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Chat log from R7 of 2018: Brisbane vs Collingwood

Chat log for Brisbane vs Collingwood, R7 of 2018

JockMcPie: Not confident let’s just get four points boys
BigChief: Really Jock? Coll should win by 5+ goals.
Carnster: Hope eagles does well
ReggieOz: Pies always travel well – Pies by 8-10 goals
th3rio: No dice for stefs.two taps?
circle52: Zorko on treloar
circle52: Largestt 50 metres yet
JockMcPie: @BigChief im never confident anymore
Carnster: grundy wtf
Costanza: “Intent good enough” ? HTB all day long
BigChief: The rookie throwing his weight around early. Good stuff.
BeastMode: agreed steviebeeeez
Costanza: close games for us both Beastly
Carnster: Grundy why so many free kicks
ajconodie: Appleby cementing his spot.
JockMcPie: Appleby looks like a 100 game player at the moment
Yelse: why isn’t zorko getting tagged
TheBoy89: Op has beams as captain but even if he scores 300 I’ll still win
SilverLion: How the flower is Grundy on more SC than Stef
circle52: Yelse think zorko has been given a run with role
JockMcPie: Is that a real question @SilverLion?
SilverLion: All I’ve seen Grundy do is 2 FA and a couple of handballs
ajconodie: Grundy’s hit outs have mostly gone to advantage which boosts scores.
circle52: Sidebottom appears to be running with zorks this quarter
JockMcPie: Is Adams playing…get a kick
SilverLion: Where are those alarm bells now Russel?
BigChief: I think Zorko is running with Sidebottom.
Carnster: I swear if grundy gives away another free
cusch1: Zorko might be tagging the ball this week. Actually getting near it for once
JockMcPie: Might trade Billings to Zorko via DPP, not even a terrible idea. Keep Zorko as m9 loop
DrSeuss: Beams has gone quiet – anyone running with him this quarter?
ajconodie: Crocker is getting better and better.
BigChief: Crocker is terrible. Only in the team because of injuries.
Costanza: thirsty for more Crisps
Umpirespet: Haha Taylor like a dog on lino
SilverLion: Good half boys
BigChief: 10.0 is great kicking at goal. Very surprising this year.
JockMcPie: I think Adams should go back to the VFL for a while to remember what the ball looks like
m0nty: Lions have pulled a TAC Cup Sidebottom
Haydo: 137 from big stef to take the w
circle52: Bigchief looks good but you also have to factor in hiplys ootf.
SilverLion: A chance @Haydo. Not likely though
lilboat: new Zorko, who dis?
JockMcPie: Put Adams on Zorko as a tag pls
DirtyDawn: Evening all
Apachecats: evening DD
DrSeuss: Damn Rayner has gone quiet since the first
BigChief: @circle you forget those 1’s and it is impressive 🙂
Haydo: Yeah i know silver damn petracca
Gotigres: Pendles going down to the rooms with boot off
Lodgy: I love watching Grundy laying tackles… wonder what his PB is for them…
Haydo: Actually adjusted scores its now 142 not gonna win😭
Yelse: bucks needs a reality check.. every coach has tagged zorko he doesn’t and look the game in the balance
runt: Grundys pb is 11 tackles , against Melbourne last year
Lodgy: @runt thanks mate, on track to beat that in this game!
cusch1: Need 132 from Grundy to win
McSpud: bucks is a great coach. record speaks for itself
McSpud: took a very average team and look what they have achieved since
Haydo: Same boat here cusch probably a bit more.likely tho
BigChief: Nice joke McSpud
JockMcPie: Imagine not tagging Zorko and playing hacks like Adams and Crocker…
lukat: What happened to Adams? Gun last year
DrSeuss: Rayner do something.
Breezey: Adams hasn’t played for a month
ReggieOz: It’s been a great game..28.6 in the wet is amazing
anthsill03: Adams dropped off second half of the year (last season)
runt: This game is accurate goal kicking on steroids
BigChief: Is that reportable from Witherden?
runt: old soldiers and new recruits. The Lions don’t discriminate
DrSeuss: Let’s go Beamer – slowed down a little
cusch1: in other words Runt, after being an average side for a long time, they take what they could get
Ash777: Pendles is done
cusch1: and are now seeing the positives
runt: Witherdens rubbery coathanger will be looked at but no damage was caused so no suspension I would surmise
