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Chat log from R8 of 2018: Western Sydney vs West Coast

Chat log for Western Sydney vs West Coast, R8 of 2018

BigChief: Hi all. I know this is not related to this game, but it is good to see Parker cleared of bump on Impey.
jocka: Interest in this game seems sky high.
th3rio: Good to see Chief, he went low and for the most part, seemed to be going in for the ball
th3rio: in other news, where you at coniglio?
BigChief: And on queue Conigs gets a kick.
th3rio: sweet. Who are putting the C on lads? Fyfe or Gawn?
cusch1: Cripps into Fyfe
Umpirespet: Fyfe and VC on Maxxy
Apachecats: Got c on Macrae trio
Apachecats: VC on Gawn
th3rio: nice, i wanted max into fyfe but i didnt have any late non playing players
th3rio: nice VC cusch, cripps was my 2nd choice and titch has gone and fucked me
Raspel31: I’ve got the awful choice of Fyfe or Macrae after Titch.
TheMessiah: VC Conugs
Torz: This game is so scrappy. Just constant stoppages.
TheMessiah: VC Conigs into C Gawn, only realised this morning that I had no other options 😐
th3rio: provided fyfe doesnt go forward, surely he’ll go huge
th3rio: gawn v witts is 50/50
Umpirespet: All hail Messiah was right about Burton and last night said Parker fine
cusch1: Worsfold is Buckley 2.0. Hates a tag and takes teams backwards. Cripps will have a day out in the wet
Raspel31: You’d think so th3rio
TheMessiah: Haha thanks @umpire 😊
BigChief: I went Beams for someone different as C
th3rio: Youre a brave brave man Chief.
Umpirespet: Hope it pays off Chief
BigChief: Only playing Dogs who don’t tag.
TheMessiah: Eagles look the goods this year
Umpirespet: Only early but Giants look in a bit of trouble here
BigChief: C’mon Scotty, do something.
th3rio: upgraded finlayson, of course he’ll hit his BE
Torz: How is that advantage, when he stopped? Shit umpiring.
Raspel31: Kept him th3rio-just. Looking good.
TheMessiah: I held finlayson after reading he is 4th or something for handball receives in back 50
luke394: everyone went cold on FInlayson quick he’s been a beast played a different role last week
TheOnyas: onya hurny
Torz: Yeah, he’s been solid. But it’s that time of the year when plenty of upgrades are happening. And he’s peaked in price.
luke394: I dunno if he has peaked in price his breakeven is 80 odd after a couple of 60’s they will roll out after next week
Raspel31: Agreed Luke-why I held on.
luke394: me too @Raspel hopefully he gets to 400k
DrSeuss: Hmmm maybe the risk of picking up Redden was a little too risky
luke394: Shaw playing his old role that quarter
Haydo: Lets go Yeo
Umpirespet: Noice Yo-yo
DrSeuss: Redden get off the bench ffs
luke394: need atleast 60 Cole cmon
Apachecats: Yeo having a rest?
Strskes: Keefe had a great quarter.
Apachecats: Got 4 giants and Conigs is the lowest score of them.
DrSeuss: Get a touch Redden
snake_p: geez Ainsworth going ape droppings
Generalsor: Sharpshooter or Superman for Darling?
Generalsor: Sahrpshooter or Superman for Darling?
Haydo: Cogs and finlayson get a move on, keep going Yeo
pcaman2003: Darling will Ave over 100 from today. Great year so far
Generalsor: Giles Langdon on Bench. Fritsch better chop up ._.
Migz: Yeo has to get a week for that if nicNat did 😂
circle52: Darling looks like he could be a good in in SC
circle52: But with my luck he will stink eg brought in Redden this week.
DrSeuss: I did the same Circle – repaying the risk amazingly – thanks Jack
Strskes: 5 Possessions in a half? you suck Redden.
DrSeuss: Redden 2 possies in a minute. Keep that up big fella
Umpirespet: Glad I didn’t bring Cole in
Raspel31: I did and fortunately reversed ump-phew
Apachecats: Cnig starting to fire up now.TG
Umpirespet: Slow down Cogs
pcaman2003: Rioli 52 on those stats? SC is an enigma
the worm: i ca nunderstand how redden’s 3 good games in 4 years was pretty tempting
Raspel31: Ah, the worm has turned.
Snarfy: C’mon Tarantula! “Get a wriggle on!”
wadaramus: Timmy T & Cogs, a couple of tons would be nice 🙂
korza: Schofield going at 100% His 2 owners would be thrilled
Apachecats: Most improved player of the year ,Sicily? ,Darling?Other?
Raspel31: We took him for a walk this morning korza and he seemed a bit peakish.
Koss: 45 point quarter for Redden
DrSeuss: Redden with 13 possies in that quarter. Same again in the 4th please Jack
Torz: Keep going Whitta. Building to a heart here.
Apachecats: Going to be 0/3 in the tipping.
luke394: love copping a 30 from Cole on field
Raspel31: I fear the same Apache.
bones351: I’m watching the other game guys. What are everyone’s thoughts on the rookie priced boys in this game?
lukat: Shaw seems to always miss out on the ton
Raspel31: Golly the Giants could do with Greene, Kelly and Scully back.
luke394: he’s very frustrating @lukat after being 40 at 1/4 time
luke394: because they’ve lost any possies Giants players get now don’t count for much
korza: Redden repaying the 10yr faith.
m0nty: onya Yeo, brought you in this week go son
Gazza95: Nice Yeo
DrSeuss: Good man Redden, 24 possession second half

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