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Chat log from R6 of 2018: Hawthorn vs St Kilda

Chat log for Hawthorn vs St Kilda, R6 of 2018

Yelse: mitchel or gawn for VC
AngryRyno: Jones is not the debutant, it is Worpel
CBeezDeez: Steele to tag Titch?
RGriffen: Worpel wears 38 doesn’t he?
duckky: Where’s Worpel? Kindagot a ring to it
AngryRyno: correct, Worpel wearing 38, not Jones
boo!: keep going titch
Torz: Looking like Titch is head to head with Jack Steven
SilverLion: 90+ please Billings and Savage
Apachecats: Yelse Gawn will have a big day out against Luenberger.
Stu7: Gawn
carlton_99: hasnt mitchell had 6 possies
DrSeuss: Great kick Sinclair causes Billings to get pinged HTB
Hadouken: hmm, coniglio over titch as C looks a bad move if titch keeps this up …..
Umpirespet: Saints can’t win their skills are terrible
Stu7: Titch is heading for his 3rd sub 100!,
DrSeuss: Might finally be the week to get rid of Billings
JockMcPie: BILLINGS ffs how long can I hold on 🙁
korza: Billings has killed me. Never ever again
boo!: billings to garlett locked in
Stu7: Could be worst you could have had billing’s as your captain 😂
CamT: I was ranked 60th with about 7 rounds to go last season … the I traded in Billings :O
TheOnyas: onya breusty
DrSeuss: Billings needs to be on the ball. Can’t rely on any Saints to delivery the ball with any quality
SilverLion: Ffs Billings what am I going to do with you
Stu7: Billing’s has moved to 4 SC points 😂
the worm: that;s the spirit! i’ll keep telling myself that until i trade him out on sunday night
hinsch: I have been trying to get rid of Billing for weeks hopefully go 80+ just for $$ value
DrSeuss: Would also help if he could kick straight
TheMessiah: The Worpedo will be a gun in the future
hinsch: maybe just kick DrSeuss
Snarfy: Billings kicked 3 goals 10 this year!
TheMessiah: Titch gunna go huge
runt: Mitchell is born free
TheMessiah: Why don’t the saints ever play Billings in the middle anymore?
boo!: titch is twitching…gunna go off
Jukes82: lol, people still have billings? lmao, how much money you wanna lose?
SilverLion: I can’t watch saints games anymore. My players frustrate me too much
Umpirespet: Won’t need Gawn C they way TItch is going
TheMessiah: Billings will cape in the 2nd quarter (Wishful Thinking)
m0nty: you’re welcome everybody, I captained Cogs this week instead of Titchell
Umpirespet: You’re a good lad M0nty
the worm: if billings gets a 50 for the match i’ll take it
Blaircam: I hate to say this but I have Titch as VC and I don’t think I have anyone to loophole onto
AngryRyno: yet another behind for Billings…
boo!: olango will be this weeks most captained….
Phasir: I put C on Cameron to loophole Cripps’ but forgot to chuck the E on Goldstein so now I’m rekt lol
Gotigres: Hahaha Membrey!
Breezey: That will do me Membrey. Biggest Kermit ever
DERKADERRR: lol Membrey
boo!: onya membreyey
TheMessiah: Titch is a goddam beast
LMartos: Billings’ disposal is disgusting
MrGmax: I went Gawn over Titch for captain, assuming some capable would tag him. HTH opponent went the safe option. 🙁
Stu7: Damn I benched Mirra for coffield
Jackwatt$: Thanks m0nty, you’re an absolute gentleman. Also, thanks a 2nd time because I have a shot everytime u speak and I was
runt: Mitchell is free as the roaring tide
TheMessiah: Keep going Mirra, looking great so far
Jackwatt$: Becoming sober 😉
JockMcPie: Didn’t go Mirra coz too many good defenders…hmm
Umpirespet: Jock Mirra @ 102k was a no brainer
luke394: Titchell getting robbed
TheMessiah: Why is Billings so bad….. he is hard to watch
Crowls: billings 11% DE c’mon mate you are killing us.
DrSeuss: Imagine if Billings could kick straight and not get caught HTB all the time
cammo92: Mitchell has had about 3 meaningful possessions. He’s not being robbed
CamT: Roughead 8 Contested Possessions … O’Meara zero :O
runt: Saints need a real kicking coach
hinsch: StKilda what are you trying to do kick worse than Brisbane
Apachecats: They should get Daniher in for a few sessions runt
CBeezDeez: Titch gonna break his possie record again tonite
Crowls: Mitchell copying the ablett model,
runt: Chris Daniher?
luke394: 26 touches for 55 yeah right
LMartos: Mitchell definitely robbed
Apachecats: Nah Joey ,just kidding.
Jackwatt$: Billings only plays well under a roof or perfect sunshine with no wind
PowerBug: those 16 handballs are all uncontested backwards ones which are 1 pointers @luke
RGriffen: his SC is fair. Going at 69% from 22 uncontested is garbage
Jackwatt$: The last 2 weeks he has played in Geelong and Tassie. He doesn’t want to go to these places, do we blame him?
spudaroos: Mitchell getting cheap uncontested handballs atm. He handballs then asks for it back for another free handball.
