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Chat log from R5 of 2018: Port Adelaide vs Geelong

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs Geelong, R5 of 2018

BigChief: Have Port lost the plot? Thomas a late in? The boot cleaner would do more.
JockMcPie: Must be tanking already
Umpirespet: Cmon Cats wanna see my Port mates melt
Costanza: Anzac Day is Wednesday. Like having NYE a week early.
Umpirespet: Well let everyone have an ANZAC game and we can all celebrate together….
Costanza: Happy if they all play on the day. Like old Sat arvos
Umpirespet: That’s what we all want but AFL want money
J.Worrall: celebrate?
J.Worrall: Like that idea, costanza
Umpirespet: You know what I meant J Wirral
Costanza: Celebrate a Bombers victory anyway
J.Worrall: make one of the byes next to it …
Umpirespet: Worrall
Umpirespet: Na that’s sensible never happen
J.Worrall: make two of the byes next to it!
J.Worrall: thx, haha
Costanza: Motlop and Thomas in fwd line – all or nothing coming up
Umpirespet: Selwood and Thomas gunna be a ducking good night
the worm: Geelong vs PortAdelaide, Geelong, E.Ratugolea, 3 votes
duckky: Quack Quack
snake_p: ducking oath
JockMcPie: It’s hunting season, I’m looking for ducks
Umpirespet: Did u spell that right worm?
Umpirespet: How many ducks each guys?
duckky: That’s dessssspickable Jock
Costanza: Tomahawked back and late out
the worm: yeah, im pretty sure there is a double e in geelong
Costanza: Anzac Day should be Oz Day. Only time side by side with indigenous too.
frenzy: c’mon danger big one tonite
J.Worrall: just lift the duck wings, and quack!
J.Worrall: Right on! @Costanza!
Umpirespet: Who is in for Hawkins?
BigChief: Horlin-Smith
frenzy: george horlin smith
snake_p: Horlin Smith
Umpirespet: Thanks Chief
snake_p: #freekickselwood
mardyb: did kelly not start the game with a tackle?
NoneyaB: And they never, ever tear up our Tarps!!!!
Costanza: Funny @NoneyaB. I chuckled.
J.Worrall: I tarp that lyric!
duckky: The wrong Gray is scoring
jfitty: Gray’s playing forward not midfield
luke394: I swear to god if Scott plays Danger fwd all game again I’m gonna lose it
BigChief: C’mon Scott play Danger as FF all game.
mark621: thats it danger!! wanna buy you at 500k
JockMcPie: Well if Danger gets stuck at FF all game I’m considering trading him out…unless he somehow pumps out a 140
Umpirespet: Danger will be cheaper than Zerratt soon
BigChief: #freekickduckwood.
lachlan23t: I need sav to have a big game in case Frisch doesn’t play
CBeezDeez: I don’t wanna be a chicken. I just wanna be a DUCK!
luke394: I’m not worried about fantasy I just want our best player in the middle winning the ball we’ve been flogged in clearance
the worm: by best player, you mean E.Ratuglea i asssume
Gloryhound: half way through the first and lindsay thomas has more points and poss’ than danger.
JockMcPie: One of 10 Danger
TheOnyas: onya wattsy
lachlan23t: If parfitt can play the way he did last week paddy can stay forward
MONEY TALK: i just want to retire nothing goes my way, changed danger to caplast second over fyfe
duckky: Danger is still over $700K
BigChief: But Polly Farmer is retired.
the worm: dont worry money talk, fyfe will get a 70
RGriffen: ump sucking Danger off
hinsch: thinking Danger trade to E Curnow next week take the loss
Umpirespet: No wonder ur a worm
mark621: what the hell selwood goes from 6 to 39 in 3 minutes and danger from 1 to 27
luke394: The worm is a true worm
DrSeuss: Danger puts Westhoff in a head lock, slams his head into the ground and gets the free kick lol
Umpirespet: Usually it’s ch7 Griff
RGriffen: Danger will cope a strike next to his name for that and he gets a free ahha
duckky: Traded Fisher for R Gray… Sad when Thomas is outscoring Gray
kafka69: duckwood 3ff…cheat
kafka69: selwood 3ff fucking cheat
Umpirespet: Duckky don’t electrocute yourself on that keyboard
duckky: Smoke is coming from it Ump
Umpirespet: Haha
Burnsy03: youd b worse if u had wanklin and garlett on your field
hinsch: who stuck with Parsons this year was a great talking peice last season
luke394: Paddy in the middle amazing
duckky: Feel sorry for all those who brought in Parfitt at nearly $400K
Yelse: i think its about time we bring in danger
Torz: As a forward?
