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Chat log from R5 of 2018: St Kilda vs Western Sydney

Chat log for St Kilda vs Western Sydney, R5 of 2018

jocka: …hello
J.Worrall: earth calling
boo!: cmon billings….130sc+
SilverLion: That’d be nice boo
th3rio: Billings will go 130 coz i traded him out for spuddy
boo!: haha siliverlion, opp traded him to buddy, i laughed at buddys 48sc..
Torz: Got Taranto in this week
Chelskiman: Me too, Torz. Happy with the start!
AFL Blues: I have Greene, Finlayson, Billings, Coniglio. How many points do you think they’ll accumulate?
SwaggyP: Going to have a blinder week with bud, billings and walters…
boo!: cmon vc cogs
Umpirespet: How many bought in Coffield this week?
SilverLion: I did ump. Just a bench player though, set up a dpp with finlayson
Torz: Whitfield gets caught with the ball so often.
wadaramus: Yeah, I went Bonner to Coffield for some cash and cash generation 🙂
Chelskiman: Gotta kick those, Billings! 🙁
boo!: kick it jack
BigChief: That is crap Billings. Should kick that every time.
DragonLass: oh goddammit Billings learn how to kick set shots
PowerBug: Yep I got Coff from Bryashaw in SC (Looping him with Holman) and for Hibberd in AF (On field)
Chelskiman: I think everyone brought Coffield in. It was the obvious downgrade trade.
Umpirespet: I kept Bonner for 1 more Wada just in case he has a big one
SilverLion: Lift Savage
Umpirespet: Not me chelsk gunna get Wirral if plays well
anthsill03: did u start bonner @wada
Umpirespet: Wirra*
CamT: I pulled the trigger on Mirra.
wadaramus: @ump, I was 50/50 on keeping him but in the end he was my only real trade out option.
wadaramus: @ants, na mate I traded his arse out!
duckky: Come on VC Cogs
DrSeuss: When did Billings last kick straight?
wadaramus: @ants, do you mean did I start the season with him?
Jackwatt$: Hi guys I’m back again, terrible effort by Dee’s last week. Our worst loss to Hawthorn in the time me and m0nty have be
anthsill03: yes mate!
duckky: Who is a worse kick on goal – Billings or Daniher?
Jackwatt$: Been mates
anthsill03: is anyone keeping a close eye on Rgriff
Jukes82: lol at the muppets that still have billings
AFL Blues: Casboult.
ajconodie: Why are games so inaccurate at Etihad?
wadaramus: Sorry man! No, I rage traded Jason Johannisen to him after round 1 🙂
Torz: All the breeze
Umpirespet: Daniher could kick straight if he didn’t act like a knob and took it seriously
ajconodie: AFL Blues – Casboult is vastly improved.
DragonLass: @Jukes82 lol at the muppets who waste trades on premiums
wadaramus: No need to be like that Jukes! Surely you have a spud or two in your team?!
duckky: WHy the heck is Acres in the ruck?
BigChief: @DragonLass Billings is far from a premium anything. Maybe a premo butcher.
Jukes82: never wasted a trade, said from the beginning billings was a terrible option
TheLegend6: Whitfield has been a poor pick for me this year
ajconodie: Same @TheLedge – Seems to change position a lot which is concerning.
frenzy: $$ Coffie
J_Herer: Billings was unlucky in that quarter
Crowls: is billings on the ball or fwd?
DrSeuss: Taranto good, Finlayson good. Billings……ugh
Gotigres: Glad i went Billings to Coffield +$300000
Stu7: What’s the go with Greene?
Schillaci: Playing fwd Crowls
BigChief: @Crowls Billings is a permanent fwd.
Torz: Greene playing mostly forward. Had a centre bounce attendance late in the quarter, so might get more mid minutes.
J_Herer: Billings FWD, but they are looking for him, could have had 25 points, just unlucky with delivery etc
Stu7: Cheers thanks Torz
BigChief: He will miss left.
BigChief: If Deledio gets Def status he could be an option.
