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Chat log from R6 of 2018: Essendon vs Melbourne

Chat log for Essendon vs Melbourne, R6 of 2018

JockMcPie: Let’s go Zerrett, Smith, Cptn Gawn and Fritsch
Umpirespet: So confused whether to have C on Gawn or Oliver but kept it on Gawn
Apachecats: Gawn should have a picnic against Leuey umpirespet
Apachecats: Zerrett starts on the pine.
Yelse: how do i get the other screen that shows all stats
Apachecats: Click stats where the match details are above.
Torpedo10: Zoom out @ Yelse
original: merrett not on the field..gr8
Yelse: @torpedo how do you zoom out
TheLegend6: Don’t do this to me Hibberd, the week I traded you out -.-
Umpirespet: He is due Thelegend6
Torpedo10: Are you on PC or phone? If phone, cannot be done. if PC, just zoom out with settings.
BigChief: @Legend he is playing his old club. Of course he was going to play well
original: hahaha TheLegend i was inches away from trading him
TheLegend6: I traded him to Simpson as well so this could hurt haha
a1trader: Big 150 from you today Capt Maxxy
heppelitis: got sick of mcgrath and hes on my bench typical
pcaman2003: Wanting big games from Hurley,Gawn,Smith and Guelfi
Nuffman: Hurley and Zerrett’s DE is killing me
AFL Blues: I have Gawn as my captain. It was a strategic decision, as he was playing against a V.F.L. ruckman.
TheLegend6: Good start by Smith
BigChief: C’mon Hurley, hit a damn target.
Yelse: Thanks @torpedo
luke394: would love a 120 from D Smith today
AFL Blues: I’d like to see Saad vs Hunt in a race today.
DrSeuss: Zerrett, Devon and Capt Max. Keep it up fellas
th3rio: Hibberd will prob still finish shit
thorgils: Dont try and save yhourself now Hibbo I told you last week this was your last week!
Umpirespet: Fritz get a move on m8
Apachecats: Goddard quiet today hmmn.Turnover king.
pcaman2003: Smithy overdue for a huge game. He’s got the talent.
AFL Blues: Prediction: Essendon will be 9 goals; 16 behinds.
th3rio: Lol hope zaka goes off at goddard for that
Umpirespet: Hogan on only 4 with 100% eff?
luke394: thats 0% @umpirespet you’re looking at his TOG
Erich1036: Hogan has 0% eff…
Umpirespet: Sorry that’s tog now lol
Bulky: Basic skill levels of today’s modern AFL footballers are atrocious.
Yelse: cmonnn fritsch lift and get of the pine
luke394: good to have Fritsch back hey…..
pcaman2003: @Bulky. Have to agree with you .
Umpirespet: Thought Melb were better than this …Lucky Essendon keeping them in the game
original: first glance looked like 50
luke394: shocking goal kicking
original: its sad that we’re happy with hibberd having a ‘good start’ when its just 20 lol
TheLegend6: AFL is starting to look a bit like Soccer in that regard, more importance on producing Athletes over Technique and Skill
original: i spoke too soon where did that +4 come from you beautiful b-tard lol
pcaman2003: Impressed with Guelfi.
Umpirespet: Same pcaman2003
a1trader: I put Mutch on my bench this week, started well
circle52: Need Fritsch to get more than Henrys 54 as I decided not to loophole. Could have been a bad move on early stats
SilverLion: Oliver quiet early
original: lol the legend are u saying soccer more about athletic ability than skill..?
pcaman2003: McNiece no FA and 100%DE so,what’s the clanger for? Anyone?
Umpirespet: Oliver chasing Heppell around Silver
SilverLion: He has 2 clangers pca, not sure what either are for though
SilverLion: Ah didn’t notice ump. Interesting, a waste if he’s doing a run with role
TheLegend6: @original no, I play soccer but we’re producing athletes, not technique/skilled players
pcaman2003: They just added one after siren!Silverlion. Got me beat.
BigChief: clangers can be dropped easy marks, unforced errors etc
circle52: Clangers can be handball turnoversm kicks to opposition players unconteted etc Not watching the game so unable to say wh
pcaman2003: Thanks Bigchief.
pcaman2003: @circles.Those clangers you mention affect DE,but he had 100% DE
frenzy: Gawn yips
Umpirespet: Max your and Daniher should have a goal kicking shootout
TheLegend6: Spargo looks a baller
Umpirespet: Bit like my iPad auto correcting frenzy lol
a1trader: Melbourne wouldn’t beat Carlton the way they are playing
Umpirespet: Melb have a lack of speed in their side
facebook23: essendon are unstoppable
BigChief: Have you seen Carlton play trader? They wouldn’t beat an u/9’s team.
original: a1trader , sounds good. here i am just wondering when we play Stk given wbd did us lol
AFL Blues: You guys are idiots. Carlton have the most injuries in the league. We’re struggling to fill a team out there.
facebook23: less talk about carlscum please.
