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Chat log from R5 of 2018: Melbourne vs Richmond

Chat log for Melbourne vs Richmond, R5 of 2018

boo!: cmon dusty 150sc….#whoisbernievince
Chelskiman: Really worried about this game. Melbourne always lift against us.
Apachecats: Melksham got 18 SC for that goal ,his only stat.
TheMessiah: I have a 2 leg mutli with Melksham and J Thomas first goals haha
Apachecats: They’ve wound that back to 15 now.
HawkTalker: Can already see that Petracca is gonna do NOTHING AT ALL
TheBoy89: If dusty scores more than 88 I lose
Raspel31: Looping Fyfe meant stuck with Garlett’s 21-groan. Risked big Max v Dusty. Carn Demons!
boo!: cmon petracca score more than garlett
luke394: Petracca is always around the ball but doesn’t get it
NoneyaB: I wonder ig higgins will stay in the side this time? this kid has talent
TheBoy89: So pissed that fritsch got dropped made me take garletts 21 spud
HawkTalker: He’s there for moral support, luke394
TheBoy89: If hibberd goes big this game I’m done with supercoach because I traded him out for Simpson which got 142
Dazza87: That awkward moment Hibbo is on fire and you start to doubt trading him out last week
pastamasta: cool
luke394: @TheBoy89 think a lot are in the same boat with Fritsch
Umpirespet: Don’t worry Theboy I traded out fisher for Sicily this week
luke394: Nank flying off 0% efficiency
TheBoy89: Good dusty just keep playing like you are and you’ll win me the league match
Apachecats: Dusty 2 touches in 18 mins a worry.
DrSeuss: Games started Dusty – maybe lay a tackle? Get a kick?
boo!: most popular trade next round is dusty to melksham
Dazza87: hibbo outscoring Dusty by 5 folds
luke394: Dusty will come good
Chelskiman: Dusty as a perma forward is really hurting his scores. Unless he kicks a bag he’s going to score quite low.
Gotigres: OMG Captain Martin
twinpeaks: Petracca sigh
luke394: Petracca is so annoying @twinpeaks
BallHog: Give Hibberd the blue moon already!
Rockafella: Nathan jones is a captain that any team would be happy with
luke394: here he comes @twinpeaks!
TheMessiah: Come on Hogan…. get involved!
J_Herer: hahaha dropped Hibbo and he has his average already ffs!
SilverLion: Petracca, Menzel, Fasolo… all painted with the same brush
circle52: 49 tackles in first quarter.
J_Herer: Dusty due for a quiet one, hopefully a 50, cheaper!
luke394: Hey fellas anyone know how to zoom the stats out on an iPad?
NoneyaB: as stupid as it sounds higgins reminds me of zorko when he was good
Apachecats: Fritch to Higgins anyone?Next week I mean.
Chelskiman: Higgins was such a steal at pick 17.
frenzy: little Rosie Higgins
Gotigres: Hibberd crunched by teammate
Raspel31: Well, no Buddy next week. Some shaking needed Apache.
PowerBug: Higgins started well but can his spot in the side be trusted?
Umpirespet: Martin 3 handballs for 15 points?
Costanza: @Luke394 click on ‘stats’ in game description box
Apachecats: Yeah Raspel bruised heel ,might take a couple of weeks ,he’s been carrying it for 4 weeks too.
Apachecats: Dusty lazy 20 SC in 6 minutes.
Gotigres: double muppett for Townsend
Pantsman: Haha love a good muppet.
Chelskiman: Higgins, you little beast!
luke394: Bloke I’m playing has Higgins on field and I cop Fritsch lol
NoneyaB: geez higgins reminds me of zorko i think its the hair
th3rio: going to be an annoying week deciding between 1 or 2 of guelfi, higgins, mirra lol
NoneyaB: that giles langdon is due back this week hey?
CBeezDeez: Just another annoying week by being a Dee supporter @th3rio
luke394: Hope so @NoneyaB
th3rio: supposed to be Noneya, although they said he’d paly this week and didn’t
Apachecats: Don’t know how Fritch missed out and Garlett got a game.
th3rio: haha not over yet bud @cbeez
Gotigres: Hibberd looks like the main character in The Mummy
NoneyaB: i still have langdon on the bench hope he plays i need a fill in for buddy
Apachecats: Langdon would be a good chance to be ready noneyB
luke394: Remember when people thought Angus Brayshaw would be a good pick
Rockafella: do all you boys have to go to bed at 7:30?
