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Chat log from R6 of 2018: Geelong vs Sydney

Chat log for Geelong vs Sydney, R6 of 2018

SilverLion: Z. Guthrie a late in for Parfitt
pharace: Parfitt a late out for Geeeeeeelong
luke394: more fwd line carnage! Buddy, Petracca, Parfit, Garlett, Greene
MattyZ: how small are sydney today jeez
th3rio: Need a decent one from henry as my fwd line is basically non existent
oc16: i wouldnt be surprised if this was the shortest team on average playing afl in decades
SilverLion: Swans should play JPK forward
jocka: this is going to be brutal
Wends: Just brought in Cunico in SC…
original: kennedy robbed so far hehe how they both dont count as contested beyond me
Wends: Surely JPK has bottomed out, must be due.
SilverLion: Danger immune to htb as usual
original: Wends im praying he is due lol
original: canot believe the game has been going for 9 mins, feels and looks like 2
Wends: I think he’s in for a big one today Original πŸ™‚
Wends: RDT Capt Danger’s score appears frozen. Something wrong with CD code??
AngryRyno: good to see some consistency from GHS week to week
stuballs: No Menzel, no Parfitt amongst the other half were missing. Could get ugly for us..
BigChief: Fox at 185cm in the ruck. Surely Swans have someone taller.
Wends: I see your Menzel and Parfitt Stuballs, and raise you a Buddy and a Hanners.
AngryRyno: no Franklin, no Hannebery amongst the other half they’re missing. could get ugly for them
Torz: Only 3 players over 190cm BigChief. Amazing really.
PowerBug: No Ablett, Menzel, Guthrie, Selwood, Parfitt, Taylor, Henderson, Cockatoo.
DrSeuss: Might be time to get rid of Lloyd, Sydney don’t seem to look for him any more out of defense
m0nty: Ba donk a Ronke
penguins00: Sydney playing well and Geelong are yet to turn up other than a few players
BigChief: Took a risk and put VC on Sinclair today.
stuballs: You’ve got great small forwards whereas Hawkins is far easier to nullify. Don’t underestimate the omission of Menzel
Wends: Monty with the Missy Elliott lyrics…
oc16: whose the third torz? i can only think of grundy and sinclair
Torz: Kennedy
original: menegola back to round 1&2 form lol
th3rio: Is danger being tagged or just no influence yet?
gdshifty: parker you useless spud
SilverLion: Ugh Heeney
BigChief: Danger playing forward a lot
penguins00: @th3rio Danger playing forward
th3rio: Thanks lads. Heading home to watch now
oc16: parker has to go next week, he is no longer a premium
SilverLion: I wish they were tagging him
original: clear free not paid to sydney forward then GHS not looking at ball
SilverLion: Quack quack Duckwood
BigChief: Not this time SL. He earned that 1 fair and sqaure.
original: gee i hate that heeney does 3 good things and will be on 35 lol (only as i dont have him lol)
Jackwatt$: See you in 2 weeks time Ronke….I’m already sold!!!!
Jackwatt$: Cape for Ronke?
BigChief: Why would Romke get a cape?
AngryRyno: stop creaming yourself
TheLegend6: It says it’s Ronke’s first game but if you hover over him he has an average?
DragonLass: I wouldn’t get too excited about Ronke, he’s very good but will find it hard to get in the top 22
DrSeuss: Lloyd do something please.
Jackwatt$: 34 points & a goal from a rookie?? At the very least a yellow cape like Robin
TheLegend6: “Parker no longer a premium” hahaha
BigChief: Ummm nope @Jackwatt$
oc16: he is averaging 96 in fantasy therefore is currently isnt a premium
TheLegend6: Basing it off SC, 102 isn’t bad for a premo
Jackwatt$: Ronke will keep his spot, mark my words. The modern game is all about small pressure forwards, just like Tigers
circle52: Keeping an eye on JPK to see if he looks like regaining some form. Will drop further after today with high B/e.
circle52: Promising first quarter
oc16: true TheLegend6 however u would still want a bit more from him
Wends: Who was it that VC’s Sinclair again??
facebook23: parker’s best career moment was that bird saying his name in the commercial
BigChief: @Wends that would be me πŸ™‚
pharace: Parker starts a lot of season slow, finishes stonger usually
AngryRyno: 161, 119 and 129 was a really slow start to 2016
facebook23: lol oh he burned you ryan haha sorry for laughing but thats hillarius
facebook23: zack guthry only 68% on field, do you think that has to do with the l8 call-up?
lukat: i took parker over merrett
AngryRyno: aha i don’t and didn’t have Parker
facebook23: any1 kno where this game is being played? its not on teevee for me and it says ‘kardinia’ … is this a regional gmae?
BigChief: You must be very young facebook to not know Kardinia Park.
Wends: That’s some ESP powers you have @Bigchief
pharace: Parker’s best year wasn’t it Ryno?
