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Chat log from R7 of 2018: West Coast vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for West Coast vs Port Adelaide, R7 of 2018

Hadouken: hello internet
BigChief: Very surprised Ryder is playing on the concrete ground.
Umpirespet: Carn YO-YO need a big one
SilverLion: Settle down Gray
DrSeuss: Yes – need Yeo to make up for Zerrett
Wends: Anyone pick up Cole this week?
Hannibal: nah, i let him pass Wends, backline rookies still making money. looking at spargo next week though
Hannibal: for mids of course!
lukefield9: what happened to shuey?
Raspel31: After 500 from Macrae and Mclean combined I’m on holiday Wends
Hannibal: nooiiice VC choice Raspel!
mardyb: wish that red cross was on R gray
lukat: Lift Westhoff
pcaman2003: With Ryder back, Westhoffs role could reduce his scoring ability
Raspel31: Spargo will be interesting Hannibal-held off this week.
poolboybob: Down one on the interchange bench, Eagles might need Nic Nat to play more than 5 minutes a quarter
kano: Fuck up Mardy you garbage cunt
redwallis: Shuestring
CBeezDeez: Is the Shuestring deep fried @Red?
DrSeuss: Redden trade looking tempting in AF
Wends: V jealous re Macrae Raspel, was toss up betw Banfield-Zerrett or pull trigger on Buddy to Macrae…
Haydo: WOW!!!! Had McRae as flowing vc and i changed it to titch. Still happy with the trade in but couldve had an amazing week
Raspel31: Was lucky haydo-same choice-just did as a point of diff.
SilverLion: Donuts for Barrass
frenzy: cape Redden
lukat: feel like stabbing myself for taking Westhoff
Stu7: What’s the go with Westoff’s
Haydo: yeah having a great week with looping henry and naughton as well that woulve made 2500 possible for me @ raspel
Haydo: Im sighing every 10 seconds 🙁
Raspel31: Now graded up to 520 for 2 players haydo-whoopee.
Haydo: yeah versing dopey rogues who has mcrae and mclean who i dont have so im probably gonna lose
the worm: what does versing mean?
pcaman2003: Yeo killing me.
Raspel31: Writing poetry to your opposition the worm.
MattyZ: Went Holman to Cole and put him on the field over Coff so liking this second quarter effort out of him
Stu7: Pi55ed off with Westoff
lukat: On the same boat Stu
Stu7: What’s up with him?
DrSeuss: Yeo – this is not the time to stop!!
MattyZ: Why did you trade in the Hoff before his bye? Trying a broadbent on him?
the worm: maybe westhoff was playing 20 points above his average while ryder was out
LuvIt74: Gray was on 50 at quarter time wasn’t he?
Stu7: Finally Liftoff for Westoff!!
Koss: Westhoff having a nice little stint in the ruck at the moment
pcaman2003: R Gray has stopped
lukat: Can’t believe i totally underlooked Ryder’s absence when i made the decision for Westhoff
Stu7: I think Gray is injured
the worm: think or imagine?
pcaman2003: @Stu7. Right after I trade Walters for him before the game.
SwaggyP: cole or doedee ugh tough choice atm
twinpeaks: Gray at FF most of that qtr, back in the guts now
shrtlg: Nah Westhoff always plays in patches. Will either have a few patches and ton up or end up with donuts
Fatbar5tad: Nothing wrong with Gray. Port getting flogged.
Stu7: Doedee
Raspel31: At 58 at half time has to be Cole?
Stu7: Gray left hand side lateral heart string has gone twang!!!
pcaman2003: Gray hasn’t touched it for over 15 minutes.
Stu7: Thanks @srtlg
JButcher: After fans cried for us to bring back Ryder we’re competing even worse in the middle go figure
spudaroos: Ryder coming back from injury up against the best ruck tandem in the AFL. Always a tough task.
pcaman2003: Kick it Gray and stop h/balling all the time
the worm: type louder he cant hear you
th3rio: need gray to stay under his BE lol
th3rio: did lads take titch or going maxxy
the worm: most wussed out and took titch i think
Apachecats: Stuck with Max th3Rio
Umpirespet: I had to take Titch as C as FIGJAM failed last night
Stu7: @the worm you’d be silly not to take 127
th3rio: im going to finally grow some balls and take a punt on max
the worm: depends what you goal is
Stu7: 254 in the bank is a wise choice
Umpirespet: Balls are a nuisance
DrSeuss: Yeo – Half Time was over long ago mate, get the ball
th3rio: stu, can you see max having a quiet one against longer as a saints supporter?
th3rio: given he has played 3 days in the space of like 15 days, he looked super fit last week
Stu7: Not really but there is always the possibility or injury
the worm: and the possibility of 160
Umpirespet: So not much more than Titch worm?
Death: Is Barry joking or what?
Umpirespet: Choice is 127 in the bank or risk it to get the buscuit
Stu7: Too risky
Stu7: @Umpirespet well said
Death: I reckon Gawn’s building up to a 190
Umpirespet: Th3rio will u lose if u take Titch’s score?
the worm: i think 3 times this year i took the safe vc and it cost me points each time
DrSeuss: Did Yeo get a tag this quarter or just not getting it?
th3rio: im damned if i dont as i have a close league game so im going max, but appreciate every1 is diff
Stu7: 127 is not safe it’s a good score
th3rio: yeah probably pet, he had mcrae lol
Umpirespet: Who has ur OP has the C th3rio?
Apachecats: I’m glad Barrass got that one kick.Would have been embarrassing without it.
Haydo: going with maxy only cus im annoyed i didnt get mcraes vc
Umpirespet: ok u beat me to it then risk Max if u need to
Breezey: Are Port still a sneaky chance here. Yay or Nay
th3rio: op has titch, but he still had macrae which has put me behind. Had to choose in 53 mins as buddy is my only non playing
twinpeaks: Geez they have looked a different team this quarter
Apachecats: You’d get long odds breezy
Stu7: Pull your finger out Westoff
JButcher: Needed a goal at the end there breezy
Stu7: Cole only 14 this quarter
MattyZ: cole with a 6 point quarter :'(
LuvIt74: Gray done ok considering he was on 50 at quarter time and didn’t do anything in the 2nd while fwd
korza: Need Port to get within 4 1/2 pts for $1,200. Thx for the sweat
lukat: Ton up Westhoff 🙂
the worm: surprisingly, west coast only has an extra 14 frees than port
pcaman2003: @Luvit. Gray better but would like to see more kicks from him
DrSeuss: Fast finish please Mr Yeo – get those triple figures
pcaman2003: Opphas Yeo. Will go 120+
Apachecats: Blue moon Redden ,got double his average already.
Breezey: Nic Nat nearly put that fella 6 foot under
zoomba23: Nat do something ya bloody flog
BigChief: Barrass finally passes Shuey.
Apachecats: NN one SC point in17 mins.
kano: 27 frees to 12. Lol. The new Kardinia Park ?
Regis124: Free kick count looks like typical umpire love for the eagles
zoomba23: Fml Bay’s given Port a quarter of their free kicks. Actually get the ball you Fijian nutsack
boo!: tom has a sister called em.
Koss: That was an awesome mark from Darling
Jukes82: houston blue moon
Apachecats: It that Em Cole?
lukefield9: @jukes clearly you haven’t looked at his scores lately
Stu7: 16 more pi55edoff
luke394: Tom Cole gun
Jukes82: how many tons has he made? thats the only relevant stat

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