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Chat log from R6 of 2018: Fremantle vs West Coast

Chat log for Fremantle vs West Coast, R6 of 2018

feralmong: Go capt Fyfe u good thing.
BigChief: Go Yeo-yo.
Raspel31: Brave feralmong to leave to last gasp-but good luck!
SilverLion: Binoculars on Duman today
BigChief: Cream on the cream? That makes no sense at all.
feralmong: Yeahrasp I went out and forgot to do Gawn
DrSeuss: Neale you going to do anything this week?
valkorum: I bet that was Umpire Margetts who missed that high tackle on Crowden and called it holding the ball instead
Raspel31: Easy for me feral-sat on Mcrae after round one but rooting for you. Ps-got Fyfe too.
DrSeuss: Get off the bench Neale
DrSeuss: Why do coaches insist on turning ball winners into taggers?
Apachecats: Stay low Yeo.
DrSeuss: Yeo and Crowden – feeling like touching the ball?
Raspel31: Looking good feral.
valkorum: Once again Umpire Margetts not paying an obvious 50m penalty – he needs to stop umpiring
Burnsy03: walters bandage for knee?
valkorum: Walters was off getting attention but he was just seen running on the boundary
DrSeuss: Is Yeo really tagging? Stupid coaching if thats the case.
J_Herer: Welcome back Mr Neale ๐Ÿ™‚
valkorum: DrSeuss Yeo tagged Fyfe last year and did a good job, but Fyfe is fit this year
hinsch: if Yeo is tagging Fyfe that is working well Fyfe 53SC points at quarter time 10 pos
DrSeuss: Exactly Valk – Yeo isn’t a great tagger – but probably serviceable if the player is relatively injured ie Fyfe last year
hinsch: maybe get Nic Nat to tag Fyfe and let Lycett ruck
DrSeuss: Plus Yeo is probably one of the best ball winners for WC – waste to use him as a tagger
pcaman2003: Glad I put the C on Fyfe for the first time. Hope he keeps it up.
BigChief: I said at start of year if Freo wins enough games Fyfe will win Brownlow.
gdshifty: lol Wilson
TheOnyas: onya fyfey
Fatbar5tad: Come on Banfield. Get a kick mate.
feralmong: Itโ€™s looking good pcaman. Patience is a virtue.
feralmong: Pretty happy with mundy too.
pcaman2003: @feral. I think so. Just need Walters to get more touches now
m0nty: come on Son-Son, earn that heart son
Fatbar5tad: Walters no good
Burnsy03: walters cooked for the day red cross
Burnsy03: has him in sc too
pcaman2003: Bloody Walters! Not again!
Ash777: freo are doing well this season so far
DrSeuss: Neale – get off the freaking pine
Raspel31: God will be here in a second saying he capped Fyfe!
valkorum: Walters got re-strapped, came back on but has gone off again
circle52: I have Wlters in SC so there goes my score
Burnsy03: same might lose bc of that, i hav sandy rance cal brown and walters vs 28, fyfe and higgins
BigChief: @Burnsy Fyfe might beat you on his own.
DrSeuss: Stop giving away free kicks Crowden
pcaman2003: Where r u Nat?
Burnsy03: yeah chief, happy to see hes only on 73 after being on 71 4 minuttes in to q2
Burnsy03: hopefully sinks into a whole
BigChief: I hope not Burnsy. Need him to go huge.
Fatbar5tad: Banfield just refuses to score. Might not beat Walters. 😳
Burnsy03: hsuh chief dont let him hear you say that
TheOnyas: onya gaffy
Raspel31: Hmm- a backward quarter for el Fifo-hmm?
Burnsy03: i have 100 and sandy vs fyfe bc of walters
Haydo: wow, shower week already now walters!!! How long will he be out for
Brenno_173: Unlucky Haydo
Haydo: ikr how r u going this week brenno
Brenno_173: decent probably gonna get 2350
poolboybob: Clock for Nic Nat, as per usual
Haydo: Wow, nice, ill be lucky to get 2100
BigChief: Looking more and more likely that NicNat will be time managed all year.
