go
wadaramus: Cotchin got off coz it was the GF.
pcaman2003: Bye Parker
Fatbar5tad: Consistency? Hmm, an interesting concept Chief.
Raspel31: I don’t really give a toss- not my teams- but my hat off to Ronke. Fantastic.
TheMessiah: I was trying to say that Dusty would not have 10 touches in the 4th quarter – more like 24
runners47: Parker gone for all money
TheMessiah: Parker should be fine
Moona: 2 weeks he will go for.
carlton_99: There shouldnt be anything in that but if Nic Nat got a week that will be like 7
Ash777: parker gone now the mrp is now the mro
MontyJnr: Cotchin incident irrelevant, its a new season
TheMessiah: He was going for the ball, surely he wont get rubbed out :/
pcaman2003: Parker went past the ball and intended to bump. GONE!
carlton_99: He was trying to pick it up. And was protecting himself.
wadaramus: Squared hi up in the scone, in trouble methinks
Raspel31: So- 99% of us have to choose a new captain. Your thoughts?
Moona: Sicdog sensational again tonight – wish i had him
Umpirespet: Messiah after u were right about Burton i’ll believe you
carlton_99: Going past it would mean completely disregarding the ball, Like the Lindsey Thomas incident on selwood
runners47: Parker looked and turned his body to make contact. He’ll get weeks
twinpeaks: Really shouldn’t get weeks, he had his hand on the ball at the moment immediately prior to contact
TheMessiah: Cheers @umpire πŸ™‚
luke394: Fyfe against the saints @Raspel31
DragonLass: lol he won’t get weeks. He might get one. He was going for the ball.
Umpirespet: If Burton got off everyone should but…..
BigChief: Thinking Fyfe or Beams as C now.
pcaman2003: Man up Hawks. Don’t blow it now.
Raspel31: Me too luke
carlton_99: Well Done Parker!!!!
Breezey: I don’t care how good Sicily is, he’s a deadset flog. No question
luke394: kick the winner Titchell
Ash777: I’ll take the 70 from jpk for his poor performance
NewFreoFan: Need Sydney for my multi
thommoae: Cotchin gets off. Parker gets off. AFL set the bar. That’s it.
runt: Gunston can do it
Umpirespet: how did JPK get to 70?
JockMcPie: Agree @thommoae
carlton_99: Thommoae yeh but its a new review system they arent using past cases as precedent from b4 2018
carlton_99: 7 for Ronke!
wadaramus: No way, Ronke!!
twinpeaks: Ronke!
Snarfy: Ronke again!!!
frenzy: Ronkey baby
runt: Give me a break. Ronke
Raspel31: Um-glad not left on the bench.
korza: The Donke has 7
Ash777: did they stick buddy into ronke’s body?
runners47: Seven of the best – who’d a thunk it
pcaman2003: Another terrible turnover Hawks.Oh Dear!
Umpirespet: think i’d better get Ronke in next week
pcaman2003: Man up Hawks. Don’t blow it now.
carlton_99: Great mark by Rohan as well
Moona: Pay that
Moona: I’ll pay that
runners47: Swans get away with it
korza: Where the fk is Donkeys star
runt: Hawks touch of class but no Ronke.
runt: Buddy can cool off in the reserves
carlton_99: Good win by the Swans!
Raspel31: Well, cut me off at the knees and call me tripod- traded Ronke and Sicily. Canlive with that.
Fatbar5tad: Get the Banjos out
Breezey: Power off Sicily you fool
BigChief: Well played both teams.
pcaman2003: Should not have let that one go.
runt: Swans relentless
frenzy: chair the ronke off
carlton_99: Impey back on ground will helpParkers case
thommoae: Did they say that outright Carlt? If so tacit admission they fudged Cotch for the fairy tale?
carlton_99: I think they did Thommaoe but I might be wriong.
Stuart88: Raspel I made the same trade very happy 😃
luke394: Mitchell very disappointing
wadaramus: Why the banjos? Because Sydney delivered?
bones351: Guelfi better not bloody play haha
Lowrider: 70 points left. Give em all to Ronke!
StuL: Mitchell laid four tackles? What game was that in?

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