Breezey: Would the Blues be cheering for Collingwood
runt: The positives for the Lions don’t involve any weird test results thankfully
BigChief: Not a chance @Breezey. LOL
ReggieOz: Pendles done!
runt: The Lions would have to lose by 10 goals to drop to the bottom, and that isnt happening
dipstick: can anyone confirmed pendles has been mothballed
Yelse: if grundy gets 123 i lose
Breezey: Pendles done
Lodgy: fox sports said pendles was done for the day…
jfitty: Yeah Pendles on the bench in the tracksuit
JockMcPie: Collingwood twitter says Pendles wont return
BeastMode: 31 goals 7 behinds, good conversion rate makes for entertaining footy
Haydo: Lift stef
BigChief: Carlton want to waste yet another #1 pick so Brisbane as safe to finish higher.
dipstick: is it a mothballing or injury for pendles
J.Worrall: Zorko rags to riches
lukat: Don’t be fooled, Zorko to dud it up again next week
berch: Give zorko the zombie as well as the hulk!
dipstick: @worral morelike dipstick from rags to scraps after trading zorko for zerret
cusch1: I benched Zorko this week in draft
DrSeuss: Finish strong Beamer
Lodgy: @cusch bad luck man! im consoling one of my mates that did the same thing…
J.Worrall: Is this a good time to trade cogs back to Zork?
lilboat: Zorko gone from spud to the GOAT in one game
poolboybob: Zork is having a blinder
Lodgy: Grundy a gun to match big Stefan plz… Specially since he won me my leagues
BigChief: Uh oh @Jock. You have any fingernails left?
cusch1: This Rayner kid is going to be a freak one day
runt: Lions having a crack
SwaggyP: Being back zorko.
dipstick: is buckley staring out the window without blinking like simple jack? the guy has no idea
biggerz: I traded zorko to dusty this week in RDT, should I get him back next week? lol
DragonLass: anyone who’s held on to zorko would be feeling pretty pleased with themselves right now
JockMcPie: Honestly I don’t care anymore, it’s clear Buckley doesn’t actually want to win
BigChief: Buckley is the worst coach in AFL history.
cusch1: Rayner x factor if Lions get up
Yelse: seriously can’t get over not tagging zorko all game
JockMcPie: It’s insane how much influence one player can have, especially when they get half the field to themselves
lukat: This just shows coaches that tagging Zorko is a must
Umpirespet: Saints fans may disagree with u Chief
dipstick: please ton up rayner. winning goal please
Lodgy: Pies win De Goey needs a star. Brizzy wins it has to be zorks
Gotigres: Zorko getting close to breakeven. He won’t get any cheaper but will he score consistently over 100 is the question.
JockMcPie: We don’t actually deserve to win, Brisbane should take the 4 points
ajconodie: Good movement there. Masterstroke from Bucks.
JockMcPie: I don’t think Buckley is a hopeless coach, but his team has missed a trick
hinsch: well done LIONS never gave up maybe next week got to win one soon
Hadouken: lol, whats the go with zorko ?
Hadouken: just came to check it out, 171!
J.Worrall: What a game!
BigChief: Not over yet @hinsch
Haydo: 6 more points from murray to win 1 league game
Jukes82: c’mon Brissy get this win!
th3rio: What a game. Go lions
runt: playing frisbee with my dog, just knocked his front teeth out
J.Worrall: Bye bye Brisso!
lilboat: so shattered for Brisbane
cusch1: heartbreaking for the lions
duckky: Robinson managed to ton up
ajconodie: Brilliant De Goey. Absolutely brilliant.
lilboat: Christo just needed to handball it over his head
SilverLion: Freakin fluke of a play to win.
Breezey: Get ya Pies. Get ya Hot Pies
poolboybob: Bucks for Coach of the Year
ajconodie: I’m not suprised Brisbane fought back so well. They are not far from the pack. Plus having a Captain off for most of t
Costanza: Mayne might get another game
Haydo: So close brisbane!🙁
Pusti: Whew! I tipped Pies in The Gauntlet tipping.
TheBoy89: Fuck off pies don’t deserve it lions worked their hearts out
JockMcPie: Thank. God. Should end the ‘state of the game’ commentary for a while
runt: Blues on the bottom
stuballs: Christensen had a man free over the top, team footy would’ve sealed the match
proudyy: any danger of an icon for a collingwood player?

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