runt: Is Parsons still playing for Geelong? I thought he was the runner
Umpirespet: Agree Yelse but his BE is 209 see how close he gets to it
Burnsy03: danger wont hit his be this week its 209
Burnsy03: the ones on the site arent correct
CBeezDeez: Does SC do DPP like AF thru the season?
boo!: still rather parsons than garlett…
BigChief: @kafka 1 was HTB against Motlop. Stop whinging.
mardyb: no they dont change cbd
circle52: NahCBeez positions do not change in SC
Yelse: he will prob drop 40k this week but question is how long do you wait?
CBeezDeez: Bugger. Thanks folks. Was hoping Ratugolea would get R/F. Oh well…
Umpirespet: Depends on what he gets this week will determine his BE next week
Umpirespet: But think he won’t drop too much more than this week
circle52: If Danger scores 127 this week he will still drop 36k
CBeezDeez: All these dognuts not doing diabetes any good…
frenzy: dognuts Lol
NoneyaB: hartlett gone
DrSeuss: Damn Dangerfield lucky to walk away from that head knock
NoneyaB: hartlett wont come back
ajconodie: I wonder if Hartlett will ever get through a season without an injury?
Ben_Gogos: Dangerfield must be a superior being. How did he escape from that collision unscathed?
duckky: Lots of big injuries happening this year
runt: When commentators say…our thoughts are with him…seems ill-timed
Yelse: they should check danger for concussion
runt: The guy aint dead
Costanza: He’ll catch a cold @ajconodie
runt: Port Neaded that. Someone had to say it
frenzy: they Neade ed that
runt: frenzy good one!
heppelitis: No neade for you both to say it though
Umpirespet: To many comedians on here 🙁
ajconodie: Umpirespet – You Neade to learn how to spell.
Costanza: Two too many even..
Umpirespet: Na aj it’s this stupid yank iPad that auto corrects
ajconodie: Ump – I know the feeling lol
duckky: Scooter down
Umpirespet: Thomas reported first game back lol
mardyb: goodbye lindsay. Went past the ball, hit in head
duckky: Thomas doesn’t seem to like being in the team
BigChief: What happened to Hartlett?
SilverLion: What a flog Thomas
feralmong: Loser Lindsay see ya.
heppelitis: looked at him too
runt: No way is Selwood badly injured
Umpirespet: Selwood acting?
SilverLion: Port fans actually booing Selwood for standing up
Gloryhound: A leopard like lindsay doesn’t change his spots. he’ll have some weeks to think about his first game.
RGriffen: more of the fact he wasted time I think
Costanza: Considered a good bump a while back. Not much in it.
Jukes82: Thomas lined up the wrong selwood
ajconodie: I hope Thomas is playing for free. Doesn’t deserve a contract.
runt: No gray areas with Robbie. He’s a champ!
Umpirespet: He is on minimum chips aj
ajconodie: Good mark Hank
duckky: RAdio commentators were saying that if the stretcher comes out, you must get on it.
Zeratul: Port fans at AO going full flog mode!!
BigChief: That’s correct duckky.
Wends: Evening all. Robbie Gray in for Jkelly today, working out better than other options – phew!.
runt: When Selwood saw the stretcher he should have trampolined off it , back flipped and given the crowd a high five.
Wends: *Barring any unforeseen circumstances.
hbui35493: srs such a disgusting hit from thomas
duckky: Well Geelong/Scooter might get a please explain
the worm: why is that runt?
