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Chat log from R6 of 2018: Western Sydney vs Brisbane

Chat log for Western Sydney vs Brisbane, R6 of 2018

lukat: Coniglio Captain kk thnx
hinsch: lukat I would say VC for the moment
AngryRyno: nervous owner of Stefan with another ruck in the side…
Wends: Same Angry.
AngryRyno: never scored too well with Archie, but perhaps that is cancelled out by the fact the opposition is practically ruckless?
circle52: Soft free gifts Giants a goal
Umpirespet: Cogs limping
circle52: FFS Coniglio looks proppy already so there goes my VC
Wends: Grabbing at calf
DrSeuss: Letโ€™s hope Mcierney plays mainly forward or back.
Wends: Guess we’ll soon see what the logic is Angry…
DrSeuss: Wonder if Beams will repay the faith today
circle52: McInerney though a different type of player to Archie. Picked to keep forawrd line Tall
original: langdon burning us all for trading him. TBF they said 4 weeks
Wends: That goal will help tho…
Wends: Can you see that massive lump on his calf ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
heppelitis: hell that lump on his leg
circle52: Coniglio has a nice shineron the shin
SwaggyP: Is this the week Zorko rises from the abyss and scores a 140?
original: martin wtf
lukat: Downgrading Kelly to Zorko in a few weeks
anthsill03: Last chance Whitfield
lukat: Im only joking of course
circle52: Taranto seems to be running with Zorko
circle52: FFS kick straight
the worm: zorko seems to be running with taranto
OllieC: shut up monkey
facebook23: lol @ witherden
TheOnyas: onya taranty
facebook23: witherden doughnut
Wends: I started writing so far so good @Angry but don’t want to jinx it….
AngryRyno: need that SC score to jump up a little
SilverLion: Stef robbed in SC
th3rio: martin hard done by?
th3rio: and christening is getting the boot next week waa ๐Ÿ™
Wends: Taranto making up for Danger craptastic C score
heppelitis: Zorko the gimp
th3rio: u didnt vc loop with anyone wends?
circle52: Lester donuts surely his time has come for him to go.
korza: Zorko doing well for GWS
heppelitis: scores more at qtr time than he can playing
masterhc2: Don’t understand why so many people started with Zorko, surely there was only one direction his performance could go…
Wends: Danger in RDT @Th3io; loopholing Titch in SC – but will have to decide before end of Q1!
Umpirespet: I C on Danger in DT to Wends
th3rio: oh bugger ๐Ÿ™ , titch into fyfe for me SC
korza: Zorko will be a sideway trade to Brayshaw soon
Umpirespet: Twitch into Gawn SC for me
Wends: Same Thr3io, but I will have to make the call before Adelaide game.
hinsch: swapped Deledio to R Gray back to Deledio back to R Gray I give up
th3rio: GWS only have 1 hit out? why is martin only on 18 SC lolll
th3rio: titch into fyfe is pretty solid wends
AngryRyno: Martin had a few hitouts sharked
th3rio: nice call on kennedy earlier also, guessing you didnt have him to VC? @wends
Wends: What a kick by Cameron. First year in a while I haven’t started JPK Th3io, always waiting it out for him to drop ๐Ÿ™‚
Torz: Does anyone get caught holding the ball more than Whitfield?
Wends: May even pick him up before Danger!
th3rio: nice call ๐Ÿ™‚
hinsch: Brisbane 6 behinds, what is a matter with the two big sticks
lukat: Don’t touch deledio next week. When i finally bring him in he will go back to usual
m0nty: Beams is back!
pharace: Brisbane did some kicking training blindfolded – did they forget to take the blindfolds off?
Wends: Wow, a few sounded like they were jumping off Beams this week!
circle52: Captain shows the way. Zorko to Beams is probably decent
JRedden: zorko could be dropped at this stage, seriously no effort
korza: Go away ranga
LMartos: Martin must have no hitouts to advantage
Umpirespet: Finlayson get the ball son
korza: My opp projected 2439, has Beams and Rayner, phew
SilverLion: Lift Stef
th3rio: beams is carving up korza? why phew?
Carnster: Can the giants please kick straight
korza: It’s sarcasm
heppelitis: time for a beer to celebrate +3 for Zorko
th3rio: ah hard to read lad since you included rayner ๐Ÿ˜‰
Breezey: Coniglio going good again. This pleases me
Breezey: Haynes DT to SC scores not even close
Apachecats: Traded in Taranto ,then reversed trades and took RGray.Grrrr!
korza: FFS tag Beams not Zorko the dud
th3rio: Gray got 90 with a tag most of the day apach, not too big of an issue.
Torz: Langdon knee soreness :/
Pusti: I traded Tim English for Beams this week in Ultimate Footy.
DrSeuss: Great – Langdon injured again
korza: *Pusti, a great nick. Marlarkia
OllieC: langdon injured?
DrSeuss: Yep – Knee being assessed on the bench
Apachecats: yeah trio ,long season ahead so happy to have RGray and will still add in Taranto.
Pusti: korza, what makes it even better is that I’m playing the team I traded him with this week.
SilverLion: 21 hitouts for 31 SC, excluding his possies. Nice Stef.
DrSeuss: Martin getting the run with role from Tomlinson
korza: *Pusti, now he is the real Pusti
Raspel31: Just home-anyone know what happened to Parfitt in Geelong game?
AngryRyno: foot injury for parfitt