BigChief: OMG Billings hit a target.
wadaramus: Billings DE will doom any good score in SC.
Fatbar5tad: Come on Tobe shake a leg mate
Chelskiman: Taranto slowed down after a fast start.
MontyJnr: Billings is wasted forward, he’s a terrible set shot
Umpirespet: Can see saints getting a win here
J_Herer: Why wouldn’t they run Billings in the middle…
Torz: Whitfield very much off half back in this game. Good signs for DPP next round.
Ash777: good thing I swapped billings to hogan
th3rio: Any one vc conigs?
MontyJnr: Saints midfield is so vanilla with Steven, Dunstan, Steele etc. Billings in there would give them a better mix
luke394: cmon Coffield
BigChief: @J_Herer must not be fit enough to run in midfield.
AFL Blues: Thought about it, Th3rio.
th3rio: He’ll go 130 i think, gonna go fyfe i think
th3rio: Lol billings so unlucky.
luke394: Billings just sucks get rid of him
billnats: Saints clearly dont rate Billings. Literally tackling him
Nuffman: I did th3rio
th3rio: Nice nuff
Nuffman: @th3rio: I hope so hana
duckky: Heater want BANG! Suddenly 53 SC
luke394: Heater due for a good one
BigChief: McCartin finally showing why he was pick 1.
luke394: 70+ from Coffield would justify the trade i reckon
BigChief: Billings unlucky. Could have 100 by now if he kicked straight and got more disp and tackles.
hinsch: T Greene projected score 103 thoughs I am not to sure he will make it
Ash777: I have no idea why billings is thought to be of the same class as the bont, kelly, merrett
BigChief: Bont is over-rated and is a SC love child.
Gotigres: i did th3rio
DrSeuss: Nice 2nd quarter from Finlayson….
Umpirespet: Don’t think Bont is in that league either
cammo92: How many current players have a B&F in a premiership winning year like Bont does?
Snarfy: Finlayson is proving quite reliable DrSeuss, as is Murray and DoDa. More reliable than most premiums other than Laird.
luke394: anyone who thinks Bont is over rated is delusional hes a gun
BigChief: Hurley doing well also @Snarfy
wadaramus: Finlayson on track for SC ton, i’ll take that 🙂
MontyJnr: Billings will become an ultra premium if Saints tweak their game plan and give him more midfield time
Snarfy: Looking forward, most people wont be able to justify in trading up as they are showing consistency. Time will tell.
BigChief: Billings is good up the ground, but is a butcher inside 50
MontyJnr: Question is do you wait for Richo to mix things up or just cut your losses with Billings?
lachlan23t: What happened to Newnes?
SilverLion: If only Billings kicked straight :/
BigChief: Newnes head clash in the 1st 1/4
wadaramus: Head knock Lachlan.
lachlan23t: Ok thanks guys
chris7399: whatsup with greene? just cold or well tagged?
Yelse: wheres tarranto
Torz: Bench
Gotigres: Wow Deledio looks good
lachlan23t: What score do I take for Coniglio? If I don’t do I make Fyfe or dusty?
duckky: I’d take 130+ for Cogs
luke394: 120+ @lachlan23t
ajconodie: @lachlan – Anything over 120 for your VC isn’t worth risking.
lachlan23t: I have a feeling Fyfe will go off against the doggies at home
Rush: My personal mark is 130. Anything above that i’ll take automatically. If it’s in the 120-130 range i may take
Fatbar5tad: Don’t know how the Dockers might react to Yarran
Chelskiman: Another cracking 3rd quarter from Billings.
DrSeuss: Taranto, Finlayson and Billings all gone quiet
lachlan23t: I’ll take 130 anything less I’m making it Fyfe
Fatbar5tad: FA Greene and limping as well
SilverLion: I’d be happy with 80s from Savage and Billings
duckky: Findlayson dried up
BigChief: Can Billings get to 60? I doubt it.
duckky: Delidio second ton in a row
mardyb: is geary the worst captain since richie vandenberg?
BigChief: Maxwell worse than Geary by a mile.
