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Chat log from R5 of 2018: North Melbourne vs Hawthorn

Chat log for North Melbourne vs Hawthorn, R5 of 2018

frenzy: Horfawn easy today
m0nty: Carn Hawks!
RGriffen: North by 5 goals
AngryRyno: there’s the tag
pcaman2003: Carn Hawks!
pcaman2003: Oh dear!
JockMcPie: Muppet for Mirra?
Raspel31: Indeed Monty-but can Mitchell break the tag. A question many have sweated over.
SilverLion: Umps gotta watch Jacobs. literally holds players at every stoppage
cusch1: Jock, as the player running back, Frawley should have guided him into it. Mirra was doing what he had to do
SilverLion: And I’d blame Frawley tbh Jock. Frawley saw Mirra and didn’t budge/call him. Mirra had no idea what was behind
SilverLion: Beat me to it cusch ๐Ÿ˜›
JockMcPie: Aight, give em both muppets for not communicating ๐Ÿ™‚
MONEY TALK: ben jacobs what a man on fire again
cusch1: Does Brown miss?
BigChief: No free against Waite for unrealistic attempt?
cusch1: Chief he barely touched the Haw player…
original: classic waite
boo!: cmon JOM or i will rage trade you to garlett
BigChief: He used his foot to push off and never touched the ball.
original: dubious handball of omeara’s counting as effective lol, wasnt it picked off by north?
hinsch: I suppose everybody cannot wait until the big game today Bris V GC
original: lol hinsch
cusch1: not sure what im less excited for; The Q-Clash or Carlton Dogs on Friday night
SilverLion: Cousins isn’t a first gamer?
MONEY TALK: cousins played last year i swear
rooboypete: Mirra is a second gamer
rooboypete: Cousins played three games last year
God_: David Mirra did all he could as a BMX rider and now plays for Hawthorn?
cusch1: “Crowd roaring” What crowd BT? North is playing
SilverLion: Not an arm chop on Big Ben?
original: God_ well you would have brought him back
cusch1: Darius give Benny the target now, the man just does not miss
SilverLion: Cape for Brown
TheMessiah: Come on hawkers!!
BigChief: BT you moron. It is a whistle.
cusch1: sicily just stepped on a seagull
BigChief: The seagull has a discated wing according to BT. He really has no clue.
cusch1: The seagull looks to be ok, but its struggling. Still showing more fight than the hawks atm
FordyHawks: Come on Hawks, you realise youโ€™re playing norf right…
RGriffen: told ya North
original: anyone else put capt on ziebell? already beating buddy vc
rooboypete: Not often you see a double cape…
boo!: 2 capes….norf?? wtf
original: bandage icon for seagull, mrp (tv) for sicily?
TheBoy89: I put vc on coniglio got 116 and then decided to leave the c to fyfe
m0nty: Well this is pretty ordinary.
korza: BT is on my flog list. Officially
Jukes82: If Mirra can get a 60 plus in SC, I’ll consider bringing him in but I think he’ll struggle to get that.
SilverLion: I’m pretty sure no-one even has Ziebell @original
Raspel31: I somewhat doubt it original-not many peple even have a Norff player-but you never know.
korza: RGriffin, you only had 2 choices. Not hard to be right
cusch1: Brian Taylor is just a poor man’s Rex Hunt
AngryRyno: bring out the cones
cusch1: and by poor, I’m talking third world country poor
vamos77: Goldy would be on 45 if he was Nic Nat
CBeezDeez: Where’s #FreeKickOrforn?
the worm: it insulting to have bt in the same sentence as rex hunt
SilverLion: P Plate for Mirra @Darius?
SilverLion: Dog act Zurhaar
original: shocking umpiring
original: why are the umps favoring north so much
FordyHawks: Scum north
SilverLion: Charity
RGriffen: sucked in hawks
cusch1: besides the last 1 minute, ive thought that the umpiring has been rather good?