Burnsy03: any chance r gray can bang m out a 200
jaypeee: he doesn’t have to get on it but if it’s called he has to stay off the field for 20mins
BigChief: I hope not Burnsy. My opp has him as C
feralmong: Scooter gone
heppelitis: Lindsey Thomas waddling there…fucking ducker
duckky: Cunico looks juicy for next week
jaypeee: the stretcher i mean
spudaroos: I finally went Wingard to Gray this week. Happy with that.
colin wood: I’m with you Burnsey, I need it!!
runt: Burns in 03 gave one to Voss with his shoulder to the head and Voss bounced straight up. No BLOODY stretcher
Burnsy03: same, garlett, savage and wanklin have ruined me
runt: Hartlett couldn’t walk. stretchered off. Selwood stunned. no bloody stretcher needed!!
runt: Hope that answers your question “worm”
duckky: Radio reporting that Scooter failed the concussion test
Ben_Gogos: Scooter had the tracksuit on before HT.
feralmong: And Hartlett didn’t go figure huh!
Ben_Gogos: Failed concussion, Thomas is long gone.
hbui35493: good riddance, don’t need a player like that in our team
Burnsy03: gray has clearly heard me
heppelitis: lift boner lol
mardyb: streaker!!!!!!!
rickybrad: geelong suck
runt: In 2016 Hartlett got knocked out against Hawthorn and passed the concussion test.
The39Steps: Only a Port fan could streak with clothes on.
mardyb: maybe he is more switched on when concussed
SilverLion: I’d take a 70+ from Bonner
duckky: Was that a free against Danger? WoW!
Nuffman: Put your hand up if you’re one of the schmucks who traded out Menegola after round 2
rickybrad: cant wait to play them
BigChief: Flog at it again. Thomas = dirty plumsack.
feralmong: Lindsay the dogs with fleas again.
mardyb: sniper icon for lindsay?
feralmong: Poop icon for Thomas. Reckon blitz wants to knee him in the organs.
duckky: He’s not a sniper Mardy – nothing subtle at all about him
CBeezDeez: May the fleas of a thousand camels infest his armpits!
runt: Thomas is not even interested in the ball. He’s got a bad attitude
feralmong: Seriously if Hinkley has any self respect he’ll bench Thomas in the last qtr.
SilverLion: Ffs go away Gray
heppelitis: Bonar rising
BigChief: I agree SL. Gray has enough already.
duckky: Disagree BC – Gray has to make up for Dunkley and all the other stuff-ups I’ve made
ajconodie: Either push in the back or holding the ball. You can;t let that go.
SilverLion: Umps love Paddy
Costanza: Motflop saving energy to kick winning goal
BigChief: Nooooo duckky. My opp has C on him.
Umpirespet: Umps lookin after Geelong this qtr
duckky: Gee BC – they have some cahoonies.
original: how good was trading menegola out after round 2 as i convinced myself he wasnt really a premium player. muppet logo plz
LuvIt74: done the same myself
Haydo: has henry returned?
BigChief: Or no clue duckky
TheOnyas: onya parfitty
vamos77: Bonner has been better than that SC
breadly: Where have the Parfitt bashers gone?
lachlan23t: Henry is back
Umpirespet: Motlop blood nose is his best effort tonite
Chelskiman: Kelly gone quiet.
DrSeuss: Kelly going backwards now
Bulky: Motlop has been fantastic for Geelong tonight.
JockMcPie: Horlin-Smith one of the better late replacement performances you’ll see
lachlan23t: Horlin-Smith should replace Murdoch next week
Wends: When you picked the wrong fog…
The39Steps: About now Port will realise their 2017 trading strategy was completely pharqed.
BigChief: Don’t you mean Hawkins for Murdoch @lachlan?
NoneyaB: I see your fancy recruits that will make you unbeatible poort have really helped you out lol Voss must have recruited
RGriffen: get the cash symbol out for my boy Parfitt
lachlan23t: Hawkins is normally in the team. Horlin-Smith will permanently replace Murdoch
Wends: Surely Barry has to get another game soon.
runt: Hartletts ability to play after getting completely poleaxed leads me to believe that concussion is all in the head
Costanza: Turns out it was nothing between motflop and Thomas, zip
TheOnyas: onya boner
jocka: Runt: Get out.
Costanza: I Neade wine stat
JockMcPie: Port fans did no harm to their “most feral supporters in the AFL” label tonight

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