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Chat log from R5 of 2018: Fremantle vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Fremantle vs Western Bulldogs, R5 of 2018

RGriffen: worst bounce of all time?
Torz: Great start Mundy. :/
Breezey: What is that hair from Tom Boyd
BigChief: That was not a free kick.
Gloryhound: WOW – glad i brought Macrae in this week for Kelly 🙂 At least all points are a bonus
Burnsy03: caleb daniel buz cut is nearly as bad
Torz: Ffs Mundy. 4 FA already..
boo!: cmon fife, stick it up wallis
Nuffman: Ryan getting screwed by the SC gods
RGriffen: Tab hurt left foot
DrSeuss: Come on Neale…don’t stop
Pusti: “David Mundy: 3 possessions ……. Has Wood up forward.” …….. and I was thinking he had a salami in his shorts.
Nuffman: wtb kicking boots for McLean
Breezey: This Duman looking a likely type. Anyone grab him this week
RGriffen: Taberner in the rooms now m0nty
Pusti: Yep, I traded Dom Barry for Duman.
Breezey: Your doing well thus far Pusti
Pusti: Unfortunately, I haven’t got him on the field though, Breezy.
Breezey: Oh well. Hopefully he can make you some $$
SilverLion: Luke Ryan reminds me so much of Zac Jones. Plays like he’s angry..
DrSeuss: Neale and Crowden in this game – what a start
TheMessiah: Keep going Captain Fyfe
Yelse: i got rid of brays haw and he goes and does this
Wends: There must be a mathematic equation for the number of trade-outs, correlating w increase in players’ scores: Brayshaw.
DrSeuss: Yep traded Brayshaw this week and kept Banfield. Crowden, Neale & Banfield going amazingly so far
the worm: whoever has brayshaw has him on the bencg, they ll start him next week andget burned 🙂
RGriffen: is Tab done for the night? Still hasn’t come back on
vamos77: WTF Mundy, liiiiiiiiiifffffft
TheOnyas: onya fyfey
MONEY TALK: went braysaw over hunter (:
korza: Its only an ankle, get your but back on TAB
boo!: +11 fife….nlice
the worm: you have brayshaw and hunter!!
Burnsy03: well hunter is suspended so i dont c y u wouldnt
the worm: he means hunter clark i think
MONEY TALK: meant hunter clarke
Breezey: Tab def done
Wends: Playing some guy in RDT with 10 port players… on field 😮
BigChief: m0nty Tabener done for the night.
RGriffen: Tab has the line officially through him
Burnsy03: clark may have been more clear, my bad
The39Steps: Dogs down 1, Freo down 2.
Burnsy03: whose the second one
The39Steps: Ross Lyon is the coach.
SilverLion: McLean going backwards
Burnsy03: bulldogs are all backwards
Burnsy03: we cant mark a football
feralmong: Mundy might yet get the ton. Happy with 39 given how he started.
TheMessiah: Come on fyfey! Need a 150+ from ya after Garlett and Buddys efforts
DrSeuss: Neale come on – you can’t even beat Banfields score??
feralmong: Mundy was on the bottom not long ago. Hulk?
Hadouken: is it time to offload neale ?
SilverLion: Lift McLean
Hadouken: so tempting to get rid of nic nat and put english on haha, risk vs reward
Chelskiman: What’s up with Neale? Getting tagged or what?
DrSeuss: Neale seems so lazy, feels like he is playing crap but is still averaging almost 100. So tempting to rage trade though
Breezey: Fyfe just dominating this game. He will go 40+ possies I reckon
RGriffen: capt Fyfe <3
DrSeuss: Wallis is going with Neale more than Fyfe – no idea why – Fyfe is killing the Dogs
Haydo: wow happy with fyfe as cap now, was tossing up between him and cripps
JockMcPie: Mundy recovered well…cmon Toby McLean, lift son! Also stop Walters
devize: What’s up with mcleans dt to SC ratio
runt: Boyds hairstyle says it all about where he is at with his football.
DrSeuss: Neale has 3rd highest possessions for Freo – just all handballs and no tackles or marks
RGriffen: only 3 contested possies probs got something to do with it
DrSeuss: 2nd lowest TOG for Neale as well. Always seems to have low TOG this year
RGriffen: Bont not getting SC for doing nothing tonight is good
duckky: Dunkley – please at least make your BE
Breezey: That’s atrocious from Suckling. Tries to out clever himself. If that’s a word
SilverLion: Naughton ok?
wadaramus: Dunkley and Bont very smelly, thank goodness for Fyfe VC.
the worm: who do you have to put the C on wada?
lachlan23t: Is this Dahlhaus’s highest SC score this year?
Haydo: come on capt fyfyey keep going
SilverLion: Lovely DT/SC ratio for McLean :/
boofjb57: No Lachlan it isnt
mardyb: nah 113 in rd3
Wends: Fyfe benched.
Haydo: give fyfe star gun and cherry
SilverLion: Swingman for Wood. Playing forward last qtr.
Haydo: for the rest of the game wends?
Hadouken: if fyfe benched, hopefully neale can junk it up !
Raspel31: How could they possibly bench Fyfe Wends with the game in the balance
LuvIt74: Banfield is on for me coz Armatige didn’t play if he scores 80 id be happy
Wends: They must’ve heard you Raspel, he bak on 🙂
wadaramus: Powell from GC worm 🙂
SilverLion: Scratch that. Back in defence
poolboybob: Bin for McLean
BigChief: Fyfe still getting disp from the bench
lachlan23t: All of the doggies need the juck time symbol
Hadouken: fair to say sandi won the ruck battle ? just?
Wends: Taylin Duman incredible longevity. Had a great hit in the late 80s, really got the Rissole dancefloors pumping…
runt: Billy..Joel..cut it out said the umpire
Raspel31: Hope Fritsch not playing so can make Fypey el capo.
Wends: Lol Hadouken with the dry humour.
BigChief: Tabener gone from 41 to 56 since injured
jfitty: Could almost give Macrae the Hulk

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