DrSeuss: Thank You Lachie Neale – although you may need 200 to make up for Crowden on field
anthsill03: Walters not coming back on?
valkorum: No, Walters is done for the day (and maybe a few weeks)
boges11: Walters is in a polo shirt, so no.
DrSeuss: Yeo…2nd half has started mate
Ash777: who is this langdon kid and where did he come from
korza: Get NicNat on field, you fkg donk
wadaramus: Yeo and Fyfe canceling each other out.
wadaramus: What’s a donk korza?! lol ๐Ÿ™‚
mardyb: fyfe hit the anchors hard
zoomba23: Nat…. get on the fucking field
wadaramus: He’s playing up forward zoomba, last time I saw him anyway.
korza: **wadaramus, first learn how to spell, before the smart us, comment. It’s “cancelling”
zoomba23: My bad wadaramus. Nat….. fucking do something
wadaramus: Smart us? Please korza, some gramma etiket thanks
Burnsy03: clam dwn korza, hermlass joke clma
wadaramus: ANd what’s a donk? It’s a car motor down this way!
korza: **wadaramus,Go away trollop, your making a mess of yourself.
Erich1036: @korza @you’re
wadaramus: korza, ease up turbo, what’s your problem?
Burnsy03: korza having the carlton emblem before your name means, nobody is listening
th3rio: Thank you to to whoever slowed fyfe the fuck down
zoomba23: Nat.. hurry up and get to 200 ya flog
wadaramus: My opponent has the C on him th3rio, I am glad too!
TheOnyas: onya hurny
SilverLion: Nic Nat needs a permanent clock icon
Crowls: Somebody tell me if fyfe still playing? Had him as C.
duckky: Hey Monty – Isn’t Cole a P plater too?
PowerBug: That person is Yeo @th3rio
duckky: No – my bad
Burnsy03: cole has been here for a few years
BigChief: @duckky Cole has played 7 games before today mate
pcaman2003: @Crowls. And many others like myself. What a letdown after huge 1st qtr.
Burnsy03: doedee or murray to cole next week?
duckky: *Blushing* Burnsey
jeddies22: wouldve won my game this week if walters played, so shattered
wadaramus: Great game of footy, big last quarter coming up.
BigChief: Doctors by 6 points is my tip.
circle52: agree jeddies – Walters injury going to cost me some league games
BigChief: ooops Dockers*
th3rio: Same wada, i banked titch so i was freaking. Thanks power@ , rushed home from beach to catch last q
wadaramus: I banked Titch too ๐Ÿ™‚
RGriffen: eagles getting a free ride
jeddies22: trading nic nat and walters next week for grundy and who else…??
duckky: How long will Walters be out for?
Snarfy: Anyone watching tell me if Ryan is still running around?
Burnsy03: hand injury in the bench for now
Burnsy03: nvm back on just saw him
NewFreoFan: Taking a lot of effort to not become someone who complains about umpires haha
Apachecats: I’d go grundy and taranto Jeddies.
Snarfy: Thanks Burnsy
lukat: Is Nic Nat going to progressively receive more TOG, or is he gonna hover around 55-60 all season
PowerBug: I wouldn’t trade Nic Nat out
DrSeuss: Yeo and Crowden sleeping again this quarter
Ash777: nic nat was always going to be a wait til after bye
Umpirespet: BT and Dwayne sound more like each other every week
NewFreoFan: I can feel this coming down to another Sandi forward mark, play on and stuff up
wadaramus: TV commentators suck.
SilverLion: Yo-yo down today
DragonLass: Brayshaw would score 80-90 every week if he was allowed to have more than half the game on the ground
wadaramus: Yo-yo tagging Fyfey.
