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Chat log from R6 of 2018: Adelaide vs Gold Coast

Chat log for Adelaide vs Gold Coast, R6 of 2018

Umpirespet: Big win boys
DrSeuss: Seedsman, Laird and Doedee great start
CaptainWho: I know too many crows supporters, so hope the get beat
Gotigres: Game has started Laird and Doedee
hinsch: CaptainWho move out of SA then
TheMessiah: Where is Laird?
Stu7: Missing
Apachecats: Got Laird ,Doedee and Lyons -one touch between them.
Breezey: I fear for the Suns right now
Gotigres: No need for Adelaide defenders tonight
Blaircam: Rest Laird and Gibbs in the second half please Pikey
DrSeuss: Not a good week to have 3 Adelaide defenders me thinks
runt: Ive got the Adelaide defence triumvirate
runt: No complaints because they share it around
runt: usually
SilverLion: Play Holman in the guts Dew ffs
CaptainWho: SA is like jail hinsch, once you’re in there ain’t no gettin out
Umpirespet: I’ll drive you to the border Capt.
DrSeuss: Come on Laird and Seedy
Breezey: Harbrow getting amongst it. Not
PowerBug: Both 39s cmon boys let’s get the ball a bit
CBeezDeez: Zippity getting amongst it now
Umpirespet: Holeman is disappointing so far
Yelse: holman lift commnnn need at leasts 80
korza: Lonergan in a good team would become elite.
Stu7: Plants some seeds-man!!!
Umpirespet: Haha nice kick Joyce
J.Worrall: nature grows the seeds, man!
casey22: Sick of the red print on pink background. Swap with the blue
J.Worrall: we eat te seeds, man!
Stu7: He’s playing like he’s seedy man
AngryRyno: have to change your supported team on your account @casey22
JockMcPie: L Brown blue moon
Sloaneyyyy: Tex our for the rest of the game – hamstring tightness
the worm: young ones worrall?
pcaman2003: Gibbs and Holman,WTF is going on?
Sloaneyyyy: crows have gone to sleep
runt: hamstring tightness? A nice Thai massage in the rooms with a happy ending would fix that.
korza: Holman bench boy from now on
Umpirespet: It would fix me runt
Apachecats: yeah runt reckon he’s staging for that.
AngryRyno: lift Gibbs ya spud
anthsill03: M crouch upgrade option in a couple of weeks?
pcaman2003: @Angry. Gibbs major disappointment since I brought him in.
kano: Whats wrong with tex? Sand in his box ?
Haydo: holman and coffield ARRRRGGGGHHHHH
Raspel31: Gibbs great till Sloane out- crapola since.
coldog: Ah Sauce im done with you!
leorosman_: gibbs go and get the fuckin ball spastic
J_Herer: thank god i dumped Holman this week
TheMessiah: Holman having a mare – Gone this week
circle52: Holman needs 8 this quarter to get his B/e so find the pill mate
Raspel31: Would be very happy with Tom Lynch- if I had the right one.
Stu7: Hole-man
Carnster: was going soo well to coffield and holman came along
Stu7: Twins
circle52: Think a lot will have Holman on field me included
Umpirespet: I have circle
Carnster: i went coffield over doedee i think i need to get myself checked
the worm: billings burned me so badly, my opp has holman and gibbs and i still might lose 🙁
LMartos: I know the game is over but why are players getting no points at all for anything.
Manowar: Laird dead?
pcaman2003: I was on a projection of 2405 start of round. Lucky now to get 2150.
luke394: Holman another shit one
Raspel31: Same pcaman- already down hundreds-groan.
Breezey: Luke Brown having a big night
Gotigres: Holman plays crap interstate
jfitty: Dunno about the blue moon for Brown – he’s had a few good games this year
AngryRyno: pretty much every Suns game has been interstate at this point
Umpirespet: Who can we downgrade Holman to tho is there any on the bubble?
Carnster: holman needs one more touch to get be
JockMcPie: Holman crap coz hes being played forward
Monfries96: muzz you’re a flog
Muzz08: monfries96 you for real
Stu7: Higgins or Cunico
Carnster: im going cunico
JockMcPie: Holman -> Cole or Duman via Coffield switch is what I’m looking at
JockMcPie: Or even Mirra, depending

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