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Chat log from R6 of 2018: North Melbourne vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for North Melbourne vs Port Adelaide, R6 of 2018

AngryRyno: North by 10
TheLegend6: Need something big from Goldy today or he’s gone next week!
oc16: i got rid of him last week, he is useless
TheLegend6: Almost went him to Grundy but as he’s got a big BE, will probably hold if he doesn’t do well today.
facebook23: how many people are in attendance for todays game?
wadaramus: 16 thousand just heard on the radio.
facebook23: pretty decent for north v port imho. good stuff
Jackwatt$: Who is Jacobs tagging?
JButcher: Good to see our basic skill errors haven’t gone away
Jackwatt$: Nevermind Gray has a padlock on his name now
damoc85: gray when in mids, wines when gray forward
facebook23: which one is the better grey again? i keep forgetting
wadaramus: Ah Goldy, you’remaking DIxon look good, well played mate.
BigChief: Dorian Grey is best.
the worm: probably the one getting tagged
facebook23: nun are getting tagged.. cant see a padlock anywhere
PowerBug: Jacobs going to Gray when he’s in the guts. When Gray moves fwd he takes Wines
facebook23: theres a man on the other chat that thinks doedee will win rising star lol!!!
BigChief: WOW how was that not a free to Brown?
DrSeuss: Did anyone bring in Ziebell with his new forward status?
BigChief: Already had him DrS.
facebook23: wow! two roos players have played the entire game!!!!! i suspect they will be rseted in the secnd halfs
DrSeuss: Rough game today Chief – so far
th3rio: glad i flicked bonner this week
BigChief: Only just switched over Doc. Pressure looks high.
Umpirespet: Same th3rio
wadaramus: WIsh i’d flicked Goldy this week 🙁
th3rio: mirra? @umpirespet
th3rio: oh wow didn’t realize how shit goldy is being wada
Umpirespet: Yup th3rio
JButcher: Looks like Sammy Gray is the one who should be tagged
BigChief: Preuss must get a game next week surely.
original: cmon gray ffs
Umpirespet: Norm look for Brown too much need to pick out other options
Umpirespet: Norf*
facebook23: maybe they should trade for doedee umpire LOL!
boo!: port beating norf and they tag gray #fail
BigChief: Stop being a troll facebook. It’s not needed.
Umpirespet: Thanks Chief
cusch1: Is trolling even a thing still?
BigChief: tolling, bullying or being a keyboard warrior all the same thing.
BigChief: trolling*
Wends: R Gray just got 4 DT points, but no SC points?
PowerBug: All uncontested handballs at the end there Wends
Wends: Ahh, ok, thanks @power
JButcher: We’ve been very lucky with free kicks today
Wends: At least Barry made his BE 😐
Umpirespet: Glad my opp has Barry on field
BigChief: Only player I have in this game is having a mare. C’mon Ziebell. Remove finger
wadaramus: Do something Goldstein!
hinsch: hopefully B Jacobs get suspended, injured, pregnant or something this is three weeks in a row he has destroyed my SC
Wends: He’s a one man SC wrecking ball
circle52: Rule No 1 no c or vc on any player playing North.
hinsch: LDU was going to be the rookie of the year who fell for that story
CBeezDeez: Um? Me @hinsch! Fuming I was.
PowerBug: Traded in Gray this week knowing Jacobs tag would come. He’s hit his BE now any Q4 pts are a positive 🙂
anthsill03: Its just a game hinsch, i dont know why your praying for an injury
CBeezDeez: Hardest I’ve ever had 2 work to make $35K on a player!
PowerBug: Taggers keep the game on SC interesting. I wish there were more teams that did it
hinsch: Jacobs gets the job done.
heppelitis: mids now danger, cripps, titch, fyfe, cogs, martin, jpk(480). Zerret
heppelitis: oops wrong game sorry
spudaroos: Not like North have any other good mids. Jacobs is incredible at what he does, impressive really.
BigChief: fuck you Ziebell you spud.
MONEY TALK: sorry if u own ben brown i traded him in
anthsill03: Plz dont tell me u have ziebell in ur team
banta: lol ziebell pathetic
BigChief: Hre was averaging 98. Not too bad for $497k
JButcher: Very happy with Polec in my draft team
mardyb: get stuffed grey.
the worm: “was”
jfitty: Take that ghost of Brown and give him the target
TheOnyas: onya eberty
original: cmon robbie
JButcher: Not a ghost its a trash can because he’s only scoring in garbage time
MONEY TALK: heheh good brown gimme some junk time
jfitty: It was the ghost before the trash can
bones351: Is Boak a genuine option for our forward lines?
mardyb: seriously how they count that last grey tackle is ridiculous. CD BS
JButcher: ahh sorry jfitty
kano: Cry more mardy

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