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Chat log from R6 of 2018: Western Bulldogs vs Carlton

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs Carlton, R6 of 2018

Burnsy03: Got my seats at the game lets go
th3rio: evening all, who’s chucking the VC on crippo?
Haydo: boys, got cripps vc tonight th3rio
Haydo: whos everyone got tipped for tonight dogs for me but not 100%
th3rio: nice bud, good luck! im not ballsy enough to go cripps lol. I have a weird feeling blues will get up.
Ash777: I put the vc on cripps so I suspect he’ll do poorly :p
a1trader: Here we go again, another Carlton loss coming up
th3rio: haha ash, nah surely will run a muck
Ash777: it’s not like they got no hope
Ash777: dogs have been shocking for 3 of the 5 rounds
th3rio: going to be interesting, both teams under a lot of pressure
BigChief: Boyd very lucky. He played on.
boo!: no garlett no carlton
a1trader: See the divot Casboult made when he landed
duckky: Come on Dunkley!!!
Ash777: dogs need a player like cripps
BigChief: Most teams need a Cripps like player.
BigChief: Is Fisher wearing Fevola’s shorts?
th3rio: fisher going to be a gun in a couple years
duckky: How many points for a don’t argue?
boo!: cmon English wood
th3rio: soft 50, wasn’t even that late
duckky: Jones is being the dumb jones tonight
BigChief: Zero @duckky
duckky: Boo Hiss BigChief – should be eencouraged
AngryRyno: is anyone surprised that BT called Stringer
Sloan4Pres: what’s wrong with ed curnow?
Breezey: Nothing’s wrong with Curnow. He just hasn’t got the ball yet
th3rio: blues, please make this semi interesting to watch..
BigChief: Another ex Carlton player destroying Blues.
a1trader: If your team is down on confidence you’d be praying to play Carlton
boo!: cmon simmo
th3rio: cripps gun, peaking I didn’t VC now lol
God_: Jong seeing stars after that falcon!
Breezey: That’s how embarrassing the game is getting. Off for a blood knee
TheOnyas: onya boydy
J.Worrall: BT called Stringer -0 surprised? Nopew!
BigChief: C. Curnow has fumble fingers tonight.
DrSeuss: The one week I play English on field – he is sure to serve up a 40 odd
luke394: a heard a bloke last week traded Titchell for Ed Curnow lol
JockMcPie: McLean and Simmo need to lift….big time
th3rio: Dr S, he’s made a decent start given his price and exp, you’re a hard man to please!
bones351: brought McLean in last week for a rubbish score and looks like he’s backing it up.
Snarfy: Gee, McLean must be playing a blinder. Sorry, that should of read, Mclean must be blind!
J.Worrall: Anyone see any forward tags?
Umpirespet: So Bones ur the one who jinxed McLean?
th3rio: lads that double downgraded, who did you go from mirra guelfi and higgins?
bones351: yep looks like it sorry
J.Worrall: went early on iggens, so took all 3 in DT.
J.Worrall: SC, just Guelfi – needed to move Toby Greene
duckky: Guelfi too many of my rookies are overperforming in the back
Breezey: Our only hope with McLean is that he starts slow every week.
J.Worrall: so in SC left out Mirra
J.Worrall: … and Naugton went up to Simmo …
th3rio: nice, consensus is guelfi, hard pick out of mirra and higgo
J.Worrall: … again, went early on Higgins
th3rio: smart man
CamT: McLean second least amount of time on the field.
JRedden: hunter loves the +6s, so cheap off half back
Stu7: I think McClean has done a flapstring!
BigChief: Dogs bad kicking could cost them
TheMessiah: Come on VC Hunter
Breezey: There we go Toby. Or not
mardyb: clearly touched. thats BS
BigChief: That was touched, but not paid.
circle52: Agree touched clearly – did umps bounce too early
DrSeuss: Come on English – The one week
th3rio: crippas gone on smoko
BigChief: Maybe it wasn’t touched after all. 2nd replay shows not touched.
m0nty: English getting killed, bring in Inspector Morse
Ash777: the finger moved from the boot not the football
Raspel31: Wasn’t touched-clear by a country mile.
Gotigres: Getting done by a player i’ve never heard of – Gowers
J.Worrall: Gowers is having a great start to the year – ex Carlton player!
BigChief: Kennedy is slower than a wet week.
J.Worrall: “slower than a stale bottle of wee wee”, my coach used to say
circle52: How often does this happen trade naughton and he does this
Ash777: 1 ex blues player going great and 1 ex dogs player playing shower
J.Worrall: dunno how he knew anything about such a thang
boo!: cmon simmo cape up
Pusti: My bottles of wee wee are quite fast.