Apachecats: I allowed up til 8.30 rocka
pcaman2003: Nankervis getting a rucking lesson.
Rockafella: cool
th3rio: anyone C gawn?
CBeezDeez: Swoosh Swish Swoosh
DirtyDawn: Rockafella will be in bed by 7:30 cos he’s maggotted!! Evening all
Apachecats: nah ,went Dusty th3rio
circle52: @th3rio I changed from Dusty to Gawn this afternoon,
Apachecats: Evening to you dirtyd
th3rio: nice circle! he was my go to if fyfe didnt get 150
circle52: Evening DirtyDawn
th3rio: he’ll come good apache
Apachecats: GOD would have Gawn for sure th3rio
boo!: cmon stretch short hunt
Raspel31: Me th3rio-couldn’t loop Fyfe due to that idiot Garlett so went big Max over Dusty as differential
th3rio: lol standard
Umpirespet: Lol APache GOD has everyone C over 150
th3rio: you’ll prob be better off rasp, i have good old lavender so could VC whoever haha
Lodgy: Gonna need me ol mate Dustbin to Junk it up later.
Apachecats: Reckon Dusty good for 120 ,put on 31 SC this 1/4 off a slow start.
luke394: how is Nankervis on 52 with those stats he’s been smashed
SilverLion: Nice Maxy
Rockafella: hahaha dawn, are u winning
Rockafella: Eddies not allowed on the game anymore which is good??
SilverLion: Salem is playing mid and Oliver is rotating forward
Raspel31: Anyone know how long The Budd’s heel will keep him out?
luke394: Hopefully all year @Raspel31
Raspel31: Thank you for that caring and positive piece of opinion luke394
SilverLion: Hearing it’ll be 2 weeks @rasp
luke394: No worries 🙂 I think they said its one he’s carried since a few weeks ago and hasn’t been training much
DirtyDawn: Nah Rocka, I think The Woodarchies have got me covered. I need Petracca to not come back after half time.
luke394: As a cats supporter I’m extremely happy but wont be in Geelong next week
Raspel31: Cheers lads. And Lindsay Thomas gone for 4-should be life dirty dog.
luke394: Bud*
frenzy: kent hammy?
duckky: How do you do your hammy at half time?
luke394: Gawn is a monster
Rockafella: con dees
Rockafella: cmon dees
Dazza87: ffs pet
wadaramus: Carn Hoges!
boo!: petracca to garlett
Chelskiman: We’re still in half time mode.
duckky: Kent with tracksuit on
duckky: Why do my trades get injured?
Chelskiman: There seems to be free Demons eveywhere right now.
LMartos: not sure why you’d get Kent anyway
wadaramus: Unlucky duckky.
frenzy: hangover kicked in
duckky: Greed LMartos… just greed
duckky: And intel that Kent had a new role closer to the mid this year
Gotigres: muppett for lloyd
luke394: Petracca sucks as an SC pick hate that I got sucked into him
Raspel31: I may not be GOD thank god, but god, risking big Max as C looking good.
pcaman2003: Nanks always behind Gawn at boundary throw ins. Needs to get front possie
Chelskiman: This quarter is a disaster.
Dazza87: pet on the fast lane out of my team
Chelskiman: Finally! We needed that.
Jukes82: lol no it hasn’t, overreaction much
Stu7: Look at Edwards go
DrSeuss: Dusty is having an off night tonight – missing the bounce of the ball at most stoppages
th3rio: wow buddies out? and with petracca a spud my fwds are basically cooked
Gotigres: Dusty limping
tommy10: Do something Petracca
SilverLion: Top tackle on martin by oliver there. Anyone else and it’d be ball
duckky: Rising star for Higgins
pcaman2003: C’mon Nank. You’re getting killed
runt: Can Gawn do any more? His Alps are busted
duckky: Blue moon for Melksham
SilverLion: Throw by Dusteeeee
JRedden: hibberd looks so slow
yeah_nah: Dusty again..another one
pcaman2003: FGS,Nank going backwards. Hopeless.
duckky: Sloppy umpiring
wadaramus: Excellent DE Hogan, well played…
ReggieOz: Dusty and Danger never get called in incorrect disposal it’s a joke
J_Herer: Gawn = ruck destroyer
Haydo: Hey everyone, hopefully the tiges can hang on to this nice lead!!
