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Chat log from R5 of 2018: Brisbane vs Gold Coast

Chat log for Brisbane vs Gold Coast, R5 of 2018

AngryRyno: couldn’t be any worse than the other game
BigChief: I bet this 1 is a better spectacle.
hinsch: This is going to be match of the round everbody, sit down strap ourselves in and lets go LIONS
BigChief: Suns by 11 points
RGriffen: game of the round this
cusch1: This “rivalry” needs a better name. Q-Clash sounds like nerds using q-tips as lightsabers
AngryRyno: surely Beams turns up for the Q clash if nothing else
cusch1: An appropriate alternative would be the wooden-spoon-off
BigChief: Already a better game.
Raspel31: Lynch off to a slow start.
Jackwatt$: How about ‘ The Metermaids Clash’
SilverLion: Got our first goal a bit quicker this week
cusch1: Raspel you asked for a sh!t haircut-free game, but forgot about Aaron Young
cusch1: Jarrod Harbang
JockMcPie: Lets go Christensen, gotta beat Sicily
hinsch: At this rate Brisbane will double their score from last week, getting better every day
M0rgs: Go the Lions
Raspel31: cusch-wish you hadn’t pointed that out. But I can live with one bad haircut.
DrSeuss: Get off the bench Beams ffs
BigChief: About time you got off the bench Beamer.
korza: Cmon Stefany, not today.
DrSeuss: The one time I put Rayner on field….
Raspel31: T. Lynch-need 350 from you today. 6 not cutting the mustard.
cusch1: When are teams released for Tuesday and Wednesday?
runt: The Lions scoring at will
AngryRyno: monday evening @cusch1
DrSeuss: Rayner took 1 week to forget what the ball looks like
cusch1: Thanks Ryno
SilverLion: Push by Witts on Stef…
Raspel31: Hmm-between fielding Holman or Rayner-so far so good.
BigChief: c’mon Beamer kick it, not HB
TheOnyas: onya lynchy
Raspel31: Zorks and Gibbs recommended as captain picks this week. Hmm. Glad I have a brain.
SilverLion: Hipwood needs to be dropped
cusch1: Stuart Dew is almost as big as he was in that grand final!
circle52: Umps need to watch the miller tag on zorks
cusch1: Silver cant blame Hipwood when your mids are taking an eternity to kick it to him
cusch1: Suns are setting up 2 on 1s by the time the ball is kicked to him
circle52: Agree we are far to slow moving it forward
Ben_Gogos: Zorko going to be a super cheap get in a few weeks
BigChief: 8 HB Beamer? Kick it ffs
circle52: Zorko being bashed out of it. A lot going on behind the ball
AngryRyno: wouldn’t even look at Zorko with this form
Raspel31: Amazing insight Ben_Gogos. Where do you get this info?
pcaman2003: Move it Christensen.
Ben_Gogos: @Raspel31 perhaps obvious, but don’t see many drooling at the prospect.
BigChief: Lions playing soccer now.
Raspel31: Ha ha-perhaps not Ben.
DrSeuss: Beams get on the field
circle52: At the ground and some interesting off the ball stuff. A lot missed by umps
AngryRyno: cmon Lyons get it going
Ben_Gogos: Recentism certainly apparent in fantasy circles @Raspel
Ben_Gogos: @circle yeah they had a good close up of what Miller is getting up to. However Zork needs to find a new angle to breakit
Raspel31: I bow to your greater wisdom Ben. Titch to Zorko next week.
Ben_Gogos: No certainty to be an option, but someone to keep tabs on. Could do worse at M8.
BigChief: Can also do better Ben.
AngryRyno: Merrett looking more likely than Zork as a fallen premo
cusch1: Wouldnt even consider him at M11 at this rate!
Ben_Gogos: @AngryRyno agree on that.
RGriffen: MacPherson done for day
RGriffen: ankle injury down in the rooms on ice
Raspel31: My question-and cut me off at the knees and xall me tripod-on current form why would you invest in either.
korza: Fitzroy of old, back to my childhood days. Im a happy camper
Ben_Gogos: @Raspel but is that not the whole point? Sell high, buy low? How do you buy low with them in spectacular form?
MattyZ: Berry will be a superstar someday
AngryRyno: Merrett is ~200k cheaper than his starting price, cheaper than the other guys who could average the same thing
Ben_Gogos: Exactly Ryno!
Raspel31: Totally get it Ben-prefer to trade rising stars for form players.
SilverLion: Score Review hates us
AngryRyno: pinching points from Stefan doesn’t sit well with me either
DrSeuss: Where TF is Beams? ARe you running away from the ball?
circle52: Same story turnovers costly. 3
circle52: Same story turnovers costly. 3 goals
cusch1: Brisbane matching, if not leading in most key stats Circle. Accuracy on goal is the let down
SilverLion: Witherden AA in the next 3 years
BigChief: You C is not helping the cause Circle. He needs to start leading his team.
pcaman2003: Beams and Zorko having horror season so far.
runt: McCluggage should consider changing name to Tosca. A 1st class name and far more elegant.
anthsill03: Agree 100% witherden to be aa when he joins a better team and requests a trade
Umpirespet: To Carlton Anth?
cusch1: Just like all of Carlton’s good players Anthsill?
anthsill03: No to hawthorn or geelong
Chelskiman: I have Zorko and somehow my oppoent has Witherden. I just can’t take a trick this season.
DrSeuss: Put Robinson and Rayner into the middle. Need some hard ball gets in there. Beams stop being a pussy
BigChief: Dorko has lost the plot.
korza: The magnificent one, punishing his owners
J.Worrall: finally got rid of Zorko – bonus!
J.Worrall: shoulda done it before R3