NewFreoFan: I don’t need this stress on a Sunday evening
wadaramus: Yo-yo kiccking goals while Fyfey is lying on the ground.
Jackwatt$: Banfield you’re doing a great job curbing Shueys influence, but that doesn’t get me points.
RGriffen: love how people say the commentators suck. Dwayne is literally the highest paid TV commentator in Aus
Raspel31: As a totally disinterested party I have only a few words-kick butt Freo.
mardyb: surely brenton speed is. He is doing everything at the moment
wadaramus: RGriffen, I think TV commentary is poor, regardless of their salary.
wadaramus: I prefer the radio.
JButcher: 100% agree with you @Raspel
Jackwatt$: Lycett keep it up buddy
SilverLion: Welp Yeo has played the last 5 mins… X factor
Snarfy: That’s interesting Jackwatt$. Maybe thats an area where supercoach and Dreamteam can refine scoring. Points for a tag
pcaman2003: Bring back Commetti I say.
Umpirespet: Speed is the best commentator in Aus
Snarfy: when the player they are minding scores lower than their average. Food for thought anyway.
Ash777: dwayne the spud johnson :p
Jackwatt$: How good could Lycett be if he rucked solo. He is up against Sandi, and he has only had 68% gt
RGriffen: Speed 3rd from the last findings Mardyb
J.Worrall: But most players routinely score less than their average …
RGriffen: Always been Fyfe’s issue
pcaman2003: Fyfey. How could you?
J.Worrall: … almost 1/2 the time !
Raspel31: Very true Worrall- especially when you trade them in.
Snarfy: Your right worrall, it would be a minefield, but supercoach tries to reward players for good work other than just possie
Snarfy: Crowley would have been a premium!!!
pcaman2003: Fyfe 106. Gets a free and behind,plus goal assist. gets 7pts. BS
NewFreoFan: If we could figure out how to go inside 50 we could win this
lukat: How longs left?
wadaramus: Lol Snarfy, Crowley premium!
wadaramus: 4 mins lukat.
NewFreoFan: 3:52 during this score review
Pinkman: dwayne russell and his whatever moments. is this the moment, the where were you moment…blah
duckky: yeo going close to ton? wow!
GOD: GOD has the C on L. Neale tonight!
Raspel31: Crowlley primo-really wada?
Umpirespet: God had the C on Gawn?
Raspel31: Go away god-find a new planet to screw up.
pcaman2003: @GOD. How about putting the C on your team. C is for crap.
lukat: God forgot to put the C on Fyfe so got Yeo to tag him
wadaramus: That blah costs a lot of money Pinkman!
Pinkman: God has the C on four players this round. doing well
duckky: What – did you miss out on GAwn?
colin wood: yeah duckky CD reward popular picked players free points. One of SC’s downfalls
wadaramus: @Raspel, musing about whether taggers could get points for effective tagging.
Umpirespet: God is giving religion a bad name canโ€™t even help his team
runt: Crowden looks and plays like a hermit crab
JButcher: Unpopular opinion I know but I prefer AF because I know exactly what the points are for
Ash777: I feel god is a bot.
Umpirespet: Butch would like DT scoring for Sc
Raspel31: Something to muse about wada
BigChief: m0nty why do you continue to allow GOD’s posts to go through. Clearly says in rules that is can be banning offence.
J.Worrall: Is effective tagging similar to presssure?
RGriffen: so you like Lloyd get cheap kicks and scoring +18 late in games?
pharace: Am with you Butcher – SC is so unpredictable
Umpirespet: God is M0nty
GOD: GOD can never be Banned!!
duckky: So many 90’s for me this round.
Raspel31: I am Spartacus!
duckky: Why is there french horn in the Eagle’s song? Wasn’t there before
God_: GOD is an imposter and a fraud
Jackwatt$: God has already won 4 cars this year!
Jackwatt$: Which God is the real good, and which one is a false god? I’m confused
duckky: God drives a Volvo
Haydo: how long is walters out for

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