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Chat log from R7 of 2018: Western Bulldogs vs Gold Coast

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs Gold Coast, R7 of 2018

Hadouken: wow, the bont out. hurts my draft.
PowerBug: McLean, English and Holman in SC, just McLean in AF.
frenzy: Dunks will score 130 cos I traded him
circle52: Had to readjust team with Bont out and also my VC,
TheLegend6: Need a big game from Holman to cover for Bont
th3rio: Fuck off macrae πŸ™
TheBoy89: Go big vc macrae
Raspel31: Go huge vc Mcrae.
Umpirespet: Go huge Holman get over 35
cusch1: Probably the 4th shot that has gone OOF for the game
Nuffman: Kelly to MacRae working a cvharm so far
leorosman_: tag macrae miller ffs
poolboybob: Get the brick wall ready for English
duckky: Where’s Holman playing?
Apachecats: Whitex out for Hawks
cusch1: Old man Crossley has come straight from 1985
Ash777: mclean noooooo!
Raspel31: In China I think Dukky
Torz: English is so bad at the moment.
circle52: Where is delete SC Bont and now McLean
Hadouken: english?? lol
PowerBug: McLean got up so it’s alright πŸ™‚
duckky: Go Holman
JButcher: What happened to McLean?
GraysFan: What happened to McLean?!?!?!
Torz: Whitex in actually Apache. Langford out.
CBeezDeez: Is Dew finally playing Holeman where he tackles?
Apachecats: Sorry Torz you’re right ,had earphones on backwards.
Apachecats: Any one want to buy Lyons off me ,going dirt cheap.
TheLegend6: O’Meara to Macrae next week it looks like
zoomba23: Wtf happened to McLean??
circle52: Gee the HTB is really hot this round
circle52: Suns have about 6 so far I reckon.
circle52: McLean got hit in Shouledr by Crossley – Both over the ball though.
Hadouken: so glad i kept english. coaching stroke of genius.
Hadouken: @TheLegend, go check the other game πŸ™‚
CBeezDeez: Y is it everytime there is a dognut here the player seems to be in my squad?
Raspel31: On the money Hadouken but at least you traded Kelly lol
Hadouken: haha raspel, hoping you forgot about that!
Pusti: English’s 38 last week is starting to look like a good score for him.
PowerBug: it is 😐
Umpirespet: Holman has his BE whoo hoo
TheLegend6: Went Billings to McLean this week, looking good!
Raspel31: Who’s gone on Mcrae- he’s disappeared.
PowerBug: Holman is yet to score between 40 and 80 this season, so I’m expecting him to either stop completely or keep this up al
Apachecats: Lyons coming good ,taken him off the market for now.
Umpirespet: With a few good rookies on the bubble next week just wanted him to keep making money PowerBug
PowerBug: Miller I think has gone to Macrae
Migz: which rookies on the bub next week?
Hadouken: wtf holman, stop it.
CBeezDeez: Looks like I got the wrong Martin in my team!
Umpirespet: Spargo, Ronke, Mtch worpal
JockMcPie: Appleby and Shipley as well
mattmac24: I played country footy with Appleby for 4 years, he’s an incredibly good player
JockMcPie: @mattmac loved what I saw from him last week
mattmac24: Didn’t get to watch him play as I’m currently in Peru but heard good things which is great πŸ˜€
PowerBug: I reckon we can cross Worpel off
mace485: traded in westhoff over mclean this week and now i’m sad
PowerBug: Hoff will be good mate don’t worry πŸ™‚ He’s allowed to do whatever he wants on the field and no one will tag him
mattmac24: Ugh, Naughton sitting on my bench as an emg but Murray and Doedee on field
Apachecats: English to Crossley any one?
PowerBug: In AF yeah I’ll look at that one Apache. For SC I’ll just try to get English to my bench
Umpirespet: Crossley has been impressive but never trade in off one game
