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Chat log from R7 of 2018: Geelong vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Geelong vs Western Sydney, R7 of 2018

BigChief: Zac Smith out and Stanley in. (AFL website)
Grumpman: Beer in hand,pizza in the oven (Hug’s and Kisses)LOL
the worm: Geelong vs GWS, Geelong, E.Ratugolea, 3 votes
Umpirespet: Carn the Giants (even tho I don’t think they can win)
frenzy: lets go Danger
frenzy: you asleep at the wheel again m0nty
th3rio: evening all
frenzy: pedal harder m0nty
cusch1: Good luck Cramers in game 100
boo!: minty banging away hard
cusch1: Geelong fans singing that “What does it spell” chant. It is going to be a long night
wadaramus: Ditto Grumpman, love Fridays!
th3rio: good start henry
Ash777: geelong fans can spell? :p
original: taranto one uncontested handball for 4 sc..ok
jocka: How does the ground and crowd look?
hinsch: hopefully Dangerfield puts some effort in tonight need 150 SC +
cusch1: Looks about as good as it sounds; clunky
jvcfalcon: Go Henry !
pcaman2003: Henry does a clanger yet not recorded. Too easy
Grumpman: Kelly and Henry, go boys.
th3rio: henry yessss my buddy replacement
th3rio: shit kick but wasn’t turned over pcaman
Hadouken: the one week you trade out kelly…..
BigChief: Why would you trade Kelly out?
wadaramus: Trade Kelly?
circle52: exactly surely there were other rokkies to trade than Kelly
the worm: thats a good one hadouken! you almost had m going there for a minute
Jukes82: hopefully danger doesnt have a momster game and drops a bit more $, wanna bring him in next week for sc
Umpirespet: Gunna be a thrashing boys
Ash777: muppet shaw
Hadouken: worm, wish i was joking haha. derp..
oh_lol: You mean you traded Kelly from GWS?
Hadouken: had a bit of a last minute brain fart.
th3rio: i wish i had the balls to VC kelly
original: patton stops it from being out on the full lol
BigChief: Sounds like your brain shower, not fart. LOL
obione05: oH how good would it be if Henry got 90+ and i dont ave to trade Buddy
Raspel31: What-traded Kelly for Paddy Dow Hadouken?
cusch1: Traded Billings for Cripps this week.
th3rio: with u there obione
th3rio: hes half way there 😉
cusch1: Did….did BT just make sense when talking about umps and the time it takes to ball up around the ground?
colin wood: Henry on my pine 🙁
carlton_99: haha @cusch was just about to say its the first time ive agreed with him
wadaramus: Is TIm Kelly one of the best ever rookies?!
BigChief: I think he was given something to read out @cusch.
th3rio: guelfi dropped was a blessing if heny keeps going
BigChief: Kelly Best on atm.
circle52: Looping Henry and fritsch
DrSeuss: Taranto around the ball but not getting many touches
obione05: A couple of weeks ago i was saying i was waiting for Buddy to hit 600k, might get him even cheaper
DrSeuss: Missed a little kick from Taranto in that last minute
th3rio: did anyone grab spargo or ronke this week?
wadaramus: Spargo this week, Ronke next.
tommy10: Got Spargo th3rio
Breezey: I had Ronke but went the reverse. Took Ballard from the Suns instead
th3rio: holman out wada?
cusch1: LDU to Spargo next week, Coffield to fallen premo. Holman to Ronke week after
Rush: I went with the defender cheapies this week. Spargo come in next.
th3rio: massive POD rookie breezey haha
wadaramus: Banfield @th3rio
Jackwatt$: I’m still a little reluctant to pick Dee’s, Don’s, Pies or Tiger rookies
Jackwatt$: Hard to knock their best 22 with short turn around(s)
th3rio: guelfi and mirra out was painful
Jackwatt$: *know
cusch1: Guelfi will be back next week. Was rested this week due to first 2 games in 4 days
wadaramus: Got Guellfi in SC but not Mirra, Guelfi on bench, will loop if ZGL plays well.
th3rio: thats good news cusch
Jackwatt$: Anyone think Mutch will play enough games?