TheMessiah: #freekicknorf
DrSeuss: Where TF is Sicily?
FordyHawks: *norf
TheMessiah: Scummy fkers
vamos77: Cause Hawfforn have had their fair share of banquets, Original
SilverLion: Jacobs has got under Titch’s skin
cusch1: Hope titch isnt in trouble for that elbow to Goldys head
BigChief: Fat lady already singing.
the worm: tich likely to get a week for an elbow apparently
NoneyaB: it didnt even effect goldy though so he should be fine
SilverLion: Probably a fine. Didn’t hurt him at all.
Zeratul: I see the spirit of Lindsay still lives at the Kangaflogs
cusch1: off the ball elbow to the head? Only thing saving titch is the outcome
Torz: Hawk defence are witches hats.
SilverLion: Spud for Frawley. Haven’t seen him do anything right
BigChief: Not a mark BT you Richard Cranium.
MQuimby: every sentence tim says involves goldstein lol
AngryRyno: hawks players aren’t allowed to get negative icons on FF
Raspel31: Being a Pom the hatred of Norff confuses me though personally I hate them.A matter of taste.
obione05: How’s Goldy’s score? He’s putting it down his mids throats every stoppage
cusch1: thats a mcevoy mark
FordyHawks: Awesome mark Big boy
NoneyaB: norf have like 12 fans that could have something to do with it
original: hows the turf..plenty slipping
SilverLion: Lol Either McEvoy marked it or play on. Tarrant barely touched it
BigChief: It’s not the same thing BT. Tarrant grabbed it 1st where Brown and Waite at the same time. Learn the rules idiot.
FordyHawks: #freekicknorf
Raspel31: 100% McEvoy mark-jeez.
cusch1: Raspel us bomber fans hate hawthorn more though
DrSeuss: These Umps are ridiculous
FordyHawks: Brown diving heaps…
Raspel31: Absolutely cutsh1
Breezey: I donโ€™t see Sicilyโ€™s mutch flapping like usual.
Jukesy: The rivalry is mostly norf fans hating us. They’re a small club with no history vs a big club with strong history
Breezey: Mouth
pcaman2003: Hawks can forget finals at this rate.Playing into Norths hands.
cusch1: North have the shinboner spirit as their history; in other words, a history of being tough grubs, hence the hatred
boo!: you know you’re screwed when frawley leading the hawks sc points
mardyb: i think it has to do with the hawks unloading their junk on norf. Piccione, Anderson, Hartung…
Nuffman: My hatred of North stems from my brother in laws utter one-eyed-ness for them
FordyHawks: Really missing poppy and Cyril
the worm: everyone hating north is wayne carey ripple effect
Breezey: Billy says get that up ya
cusch1: Dont think 14 handballs and ducking into 3 tackles will have much of an effect Fordyhawks….
BigChief: Norf fans have a soft underbelly and everyone likes to put shower on them.
Xephyrise: im enjoying learning history of north hating from u guys… glad u have us to get angry at ๐Ÿ™‚
cusch1: My hatred for North is actually because of that user a while back RooBoyStu. Didnt shut up when north wen 9-0 that year
Raspel31: Get it Cusch1 and Worm-but even Horff had to lose that thug L. Thomas. Getting it.
cusch1: Havent heard from him since either come to think of it
Jukesy: Rioli and Poppy wouldn’t be able to do much with Tarrant and Thompson repelling every attack in the air. 8 marks each
FordyHawks: 5+ goals, 4+ goal assists, and 15+ tackles from will though, nice try though
AngryRyno: Cyril and Poppy are the Hawthorn equivalent of Mark LeCras
BigChief: 15+ tackles??? nice joke Fordy.
poolboybob: Hawks are somehow getting belted by the North midfield, which I didn’t even know was possible
cusch1: Rioli would struggle to get 15 tackles a year. Might have 15 hammy injuries though
FordyHawks: They had 11 last week, next
BigChief: so 11 is the new 15+ is it?
