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Chat log from R7 of 2018: Essendon vs Hawthorn

Chat log for Essendon vs Hawthorn, R7 of 2018

duckky: Heppel running with Mitchell
JockMcPie: Traded in Sicily this week…don’t get suspended meathead
cusch1: Hope you captained him, because he will collect 60
duckky: Baguley standing Sicily
Apachecats: Sold JOM ,he’ll go massive this week.
PowerBug: Same here Apache
pcaman2003: Put Goddard and Sicily together. KABOOM!
duckky: Kept JOM, too many injuries to cover elsewhere
CBeezDeez: Same @Jock. Was always my fear.
duckky: Where’s Merrett gone?
Torz: The bench.
boo!: merret gone to see bomber
Apachecats: Nah PCA ,put Nibbles on Sicily.
SilverLion: Cousins tagging Zerrett
Torz: Mutch drops the mark but still turns it into a +7. Good work kid.
Jukes82: still hhave JOM in sc, not gonna make his BE but still avg 88, one of the last you should upgrade
BigChief: Eddie can’t help himself. He has to mention Collingwood in every breath
zoomba23: Gee Mutch looks ok
pcaman2003: C’mon Smithy. Get scoring bud.
PowerBug: Yeah possibly Jukes. But Allowed me to get Cripps this week so I felt happy to make the trade
Jukes82: Guelfi was a it stiff you miss out wasn’t he
SilverLion: Go away cousins you grub
duckky: McKenna having a mare
Apachecats: JOM has slowed up TG.
Apachecats: Yeah ducky ,left his teeth in his kit bag.
poolboybob: Traded in Merrett this week, looking like a master stroke
PowerBug: And JOM has played Q1 every single week this season. He’s dropped off after that
Apachecats: Any one still got Stringer, pfft!!
BigChief: Stringer…… hahahahaha
Jukes82: thats true, but i’d rather save trades to dump banfield, holamn, naughton, waterman etc in the coming weeks.
cusch1: Jukes, Guelfi was rested after his first 2 games being in 5 days. Should be back next week. Didnt play VFL today
Jukes82: ok cheers buddy
JockMcPie: Need Zerrett and Smith to lift
stoo: Hard watching trade outs McGrath/Parish beating ins Goddard/Merrett
duckky: Guelfi butchered the ball last week.
Jukes82: of topic but anyone know roughly what dangers sc B/E is next week?
leorosman_: 166 jukes
pcaman2003: Go big Rough!
Apachecats: Hope Titch makes well over 130 otherwise loophole quandry with Maxie.
Jukes82: wow ok great, i’ll hold off another week before bringing him in. thx
pcaman2003: Big qtr to come from D Smith
lukefield9: @leorosman surely not…that would be amazing
Number 8: Shiels has laid nearly as many tackles as the entire Essendon team
DrSeuss: Come on Zerrett & Devon
duckky: Zerrett… have a coffee or something
SilverLion: Cousins wearing Zerrett like a glove
duckky: Stringer touched the ball!!!
BigChief: And Eddie mentions Collingwood again.
leorosman_: @lukefield9 that’s what the supercoach pages on FB were saying last night
duckky: Cue Benny Hill Music for stringer
lukefield9: @leorosman where’s the bad news!
leorosman_: @lukefield9 bad news is i have no idea how they got that stat hahah
pcaman2003: Sick of the overuse of h/ball
pcaman2003: Damn you Smith. 1 touch for the qtr. Spud!
pcaman2003: As soon as i said that,3!
Apachecats: Smith was 17 SC at 1/4 time pca
duckky: Say it again please pcaman2003
Apachecats: Yeah just keep giving him a mention PCA.Its working.
Raspel31: Good work-keep Titch down Heppell
poolboybob: Time for Old Man Eddie’s rant
lukefield9: @raspel titch has been off for the last 5min
pcaman2003: Bombers toying with the Hawks. Crap!
Raspel31: Ah-thanks Luke
Hadouken: @raspel if mutch matches kelly from last night, then all good.
Raspel31: Not mutch chance of that Hado
pcaman2003: Nice play on words Raspel
Hadouken: hes the only rookie i have on the field, i was always going to bring macrae in after this round to finish off my mids
Raspel31: For me-lose Finlayson next week Hado and mid set.
Hadouken: nice one. mid has been carrying my team all year. 6-0 in all leagues.
Number 8: At the end of the round, Merrett will leave my team for the second time this year NEVER TO RETURN!
Number 8: Doesn’t work hard enough when shadowed
TheBoy89: Made the right descion of going McRae over zerret
cusch1: I hope Myers never plays again
Jackwatt$: Where is Worpel playing?
pcaman2003: Didn’t bring in Sicily. Kill me now!
BigChief: I would guess at the MCG @Jack.
Ash777: doesn’t look like the new drugs have helped the bombers players ๐Ÿ˜›
duckky: Free Kick Hawthorn
duckky: Hey Ash – WADA claimed one of the big giveaways was the number of soft tissue injuries. Two teams should be worried in t
Umpirespet: Least Worpel is one rookie we don’t have to worry about on the bubble next week
Number 8: I’ve got ’em both TB89. One’s a footballer and one’s a cat
TheBoy89: Worpel played for my local footy club
Jackwatt$: I went early on Worpel. Hope I haven’t ruined the lads career
duckky: Essendon slow.
Umpirespet: You probably have Jack