J.Worrall: dunno how you do either, Pusti!
DrSeuss: English fumbling and slow tonight.
Gotigres: Simmo and McLean doing alright now JockMcPie
benzammit: Offloaded English this week for Hickey, was a good move he will struggle to get decent rises from here
BigChief: How was that last tackle different to Jones and McKay?
circle52: 34 point quarter for McLean that quarter.
circle52: Yep English letting me down as well fielding him in both DT and AF.
RGriffen: surprised Monty hasn’t given English the wall like he gave it to Kelly that one week
J.Worrall: tbh, he used to say, “standing ’round like a …”
hinsch: I am using English as an emergency to rotate from ruck to forward I reckon I got two positions covered with one player
Gotigres: who’s the ex dogs player Ash?
Ash777: Jones
Gotigres: Oh didn’t know that Ash. He’s had a renaissance over the last 12 months.
Gotigres: Who did you rotate him with hinsch?
DrSeuss: English averages 80-90 on my bench, then will get about 40 when I put him on field
Nuffman: Hey guys, just popping in tohave a look.. what’s up with McLean’s TOG?
BigChief: You must be young Gotigres. Jones played for the Dogs for about 8 years.
hinsch: gotigres Mat Flynn GWS hopefully he never gets a game mess up my captains loop as well
J.Worrall: Apparently Daniel is on Simpson :((
Gotigres: Haha BigChief. No, not young, just didn’t notice him.
Hadouken: glad naughton has already hit his BE. $$
Gotigres: cheers hinsch
TheMessiah: Come on Hunter!!
wadaramus: Get involved Dunkley.
TheMessiah: The Bont going bananas
BigChief: Carlton are shit. Doga are not that great, but Blues making them look like stars.
wadaramus: Should have given the Bont the VC armband.
Raspel31: Never given Mcrae the VC before but hmm-might just work.
MrGmax: Dogs had a few lucky breaks.
MrGmax: But yeah, Carlton is shit too. 🙂
circle52: not robinson crusoe there wadaramus. Thought about it though.
TheMessiah: How do you see disposal efficiency on here?
wadaramus: HE racks ’em up every week Raspel, why is he not more popular?
BigChief: 2nd last column on full screen.
wadaramus: The bullseye next to the muppet
Raspel31: Yep Wada-better average than Cripps but largely ignored.
wadaramus: Igrabbed him in DT, put the C on him tonight.
BigChief: Carlton will not win a game all year.
th3rio: sick, rowes gonna get his 2nd kick with 100% TOG
Breezey: WTF is going on there Billy
duckky: BigChief – Carlton are yet to play Essendon
anthsill03: Big chief its not possible u big ape
wadaramus: Carlton used to be the destination club for South Aussies
anthsill03: I knew we got rid of gowers for a reason.. what happened to everyone talking him up lol
RGriffen: lol Dow
wadaramus: Not the Crows are the destination club for Carlton players
TheMessiah: Thanks BigChief
BigChief: Name 1 team Carlton will beat Anthsill03 you simpleton
circle52: Rd 16 will be the one when carlton play Lions for wooden spoon.
Breezey: I’d still rather be Gowers about now
AngryRyno: Gowers has been great other than that sequence
anthsill03: I will bet my left nut… who do you support again?
th3rio: fuck, wish cripps popped that thru
BigChief: That game is in Brisbane circle. 40 point win for Lions.
anthsill03: Btw i was joking about gowers, i was shattered we let him go
BigChief: Neutral as my team no longer in the comp.
th3rio: carlton gave them that on a silver platter
mardyb: liam jones doesnt have a brain does he?
J.Worrall: who is Lipinski?
anthsill03: Turnovers kill us each week.
feralmong: Lipsinki battle.
pcaman2003: Get involved Simmo. Only 4pts this qtr.
BigChief: Hey m0nty witches hats for all Carlton players but Cripps and Fisher
AngryRyno: Lipinski future premo
circle52: tell me about anthsill03 lions frustrate me with the same each week.
wadaramus: The Lipinski file, managed by G.Costanza.
Breezey: Going good Toby McLean. Keep going champ
th3rio: caleb daniel doesn’t wear his helmet anymore?
TheLegend6: C’mon Kade! Lift!
BigChief: I think it broke th3rio
Gotigres: Nice scoring McLean
Raspel31: Wherefore art thou gone Simpson>
anthsill03: Agree circle its hard to watch
Breezey: Suckling trying to be too smart.
