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Chat log from R7 of 2018: Adelaide vs Carlton

Chat log for Adelaide vs Carlton, R7 of 2018

Pusti: Crows: Knock knock
Pusti: Blues: Who’s there?
BigChief: Cows by 67 tonight.
Pusti: Crows: Owen
Pusti: Blues: Owen who?
Pusti: Crows: Owen seven
th3rio: go kade
BigChief: Curnow tagging Gibbs.
th3rio: anyone know why lachlan murphy hasnt come back? cant get back into the squad or?
Roksta: Hey pusti essendon are funnier… Premiership favourites haha
Raspel31: Have to love the Laird.
BigChief: Don’t you meant Lairdgend @Raspel?
Raspel31: Well, of course you’re on the bench Mr Dow.
DrSeuss: Traded Dow this week, watch him get 120 lol
feralmong: yep dow on bench and fisher on ground. ughh.
Grumpman: Hate to say it but the fat lady is warming up the tonsils . Poor bloody Blues ..!
Torz: Surprised teams don’t tag Seedsman. Easily the most damaging by foot.
BigChief: Lynch actually had O’Shea’s jumper as well there.
Raspel31: Can’t believe so many dumped Gibbs after 2 bad rounds.
feralmong: noice gibbs.
Jukes82: why the fuck do carlton get fri and sat night games, disgrace
Death: People dumped Gibbs? Are you sure?
Stu7: Go Fischer you tool
Breezey: Anyone got Fisher and Mullett
th3rio: simpson mustve went next door to the casino for a few
duckky: Ive got the VC on Cripps. Not lookin good.
DrSeuss: Doedee not seeing much ball in defense
th3rio: and wow sauce went from 11 to 35 in 3 mins
Apachecats: Cripps anchored on 20SC
th3rio: good to see garlett top his score already from a few weeks back
Costanza: held onto Gallucci just so i could say “Galllucci”
duckky: When Dale Thomas is blitzing Cripps,, you know you’re in for a long night
the worm: costanza is BT
BigChief: Muppet for Crouch
Raspel31: Okay Kwipps- I brought you in this week but I’m prepared to be patient. For 5 more mins.
Costanza: Simpson has averaged over 93 for a decade now.
DrSeuss: Seedsman, Laird and Doedee – pick it up
pcaman2003: Get moving Gibbs. You owe me big time after last week
Apachecats: I already figured you’d bought Cripps Raspel.
Stu7: Go Seedyman
BigChief: Laird has done nothing since the 15 min mark of the 1st 1/4
PowerBug: does it matter what Laird does? Every single person that plays SC has got him
Stu7: What’s the go with fisher?
Raspel31: Very good point powerbug
MattyZ: @stu7 a second year skinnyboy who’s playing inside mid, always going to have down games
Stu7: @MattyZ cheers mate
Stu7: Fisher going on the scrap heap next week
Ash777: what’s with the premos this round
Raspel31: Macrae was slightly handy Ash777
Haydo: wow laird just got 35 points in 2 mins niiiiiiccccceee
DrSeuss: Seedsman? Take Lairds example – get back into it
the worm: first round of eliminator premos always play like dogs
Stu7: @BigCheif must be happy with Laird now?
The39Steps: How come I go away for a week, leaving two t-age sons at home and come back and ads for dating sites and porn on FF?
the worm: i know the answer to that one!
boofjb57: Like father like son 39?
The39Steps: No #57 the missus is still a tidy unit.
the worm: the sensible thing to do would be to smash up their phones and set fire to the modem. its the only way to be sure
boofjb57: But you were a teenager too once!!!!
BigChief: @Stu I am happier for sure.
Ash777: I’d be worried if they’re looking at dating sites
twinpeaks: JPK for Finlayson looking like a good trade for next week
the worm: at least they arent wasting their time on footy 😀
Apachecats: E ,always take the modem with you -Crowded House.
Apachecats: Any one still got Dow?Best effort yet.
pcaman2003: Big back half Gibbs. This is it
hinsch: My opponent in SC has the top scorers in every game so far and has Laird this game going to be very difficult this week
Stu7: Fisher back into the pond next week
pcaman2003: @hinsch. We must be playing the same person
Ash777: looks like cripps is playing injured
DrSeuss: Laird, Seedy and Doedee – halftime is over
MattyZ: Casboult lost his marking skills this year somehow
pcaman2003: The qtr has started Gibbs. Come out to play
th3rio: doedoee boost
pcaman2003: Screamer!
carlton_99: WTF are the umpires doing. Fish was held they score and now that 50 for nothing another goal.
Ash777: riding on the shoulder of jones
BigChief: O’Brien clearly went over the mark @Carlton
carlton_99: U warn the player to go back b4 u award 50 there was no warning. and the fish hold was so clear
BigChief: O’Brien was on the mark, so no need to say anything. He then went forward. Correct 50m paid. Fisher was held, but did dr