SilverLion: Hawks don’t have one player actually playing well
AngryRyno: Rioli and Puopolo average 8.8 combined tackles per game over their careers, 15 just shows you are a nuff
Raspel31: The number of mullets and bad haircuts is killing this game for me.
DrSeuss: Sicily – kick to yourself and run a bit. Helps my score but will also help your team right now
cusch1: Fourthorn used to mean aiming for 4 premierships in a row. Now it means 4 goals in a half
BigChief: There are more mullets than Hawks goals in the game.
mardyb: if waite didnt miss those 2 easy ones in the 1st qtr he’d have a ton
SilverLion: Magnifying glasses for Hawks
korza: McEvoy, your giving your team mates nothing. Stand up
Jukesy: Magnifying glasses and potatoes for the hawks
FordyHawks: They average 11 in their last 1 game ๐Ÿ™‚
BigChief: Time to watch the other game. It might be more entertaining.
FordyHawks: But nice try duhh ryno
Umpirespet: Wow Essendon fans sinking the boot but there only claim to fame for 18 years is a cheating scandal
AngryRyno: mate, you literally said they are good for 15 tackles a game, 1 game above an average of 8.8 is not very impressive lmao
pcaman2003: Game over! Very disappointing overall.
rooboypete: Nice to see North in front. BBrown on fire
hinsch: Good call BigChief I mentioned earlier that everboby was waiting for Brisbane game
BigChief: You are really making a fool of yourself Fordy. 11 is not 15+ and never will be. And 8.8 career average isn’t either.
cusch1: And Adelaide’s only claim to game is an off season boot camp and a captain who disappears during big games. Your point?
pcaman2003: 20 scoring shots to 3 says it all really.
mardyb: whats adelaide got? tippet scandal and showering themselves on Gf day?
Jukesy: Unlike Adelaide who’s greatest accomplishment this century was losing a grannie to Richmond (still lmao about that)
Umpirespet: Waa waa
Jukesy: Oh and letting all their good players get pinched by bigger clubs
Raspel31: Leave it cusch1- M0nty has banned that talk so umpire needs to watch out.
the worm: at least essendon fans can take solace i nthe fact that they gifted carlton a spot in the finals from 9th ๐Ÿ™‚
Umpirespet: Bigger clubs like Essendon lol
BeastMode: umpirespet? Crows have been irrelevant this century… yawn, move on sunshine
tommy10: If Adelaide focused more on footy than just staring they might have won a granny ๐Ÿ™‚
cusch1: Can we go back to hawthorn bashing? Its fun after their reign of success!
mardyb: just go to the tap and grab a nice glass of water ump. oh wait, you cant…
m0nty: This is my fault for attending the game, I am obviously I am the reverse talisman
the worm: you’re also forgetting Jobe Watson won a brownlow, thats a pretty good acheivement
tommy10: Why canโ€™t we do both cusch? Lol
AngryRyno: Essendon is a great destination club, they get all the champion players like Jake Stringer
BigChief: Enough time for you to get home to watch Bris v GC m0nty.
cusch1: Tommy I wish I could send the gif of that mexican taco girl getting lifted by the crowd
Raspel31: m0nty-ffel your pain but nice to see Mitchell stay down. Now off to watch the other game where not a mullet in sight.
tommy10: Was thinking the exact same thing ahaha
BigChief: And then he didn’t @ the worm ๐Ÿ˜›
TheMessiah: Come on hawks! Show some this 2nd half!
cusch1: Shh Chief you just had to ruin it :'(
BigChief: lol
JockMcPie: Slow down Sicily, give away some 50s please…don’t want you scoring too much more
JockMcPie: Not what I asked for….dont like +12s
hinsch: Got the C on T Mitchellshould have taken Dangers score
the worm: goldy getting 100 and hawks coming back to win would make my afternoon ๐Ÿ™
AngryRyno: crazy to pass on 130 when Titch had the well-known Jacobs tag
hinsch: Could not loop, was looking every which way to get C onto Gawn
TheMessiah: Come on you hawkers!!!!