Umpirespet: Not Mutch Jack
Stu7: Tomlinson lead Nike’s
DrSeuss: Missing a lot of Taranto tackles
cusch1: Mutch will continue to play considering our abysmal form. Should see Dyl Clarke debut soon too. Potential Cash cow mid
anthsill03: So risky picking rookies after one game.
Stu7: Ward going on the scrap heap next week,
cusch1: The traditional Scott Clown face whenever a decision goes against Geelong
Ash777: lmao the reaction
pcaman2003: Scotts stupid face is priceless
original: good umpiring
th3rio: danger gonna be 500k at this rate
Ash777: giants better win this game now. For the lolz
cusch1: GWS struggling to make Cats pay
Kangas2012: come on cunico, do something
Umpirespet: I bought Danger in tonight as well
anthsill03: I am not jumping onto danger until byes. He doesnt look 100%
th3rio: ill jump on when he bottoms out
pcaman2003: Griffen should retire. Hardly sighted
anthsill03: Stop handballing whitfield
Migz: A tackle is not counted unless it effects disposal of the player. So can have plenty of tackles but if they get a clean
cusch1: Wait Griffen hasn’t retired?
Umpirespet: ATM think their are better options than Danger
Migz: Possession it might not be counted
cusch1: Like one of those half chicken burgers that they offer at Optus Stadium Umps Pet?
pcaman2003: @Cusch1. Semi retired. Shows up occasionally
th3rio: buddy henry!
Burnsy03: conigs -> merret looking a good move atm
Umpirespet: Yeah
carlton_99: Still three players without a possession so far! Wonder how long it will last!
hinsch: probably wait until Danger gets to about $350k then trade him in good value at that price
the worm: a while?
pcaman2003: GWS desperate when Keeffe gets a game. Pies must be happy.
stuballs: Gregson 5ft nothing over the general from behind! GG ez
Umpirespet: This isn’t a good game so how good is Geelong
cusch1: Welcome to GMHBooooA Stadium, where Cats fans boo even the correct decisions
Ash777: it’s the home fans ruining it
boo!: boo
original: could that be rough conduct? wasnt in the marking contest and wasnt spoiling (too late) ?
Raspel31: Kelly if you don’t pick up this qtr I’m trading you for Danger.
LuvIt74: Danger will be under $600k at this rate
Ash777: Hawkins in trouble I reckon
cusch1: Id be looking at downgrading Danger to Tim Kelly at this point tbh
DrSeuss: Taranto just getting nothing clean tonight
Umpirespet: Was nasty by Hawkins…Na Scott will have a cry and he’ll get a fine
BigChief: If Hawkins gets suspended for that then the MRO is a soft cock.
Raspel31: Agreed-was joking cusch
cusch1: That should be nothing more than a fine anyway
boo!: crameri repaying his 707 sc coaches..
original: gee you gotta respoect blicavs – ultimate utility
LuvIt74: Henry on my bench with no E
cusch1: The e is the second letter of his name Luvit
BigChief: BT is a moron.
Umpirespet: 2nd that Chief
original: wow derm has to do something with his lid, shockin hair
Haydo: Yeah e on henry and fogarty tonight
jfitty: Give Danger that new Chicken icon. He’s cooked!
Burnsy03: i’ll be the third
th3rio: good hustle henry, already passed proj
JockMcPie: Thanks Dangerfield…possibly my worst selection of the year in the long run
cusch1: Original just wait until he puts those disgusting blue glasses on. Looks shocking
Haydo: Shipley hasnt got a touch un a half
Jackwatt$: Burger for Danger, m0nty? C’mon do it, I know you’ll upset plenty but let your Geelong hatred out!!!
the worm: i dont think m0nty is that petty, I’m sure he barely remembers those 11 straight losses
TheBoy89: What do u mean danger is playing injured plus it’s his back and thank Chris scoot
hinsch: Dangerfield (omitted) Parsons in LOL
BigChief: 3 tackles for Taranto only? I think they have missed at least 4 more.