carlton_99: @Bog Chief its not dropping the ball if theres no prior.
BigChief: drop the ball
BigChief: @carlton there was no free paid against Fisher though.
carlton_99: Its supposed to be a free TO fisher for holding the man. It wasnt holding the ball as there was no prior.
carlton_99: We didnt even get 50 b4 when the runner ran into our player.
Breezey: Who cares there’s 48 pts in it
iZander: O’Shea cape
OllieC: still getting flogged changes nothing
teddyt: nah breezey they were clearly massive calls I think carlton should be top of the table. Umps costing them
carlton_99: Of course it matters its 48 points now it was 20 at the start of the qtr. Theres been shockers this whole game
berch: Yeah 52 point quarter there for O’Shea
carlton_99: Teddyt ahaha when did i say that its just clear decisions not going our way. And evry time they score from it.
carlton_99: But uve got martin and cotch who if anyone touches gets a free
OllieC: yet the tiges have the least free’s for… turn it up mate
carlton_99: The number of frees means nothing. It is whether they are there and where they are given as well. Numbers dont matter
teddyt: Do you not forget the 3 free goals you got from incorrect 50m calls? Also no1 can even touch Martin stop being silly
carlton_99: Martins fend offs are high 1/2 the time.
BigChief: Take your navy blue glasses off for once carlton
pcaman2003: 40+PTS from you this qtr Gibbs
Stu7: Come on Seedsman you jerk
carlton_99: They are just obvious frees to me that are payed very week. Like something as obvious as a runner runing into a player
feralmong: What’s obvious is Carlton’s best 3 players are on the other team.
teddyt: so you are part of the minority that actually want to see more free kicks paid for useless shit..
teddyt: I get mad when richmond get paid free kicks that arent there who the fuck wants to see 50 free kicks a game
pcaman2003: At least ton up Gibbs. Just do something.
feralmong: Lol Doedee did a Milne
BigChief: Cripps to wear #9 at Crows after Sloane goes to Haw.
carlton_99: No i want frees to be paid when they should be. If they are there then pay them!
DrSeuss: Seedsman being lazy this week? Or just everything too easy against Carlton?
BigChief: OMG Carlton play Essendon next week. How bad will that be.
Stu7: Saving the hamstrings!!!!
Umpirespet: Ok Carlton99 what about the bs Cripps free shot on goal against Laird?
PowerBug: nah Umpspet that was legit, he’s in my SC team 😛
runt: Lions off the bottom
the worm: i fyou keep complaining about the frees every game for several years I am sure the umpires will hear you
carlton_99: @Umpirespet uve had at least 5 like that that have lead to goal
Umpirespet: lol he’s in mine to
m0nty: my POD Curnow strikes again, go you good thing
carlton_99: i havent said much this yr its just frustrating cause it happen every game to us
pcaman2003: C’mon Gibbs. Only 34 pts this half. Put in an effort.
Breezey: Commentators praising the umps for a good performance. There we go. All is good in the world again.
BigChief: nice 1 m0nty.
Umpirespet: carlton it’s happening to every side umps are rubbish this year
carlton_99: haha that means a lot breezy
jfitty: Gibbs gun? Lolz
feralmong: banging on and on about one specific point, and not being a loss to the FF community in general.
runt: Good work by Nige
poolboybob: O’Shea might have the worst overall score for somebody with a cape icon
Breezey: My commentary tonight is based on red wine
m0nty: who put a cape on O’Shea
Umpirespet: lol
Apachecats: Gibbs -pop gun
feralmong: Mines bourbon breezey. Some noice bulleit.
Umpirespet: Crouch aint gunna lose much money this week
runt: Who the hell is Mark Sodastream?
Breezey: Cab Sav @ Feralmong
poolboybob: Good work Seedsman, way to hit the bin
Umpirespet: He is a ch7 tv guy over here
JockMcPie: Crouch in Parker out, very tempted
boges11: He’s S.A.’s Basil Zempilas
m0nty: Edward Curnow you beautiful man
BigChief: More icing for m0nty with Curnow.
runt: Ok. Thanks
Umpirespet: Still rekon M0nty is GOD
feralmong: Done my fair share of those breezy.
Breezey: Mark Murphy checking out his SC on screen there
Pusti: What’s Ed Curnow got under his jumper? A colostomy bag or something?
PowerBug: Soder played 100+ SANFL games and yeah our sports reporter here
pcaman2003: Gibbs should’ve tonned up easily
lukat: 4 of my premiums just failing to ton up this round
Koss: O’Shea had a 51 point Q3! savouring his unlikely cape
obione05: This could be the 3rd time in 7 weeks Cripps gets 93

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