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Chat log from R7 of 2018: Richmond vs Fremantle

Chat log for Richmond vs Fremantle, R7 of 2018

SilverLion: Martin will surely play mid now with Cotchin out.
Stu7: Who tagging Martin?
ReggieOz: Banfield nowhere near Dusty!
rickybrad: Geez tigers Lookin good
poolboybob: Freo look bloody hopeless, this is gonna be a belting
m0nty: Higgins got 7 SC for that tap lol
ReggieOz: Yeap!! Tigers get better the longer the game goes
DrSeuss: Dusty really stepping up with Cotchin out….
Umpirespet: Maybe CD have gone off Dusty and gone to Higgins
DrSeuss: Dusty, Neale and Crowden – looking like a great start
J_Herer: lol Richmond hit outs was 1 and it was Caddy
Gotigres: That goal was like the Harlem Globetrotters
Apachecats: Never seen Dusty at the bottom of the list.
luke394: who C’d Dusty?
Umpirespet: He can stay low haven’t got him in yet
SilverLion: Duman looks good
Haydo: When dusties bottom of the list u know richmonds having a good game same goes when bottom is 11 at the 20m mark of 1st
SilverLion: CD has a new favourite in Higgins
Stu7: Go Martin 180 please
feralmong: dusty DE poor, 2 FA and 2 misses. He’ll come good.
Haydo: Oppo has higgins and dusty in this one and fyfe common
luke394: Higgins love child
Haydo: Does anyone know what happened in sc with phil walshes death uncle asked and i wasnt playing then
feralmong: murdered by is son iirc haydo
feralmong: his
SilverLion: Ugh Banfield you’re killing me
feralmong: gee dusty u are butchering it today.
penguins00: I think they used the bye round rules for that week @Haydo
J_Herer: Over half the Dockers under 14 points, wow, they are getting pumped
poolboybob: Nice ball skills Freo
Apachecats: Tackles 25 to 4.
penguins00: Best game I’ve seen Hamling play but it’s probably because the ball is living in his area
pcaman2003: Stop giving away frees nank.Start scoring
duckky: Bye Bye BAnfield
m0nty: Fyfe a lock for the atlas icon at this rate
DrSeuss: Come on Neale time to tackle, kick and mark
Umpirespet: Fyfe is life
feralmong: i’d put it on now monty. those poor shoulders.
Gotigres: Grimes already past his average.
duckky: At least Nank is outscoring Dusty
RGriffen: give it to him now m0nty. Insert simpson meme just stop..
RGriffen: lol Dusty
cusch1: Ridiculous decision to overturn that. Inconclusive
Umpirespet: Lol I could see that was touched
Breezey: An inconclusive finger bending back.
luke394: it was pretty clearly touched
duckky: McVeigh should be spitting over the inconsistency
cusch1: Might need to have a second look at it then lol
DrSeuss: Is Dusty up forward? Why the 4 behinds? Butchering it?
Umpirespet: Last night was a disgrace Sydney should least be given a draw
SilverLion: Lift Freo rookies
Breezey: Stephen Hill has more possessions than SC points
Umpirespet: Hill needs a bigger ground so he can run
Breezey: Touched again. How did the rule change overnight
lukat: lol Pranked
penguins00: They were both touched though so it’s the right call. Hope they continue to get it right
SilverLion: Star for Fyfe at this rate. Scoreboad is irrelevant, he’s had the most impact out there out of anyone.
Ladbrokes_: Lol imagine being that outraged about a non goal review in the first quarter of a game. Wouldnt have affected the result
Umpirespet: Let’s hope saints v Melb is better
Ladbrokes_: Swans were woeful and had endless opportunities to put the game to bed
Breezey: Last night they didn’t wait for the review on a touched ball. Apparently every goal is looked at
pcaman2003: Nank continues my horror weekend.No longer 1st in my league.Bummer!
Umpirespet: Didn’t see the game Ladbrokes but why should any team have to suffer
Umpirespet: Because the AFL stuff up?
DragonLass: Nank is not doing that bad in SC. Was always going to be a bit down for him against Sandilands.
Umpirespet: Nank needs to run Sandi around more
DrSeuss: Crowded if you could somehow get to 60 or 70 – that would be great
hinsch: Big game up next Bris V Coll a must win for the LIONS final eight will get very hard if they loose this one
feralmong: love your optimism or sarcasm, whichever it is hinsch.
circle52: Just getting ready to go to the Gabba and see the upset.
circle52: Gee our efforts against Richmond on a par with Dockers
Umpirespet: Even the pigeons are against freo
hinsch: circle52 welcome aboard a lot of people fight it
hinsch: feralmong its could hope but not holding my breath
Haydo: Why is bamfield tagfing vlaustin?😂
DrSeuss: Is Martin playing forward today?
SilverLion: Bloody Richmond booing anything that doesn’t go their way
SilverLion: Enjoy circle! Keep an eye in Eagles for me 🙂
Breezey: Any chance Sandy Roberts could get something right. Like a players name.