Torz: Would be nice if Zerrett was allowed on the ground at some point.
facebook23: why wouldnt you just lay a knee into gawns back then? never be able to outmark him so make him hurt! WEAK
pcaman2003: Daniher still reminds me of a gangly giraffe
BigChief: @AFL Blues Adelaide and WB both have more injuries.
BigChief: still being a troll I see facebook. Why don’t you go back to facebook as that’s were trolls live
luke394: does Stringer look overweight to anyone else?
facebook23: um ok then? just watching my team man
AFL Blues: Big Chief, that is not true. My sources are reliable. What specifically are you going by?
Fatbar5tad: I killed Hogan 🙁
cusch1: Facebook why would you lay a knee into him? Gives away a 50, makes a certain goal and creates a sniper label for player.
cusch1: Shut up and stop making us all look bad
kano: Facebook for the burger
facebook23: @admin, can you remind people to chat about the game and not other, irrelevant stuff
Umpirespet: Father I wondered what happened to him
facebook23: haha yeah i know, just jealous melb have a solid ruck option 🙁
BigChief: AFL Blues take look at the offical injury list of all clubs on the AFL website.
pcaman2003: C’mon Hurley. You too Smith. Game not over yet.
Apachecats: I had something to do with it too Fatbar.
AFL Blues: Cusch, Essendon have the strongest reputation of being scum-bags. “Next time make it worth it — rip his head off!”
the worm: fogarty wouldve hospitalized him
Yelse: hibberd goes missing after Q1
m0nty: I think T. McDonald’s return has killed Hogan
AFL Blues: BigChief, I *did* look at the injury list. Add up the total of games, and you will see that Carlton have the worst.
pcaman2003: @Yelse. Same with Guelfi,only 2 pts this qtr
Fatbar5tad: Hey Hoges. Get a kick or no finals for you.
CamT: Hibberd did the same thing last season. Seems to lack natural fitness.
Umpirespet: Watching Hogan M0nty and he doesn’t look interested… Maybe because of delivery
facebook23: afl blues. my god you are not intelligent
BigChief: AFL Blues total games does not mean worst injury list. Total players missing does.
AFL Blues: Total games is the most important factor, BigChief; experience.
Fatbar5tad: Keep running under the ball Hogan you 🥔
mardyb: convinced hurley doesnt have a brain
Umpirespet: AFL blues we have 5 of our 2016 top 10 best and fairest out think that beats your experience m8
ado88: AFL site had a story last week. Injury ladder, Carlton were top of the injury ladder
cusch1: AFL Blues, would toss in Hawks unsociable footballers into the conversation
wadaramus: Hogan gone from stud to dud in just two weeks.
Haydo: Essendon not out of Harmes way yet, but melbourne need to flick the Lever ir soon they’ll be Gawn
BigChief: OMG did someone get a video of that? Someone actually hit a target and then they kicked a goal.
Umpirespet: Well done Haydo
cusch1: Gary Lyon is so biased towards Melbourne it isnt funny
McSpud: is hogan still playing?
Apachecats: Hogan’s got a bandaid now.FFS
Nuffman: @Blues: considering the list your club managed to put together during your tanking years… You have bigger problems
Haydo: Thanks umpirespet 🙂
BigChief: @McSpud I wouldn’t say playing, but he is on the ground.
Umpirespet: After Holman 33 didn’t think it could get worse now Hogan 🙁
cusch1: We should be up by a lot more than just a goal.
LMartos: Fritsch -4 for the drop mark… ouch
Fatbar5tad: My opt has Holman. I have Hogan. FMSC.
AFL Blues: You’re basing this off a poor year. Yes, well, like I said, we have the most injuries in the league.
Haydo: I had holman and coffield on the field umpirespet
Umpirespet: Good to see Lever is sticking it up the critics
luke394: Fritsch got -4 for that dropped mark wow wee
Raspel31: No Parfitt- Holman, Gibbs,T Lynch-been a trying round cusch
Umpirespet: Coffield score looking good haydo lol
pcaman2003: @AFL Blue. And the most losses to match unfortunately.
Apachecats: Hogan to Taranto looking good.
AFL Blues: Exactly, pcaman. See, now you’re getting it.
Umpirespet: Agree Apache but Taranto won’t score as well when Kelly comes back
BigChief: @luke that is because it is a clanger which is -4
BigChief: AFL Blues how can 11 injured players be more than 12 for Adelaide or 13 for WB? Use your head.
facebook23: were you born in 2003 or something?
DrSeuss: Spargo and Mutch looking like downgrade targets??
korza: Hogan has a brown middle finger.
the worm: blues with a fully healty list would easily win 3 games this season, maybe even 4
AFL Blues: Thank you, worm.