hinsch: I got rid of Zorko before he lost money bought in Dangerfield still loosing $$$ cannot win
korza: @JW hope your feeling much better. This prick cost me big 3 yrs ago
BigChief: I never took Dorko. Flash in the pan.
mardyb: what do you mean somehow chelsk?
J.Worrall: Same trade shoulda been made at R3 – Zork –> Coniglio
vamos77: What’s the crowd figure
Raspel31: Personally I wouldn’t touch Dorko with my grandmother’s eyelash extensions. But Ben says he will be cheap so buy now?
mardyb: 2nd half last year zorko was a jet
Ben_Gogos: @Raspel I think the point has been missed to a degree. Recentism should be avoided.
AngryRyno: geez ease up on Ben aye the poor bugger
korza: Kevin Murray seen in the stands rattling the donation tins.
Ben_Gogos: Haha @AngryRyno all fun and games… Raspy is a Bombers fan after all!
vamos77: Lynch sounds like he’s having a stroke with his commentary
SilverLion: Couldn’t buy a free in that play. Umps gave them that goal/point
Raspel31: Apologies Ben-no argument sought-philosophcal disagreement about when to buy.
DrSeuss: Should have been big Stef kicking for goal then.
SilverLion: Gotta love all the Carlton supporters having a dig at us. Hope makes them feel better about their own club
Umpirespet: Onya Holman
Ben_Gogos: Would need a greater character limit to explain view points @Raspel!
J.Worrall: I know, mardy – why I started him. Bad start, shoulda got off sooner
DrSeuss: These umps are fucked
BigChief: That is a shit rule. Get rid of it.
boo!: holman ton up 4th qtr
korza: Hodge really he;ping the Lions with his experience.
Raspel31: Same Ben. Nuff said. Trading L. Thomas in tomorrow.
anthsill03: Bs lions supporters love to give it out. Returning the favour
Umpirespet: Post ya team when u do Raspel
DrSeuss: 2 decisions in a row – here’s a goal GC. Umps are horrific
SilverLion: Umps crucifying us
zoomba23: Christensen and Holman can gagf. Ton of points wasted right there.
anthsill03: Comon on brisbane i tipped u.. do something zorko
Raspel31: How many traded Holman out last week.different position. Repaying the faith.
JockMcPie: Wow McCluggage was good there
wadaramus: Didn’t trade him Raspel, but he’s on the bench 🙁
Umpirespet: Holman BE was in the minus why would anyone trade him?
Raspel31: After Gibbs and Buddy wada-he’s a blessing-hanging in-and you?
Ben_Gogos: @Umpirespet Holman’s BE was 28 in DT, had to wait to give him cash symbol
BigChief: Thought about it Raspel, but decided to keep because of opponent this week.
SilverLion: How long til Witherden gets his rising star nom?
Raspel31: One of the most traded players umpire
TheLegend6: I had Titch captain and Holman on the bench woo 🙂
Raspel31: Good call BigChief-and he doesn’t have a mullet.
Umpirespet: Np Ben I was referring to SC
Umpirespet: Was he Raspel? Wow am surprised
Raspel31: Umpire- he was traded out enormously after 32. Absolutely stupid I agree. With his average and potential?
mardyb: umps killing the lions
SilverLion: Berry gets punched in the face, GC free. I’m done
DrSeuss: WTF – these umps must have money on this. Decisions are mind blowing
BigChief: I think the 50 was against Dorko.
boo!: lol porko
Umpirespet: Don’t go yet Silver the lions are coming
circle52: 3 goals imps now
J.Worrall: a fine rivalry building here
Torz: Zorko could be a good downgrade target for our rookies at this rate.
J.Worrall: I can nearly hear the Pies fans whingeing about the umps deal with the Blues!
J.Worrall: less so re Dorko
J.Worrall: nasty elbow injury
J.Worrall: ise him, Ben!
J.Worrall: *ice ice
SilverLion: Never turn off a game early ump. Meant I’m done with the umps 😛
boo!: worrall having a heart attack
SilverLion: Also, special goal from Charlie
runt: Is it Stefn or Stefarn?
Umpirespet: Worrall no friends
J.Worrall: nope, boo! All good here
J.Worrall: Why not, irespet?
Raspel31: Worrall is now safely in an ambulance boo!
Umpirespet: Here they come
J.Worrall: Geez, don’t the Lions get into it without Dorko?
boo!: porko for winning goal!!!
runt: Now for Zorko to step in and silence the critics
J.Worrall: Zork might kick the winning goal on the siren, and make his BE!
runt: with a houdini-like re appearance
Raspel31: You have zorko runt? I used to respect you.
Ben_Gogos: Both teams look gassed
BigChief: Lyons unusally quiet today.
MattyZ: @gogos Berry and witherden making me very proud
DrSeuss: Come on Beams, time to step up as Captain
runt: I am just a fan of Zorko and would like to win this game.
BigChief: C’mon Beams and Holman. Lift ya games
Woosha 73: I really wish Christensen would contribute to my cause
J.Worrall: fair call, runt!
runt: Did Holman shit himself? He stopped dead this qtr
runt: Lions havent won since beating GCS on August 12 2017.
BigChief: Didn’t Bris beat Carlton late last year?
runt: round 18 Lions beat carlton
runt: Ive got the tambourine ready to beat out the song
BigChief: Ahhhh
BigChief: Bad luck Bris, you fought hard.
Snarfy: How many points do you lose for giving away 50metres?
MattyZ: give miller 100 supercoach for that smother
Umpirespet: Great last qtr
RGriffen: called game of the round
SilverLion: Some day this side won’t kill me…
runt: my green tambourine
runt: Have to wait another week
BigChief: Good game to watch RGriff. Not game of the round though.
DrSeuss: Now consider some of those BS decisions that led to GC goals….hmmm

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