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Chat log from R5 of 2018: Carlton vs West Coast

Chat log for Carlton vs West Coast, R5 of 2018

BigChief: Wet Toast to win by 14 goals minimum.
pcaman2003: Carlton to bounce back and only lose by 50pts
Umpirespet: Got rid of Fisher this week watch him get a ton
NewFreoFan: Going by the bizarre results this week Carlton will probably win by 30
anthsill03: carlton by 5 goals
Umpirespet: Hey new freo how did Sydney go didn’t u say they would win by 300^?
NewFreoFan: 500 haha, exactly my point
anthsill03: lachie obrien on the watch list
Hawks_13: I’ve got a feeling
Hawks_13: Ive got a feeling Kennedy will kick about 6 goals today
DrSeuss: Let’s go Yeo
pcaman2003: Go Cripps and Simmo.Score well lads.
BigChief: Carlton showing some ticker.
Brenno_173: Hey Chief, still think carlton will go down by 14 goals
BigChief: Yes Brenno.
lachlan23t: Carlton will win by 2 goals
pcaman2003: WC looking ordinary against Blues pressure acts.
DrSeuss: Keep going Dow, time for you to finally make some cash on my bench
boo!: is garlett taking a dump?
Schillaci: No boo.He knows I’ve got him on the field this week.
the worm: wait for the shake
boo!: me too schillaci, fielded over dow…
BeastMode: lol people saying carlton…. theyre trash
the worm: nobody with a brain expects carlton to be any good before 2021
anthsill03: yeh only the first qtr, sit down and relax
m0nty: Second set of Q1 donuts for Garlett this year already.
SilverLion: How good would Phillips be if he actually got a touch
anthsill03: is nic nat the best player for points per minute, unbelievable
pcaman2003: Cripps HB to team mate. No pts though?
Burnsy03: garletts one chance, the kick gets smothered
lachlan23t: No way! Garlett actually touched the ball!
th3rio: -1 for garletts kick? Lol
pcaman2003: Opponent has Garlett on field. Hahaha!
BigChief: So does mine hahaha.
th3rio: Dont get too excited. Garlett was on like 20 at HT last week, finished on 71
th3rio: Scratch that, hes shit
anthsill03: both you boys scoring over 2500 this week, since you dont have garlett
lachlan23t: Garlett -7 lol
boo!: cmon garlett…even monty could do better.
Chelskiman: Probably should look to get Simpson in as soon as possible. Defence was going to be my next upgrade anyway.
BigChief: Garlett woke up.
the worm: a yeoesque performance
th3rio: Garlett!! Haha
anthsill03: on fire garlett lol
th3rio: Of course this week dont care what yeo gets and his quiet
Umpirespet: Good to see Eddies Victorian barracking is in full force today
FordyHawks: Has anyone here ever had a negative scoring captain?
Umpirespet: Not yet Fordy
FordyHawks: I’ve had an opponent get a -4 on their C once
Umpirespet: Hope u won then lol
pcaman2003: Loving Simpson and Cripps so far. Hope they keep it going
FordyHawks: Lol, yeah did win
th3rio: Simmo would be further up if he was taking those marks
man0005: Loving Nelson and Lamb so far. Hope they keep it going
Crowls: Garlett is killing me. had to play him at F6 this week. FFS. Wake up son
boo!: 2 incoming capes for garlett….
poolboybob: Eagles kicking for goal is fantastic
SilverLion: As usual, gun for Gaff
Pinkman: Makes me angry how shit we’ are. Turnovers shit me. Dont even care bout SC
carlton_99: @pinkman i undertand where you are coming from but with this young list its to be expected.
carlton_99: We have less clangers then WC and so far you have to be happy with the response.
Umpirespet: I know u guys won’t agree but I think SOS is part of ya problem
Rush: Got Cripps, Simpson and Fisher so i’m pretty happy with that half. I also have Garlett but we’ll forget about him
carlton_99: SOS has got a lot of stick for bringing in the GWS players. But some have been pretty good Plowman, Phillips doing ok,
carlton_99: Kennedy Marchabnk etc
Umpirespet: March bank yes rest jury still out
anthsill03: def not ahgre about sos!! hes been a 7 out of 10.. still room to go for our recruiting. geelong swans etc lead the pack
carlton_99: I think Plowman has been just as good as Marchbank, in terms of playing a rule
Hooks: Plowman is horrendous lol
duckky: Bring Fisher in, he goes like a snail, get rid of him… *sigh*
carlton_99: Plowman is not horrendous. He plays his role every week!
BigChief: SOS has drafted ok, but his trading is not that great.
Umpirespet: Same dukky lol
carlton_99: @BigChief SOS wasnt there when we traded out JJK, Betts etc. He came in after that
duckky: Hopefully Gray (who I brought in for him) goes ok
ajconodie: Cripps offsets having to play Garlett.
Hooks: Trades have been Poor Kerridge Lamb Plowman Wiley jaksch
BigChief: I know that but Sumner, Lamb, Jaksch, Whiley, Smedts, Pickett, Palmer just to name a few have been duds
Ash777: plowman is doing well enough
Hooks: Nothing wrong with Pickett
carlton_99: @BIGCHIEF agree with all of those except pickett who hasnt played a lot yet to judge.
BigChief: @Hooks he has done nothing since joining Carlton.
Umpirespet: Ducky don’t look fishers score agoing up
Ash777: they blew all their good trading on Cripps all those years ago
duckky: My keyboard is flooded with tears…
BigChief: Denis Armfield’s cousin looking good.
feralmong: Hmm I put fisher on the bench. E on Garlett and Stephenson on. Let’s hope he goes big again.