Fatbar5tad: I have Hogan, Petracca and Piggerd. All shithouse.
runt: incorrect disposal? Not if you are dusty
Haydo: I have gawn hib and petracca
circle52: How true any disposal by Dusty is ok.
feralmong: Wow pretty glad I pick Gawn as capt. Offset the premo fails this week.
pcaman2003: @j-herer I have both rucks. One good,one shite
runt: Petracca threatens to break games open like I threaten to blow a door off its hinges just by passing wind
feralmong: Well done dees and tiges on the joint banner.
duckky: NAnk always seems to wind up with 90+
Raspel31: Ditto feral
Chelskiman: We’ve let them get yet another early quarter goal. Not what we needed at all.
circle52: 27 points for Gawn this quarter would be great and match all those with Fyfe loophole.
feralmong: Nah that was all dees chelski they do play well.
runt: Hibberds face will cave in completely if he gets another knock there
Gotigres: Hibberd will need the Mummy bandages again
Fatbar5tad: Nice faceplant for Piggerd.
pcaman2003: @Duckky. He’ll be -90 the way he’s going.Scored 7 pts since half time
runt: Theyll have to attach his vocal chords to his backside so he can talk safely through his arse
NoneyaB: the way he hit that turf with his face like its a wonder that he isnt getting concussion tested
Fatbar5tad: Petracca the invisible man.
runt: Hibberd and Hartlett are made from the same stuff
Dazza87: cmon Pet need a big quarter
DrSeuss: Ok time for some junk Dusty
Stu7: Martin-inion ice 😂
Haydo: Petracca gets 2 contested marks and kicks both and gets +3 sorry shouldnt be complaining just frustrating
runt: Oliver has the high handball worked out
pcaman2003: Give Nank the spud icon. He’s earned it.
SilverLion: P plate for young Jack Higgins?
runt: The margin is getting to where it should be. Demons try but the forward line doesn’t seem to exist at present
DMS774: here’s a don’t argue, there’s a don’t argue, everyone gets a don’t argue!
circle52: Just seen a stat only 19 if Gawns hitouts has been to advantage so that is where Dees getting beaten
circle52: Not taking advantage of that dominance
original: did dusty get anything for that contested ball gather, dont argue,dont argue, kick to team mate?
Fatbar5tad: What a goal. That’s taking the piss.
runt: The Tigers dont play champagne football but they have enough players willing to do their job through 4 qtrs
scrappers: has hogan been butchering the ball cause he is getting reemed by CD
Chelskiman: Massive last quarter this. Dees weren’t bad in the first three, but we’ve out classed them in the last.
SilverLion: Party time
Haydo: WE don’t play chanpagne footy but with giberts guidance we play dont argue footy lol
runt: A little spumanti here and there
happytimes: How slow is petracca
Fatbar5tad: You’ve even over them all night Chelks.
Umpirespet: Why do they keep showing the ladder it’s only round 5 ?
Pinkman: Hogan been really good with the ball that i’ve seen
Fatbar5tad: Pretenderacca
original: kick it directly to rance melbourne thats it, destroy my sc lol
happytimes: Agree Pinkman
original: when does goodwin cop heat?
Chelskiman: What?
SilverLion: Blue moon Lever
scrappers: so why is he on 82 with 2 goals and 22 possies
duckky: Logjam of Rich players in the 80 and 90s
Dazza87: wellonthe bright side, glad i kicked out hibbo and got Conigs in via dpp
feralmong: Nank is no Gawn but he competes more than any ruck. Makes up the difference.
runt: Back to commando camp for the demons…….
Fatbar5tad: Sorry, been all over them. Getting reward now.
Chelskiman: They were within 6 points in the 3rd, so weren’t that far behind. We’ve just blown them away in the last.
TheHawk: Scrappers he’s going at 50% DE
Pinkman: Hogan disposal eff @ 50% so eh must have been poor first half, which i missed
Umpirespet: How many kept Lambert after his first 2 rounds I didn’t
Chelskiman: Cherry for Lambert?
feralmong: I did pet. He kept trying so the form would come.
runt: At least Hibberd ended the game with just a band-aid
Jukes82: lol cherry? he will get 3 votes smh.

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