Apachecats: Hogan and petracca both playing hmmm…
PowerBug: They have expectations now after last year
feralmong: of course silver. We’re feral.
Umpirespet: Lol and the vices complain about interstate fans yet look at cats and tigers fans
DrSeuss: Crowden you little spud.
Umpirespet: Vics *
SilverLion: Some down arrows on the cards here for Mundy and Martin
Gotigres: Run of the umps definitely in favour of Dockers
DrSeuss: Martin disinterested today?
SilverLion: Also he’s not Haydo. Don’t know what Banfield is doing tbh
Umpirespet: Think they have been good today gotigres
Breezey: Tigers lairizing around
Torz: Mundy robbed. They paid the mark, not a FA.
batt: Brayshaw has arrived!
Haydo: Thanks sl
Umpirespet: Funny Brayshaw comes good after we all got rid of him
Lewysport: Is a 6 possession ton like a 30 ball century?
DragonLass: Brayshaw is a gun, he’d score 100s with more TOG
circle52: Not watching but where is Fyfe rucking seeeing he has 7 H/O – The man does everything
hinsch: players watch SC trading and do it to piss us off Umpirespet
Costanza: Freo more Frees For than tackles.
DragonLass: nobody should have got rid of brayshaw yet when he was still beating his BE
PowerBug: Yep rucking when Sandilands goes off. Only up against Caddy mostly but has a decent leap on him!
DrSeuss: Crowden and Martin done nothing at all this Quarter
PowerBug: Nah @DragonLass there was a point where his BE was higher than his average
SilverLion: Fyfe pitch hitting to give Sandi a chop out. Cox staying forward mainly
BigChief: Prestia done. Ice on achilles
Umpirespet: N Fyfe 3 votes
feralmong: keep this up tiges and you’ll lose it.
SilverLion: No Cotchin, no Prestia. I swear if Martin still plays forward…
DragonLass: @powerbug yes but cashing in then made, what, 20K? pointless trade.
Umpirespet: Traded him to Holman early on Dragon so made heaps more so far
PowerBug: You can say that now but could easily have scored 50 again then been rested.
SilverLion: God Richmond play ugly footy
pcaman2003: Nank totally towelled up by Sandy today. Lowered colours big time.
DragonLass: supercoach isn’t ALL numbers sometimes you have to consider the actual footy. Don’t get rid of good players.
DrSeuss: Tempted to trade Dusty for Redden at this stage – Gain cash & points
Umpirespet: McRae is the one DrSeuss to get
circle52: May rage trade Dusty to Macrae
Umpirespet: Sc is all about cash generation Dragon
PowerBug: eh, win some lose some. Brayshaw at $215k is a $100k gained when downgrading, no harm there. 58, 62, 32, 42 aren’t great
DrSeuss: Yeah Macrae is killing it – will check the price tag 😉
PowerBug: Even now he’s not exactly going great guns, if you held that’s great but it’s not a huge mistake if you traded
SilverLion: Definite down arrow for Mundy here
lukat: Fyfe a permanent VC if he plays before sunday
the worm: wht should i wait for dusty to drop to befor getting him? 500k?
circle52: $ sign for Duman Monty
Umpirespet: Dunno worm I still have to get him to
DragonLass: @umpirespet it is also about managing your trades
SilverLion: Lol the Sc/Dt difference for Banfield and Sandilands is ridiculous
Umpirespet: Agree dragon
piro: crouch or martin as a upgrade target? leaning crouch
Apachecats: Any one know what a score of 48 against a B/E of128 does to price (Lyons)
batt: can you imagine if Fyfe could kick?
feralmong: here comes Q4 blowout?
Umpirespet: Not sure Apache but a guess would be – 30-40k
Torz: Give Fyfe the Atlas already.
DrSeuss: Can Dusty return to Dustbin this afternoon?
Apachecats: Maybe $500 a point so minus $40k?
feralmong: jack graham really stood up in cotchin absence. good to see for a 2nd year player.
Torz: Glad I’ve got Mundy and Ryan. :/
Umpirespet: Maybe not sure tho…. you should find out later tonight
LMartos: it’s a joke that any player, let alone a Fremantle player is close to Fyfe in terms of SC points
m0nty: nominations for star please
TheMessiah: @piro – I am going to Neale
Lawls: Fyfe for star easily
duckky: Fyfe monty
TheMessiah: Magnet Neale?
SilverLion: Star Fyfe, knife martin
Carnster: has this just been a bad week for everyone or is it just me?
feralmong: cherries lambert
DragonLass: star for lambert
circle52: Think a lot of us relate Carnster
feralmong: Tigers wrecking some teams % in last qtrs.
hinsch: lucky I took the VC off Fyfe this week on to Tmitchell 🙁
Carnster: @circle phew
Costanza: Fyfe and Neale more clearances than Richmond
Carnster: If martin kicked straight and gave away no frees he would be on a good score rn
Gotigres: Blue moon for Grimes
breadly: Carn, so if he played better he would have a good score? That can be said for everyone

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