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Chat log from R7 of 2018: Sydney vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Sydney vs North Melbourne, R7 of 2018

frenzy: welcome back Sammy
luke394: do we take Tom Mitchell’s 127 VC?
boo!: carn heeney, outscore macrae
feralmong: can’t no loop available. So Gawny it is.
feralmong: 250 for gawny this week.
Breezey: Jacobs gone to Kennedy. Good luck
Apachecats: 7 SC opponents have Titch VC ans no one looped him.Six have Gawn and one has Dusty captain.I’ll stick with Gawn too.
feralmong: good start goldy. resisted the rage trade hope he get the century.
BigChief: C’mon captain Amartey. You can do it 😛
Raspel31: Can’t believe Ronke such a poor start.
luke394: I find that amazing @feralmong even if Gawn hits 150 you’re only gaining like 23 points very risky
feralmong: i can’t loop. so its about captain choice not if i can get a better than titch score.
the worm: and if gawn gets 110 you’re only losing 17 points.
feralmong: but having all your bench earning is good too.
Raspel31: Sadly I got stuck with macraes 189 feral- I’d go Gawn.
luke394: @the worm the 127 is guaranteed, if Gawn pings a hammy you’d be kicking yourself thats also what I mean by risky
BigChief: God told me to put the C on Amartey.
luke394: if you have the loop option of course
feralmong: I can’t take the 127. No loops for me.
JockMcPie: Parker….
feralmong: aww too bad rasp. lol. tough to take that.
luke394: in that case fair enough @feralmong
Breezey: Big start from Higgins
luke394: Macrae is an absolute beast this year @Raspel31 good pick
Koss: Hey Monty. Could you please check your twitter dms? Lol
Cotts: whats the symbol next to Kennedy? new one I havent seen yet, is it the Ben Jacobs tag? or something else?
BigChief: Well done Raspel. Great pick.
Raspel31: Unless the rest of my team suddenly die of heart attacks- Macrae was kind of handy.
the worm: but wouldnt i kick myself for not taking a 90 if he got hurt? i’m not taking 90
feralmong: should go big with that rasp.
Breezey: Cape on the way for Sinclair
pcaman2003: Go Heeney and stay down Kennedy
brodiejay: Kennedy’s symbol looks like a blurry pair of scissors.
man0005: brodiejay’s symbol looks like a spud
brodiejay: Something to do with Jacobs cutting people’s scores in half?
Snarfy: How about Avatar ears brodiejay
man0005: Something to do with brodiejay being a spud?
BigChief: The icon is meant to be a blowfly I believe because Jacobs is a pest.
brodiejay: Why are you being aggressive man0005? That makes sense Chief.
DrSeuss: Come on Lloyd – get the freaking ball
Snarfy: In relation to the blue winged icon, The radio commentary has said that Jacobs is following Parker!
Breezey: Jacobs definitely on Kennedy. Maybe he’s gunna take them both down
brodiejay: Nice effort by hartung.
pcaman2003: C’mon Heeney for ffs. Get going!
Apachecats: For a while last year Sinclair couldn’t get a game.
Death: Goldstein makes me sick
StuL: Goldspud.
Stu7: What a sh1t game
Death: Everyone at champion data off him this year?
Stu7: Goody will come good 😃
oh_lol: How do you get towelled up by Sinclair?
Stu7: Goldy
the worm: how t find the money to relegate goldy to the bench 🙁
feralmong: I was gonna rage goldy to grundy. Still probably worth it.
Raspel31: Tink oim loikin young Kronke.
feralmong: English 53 looking better at this point.
Death: Come on Goldstein, you’re on the ball ffs
DrSeuss: Lloyd – you there?
Death: I don’t understand why some ruckmen don’t try to involve themselves in the play.
DrSeuss: This is the one week I play someone with Jacobs ffs
Raspel31: Attaboys Swans- you reakky don’t want to lose against Norff.
Gebs: @raspel. They might though i thought north were a reallu good price at 5 dollars
Umpirespet: Calling Mr Parker and Mr Mills move ya a$$
Jackwatt$: I’ve heard of teams not traveling well, hut Sydney actually aren’t hosting well atm
pcaman2003: Heeney disappointing again. Doesn’t work hard enough
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Callum Sinclair, it’s muppet time tonight.
Jukes82: heeney was on the bench 10 minutes this 1/4
MattyZ: just muppet graham for that run up jeeeeez
DrSeuss: Jacobs gonna get his average in the first half – of course my league opp has him
MattyZ: whoops wrong game – uhhh go sinclair!
DrSeuss: Lloyd – remember how you found the ball last week? Try that again
MattyZ: Big Benny Brown is such a good footballer
Snarfy: m0nty, is Jacobs tagging Kennedy or Parker?
Stu7: It’s a cruel game SC last week I won all my 10 leagues this week I’ll be lucky to score over 2000
pcaman2003: Opponent has Kennedy. I have Heinous Heeney. Silly me
Stu7: Heeney will come good 😊
stuballs: Welcomed Sicily and Kennedy this week. Doin alright. In other news, who could’ve picked this at half time?
OllieC: man i’m roasted
Stu7: Go Kennedy you good thing
Costanza: Parker plays best in the rain
BigChief: 1/2 time is over Callum.
the worm: ahhh, time to settle in and watch the last 45 mins of goldy submarine my fantasy footy season to the point of no return
pcaman2003: My players are conspiring against me.Bad week!
Umpirespet: Parker, Billings, Lambert and Hibberd should form a club for spuds
DrSeuss: Lloyd – at least pretend to want the ball ffs
the worm: billings a lock for 115+ tomorrow, as he got guelfied so i could loophole henry
lukat: Ton up Parker you dog
pcaman2003: At least try and look interested Heeney
Breezey: Where is Lloyd actually playing. Can’t find him anywhere
circle52: My fault for Heeney guys Readed him in this week for Walters,
circle52: *Traded*
Breezey: Lloyd he lives
lukat: hahaha @worm. High expectations on billings tmr, espec with acres out tho
pcaman2003: Heeney you giant spud.
The39Steps: SCG is the only ground they don’t have to shrink for the Auskickers.
Snarfy: But the Auskickers are only allowed to kick with their non-preferred foot though The39steps.
The39Steps: Mate of mine is on the groundstaff – reckons the 50m arc is really 46m.
PowerBug: get out really?
Haydo: Far out lloyd and heeney killing a good week
The39Steps: Says if it was 50m would touch the centre square.
pcaman2003: Is Heeney still playing? Who would’ve thought.
Haydo: Whats JPKs symbol
Raspel31: Ok Heeney- a big diappointment but don’t lose to these bozos.
PowerBug: very interesting
pcaman2003: Kennedy great score with 78% TOG
breadly: Big Heeney quarter
spudaroos: Heeney is a 4th quarter specialist. Influential in close games.
Stu7: Told some of you critics he’d get 100+
Stu7: Come on Kennedy 20 more
runt: This is an absolutely shit game
lukat: Parker beat heeney please
runt: All the skills NOT on display
pcaman2003: Kick the winning goal Heeny and all will be forgiven
Costanza: Pap Smear
runt: Swans clearly not good enough tonight
Stu7: Special K 147 wooonhoooo
mardyb: heeney was 91 SC. dropped 8 for nothing?
pcaman2003: Thanks for nothing Heeney. Flog!
runt: stodgy uninspiring mess
pcaman2003: Well done Norf. Huge win
stuballs: Ha! How bout that? Mason Wood went ham
BigChief: Swans can’t win at home this year.

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