Pusti: korza, haha, yeah, I’m guessing he’s not feeling too good about it. I presume he traded because he needed a ruckman.
Raspel31: Bummer-thanks Ryno
Stu7: is ward injured?
MattyZ: Ward only copped a knock halfway through the second quarter
Stu7: Thanks MattyZ – is he still playing though?
MattyZ: Stayed on the field so I’m assuming he’s not too bad, will wait and see if hes there next Q
LuvIt74: Is Langdon ok guys, sorry cannot see the game
MattyZ: Ward still playing
th3rio: why is martins score not going up?? mark kick and a hit out and still on 31
TheMessiah: Come on Captain Cogs… Why is he playing forward?
MattyZ: Langdon still getting looked at in the rooms
th3rio: still playing luvit
th3rio: my bad, still looked at
Pusti: Cogs is playing forward because I put the C on him this week.
MattyZ: Cogs has been forward pocket, back pocket, and even tagging Zorko sometimes
Hadouken: cogs will get 3 goals and 125 AF
th3rio: he was killing it in mid, why move him
korza: Twitfield going large in RDT
AngryRyno: perhaps his earlier knock is causing some trouble
Breezey: Because theyโ€™re playing the Lions.
NewFreoFan: Why not move him. This game’s over, give him a rest up forwards
Hadouken: hopefully langdon plays on and at least gets to 50
Breezey: Seriously the Giants are just lairizing about now.
Breezey: Just kidding
Breezey: Langdon done
Hadouken: ffs langdon you soft. walk it off
korza: Traded Langdon into me disgusting team this week. FMSC
DrSeuss: Langdon gone and Stef getting tagged.
intergaze: you idiot hadouken
TheMessiah: Urghhh… Coniglio you are killing me!
Hadouken: i cant argue there ๐Ÿ™‚
LuvIt74: I had Langdon from start and kept him so depending on injury he might need to be culled sooner then expected
korza: Beams BOG according to CD
korza: Go Lions, plz this is a fkg joke
th3rio: oh god mcinerney doing decent in ruck, time to trade out stef
DrSeuss: Stef will be fine. Tomlinson has been pretty much tagging him all game. That is unlikely to happen again
korza: Coniglio having an RDO
The39Steps: GWS – 4 hit outs in 3/4 qtrs. Surely must be an all-time low?
SilverLion: I held ZGL only to get one price rise and another injury. Fantastic.
korza: The39Steps, very good observation, i agree. The ruck pos is very overated.
pharace: When did manning up become a light tag (see Zorko)
BallHog: Zorko pethetic with no rocky out of the side he cannot find the footy
korza: Zorko the magnificent
th3rio: gooo conigssss
boo!: onya coniglioy
Torz: Whitfield back with a bang.
korza: Twitfield goals. TY
lukat: come on conigliooooo 110+ son
TheOnyas: onya beamsy
korza: Monty, you still rangaring it.
Torz: Glad I got rid of Christensen this week.
Apachecats: ZGL must be getting a few touches in sick bay,score keeps going up.
Hadouken: i might bring in zorko when hes 250k
Hadouken: might*
Breezey: Footy, Green Curry and a glass of Port. Loving Saturday nights
circle52: Berry Limping off with an ankle.
DrSeuss: Stef should be getting a free kick at pretty much every ruck as well
DrSeuss: Beams has gone quiet in the 4th
JRedden: zorko has forgotten how to play football
Hannibal: fava beans and a nice chianti for me @breezey
korza: Breezey, be there in 20 mins, save me some
Migz: i brought zorko in when he was 600k. what the fuck
penguins00: zorko just kicked a goal but it was given to cameron in the stats
Breezey: Like it @Hannibal
th3rio: yeah stefs been real quiet…36 hit outs to 4
luke394: was ZGL injury bad?
The39Steps: So a team with a handful of hitouts double its opponent’s score. Death of a Ruckman as Arthur Miller might write.
Stu7: Taranto is frozen
The39Steps: Teams could look to Tomlinson, Grigg 1.95m atheltic types to fill the void.
PowerBug: Definitely not the death of the ruckman, Brisbane just have nothing outside of Stef on their list
MattyZ: Alrighty give us ya noms for icons lads
PowerBug: Saw what happened when Port played Stef in Rd 3, he single handedly got them within a goal of us
PowerBug: And sticking with Port, we are so much worse without Ryder. Good ruckmen still have a part in this game for sure
masterhc2: Come on coniglio need 3 more posses from you
Breezey: Grundy definitely important to Collingwood
DrSeuss: Come on Taranto don’t stop now
th3rio: stef finishing really well. Good lad
TheMessiah: Bloody wish Cogs would kick a few in junk time ๐Ÿ™
pharace: Become more important since getting rid of third man up
RGriffen: cherry for Whitfield
Stu7: Is Taranto injured?
th3rio: heres hoping messiah
pharace: Anyhow, have a Whitfield
RGriffen: seagull on Shaw?
TheOnyas: onya richy
boo!: onya cutlery
JockMcPie: Junk it up Christensen attaboy
RGriffen: Mattyz put the star on Deledio
frenzy: wonder if zorko will shake hands this week
Torpedo10: Christo for the Garbage Bin
SilverLion: Good last quarters Stef and Christensen
Jukes82: christo epic bin stats lol
circle52: 15 30 not real good kicking by both sides
jfitty: Why down arrow on Witherden? Wasnโ€™t that bad
MattyZ: Deledio got the star and christensen did end up with that garbage can

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