Umpirespet: Something for them to look forward to worm
korza: 3 votes Carlton, C.Judd
BigChief: Cripps going to Adelaide next year Ump?
the worm: blues fans are looking forward to 2020 and onwards, next year is already written off
Umpirespet: Wouldn’t say no Chief lol
Apachecats: Bit like Hopoarte korza?
Apachecats: Anyone heard anything on radio re Hogans knee?
Ash777: ew hogan
Umpirespet: Hogan back out there
cusch1: That rule has to go. its just a bad look for the game
BigChief: Dees have been aweful and score now level. How bad are Ess?
korza: *Apache haha
BigChief: awful*
cusch1: Chief we have been awful too
mardyb: send saad back to GC
AFL Blues: Next year, the worm, Carlton fans look forward to — that’s if we get all our players back. That would be exciting!
luke394: Hurley scores well for a lot of cheap possies I need to get him
Lewysport: Thankyouvery going well for first gamer!
Breezey: Every one can look forward to better times if they got all their players back
pcaman2003: The giraffe keeps falling over. Needs new legs.
cusch1: how was that not advantage for us there?
Apachecats: Thankyou veryspargo?
Fatbar5tad: Gawn gets the hard one
Umpirespet: Keep going fritz
luke394: Fritsch got 3 points got that kick and goal assist to Gawn?
BigChief: Have Ess come out from the sheds yet?
pcaman2003: Where are u Smithy?
frenzy: welcome back Fritsch
a1trader: I’ve been away for 10 minutes and Melbourne have kicked 4 goals
korza: Salami any chance getting a touch
cusch1: Hogan is done left knee
Umpirespet: Hogan gone
cusch1: Scratch that, right ankle rolled in the contest
BigChief: Hogan rolled right ankle.
Manowar: Goddard gunna lose it soon!!!!
Fatbar5tad: Ankle
luke394: Bombers gone to sleep
wadaramus: Hogan rolled right ankle, tape it up and get back out there you flog!
BigChief: Spargo looming as inclusion next week for me.
Apachecats: Hogan will be a minus 71 against his SC forecast.
cusch1: we are just sh!t Luke. Going backwards under a one dimensional coach
facebook23: trust the process
cusch1: that is not a mark jesus
Apachecats: Remenber last year when Danger rolled his ankle.They stuck him in the goal square and he kicked 6.
th3rio: Laverde kicked it to laverde lol stupid sandy
JButcher: I don’t think Sandy even bothers anymore @th3rio was shocking in the port kangas game
Umpirespet: Start playing the Benny Hill music please
th3rio: I think youre right butch
cusch1: how is that not a throw?
luke394: go Fritsch
Breezey: Sandy only knows the big name players. Guesses the others
pcaman2003: Bombers!
Raspel31: Whoops-should have covered Parfitt with fritz. Kick some goals Hurley-no one else will.
cusch1: Lav and Guelfi look very similar in his defence
BigChief: Hurley playing good old bruise free footy.
Breezey: Cue Kermit for Salem
mardyb: nah guelfi can actually play the game
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Christian Salem just transformed into a felt-clad figure of fun!
facebook23: hehehehehhehehehehehhe
pcaman2003: @Big Chief. As long as he keeps getting points,I don’t care.
Apachecats: Gawn 150 anyone?
Breezey: Where’s Heppell hiding
BigChief: Me either Pcaman
cusch1: im fucking done with this game.
luke394: Gawn 160 coming
BigChief: Gawn just can’t miss from that spot.
Umpirespet: How dare ESS sups have a crack at Maxxy
Ash777: give leuey the spud
BigChief: What a flog supporter giving it to Gawn.
facebook23: telling ya, should have put a knee into him earlier…
Raspel31: Wow big Max-took Mcrae’s 141-think you’re gunna smash that
cusch1: because it was a soft free kick?
facebook23: lol ‘flog’ what is this? 2015?!
Umpirespet: Facebook is so 2015 Facebook
Fatbar5tad: It’s unaustrslian to give Max a bake.
luke394: that bloke should be ejected straight away what an idiot
Breezey: Bombers need a good old spray from Godds.
BigChief: Facebook became irrelevant in 2010.
Raspel31: Oliver is sooo 2017.
original: cmon zerrett
J_Herer: Happy i traded Holman to Z Merrett this week
snake_p: typical bombers supporter Luke
Umpirespet: Zerrett does look good again
circle52: Got home 5 mins late to put C on Gawn should have done it yesterday but thems the breaks.
circle52: So Tossed a coin between Dusty and Ftfe and went Dusty
Fatbar5tad: Lucy out of Gas SC points to the MAX
BigChief: Hahahahaha sucked in McGrath
SilverLion: Onya Zach
poolboybob: Just give Gawn the star now
cusch1: I should have jumped off the west gate on wednesday this is fked
circle52: At least Fritsch has now passed Henry after the poor start
Fatbar5tad: Has Hogan been tracksuited?