TheBoy89: Hinsch (useless) Trent west in LOL
BigChief: TheBoy89 (dumped) Aaron Black In Hehehe
Manowar: Dangerfield shit pick!
DrSeuss: Agree Big Chief – missed a heap from Taranto
Jackwatt$: @worm those losses we’re recent. He still despises Essendon (his other hated team) for 84/85
Haydo: Damn fogarty on bench with e but only non playing player is josh kelly
jfitty: Watch Danger get 40 SC for that goal lol
cusch1: Who has kept both JKelly and Walters? Just me?
Haydo: Guelfi on for fritch or spargo to get henries score
original: heath shaw kicking is killing me
Gordo450: Lets go Danger! Kick a bag worthy of the VC!
BigChief: @cusch I traded Kelly 2 weeks ago and Walters yesterday
Nuffman: I had Kelly till this week… traded to McRae
Gordo450: The only reason im making a trade this week is to get rid of Billings
th3rio: hezza!!
mardyb: henry has been huge!!!
Haydo: Traded walters to spargo and banfield to mcrae this week
J.Worrall: How’s Henry?
original: fogarty went home at HT again?
Torz: Tomlinson tagging Menegola. Weird match up.
Jackwatt$: Stoked how my teams going. 300 possible with 3 rookies (Henry, finlayson, Kelly)
duckky: Guelfi is gonna be useful tonight. Sorry Fritch you’re benched
Ash777: BT wants a hj from Ratugolea I think lol
J.Worrall: Don’t get overexcited, JackW
J.Worrall: Now watch Fritsch find a ton …
cusch1: Patrick is looked after
BigChief: Way to protect Dangerfield umpire.
DrSeuss: That’s a BS free to Danger
th3rio: hopefully fritsch does, i have both him and henry on field lol
circle52: Not alone there Ducky. 81 you take from a rookie any day.
cusch1: Imagine Essendon vs Geelong with Orazio, Stringer, and Esava. Would hate to be a cleaner in those commentary rooms
Breezey: @Ash777. Do you mean BT likes his High Jump. Hahaha
Jackwatt$: It’s also who I don’t have too. danger & Cognilio
Pinkman: how good Geelong in the draft last year. All 3 of them plus Constable killing it in VFL
Torz: Anyone bring in Shipley?
cusch1: Shipley looks like Bruno Mars
pcaman2003: Finlayson TOG a worry. Is he okay?
DragonLass: Shipley, more like Shitley
DrSeuss: Has Coniglio hit a target tonight?
J.Worrall: That Henry kid is sure hving a big one in defence!
th3rio: fuck all uniques this week, henry might just win me my league game
original: fogarty cmon mate
Burnsy03: happy with conigs to zerret atm lets see what zerret posts first
Nuffman: Conig is having a ripper of a game… DT wise..
cusch1: Ling saying that Dangerfield was braver than Shaw in that contest??? How does the bias still surprise me
Pinkman: shaw might have a bit of poo in his pants
Torz: Why would you go Conigs to Zerrett? Such a waste of a trade.
original: cusch it was accurate
Migz: Well Shaw did side step to the left
boges11: Danger went straight through the line, Shaw pulled out
J.Worrall: Every team is different. Torz … someimes needs must …
J.Worrall: I do admit, I does wonder!
pcaman2003: Keefe looks like a slug when trying to move.
cusch1: Tomlinson has ran 11.6 kms for 5 disposals and 0 impact on this game.
Torz: Must be really desperate for cash!
J.Worrall: Keeffe looks like a ruck, hten, pcaman?
Migz: He bounced it. How was that not play on after the siren
pcaman2003: @j warrall. Nah! Just like a slug. Sooo slow!
SilverLion: Ugh Cogs and Finlayson
cusch1: might have to watch it again then. Looked like both were running straight to me at the time
WizMan: Cusch – I have ran 18 metres for 5 beers from the fridge for zero impact at home
korza: Shipley, doing his owners proud.