Umpirespet: Ducky that’s why u and me never win SC lol
Umpirespet: Duckky *
BigChief: @Ash777 what are you on about? Carlton drafted Cripps with pick 12 I believe it was
th3rio: And simmo goes bang!
ajconodie: garlett having a shocker but will probably still outscore Buddy. F my forward line.
Ash777: oh I was thinking of the other cripps from eagles
th3rio: Man some of these young lads go hard… fisher , cripps
poolboybob: Gee Dermott is a total knob
th3rio: No points for garletts tackle on nic nat?
Umpirespet: The knob squad is commentating today
BigChief: m0nty can you put the star on P. Cripps now? He is a superstar.
sfenda1: fisher 4 clearances dow 5
Gotigres: Big miss from Yeo
Umpirespet: Fyfe or Gawn for C guys?
man0005: m0nty can you put the star on P. Cripps now? He is a superstar.
BigChief: Anyone know when the teams for Tues and Wed games are released?
spudaroos: Silvagni to be delisted at the end of the season.
Umpirespet: They can’t overrule that on that footage?
breadly: On Monday, BigChief
man0005: Lions to be removed from the AFL at the end of the season.
Umpirespet: Heard Monday Chief
th3rio: Monday chief
duckky: Gawn C for me
BigChief: cool thanks.
happytimes: @bigcheif Sunday night
duckky: Wasn’t game enough to C Cripps (more tears on the keyboard)
hinsch: man005 what a great idea hopefully into a competion we can win 🙂
Gloryhound: Port Adel make late change – Lindsay Thomas in for Todd Marshall
Umpirespet: You need a rubber keyboard duckky
Burnsy03: then a nt team or a tas team? surely nt tas are bearly an aus state
BigChief: @hinsch the TSL might be a good fit.
The39Steps: Does anyone know generally what % of DT points are scored in the first half compared to H2?
lachlan23t: Fyfe better score more then Cripps or else I’ll be mad
BigChief: Surely not @Gloryhound. They would be better playing 21
Umpirespet: Carlton to Tassie and saints to NT
Jukes82: give jack silvagni the spud
Umpirespet: Na 39 sorry dunno if that stat is available
Gloryhound: @ BigChief totally agree. Maybe they are playing a points spread?
Haydo: I was tossing up betweeen cripps and fyfe for captain, went fyfe dammit still keep going cripps
The39Steps: Thanks @pet. I was thinking more in H2 as the game opens up and players tire.
lachlan23t: I’m on track for a great score this round
colin wood: Lol @ Zac Fisher’s score
lachlan23t: I probably just jinxed myself but oh well
Umpirespet: Don’t upset me and duckky Colin wood
colin wood: He’s definately a CD fav I see Ump hehe
BigChief: Muppet incoming?
Ash777: gaff giving the blues fans something to look forward for next year
Umpirespet: Me and duckky traded him out this week
Breezey: Eagles have put this game to bed in about a minute and a half
colin wood: oh yuck
scrappers: traded fisher out for yeo! not happy
BigChief: That is a pipe dream for Carlton @Ash
Seiya: This is more like it from Darling and Hurn
BigChief: Long term that is a good trade Scrappers
scrappers: short term its pissing me off
scrappers: silvagni is only getting games because of sos
th3rio: Why would you be mad? Yeo has back to back tons
The39Steps: Silvagni better off leaving. Too much pressure being sosos. Needs to paint his own canvas.
scrappers: because fisher is going to make more money and i could have waited a week!
th3rio: Ah yep, fisher going to be a gun in couple of years
runt: Silvagni will end up being known simply as BoB.
poolboybob: Umpires still might get the blues over the line
Breezey: Free kick there for what
BigChief: That was stiff on McGovern
BigChief: I mean Hurn
Gloryhound: So glad I dodged the O’Shea bullet
runt: This game is a copy of GWS v Saints
th3rio: Most wouldve glory since he didnt start R1
Ash777: lamb trying to save his career
carlton_99: haha poolboy uve had the umps in ur pocket all game. NoHTB for us at all
Yelse: whens nat gonna play more game time geez
runt: Simpson play football the way it should be played. No stupid useless handballs
Pinkman: Cripps is a ripper. Permanent captain
Breezey: That’s all she wrote. Fat Lady is warming up the vocal cords
m0nty: nominations for star please
carlton_99: I honestly dont know why we tackle we dont get rewarded whatsoever for it. Dropping the ball is apparently legal for WCE
man0005: Monty you’re the only star here
BigChief: P. Cripps
man0005: Can I have be a mod plz
runt: The star is Simpson for playing FOOTball!
JockMcPie: Gaff
The39Steps: Cripps.
Pinkman: Cripps in a losing side i know, but still.
anthsill03: As a cfc fan you need to be pretty happy with the effort
Crowls: bullet for garlett.
BigChief: Cripps easy. Look at disp, tackles CP and CL.
carlton_99: very happy with the effort
boo!: trading garlett to anything a pulse
carlton_99: 9 of our best 22 out and to get within a couple of goals against 1st on the ladder is fantastic’
carlton_99: Please tell me garlett hit his BE
anthsill03: Garlett to heeney next week. My biggest regret not starting him
Ash777: mckay a good get
runt: when did someone last have 30 kicks?
Costanza: Anzac Day is Wednesday. It’s like doing NYE a week early – ridic
anthsill03: When heather scored over 200?
breadly: Heath Shaw?
aussie59: carlton_99: Please tell me garlett hit his BE..B/E -22, but i think u knew

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