AngryRyno: only 2 clearances for Titch far lower than usual, also hurts the SC
luke394: hes BOG his influence on the game is massive hell get scaled up if they start winning by a bit
PowerBug: clearances mean nothing in SC.
OllieC: titch needs the seagull
PowerBug: Although a clearance is generally a hard ball get + CP which helps a lot
TheMessiah: Really ollie? LOL
Breezey: Flower Titch. Webster playing a decent game
Jackwatt$: I didn’t pick Mirra because I looked at Hawthorns backline and thought it looked pretty settled, with Sicily to come bac
DrSeuss: Billings had a great first 20 minutes to that quarter
OllieC: 28 touches only 5 contested
Jackwatt$: Is it possible Mirra gets left out for Sicily next week?
TheMessiah: Mirra will hold his spot IMO
luke394: Mirra looking very good
Jukes82: mirra played ladt week in Sicily did, he’s safe. Glad I brought him in this week
runt: Langford and Worpel would get dropped before Mirra. I think Clarkson likes Mirra because he is nuggety
Jackwatt$: Sicily played last week but Burgoyne and Hardwick didn’t right?
Stu7: Correct
AngryRyno: Dunstan appears to be following Titch now
TheMessiah: Come on hawks – need you to win by 24+
Umpirespet: Is omeara getting tagged?
Stu7: Come on Dunstan lock him down
spudaroos: Really like the look of Acres. POD for sure.
Stu7: How can you have 29 poss and only score 68
CamT: Acres spent half the first quarter on the pine for some reason.
Stu7: Foods!
the worm: it toughens the butt
Stu7: Roids!
AngryRyno: Dunstan is blatantly holding Mitchell at every stoppage
hinsch: keep Tichall under 100 SC points I took the C off him last minute to Gawn
hinsch: did Hawks go home at half time WTF is going on
Torz: JOM struggling to capitalise on his strong start again
Stu7: Don’t stress hawks will win saints are sh1t
Stu7: Sh1t
Gotigres: O’Meara playing as a decoy midfielder
DrSeuss: Billings getting nothing from his midfield – still needs to be rage traded though
Stu7: Can someone answer my question please how can Mitchell have 32 and only 77
Stu7: 85 now
cammo92: Have you been watching the game stu? Uncontested backwards handballs don’t get many points
AngryRyno: lots of UCP for Titch and 4 clangers
PowerBug: because he was getting uncontested handballs which are barely worth any SC points
PowerBug: Got a few contested posessions late that qtr and score reflected it
TheMessiah: Billings to Gray/Heeney this week for me
oh_lol: How much is Billings on per year? I’ll kick 3 behinds for half his salary.
TheMessiah: So he will go 130+ next week
the worm: stu, the way supercoach works is that you get points for what you do with the ball, not how often you touch it
Stu7: Thanks powerbug
Stu7: Thanks the worm
TheMessiah: Dunstan clearly holding Titch lol
the worm: there’s a bit more to it than that, but thats the crux of it
The39Steps: O’meara to Touk Miller?
pcaman2003: Hawks long way from a premiership at this rate.
TheMessiah: Gunner!!
runt: Paging Mr Coffield, would you please contact the front desk.
luke394: 120 would be acceptable from Titchell
DrSeuss: Put Billings in the middle – not like your current midfield is doing anything
Stu7: Coffield is taking an extended dump!
runt: Is Coffield tagging himself?
SilverLion: Cya Billings
TheMessiah: Gunston never lets ya down. Glad I snatched him in my draft league
the worm: apparently billings was giving coffield some tips during the week
luke394: Brayshaw to Coffield looking awesome right about now
runt: Hard to believe the Saints are only 1 rung above us now
th3rio: So what titch score is acceptable for vc? 130?
runt: Feels like 1897 all over again
TheMessiah: Smithy! Great goal
luke394: I reckon 120 @th3rio
Jukes82: i would be worried yet, all rookies aren’t consistant. see how he goes next week
Breezey: Better Jacky
th3rio: Yea? Scared fyfe / gawn are gonna have day outs haha
luke394: absolutely mate 120+ is always a lock for me don’t wanna risk it
TheMessiah: Take it th3rio – Then you can chill for the rest of the weekend haha
th3rio: Good point. Hopefully he goes 130.anyway x
TheMessiah: Junk it up Gunner!
TheMessiah: Titch will hit 140
Stu7: Coffield = Woefiled!!!
th3rio: Haha taking it lads 🙂
AngryRyno: cape for Titch
MONEY TALK: fuck off billings
AngryRyno: my bad, only 49DT this quarter
cammo92: I’m taking that 130 from Titch. He’s been so bad though, generous score in the end
Waspy79: Hawks gifted 45+18 touches by Christian
luke394: he had heaps of CP in the second half @cammo92
Breezey: What’s the record for turnovers. Saints must have it
the worm: burn in hell billings
luke394: Billings is an absolute crab

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