Wends: Danger a juicy prospect in the next round or two
BigChief: He has not done much this 1/4 though @ Wends.
original: gee lloyd’s points are overrated lol
pharace: Who was it that told Lloyd to do something – well played sir!
DrSeuss: Lloyd finally found the Ball it seems
BigChief: @original 11 disp, 3 marks 2 tackles and 90% de.
th3rio: with no gaj, why is danger spendng so much time forward :
Wends: He was going fine til he went off at 1/4 time break for stitches over his eye tho.
stuballs: You get the feeling danger isn’t 100%, no explosiveness today. Menzel and Parfitt out again kills structure
BigChief: Dominating when on the ground and happy he is πŸ™‚
original: BigChief im not doubting the stats = those points, i simply mean in terms of impact on game. just cheap possies
pharace: thats the end where the goal posts are th3tio…
BigChief: Ahhh yeah, but that is his game.
Umpirespet: Gee Geelong getting every free.kick now
AngryRyno: sounds like GHS might be done for the day
gdshifty: yeah thats right Parker give away more freekicks you dud
BigChief: Agree Ryno GHS done.
original: cmon Fog
original: yessss FOG
facebook23: fogarty will be the rising star
Umpirespet: No way Doedee will be
original: congrats bews lol
original: witherden will be
BigChief: Kelly best 1st year player but too old to win.
AngryRyno: he means for this week ya nuffs
facebook23: doedee sucks
BigChief: Muppet for Parker MattyZ
DrSeuss: Kelly with the low TOG
Umpirespet: Facebook is that u cusch1 ?
facebook23: geelong are unstoppable
BigChief: And now 1 for Dorkins.
original: kelly is a freak. LOL hawkins..him and daniher battle for worst kick now casboult it good hehe
circle52: slowdown Danger I want you to drop a fair bit so I acn afford you next week.
colin wood: Parker can’t do a do anything right
Umpirespet: Same circle am waiting till next week
circle52: TV for Murdoch Matty reported for High Contact on Heeney
MattyZ: oh snap that was an actual report?
penguins00: can’t believe that was a report
penguins00: Horlin-Smith out for the game with concussion
BigChief: C’mon Sinclair want 130+ from you.
Pusti: Dammit! Just upgraded Christensen to Parfitt this week. Go emergency Jack Higgins.
MattyZ: Where’d you hear that penguin?
BigChief: Well he is on the bench in a tracksuit MattyZ
AngryRyno: he hasn’t been on in an hour Matty, it’s no secret
Umpirespet: Keep it up Danger nice and cheap next week
penguins00: on foxfooty
MattyZ: Of course haha
MattyZ: What quarter? I was too sad that I’d just got him in a keeper to notice
penguins00: sometime in the second I heard it at half time
BigChief: I believe it was early 2nd 1/4
original: that better not be heeney goal
Umpirespet: They need snicko in the goal reviews
jfitty: Score review ump must have Heeney in his fantasy team
Wends: The Heeney Heel!
SilverLion: Goal to Heeney?
original: no way ffs
PowerBug: Is Dangerfield playing fwd again today? Why the low score to this point?
penguins00: heeney didn’t touch that but maybe the next bloke got there in time
BigChief: Yes @PowerBug. Not sure why Scott is playing a gun mid 75% fwd
th3rio: heeney doing me proud almost at his projected already
Wends: So far LDU to Cunico turning out… barring any unforeseen circumstances.
Hawks_13: I’m guessing Dangerfield will be rested next week
cusch1: Perhaps because he has Scott no idea?
th3rio: i meant henry not heeney oops
DrSeuss: Get back into it Lloyd
SilverLion: Don’t know how Heeney didn’t get a free for what kolo did
Umpirespet: Cause Scott is becoming the new Ross Lyons in stuffing up SC
BigChief: Hahaha cusch
MattyZ: it’s not 75% but he’s definitely had some stints there that arent just rests
luke394: It drives me insane that Scott plays him so much forward
th3rio: danger had calf issues a couple weeks back, could be why
AngryRyno: how could they possible take that goal off Heeney
circle52: Need a few more from you Henry to make the decision whether to loophole easy.
AngryRyno: Heeney -9 and goal awarded to Hayward, surely not
th3rio: ill be happy with 70 with henry @circle
BigChief: Nice shank from Ronke.
Wends: Need danger to get about 80 in Q4
colin wood: How did Heeeney not get credited with that goal? Lol
Umpirespet: Ronke could be a good downgrade in 2 weeks
SilverLion: Heeney ripped off
penguins00: Heeney didn’t kick a goal @AngryRyno
BigChief: I think Hayward got a toe on it after Heeney.
AngryRyno: he back-heeled a goal only a few minutes ago, Hayward toe-poked it after it crossed the line
th3rio: wow danger from 60 to 78 in like 2 mins
jfitty: CD taking care of Dangerfield the last 5 minutes
th3rio: ffs danger will finish on 120
BigChief: Nice work Callum.