TheMessiah: Wish Hunter would pull his finger out 🙁
th3rio: cheers
wadaramus: Translates to: where the fuck are you Simmo?
wadaramus: Bont you hack
luke394: Bont could have score 160 tonight
circle52: Gee Bont 2 posters this quarter
pcaman2003: Simmo stinking it up worse than Werribee
th3rio: wtf is simmo doing forward lol
anthsill03: Wowee lucky the dogs cant kick straight
carlton_99: I dont understand hoolding the ball tonight. We get no prior whatsoveer the dogs get 20 seconds
duckky: Big news apparently is that Daniel is not wearing his Helmet.
Pecks: No Muppet for Naughtons miss between the legs?
intergaze: No $ for Gowers?
the worm: bt has ruined “wowee”, even just reading it now makes my skin crawl
wadaramus: SImmo just sat on the fringe for the whole third quarter, soft as
feralmong: as much as bt is annnoying. he came to my daughters school and called the athletics. good on him.
feralmong: a kid from my daughters school gets first game this week. Jack Petrucelle. should go good.
the worm: i’d be doing good pr too if i was him
Breezey: Apparently Caleb Daniels helmet has sustained a body injury and won’t be returning tonight.
DragonLass: I actually quite like listening to BT on the radio in a group, he’s funny. Just overwhelming doing the calling
feralmong: concussion test for caleb’s head gear. so off the ground.
duckky: Its the sae helmet he had since he was 10
anthsill03: Doggies full of run, hopefully this isnt a blow out. Need cripps to hit 130+
duckky: Come on Dunkley – can’t you even be a stepladder for mark or something?
TheMessiah: Please tonne up Hunts!
wadaramus: Carn Bont, need you to cover for SImpson and Dunkleys inept performances
Umpirespet: McLean has come back well from his poor start
Breezey: You mean Hunts hey Messiah.
Ash777: dogs youngest current team in the comp and leeast experienced
TheMessiah: Hunter @breezy.. hahaha I see haha
spudaroos: What exactly does Silvagni contribute to the team?
BigChief: Carlton would be better off playing someone with a heartbeat over Silvagni.
Umpirespet: A name Spud
BigChief: He brings his mum spudaroos
TheMessiah: Cripps turing it on… Gunna need a monster from Capt Titch this week
anthsill03: I havd to agree with you bigchieff.. this must be a first
BigChief: Lang in next week for Silvagni?
anthsill03: See how lang goes in the vfl..might need a couple of weeks
Pinkman: yeah starting to question Silvagni. still only young but that play before was a bit weak
BigChief: Did he actually kick that? I doubt it.
Pinkman: then kicks a
the worm: GOTY silvagni
wadaramus: Bont gone home too..
BigChief: A 20% fit Lang would be better than Silvagni.
runt: Silvagni very clean below his toes
the worm: Blues are home
Breezey: Great call Carey ya knob
Gotigres: HaHaHa Charlie Curnow
Pinkman: not with kicks like that
BigChief: poor kick Charlie Koutoufides.
runt: BT has the clap apparently
Pinkman: this is so carlton. Momentum their way but cant score the goals
BigChief: Gun for Cripps and Star for Bont
CamT: McLean has spent the equivalent of an entire quarter on the bench.
runt: The Blues have the momentum but not the skills
pcaman2003: Simmo just can’t touch the ball. Having a stinker tonight.
Breezey: Great work JJ
MrGmax: JJ came steaming in like it were 2016 again.
carlton_99: Well done umpiresu got ur way
Raspel31: As VC Mcrae I can now take the weekend easy-thanks.
runt: How crabby was Suckling
Breezey: No Cyril. Bruce’s new lover boy Charlie
Ash777: lol umps? your team turned it over from a free kick lmao
batt: gun macrae, atlas cripps, star bont
frenzy: clever for Charles Curnow
carlton_99: Not thay every time we tackle we get nothing yet we get no prior
wadaramus: Well played Raspel.
vartic: hibberd to simpson trade went well :/ watch hibbo go massive now
Breezey: Strange old ton from Kerridge
th3rio: nice rasp. Looks like its titch into fyfe for me 🙁
BigChief: Hibberd against his old side WILL go huge.
runt: Curnow needs to settle more before he kicks for goal
Raspel31: Cheers wada
Breezey: Cripps probably can’t wait to be.
Breezey: Cripps probably can’t wait to be.
J.Worrall: i traded Naughton to Simpson – there’s a win!
Breezey: I bet Cripps can’t wait to be a free agent. #0-6
runt: dogged win
bones351: Loophole Naughton for Coffield with Finlayson, Doedee and Murray on field? Worry is a Murray late out>
TheMessiah: Would love to see Cripps run with JOM and Titch at Hawthorn haha

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