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Chat log from R7 of 2018: St Kilda vs Melbourne

Chat log for St Kilda vs Melbourne, R7 of 2018

TheMessiah: Need 110+ from Hogan for the win
Carnster: has this just been a bad week for everyone or is it just me?
th3rio: Need a huge one from captain max
Umpirespet: Watching Spargo today
Apachecats: Same th3rio.
lukat: Billings on 10 already? No way
Umpirespet: Good luck th3rio
Apachecats: 23 sc in 9 mins will do for a start
Umpirespet: And Apache
hinsch: carnster I will go about 2350SC points and loose by 200+ so yes a bad week for some
hinsch: hibberd will go huge this week I traded him out
Umpirespet: Ok was wrong th3rio Maxxy gunna go HUGE!
TheMessiah: Gawn is gunna go bananas
Carnster: @hinsch that sucks
Carnster: @hinsch you got a good score can’t believe you are losing with that
th3rio: Thank you pet haha
feralmong: give me the spud. put dusty C from gawn before the game.
Apachecats: Likewise LP.Cheers.
hinsch: carnster opponent has five players now over 150 with Gawn as C
DrSeuss: Billings fast start – please don’t stop
Lawls: I need fritsch to score 36 to win my cash league
hinsch: soory around 150 not over
Carnster: jesus christ hinsch
Apachecats: Fritsch good for 75 Lawls
Bulky: I knew last week was too good to be true Hibberd you spanner!
Hadouken: anyone else hold billings?
Umpirespet: Well done Webster
feralmong: hard to watch this with my spud choice of captain
intergaze: yes hadouken
Umpirespet: Thank You Melb for 2 1sts for Lever
DragonLass: I’ve held Billings … not counting my chickens yet though. He’s already going backwards
Hadouken: @intergaze whats the bet he ends up wit 55 lol ?
th3rio: Charlie Cameron was the bigger loss it seems pet
ReggieOz: Thanks Adelaide for giving us the picks pack that got us Spargo
Umpirespet: Yeah definitely th3rio
Hadouken: treloar +144 vs fritsch, coffield, petracca and christensen. who wins ?
Torz: Still waiting on a Fritsch +6
Umpirespet: Anytime ReggieOz
Umpirespet: Think you would have had the pick anyway Reggie
Umpirespet: Treloar Had
Apachecats: reckon you need 120 from Treloar hadouken
th3rio: Give spargo some more tog!
Umpirespet: Spargo a good downgrade next week
Lawls: come on fritsch 29 more points!!
th3rio: I got him in this week, probably ronke next
Umpirespet: Yeah Ronke is an interesting one will horse keep him in the side
Apachecats: I’m getting Spargo in UPet ,probably for Banfield.
th3rio: Ffs petracca
Umpirespet: Same trade here Apache
Apachecats: Petracca’s SC was just put to the sword.
th3rio: Id say so pet, buddy to return but ronke is a small forward…
Carnster: Reckon i might drop waterman or gowers down to spargo next week
th3rio: Wow petracca lost 10 sc from that 50?
LMartos: there was some hope with Billings and Petracca early on and now they’ve both gone back to shizen
Apachecats: Pertacca 4 muppets from 3 touches ,thats hard to beat.
DrSeuss: Billings – looked so good – forgotten what the ball looks like again??
duckky: Looking at Banfield to JPK.
LMartos: I’m looking at player tracking every now and again and Billings just always 20 metres off the stoppage
th3rio: Was looking good at a comeback win but petracca is going to fuck me
Apachecats: Pull yer finger out Petracca.
Umpirespet: Hoges is looking good today
Hadouken: lever well worth the $$ LOL
th3rio: Gawns gone a bit quiet
Umpirespet: Lever will be the most expensive VFL player soon
LMartos: Petracca’s kick that went to a team mate called ineffective for some reason
ReggieOz: Ok Ump now you are just being a dic
Lawls: 20 or so more points fritsch!!
Umpirespet: Lol Reggie
DrSeuss: 1 handball this quarter Billings? FFS
th3rio: Is spargo on the pine?
Carnster: Come on maxy! keep going
ReggieOz: πŸ™‚ sorry always going to defend my team
stuballs: Went dusty over Gawn for the C against my better judgement. Woops
Umpirespet: All good mate
feralmong: same stu. potato salad for us.
th3rio: Amazing what spargo can do when he’s on the field πŸ™‚
TheMessiah: Savage gone on a holiday?
luke394: I love having Petracca
Haydo: come on maxy 150 min from u as cap
DrSeuss: 2 handballs in a Quarter – Amazing Billings
Costanza: looks like a circle Jack has started
poolboybob: Jeez Petracca sucked a lot of us in this year
th3rio: No wonder his dog bit him
lukat: The blokes playing like he has 9 fingers out there
Yelse: does armitage play one quarter a game? low and petracca you are out next week enough is enough
ReggieOz: Kick the the Ball Oliver!
Umpirespet: Agree Reggie his score would be so much better
th3rio: yelse, armos tog for the first 4 weeks was like 60 %, i got rid of him for that reason
th3rio: actuall decent when he gets the game time
Carnster: come on big max
poolboybob: Nice one Hogan ya tosser
BigChief: So what is Armitage’s excuse today? 87% TOG.
duckky: Hogan… the judges scores are 3, 5 and 2.5
th3rio: ‘hasn’t got the tank’ πŸ˜‰
stuballs: Hibberd to score as expected with McDonald back from here on. Should’ve held.
Hadouken: well, fritsch ensuring i dont win this week.
DragonLass: jesus wept Petracca
TheBoy89: Petracca out McLean in
luke394: I hate Petracca so much
JockMcPie: Downgrading Billings to a rookie this week
Hadouken: lol, billings. just lol….
breadly: Jock thats basically an upgrade
Ash777: Go Cappy gawn
TheBoy89: Spargo looking good
DrSeuss: Upgrading Billings to Zac Dawson this week
TheBoy89: My worst premium picks this year has been hibberd, Billings and now petracca and I can say buddy because I traded him in
th3rio: was glad i could play petracca over a rookie this week, wouldve been better off with a rook
TheBoy89: The week he got injured
TheBoy89: And not forget josh kelly
MattyZ: kick the dang ball oliver i have a keeper league game riding on you
the worm: didnt know he handballs alot when you picked him?
Costanza: Nathan Brown could easily be mistaken for a Jack
ReggieOz: There ya go Matty!
the worm: hey he kicked it!
TheBoy89: I was either gonna pick macrae or Oliver and picked macrae
th3rio: fuck max have a shot
J_Herer: Billings will have to go, enough is enough
TheBoy89: Hibberd fuck off
poolboybob: I have no bloody clue where Billings is playing on the ground, must be running away from the ball
m0nty: brought in Hibberd this week, good decision me
Umpirespet: Th3rio may have to take my apology back lol
ReggieOz: Ok some junk time goals from Max would be nice
a1trader: Billings doesn’t look interested, first job this week is to trade him out
th3rio: hahah still 11 mins bro, im hoping 160 haah
Costanza: Fritsch adding sauce. yummy
Schillaci: Billings to Ronke maybe. Mayas well have another fwd rookie.
the worm: billings is a fwd rookie πŸ˜€
th3rio: petracca to sicily next week
poolboybob: Potato for Rowan Marshall
lilboat: Savage with 30 points since QT?
TheBoy89: Rowen Marshall is a shit footballer
Apachecats: Max nearly up to titch’s 127 at least
th3rio: i was looking good for the win at start of this game, savage and petracca fucked me
batt: Two thumbs up for Spargo
CBeezDeez: Don’t CD like Fritz?

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