Raspel31: Bummer of a loop week hinsch-hoping Fritsch doesnt play so I can cap Fyfe.
PureSwag: I would of taken Dangers 130 even if he wasn’t going up against Jacobs.
Umpirespet: Burton gone?
TheMessiah: Hope these guys are ok
runt: Bring the stretcher out for the Hawks, obviously concussed
TheMessiah: Nah Burton head clash. He is fine
FordyHawks: Head clash, all clear
hinsch: Looking at the same but I Fritsch is going to be on the interchange
Woosha 73: Wish Hawks could play Collingwood every week
Umpirespet: Is fritz playing in Dees 2’s today?
MONEY TALK: go the sicily
cusch1: I dont believe that Fritsch played today
Umpirespet: Ty
Raspel31: Indeed Messiah- hope they’re okay.
FordyHawks: Poor Higgins though, just had a kid too
tommy10: Burton should be ok…accidental
TheMessiah: That was a brutal one. Hope Higgins is ok :-/
TheMessiah: Brown would win gold at the comm games…. in diving
cusch1: Intent doesnt matter anymore. the outcome does
FordyHawks: Wow, nice cheating there
Umpirespet: Yup and if Rgray got 1 game burton is in trouble
jesseboy: How is that cheating?
FordyHawks: Diver Brown was holding chip
TheOnyas: onya shielsy
AngryRyno: we’ve already discovered you’re an absolute meathead @Fordy you can wrap it up
poolboybob: O’Meara raise your game you dud
TheBoy89: Down arrow for titch
TheMessiah: He was holding but I think it was a case of both players holding eachother
FordyHawks: Are you still crying whino
FordyHawks: Fair enough messiah, a normal reply
TheBoy89: Burton should get minimum 3 weeks
SilverLion: P plate for Mirra???
AngryRyno: with laughter, after you declared Puopolo and Rioli put up 15 tackles a game
DrSeuss: Sicily – started this quarter like you should – then back to nothing…
Stu7: What a round to make TM captain 😫
MONEY TALK: monty is at the game reelax
cusch1: Burton will forever be in Andy McGrath’s shadow
FordyHawks: They donโ€™t give suspensions for accidental head clash.. I hope
TheMessiah: He will be fine. The bump was low.
barlowlove: here come the hawks… this will get to a 2 goal game
TheBoy89: Wasnโ€™t accidental he deliberately went for the bump and burton is unco so itโ€™s was a head clash
TheMessiah: Come on hawkers!!!
TheMessiah: Theboy… the bump was low, he shouldnt get rubbed out.
cusch1: If the bump was low then why tf did Higgins get knocked out? Seriously…
TheBoy89: Not talking about the bump. The bump was weak the head clash
RGriffen: lol the bump was low haaha
TheBoy89: The bump was low lol
runt: Burton could easily tackled higgins as he was in Higgins blind spot. He chose a reverse shirtfront and turned his back.
TheBoy89: @RGriffen haha
TheMessiah: The bump was low…. are you blind?
J.Worrall: the bump was low?
RGriffen: 62 point quarter for Breust wtf
TheMessiah: Clearly hit his check. Then the heads collided after the bump
pcaman2003: Blew the last 2 minutes badly.
runt: Burton was careless and the result was Higgins sent to hospital. 2 weeks for careless high impact.
TheMessiah: Chest*
BigChief: The bump was low?
cusch1: If only the hawks defended their opponent as much as these guys are defending Burton…
TheMessiah: The shoulder was nowhere near the head. Therefore the bump was low
Umpirespet: Messiah betcyou a block of cadburys he gets suspended
RGriffen: talking about the impact. No way that is low impact
TheMessiah: Or do you class accident head on head contact as a bump?
cusch1: You keep telling yourself that Messiah.
rooboypete: A double cape the other way!!