Apachecats: Had $5 on Macrae in Brownlow at 100/1 couple of weeks ago.Dark horse.
Jukes82: lol
Raspel31: Certainly come into his own Apache- good luck
mattmac24: So its 12:30am here in Peru and I need to take the punt on Macrae as VC, I should take it right?
JockMcPie: Yep
Umpirespet: Yep Mattmac
PowerBug: I would say so mate. if you can give it until 3qtr just to make sure I would
Raspel31: Think I’m doing that mattmac- but holding off for 30.
Apachecats: Thanks Raspel ,he’s into 50/1 before this game ,looking like 3 votes again today.
JockMcPie: McLean hasn’t touched it in ages
mattmac24: Yeah I’ll see if I can stay up a bit longer till 3 quarter time but I’ll make the switch now just in case
Apachecats: Go for it mattmac.
spudaroos: Gawn or Fyfe as captain?
BigChief: Dogs best player for a few years dominating again.
circle52: With that goal mac shopuld seal it for you.
BigChief: Gawn v Hickey or Fyfe v Richmond? That’s easy.
Apachecats: Gawn ,Saints a bit light on in the ruck department.@spudaroos
Raspel31: Go for it mattmac
mattmac24: Yup! That’ll seal it! Time to get some sleep, thanks fellas
A_Frame_: Macrae has gone up a level this year
Ash777: my vc is the hoff
Raspel31: 2nd week in a row Mcrae solved loop early- sorry big Maxie.
jfitty: Superman for Macrae?
TheBoy89: Beautiful VC McRae so happy I went McRae over zerret
Haydo: Brought macrae in this week and had the vc on him but changed it to titch at the slast moment:(
Cotts: olango = captain of the year <3
Raspel31: That was the hard one haydo
Haydo: Was bont a late out?
TheBoy89: Happy with naughton but if English doesn’t beat his Ben he’s out of my team
TheBoy89: Be
TheBoy89: Cape for macrae
Apachecats: That bloke in Peru will be happy when he gets up tomorrow.
circle52: Yep Haydo
jfitty: Take Naughton over Cole? Hopefully Murphy isn’t a late in
mattmac24: Well I wasn’t gonna have internet in the morning so I’m happy enough now!
circle52: Starting to regrett taking Treloar over Macrae,
Raspel31: Mcrae now looped- now to enjoy last qtr.
mattmac24: Also very happy that I made the straight trade from Holman to Macrae yesterday
Lewysport: Have to sacrifice Gibbs for Forgartys 66 to loophole mcrae, all subs used!
m0nty: heart icon for McLean!
Breezey: Good boy McLean.
Jukes82: c’mon naughts get the footy!
pcaman2003: Hell Naughton. You disappeared on me.
casey22: English gets some sympathy points
duckky: Go Dunkley
Breezey: I reckon GOD will have the C on Macrae.
wadaramus: Carn Dunkley ton up mate!
Raspel31: Bummer-only ywo players in this are Mcrae and McLean
Jukes82: anyone know what holmans sc B/E for next week is roughly going to be?
wadaramus: That really sucks Raspel.
korza: Holman 10 tackles is not enough. Cmon get to 15
duckky: Breezy – GOD seems to have 5 C’s each week
Ash777: God is a bot.
Breezey: Yes he does duckky. Only the top scorers
duckky: Come on Dunkley at least make 90
Breezey: Class act is Jack Martin
Apachecats: Lyons massive 6 SC 1/4 so far.On to the never again list you go.
Jackwatt$: I thought God was banned?
Raspel31: Wow, alnost 400 fronm 2- cheers Macrae and Mclean
spudaroos: Macrae is an absolute gun and the best mid on their list.
Raspel31: 500 whoops
Jackwatt$: McLean only 75% game time. Not sure if that’s a good thing or not.
Hadouken: glad holman has had a 16 second half.
Hadouken: make that 21
BigChief: @Jack McLean was off with an injury early. That’s why only 75%
Costanza: welcome back Dalhaus
circle52: He had that shoulder injury early Jack, Was off for a whilke assessed.
Pusti: At least English was better this week ……….

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