Umpirespet: I’d Danger the Uber premium this year?
penguins00: It never touched Heeneys foot. Why do oyu think they took the kick away from him too?
circle52: Kelly scoring better than some of my prems may have to stay at M8
AngryRyno: well apart from the fact he was credited with the goal for about 3-4 minutes…
circle52: Dangers B/e is 165 so naything less than 115 will be nice. A further drop of around 20k
BigChief: Only way to know for sure is to ask the review team who kicked it.
CBeezDeez: R the B/E’s more reliable here or on
CBeezDeez: No disrespect to FanFooty as site is the best.
circle52: I take mine direct from SC site as I have a subscription.
penguins00: Huge Mark from Fox
Umpirespet: I use footywire CBD not sure of other sites
Wends: What a mark to Fox
CBeezDeez: Thanks @circle I’m just too tight to pay. LoL
Wends: Try footywire also CBeez
circle52: Subscription to News Ltd which allows access to SC data
CBeezDeez: Thank @Umps & @Wends. I’ll give it a look see.
Wends: Is there a support group somewhere for people who don’t pick captains good?
th3rio: damnit dangers gone on ball haha
circle52: Footywire B/e are pretty close.
Umpirespet: Maybe we should start one Wends lol
Seb78: What happened to Heeneys goal? Was it taken off him?
circle52: Joining you Wends
circle52: last week was the only week so fat got it right with Gawn.
anthsill03: Sorry i brought in heeney this week, now he scores crap
Wends: C’mon Sydeney!!
hinsch: Wends that group is called SC, hard to get the C right lately
Wends: Danger related circle?
wadaramus: Put some cherries on it T.kelly.
Umpirespet: Was gunna trade Kelly for Danger next week may have to hold off
circle52: No Wends always seem to pick the wrong one.
hinsch: Put Ronke in fantasy this week since Buddy is injured maybe the only + this weekend
circle52: Don’t have Danger till next week.
Umpirespet: Cmon Sydney
Wends: X faxtor for Fox, if we do escape with this one.
Umpirespet: Well done Hinsch
BigChief: Keep going Callum.
Wends: Same lately circle, picked Danger in RDT this week, knew it should be anyone else but kept 2nd guessing.
TheOnyas: onya lloydy
AngryRyno: the debutant puts the swans in front, looks like a ton on the cards
penguins00: 56 poss to 23 so far this qtr
cusch1: Is Tim Kelly a premo yet?
Wends: @Original, u must be happy re JPK now?
DrSeuss: Kelly has slowed – time for a big finish rook
MattyZ: Gonna need noms for icons soon so start brainstorming
penguins00: JPK if swans win
heppelitis: welcome JPK to my team..traded him in this week those points are tasty
DragonLass: star for JPK if swans get up
AngryRyno: Ronke X Factor if swans win
Umpirespet: What price was he Hepp?
circle52: Sinkers for me if swanies win
BigChief: Kennedy or Sinclair been best 2 no matter who wins.
MattyZ: it’s JPK v Sinclair for me for the star
circle52: @heppelitis on my watch list has a b/e 167 this week which is why I did not go last week.
circle52: Come on Henry antor 10 points do not want to chose between your points and Fritsch
AngryRyno: geez, still plenty of cash to lose hepp, you’ve jumped on early
hinsch: nearly time to prepare for the game of the round GWS v Bris, it’s going to be great
CBeezDeez: U’d hav2 lean 2wards JPK. Sinclair not a lot 2 beat in ruck.
original: has fogarty lost 8 points? how?
Wends: This will be some win if they stick it out the last 5 mins
anthsill03: Fogarty kicked it out on the full
BigChief: Last 3 disp been bad @original.
hinsch: Danger and Heeney I need 100 please
BigChief: Did I hear the fat lady?
heppelitis: mids now titch, danger, fyfe, martin, cripps, cogs, merret, JPK (480)
th3rio: henry done fuck all this qtr
banta: lol geelong. arrogant pretenders. can’t even beat swans at home with ono buddy
penguins00: swans home 3 vote jpk
Umpirespet: Swans have been outstanding this qtr
J.Worrall: cherries for Sinclair
gdshifty: lloyd with the beautiful junk
lukat: Luke Parker myth alert
Wends: 38 point turn around, they done good in the words of the supercoach.
BigChief: Time to loophole Sinclair πŸ™‚ Great choice for VC
the worm: comments from the supercoach
AngryRyno: 130 isn’t enough this week, the king of perth is playing at home
Umpirespet: Danger should lose 30 k this week
Wends: Good one chief πŸ™‚
jfitty: Down arrow for Danger?
jfitty: Seagul for Lloyd – 2 contested touches out of 29
Wends: Pearce off Jack.
colin wood: I think Lloyd and Kennedy should swap symbols.
stuballs: Pretenders minus half a team vs all his Buddy out hype. Was always going to be tough and called it early.
banners87: Robbie Fox for the X
the worm: hee hee wends
BigChief: Yeah you are right Colin

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