lukat: Decided to wait a week on Sicily in hopes of billings picking up T.T
duckky: Do you think Essendon could leave just one player in their forward 50?
pcaman2003: Does Sicily even have an opponent?
Jackwatt$: Ying Yang symbol for me m0nty, I bought in Worpel & Macrae this week
Number 8: Have a feeling this will get ugly for Essingdon…
BigChief: What was that 50 paid for?
cusch1: did the umpire wrap that up in giftwrap? thats pathetic
Hadouken: that is the crappiest 50 ever. ruining the game completely.
duckky: Why no free against Mitchell?
pcaman2003: Very soft 50
Lowrider: Daniher went way over the mark. The replays were from the wrong angle to see it properly.
BigChief: This will be 10+ goals the way it is going.
LuvIt74: Cmon Titch ffs
Umpirespet: Saad is crap always tries the impossible
Hadouken: lol saad. only smith has been a good pickup.
Pusti: Daniel Howe: “Doing jobs in the midfield” is a metaphor, no doubt.
duckky: Don’t worry about Mutch’s head ump
Umpirespet: I’m not duckky
BigChief: That was after the siren.
qiu333: so clearly after the siren
th3rio: Will they overturn that or too late?
poolboybob: Crab for Daniher
duckky: 6 goals to nil …
m0nty: lol Pusti
poolboybob: So thatโ€™s not reviewable with all the other garbage they review? Lol.
DragonLass: I’m glad I have stuck to my guns and held JOM for now. Plan is to trade him in the bye rounds
pcaman2003: Well done DragonLass. Brave move
duckky: Merrett – make you BE please
lukat: Sicily gun. Shame he misses every 3rd week
pcaman2003: Sicily turning himself into a premium.
pcaman2003: Gat at least 90 Smith.
poolboybob: Jeez Bombers are a dumpster fire
DrSeuss: Just tuned back in. Whats going with Zerrett?
pcaman2003: Fat lady on way to the stage
Torz: Tagged by Cousins. Can’t find it.
Umpirespet: My op has worpel and Howe in his team am I playing u M0nty?
pcaman2003: @Umpirespet. Cheeky bugger!
CBeezDeez: C’mon Titch! Junk it up for me to loophole you pls!
spudaroos: Howe isn’t AFL level
SilverLion: Gotta decide to take titch or not before the west coast game…
shrtlg: How does Stringer not have a potato?
duckky: Hawthorn choking
shrtlg: Or a burger
duckky: choke choke
DrSeuss: Cheers Torz
SilverLion: Aye finally given Zerrett his lock
pcaman2003: Last clanger for Hurley very suss.
duckky: sad… hope lost…
BigChief: How so pcaman? He kicked it straight to Burgoyne.
pcaman2003: @Dukky. So much for choke choke. lol Bombers closer to the bottom.
stuballs: Not a bad week to have brought in Sicily ๐Ÿ˜‰
th3rio: Titch or big maxxy?
Yelse: do i take naughtons 75 or take murray or doedee
pcaman2003: @Big Chief. Yte I’ve seen them not pay others for same turnovers
LuvIt74: bloody tough decisions whether to take Titch’s score or roll the dice with Dusty
Umpirespet: Doedee wont see the ball tonight
Raspel31: Big Maxx th3rio- but you missed better options
leorosman_: @yelse bench murray
Hadouken: @yelse i would probably go murray. against brissy, id think hed go well.
Fatbar5tad: I’m in the same boat th3io. I reckon Max can get 149.
LuvIt74: I took Naughtons 75 and put L Murphy on field but will play Doedee also
spudaroos: @Luvit Titch all the way, Dusty playing too much fwd these days.
th3rio: Like who? I dont have macrae ๐Ÿ™
Umpirespet: Maxxy has had 3 games in 2 weeks rekon he might have a quiet one
wadaramus: T.Mitch getting close to the minimum total to lock in the VC.
Raspel31: Sorry th3- tough call-Maxxy for my money.
LuvIt74: I traded Murray out and got Duman this week that was my only trade.
circle52: Locked Wada other game starts in 2 mins
ReggieOz: if he gets to 130 I think you have to take it
Fatbar5tad: Good point Pet. Tough call.
cusch1: #WorsfoldOut
Wends: Afternoon all. Seems to be a problem with the page… watching zerrett’s score is not making it go up??
anthsill03: No more choking huh cusc?
Raspel31: Changed mind-have to go Titch now I reckon.
LuvIt74: @ReggieOz what ya gonna worry about an extra 8 points with Titch lol
TheMessiah: Peptides wearing off?
BigChief: I just looped Mitchell.
ReggieOz: lol there always is a line!
th3rio: Hard for maxxy to have a quiet one against longer
Umpirespet: EssendonvCarlton game of the year
Raspel31: Funny Wends-and you’re right, sadly. Don’t have him grace a dieu.
Apachecats: Not looping ,sticking with Max.
Fatbar5tad: Even Eddie can’t talk it up
duckky: BAttle for the bottom Apache
Costanza: couple more handballs pls – 200 aint enough
duckky: Sorry Umpire
th3rio: If titchs after siren goal waasnt counted wouldve been easy
Fatbar5tad: How the Joe have fallen.
Wends: Tu es trรจs chanceux Raspel, my Siciliy pick-up high this week somewhat muted by Z over Macrae ๐Ÿ˜
Schillaci: Titch for me. Max has never gone above 128 v StK
lukefield9: titch or gawn?
Number 8: Merrett, you are the weakest link… goodbye

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