TheMessiah: Its horrible what happened to higgins and I hope he is ok. But Burton did nothing wrong.
TheMessiah: Cua
runt: Higgins was about to handball and Burton had him lined up and fully intended to inflict damage. He sure did that.
cusch1: i just heard a collective slap as everyone in this chat simultaneously face-palmed after reading that comment
TheMessiah: Honestly Cusch… Y
runt: Its an old fashioned shirt front which the AFL has outlawed. So unless shirtfronts are still legal then Burton did wrong
NoneyaB: the titch incident was in qtr 1 and it was a nothing thing free kick at the very most
runt: The correct option when running at a player who isnt even looking at you is to tackle and get a free. Burton went rogue
spudaroos: Take the gun off Ziebell. Worst field kick around yet all he does is kick smh
cusch1: Hartung has forgotten that he doesnt play for Hawthorn anymore
TheOnyas: onya breusty
runt: Higgins went to hospital
jocka: runt: just a ruse to see his kid!
SilverLion: TV on Titch for the Goldy hit? Or something else?
the spud: picked up Tarrant in draft this week. his record vs the hawks is crazy
tommy10: Goldy you flog
Haydo: what did mitchell get reported for will he get weeks?
TheBoy89: Burton is a shadow of last year
TheBoy89: No Mitchell will not get a suspension or a fine
AngryRyno: Mitchell not reported but MRP will look at an off the ball elbow to Goldstein, fine or 1 week
BigChief: @ Haydo not reported but will be looked at by MRP
FordyHawks: Mitchell will, at worst, get a fine
BigChief: Elbowed Goldy in the head.
TheBoy89: Lol opponent has titch c
cusch1: Off the ball elbow to the side of the head that wasnt called for. At worst 1 week. Should be just a fine
TheBoy89: I would of had c on him but changed it last second on fyfe
FordyHawks: Miss it you dog
cusch1: How good is footy this season? You just never know who is going to win
rooboypete: Surely thatโ€™s the sealer?? Says he hopefully…
cusch1: Norf are third on the ladder
the worm: would have
AngryRyno: could just about give Jacobs the x-factor at this point
pcaman2003: Hawks total crap today. Just can’t get it together under pressure.
upweydons: time to trade titch ?
FordyHawks: Damn, Cyril and poppy would have made a huge difference today
TheBoy89: Titch doing a sloane
BigChief: Fordy you are a sour supporter.
BigChief: And no they wouldn’t have. Both play fwd and Norf have dominated midfield.
FordyHawks: Sour by saying our 2 best small forwards would have made a difference? Ok hero
cusch1: I said it before and ill say it it again: 13 touches and ducking into 3 tackles wont change a thing
pcaman2003: Burgoyne would’ve been handy though
J.Worrall: Sour as a pickle
spudaroos: Cyril has been below average this season tbf
wadaramus: No improvement from Goldy, he is testing my patience.
SilverLion: Pumpkin for Omeara? Haha
Jukes82: anyone bringing in Mirra next week?
poolboybob: You’re losing by 30 points and have half as many scoring shots.
TyCarlisle: Having two less on your interchange is way worse than no cyril+poppy…
the worm: pull the trigger wada
lukat: God’s opponent has Titch as C
FordyHawks: Forward pressure is a hard thing for you to understand cusch?
runt: Kangaroos
pcaman2003: Hawks have one less too
cusch1: Just like common sense is a little tough for you mate ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚
wadaramus: Trying to keep the trigger finger firmly in the holster worm, but getting close to letting rip!
FordyHawks: Difference = closer game, couple extra crumb goals, not saying Hawks would win, lol some are so sensitive here
BigChief: You won’t get fwd pressure if your midfield can’t get the ball Fordy. Can’t you understand that?
wadaramus: Not sure Jukes.
TheMessiah: Cusch doesnt understand very much at all Fordy….
Jukes82: @pcaman2003 loves making excuses, hawks layed an egg today, and were shithouse

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