BigChief: So just like a true Ruckman @pcaman? Very slow. LOL
original: taranto plz. AT plays like this and gets 35sc
original: 7 tackles tho tbf
J.Worrall: finlayson pressing forward! Goal!
duckky: First goal to Finlayson, and no reaction from teammates … Sorry Davis what was that about attitude?
J.Worrall: Attitude? You wanna talk about “attitude”?
cusch1: lol essendon have the worst culture in the league. Could learn a thing or two from GWS
duckky: Well Phil Davis did when he had a go at Cornflakes
th3rio: heath shaw and goddard are pretty alike tho tbh
Breezey: Has Kelly gone home
cusch1: Shipley still yet to get a touch
original: how many direct turnovers for Heath tonight??
duckky: Nice to see Crameri back on the scoreboard though
CamT: Apparently Shipley’s tackle was a ripper.
DrSeuss: Time to finish strong Taranto
original: 10 turnovers wow
J.Worrall: Henry and Kelly – the rookies who “did”!
th3rio: shipley!
duckky: Handpass for Shipley
JockMcPie: Shipley got a touch!
cusch1: He got one!!!!! thats tragic. secretly wanted him to go through touchless
Breezey: Shipley just got a handball
SilverLion: God Cogs. Get to 80 at least
original: junk time logo for shipley plz
Haydo: 6 points for the handball wow
korza: ship ship hooray
pcaman2003: GWS asleep.
Gordo450: Dare I say it…Vulture for Dangerfield??
th3rio: how was that not ball on selwood? he didnt get a handball?
duckky: Thats gotta be a clanger for Danger
cusch1: my god shipley just doesnt put any effort in. looks like a deer in the headlights
Grumpman: Henry and Kelly well done guys…!
korza: I dont think Shipley will play again this year.
original: how is this fellas. bloke im Vs. this week traded out henry and kept Giles-langdon hehe
vaficarra: GWS are terrible
J.Worrall: Coniglio and Taranto are covered by Henry and Kelly, SC wise – no complaints here!
circle52: Come on Finlayson some junk time stats to get B/e
duckky: GWS needs 5 more points to avoid their lowest ever score
frenzy: tommy stewart dont get no CD love
gingjok: Finlayson better not stay forward . This is not good for him
pcaman2003: Conigs having the shocker of all shockers.
Stu7: Henry’s on drugs averaging 53.6 before this game
Torz: Whitfield with another standard two HTB’s tonight.
J.Worrall: earth calling
J.Worrall: What time did Henry meet Bomber? Is there footage?
Grumpman: @Stu7, i hope he keeps taking them,LOL
J.Worrall: Finlayson another goal!
vaficarra: Stewart with the kermit
BigChief: This has been a terrible game to watch.
duckky: Thank heavens – Findlayson just hit his BE
obione05: Finlayson goes next week
circle52: Yep Finlatson now out next week,
the worm: why would you ditch finlayson? one of their best in a smashing, what are you expecting?
original: fogarty robbed
duckky: Danger is getting cheaper and Cheaper
obione05: its called selling at the breakeven, hes done his job and now gets upgraded
Haydo: Hannan or spargo off
tommy10: Stuffed up my dpp and realised Finlayson was
hinsch: agree the worm Finlayson has kicked half of GWS goals
Wends: OMG, just snuck on here to check the scores… Have duncan for perfect 9! 😮
th3rio: finlayson has a shit load more $ to make tbh , hes been more consistent than some prems so far
tommy10: Stuffed up and had Finlay on mid bench without E. Now hoping Spargo/Holman get at least 70
tommy10: Keeping Finlayson though..Murray will be out before him.
original: lol fox/ch7 doing their best to help get hawkins off
Burnsy03: omg my opp had henry nand benched him 5 mins b4 the game
Burnsy03: i checked and raged bc he was on and refreshed and he was bench without e on . him

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