Hooks: go hurley and smith
Manowar: Really a gun for Z Merrett! is this a joke?
JButcher: Why did you guys have to turn up against us @cusch1
cusch1: This is bullshit now. We are getting destroed here
BigChief: C’mon Hurley 125+ please.
Fatbar5tad: Go Piggerd. Finally!
Ash777: the sooner goddard is gone the better bombers will be
cusch1: I have no idea how we are leading the free kicks
BigChief: AFL get rid of that stupid contact below knees rules FFS
Zeratul: Gun. Was there ever any doubt that this player would rack up huge fantasy points? This player is a gun, plain and simple
Zeratul: He’s a fantasy gun – plain and simple. Not necesasrily a brownlow medalist.
Raspel31: Maxie the Suarez of AFL-you’re simply gorn if you don’t have him.
BigChief: Muppet for Daniher m0nty
Yelse: cmonn hibberd fritsch and guelfi keep going sons
cusch1: that would be harsh chief
Manowar: Daniher is injured, can not hear after last week!!
BigChief: I see the fat lady warming up.
cusch1: Good news Carlton fans, you’ll get your first win next week
korza: Take Hogan off. Rest him now you peanut
pcaman2003: More brilliance from Daniher
Raspel31: Merretts obviously like both ends.
Fatbar5tad: Hogan!
BigChief: Carlton won’t beat Adel in Adel cusch.
Fatbar5tad: Junk it up Jesse
Apachecats: Thanks Hoges ,every little bit helps ,clinging to a very slim lead in SC.
cusch1: Don’t carlton have these idiots next week?
Apachecats: Hogan goes up 8 for a goal assist and a goal?
frenzy: average Joe
pcaman2003: Bombers looking like Keystone cops
Erich1036: @Apachecats dunno how you would consider a joe daniher spoil as a hogan goal assist, was a clanger kick if anything
cusch1: We wont win another game for the year at this rate
the worm: dont badmouth the keystone cops like that
BigChief: Nope @cusch Haw v Ess at G on Sat
Apachecats: Yeah but keystone cops were funny pca.
pcaman2003: Soory worm! It was insulting.
GOD: GOD has the C on M. Gawn today!
pcaman2003: If Hawks lose Saturday,I’ll disown them
Apachecats: Get some new material GOD.
Raspel31: Sadly more like the 22 Stooges.
cusch1: surprised this idiot didnt call that back tbh. Also surprised we kicked a goal from a set shot
BigChief: Thanks for nothing this 1/4 Hurley.
pcaman2003: GOD not helping the Blues too much.
BigChief: So we will see pcaman with an Ess icon on Sunday?
Umpirespet: This is now a thrashing
pcaman2003: @Big Chief. More like a spud icon I think
Raspel31: Oh dearie me.
JButcher: Big Joe reminds me of a young John Butcher, have faith Dons fans
cusch1: I hope Baguely McNeice and and Jackson Merrett never play again.
BigChief: Craig Hutchison still thinks Ess will win the flag.
the worm: remember 6 weeks ago when essendon recruited so well they were contenders for the flag?
Apachecats: yeah JB they’re both butchers.
Umpirespet: Yep cause Butcher turned out well
pcaman2003: My Essendon buddies will be in hiding all week now
cusch1: every time the whistle blows, its a melbourne ball
cusch1: pcaman they should have been hiding since round 2
JButcher: Of course he did @Umpirespet he is now a very successful business development manager
anthsill03: Leave the bombers alone 4 day turn around
Jukes82: hibbo zombie surely
Apachecats: Merretts are bookends.
Umpirespet: Lol good for him Butch
BigChief: Melbourne 4 1/2 day turnaround. Will leave this here for you anth
pcaman2003: Go Smithy!
Apachecats: and a few very ordinary books between them.
pcaman2003: 3 tons plus Guelfi. Not too bad.
the worm: pies beat geelong last year after anzac day with a similar turnaround
anthsill03: I was kidding bombers r rubbish lol love how last few weeks they were bagging the blues
JButcher: Guelfi and Fritsch on my bench today and I chose to play W.Rioli and Ratugolea
the worm: knock it off antshills, the bombers are in a rebuild, nobody expects them to win
Fatbar5tad: Piesxwould beat us if they pulled an all nighter at the pub.
anthsill03: Yeh agree rebuild 100% agree
MONEY TALK: bout time hibb
anthsill03: Dont know y the dees droped fristch last week
Torz: Fritsch on the bench and ZGL getting injured on the ground hurts.
BigChief: He was rested I believe anth. Didn’t play VFL
anthsill03: Fair call i really rate him
Crowls: higgins will get a lot of guys suspended over his career.!!

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