Fatbar5tad: Not a Bacres delight
FordyHawks: Lol, vandenberg was good for rag dolling the bombers players
Fatbar5tad: Lame 50 attempt Grasshopper
man0005: Lame 50 attempt Grasshopper
Chelskiman: All my players seem to have stopped.
duckky: Well at least Geary hasn’t walked out on his club
BigChief: I don’t think mine started Chel.
Chelskiman: A 50 for throwing away a boot, lmao.
Fatbar5tad: 50 for a shuey?
Ash777: lol 50m for throwing a boot
TheLegend6: Coffield looks a good pick up for saints
duckky: Well it was a heel act
Nuffman: Yes Ducky!! Absolute gold!
J.Worrall: Lame 50 attempt Grasshopper
circle52: Mine still travelling to ground Cheskiman might turn up in time for 4th quarter
SilverLion: Down Arrow for Savage
Chelskiman: Finally, Billings!
NewFreoFan: Just got here, looked at Savage’s score, wish I wasn’t
Ash777: give greene the burger
SilverLion: That’s it Billings!
luke394: 90+ please Shaw
circle52: Agree Silver Lion he is really savaging my score today
pcaman2003: Opposition has Savage so I’m happy.
DERKADERRR: Man I’m so glad i took the risk with deledio from the start
SilverLion: *bu dum tiss* circle 😛
ajconodie: Go Whitfield!!
DrSeuss: Come on Taranto
SilverLion: Savage was 40 at 1/2 time. Completely stopped.
frenzy: pwr off geene, dont start now
RoughRed: Go Cogs
duckky: Billings now getting interested … junk time symbol surely
Fatbar5tad: Fuck off Greene
Chelskiman: Game on, boys! Would love to see the Saints win.
cammo92: Junk time? It’s game on
SilverLion: VC Cogs going to be interesting
TheLegend6: Can’t help but think Coffield’s score should be much higher
DrSeuss: Billings needs to work up the ground like he just did -makes his impact much better
Fatbar5tad: Kick the ball Greene you flog
Chelskiman: What a goal!
TheLegend6: Great goal that
FordyHawks: Ballsy kid, nice goal
Gotigres: Wow, the speed from Finlayson to catch Stevens holding the ball
SilverLion: Take VC Cogs? Gotta decide before Carl vs. WC
BigChief: I wouldn’t SL
Chelskiman: Daaamn! Gonna be a crazy finish to this game.
Chelskiman: A draw is on the cards! 😮
Burnsy03: SL whos your c on
ajconodie: Come on Whitfield and Finlayson ton up!!
pcaman2003: Heart in mouth stuff this is.
cammo92: Surely take 120
RoughRed: just 7 more points and looping Cogs
SilverLion: It’d be Fyfe or Martin if I don’t take Cogs.
RoughRed: 5 more
qiu333: take cogs or C martin/mitchell? in sc
Chelskiman: I like 125+ for a loophole score.
frenzy: thanks silver for reminder, take cogs
BigChief: Carlisle you muppet.
TheLegend6: Carlisle choked!
Chelskiman: WOW! Surely that was chopping the arms.
ajconodie: Wow. Any other situation that may have been paid.
FordyHawks: Choked? Arms chopped
Umpirespet: No arm chop there
cammo92: Wish they’d show the replay but that just looked like a drop
BigChief: Chop of the arms? Davis never touched him.
Fatbar5tad: Play on
FordyHawks: Ok, maybe not, lol
pcaman2003: Arms not chopped,didn’t hold the mark
wadaramus: Soft hands from Carlisle, should have clunked it.
ajconodie: Seeing the replay there was absolutely nothing in it. Well left umps.
duckky: Wouldn’t C Titch with Jocobs all over him
TheLegend6: Not a free kick at all, dropped mark.
Chelskiman: GWS always seem to play in draws.
mardyb: cue the convos for should we get rid of the draw…
original: poor delivery really, carlisle is like 200cm and it was over his head. had his man beat
vamos77: Poor delivery my ass, that was a soda

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