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Chat log from R5 of 2018: Sydney vs Adelaide

Chat log for Sydney vs Adelaide, R5 of 2018

NewFreoFan: Swans to smash the Crows by about 500 points I reckon
BigChief: I hope Sinclair and Laird go big tonight.
feralmong: Taking a punt and put Laird as VC.
Ash777: vc on fyfe, c on dusty
CamT: Terrible news about Shane Yarran the former Docker. A real talent.
mardyb: same ash
JockMcPie: Rest in peace Shane Yarran
circle52: Evening all Got the VC on Buddy tonight Giving him another Chance
circle52: And sad news about Shane Yarran –
mardyb: do we really need the NZ anthem at every game this weekend?
circle52: It is ANZC commemoration so NZ is part.
BigChief: Show some respect mardyb. ANZAC includes New Zealand.
mardyb: thanks for clearing that up lads.
mardyb: just not sure we need the NZ anthem.
JockMcPie: Yeah it seems a bit unnecessary…can see why it’s there though
BigChief: Piss off mardyb. ANZAC stands for Australian New Zealand Army Corps. Show some Damn respect for ALL ANZACS
wadaramus: Agree Jock and Mardy, but it deserves respect so lets just respect it.
mardyb: i think have it on anzac day but not for all 9 games. Anyway, come on BUDDY!!
wadaramus: Carn the Crows!
mardyb: settle chief. enjoy the game
TheMessiah: Evening all!
Breezey: It’s about time Lloyd went big and tonight’s the night. I hope. Please
cusch1: Only way tex can get a kick, by getting a cheap free kick!
stoo: Seedy you bewdy, love a +16
feralmong: If seed holds the egg any more it may hatch.
TheMessiah: Wish Buddy would get involved
Salambo: Is live chat moderated? I mean, saying “Lift Buddy” after 1 minute of play is clearly me taking the proverbial tinkle!
wadaramus: The Seed off to a flyer!
cusch1: Pretty sure that there is a filter Salambo. Individual messages arent looked at, but words are automatically replaced
CaptainWho: Go big tex! Have a big one mate!
Schillaci: heeney 1 handball for 8 SC. Was a ripper.
Salambo: OK, thanks cusch1. It’s no problem.
TheMessiah: Jesus these umps are helping ADL early
BigChief: That was dumb by Hannerbery.
cusch1: What a goal Pappers
th3rio: Wild goal assist schillaci
Schillaci: Thanks th3rio. That explains it. Thought it was CD love.
pcaman2003: Heeney starting slow as usual.
BigChief: Heeney actually made a spoil early and those stats are not on here but do get points.
Sloan4Pres: Go Hewett!
th3rio: Youre welcome bro. He was unlucky witht mark wouldve been huge
original: jpk u are killin me mate
cusch1: He’s been doing it all day!
DrSeuss: Lloyd started well – but he is constantly ignored by the other Sydney backs.
boo!: sauce love
cusch1: Give that man a muppett
TheMessiah: Urghh swans let Buddy down big time
duckky: Dang – left Doedee on the bench for McGrath
stoo: Who woulda predicted those swans at the bottom
th3rio: Of course buddy does dumb shit when i bring him in
Chelskiman: Great start, Heeney. 🙁
TheMessiah: I brought Buddy in this week too 🙁
BigChief: What exactly was Franklin meant to do? 3 Crows inside 50 alone and no team mates to see.
th3rio: He was meant to have a pop, not hesitate
feralmong: Well done dodo.
th3rio: Like he nornally does from 55-60
stoo: Me too duckky, at least he’s earning
pcaman2003: @Chelskiman. He usually comes home strong after slow starts.
TheMessiah: Doedee you little beast
Fatbar5tad: Fuck sake Parker. Get a kick mate.
duckky: I seedsman were accurate – that would have been close to a ton
duckky: If
wadaramus: Good first qtr from the crows, can they sustain it?
cusch1: Cameron Ling going the early Captain Obvious comment of the week
Ash777: damn you doedee why didn’t you perform well last week 🙁
NewFreoFan: Agree with the commentators, enough with the play on call umpires
pcaman2003: Move it Gibbs. Don’t fail me now.
Ash777: hartigan out for rest of the game
feralmong: Muppet laird
TheMessiah: Wow Buddy – Insane
MrGmax: Good one, Rory.
NewFreoFan: Wtf buddy hahahahaha
NewFreoFan: Turned further off the bounce than Warney could make it do
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Rory Laird just strapped on the green felt and turned into a muppet.
JockMcPie: Fkn parker
BigChief: OMG Gibbs is very quiet.
cobrakai00: can we have these umpires? Hawkins gets mauled never a free
pcaman2003: Gibbs 1 sc point for the qtr.
cusch1: Heeney has had a massive quarter
Chelskiman: Heeny off and running now. Takes him at least half a quarter every game, but then he goes on scoring bursts.
TheMessiah: Wish Heeney left that one for Buddy haha
pcaman2003: Go Heeney! Slow start but building momentum
duckky: Will they leave Seedsman on the ground please!
Ash777: umps memo is play on
DrSeuss: Lloyd, find the ball perhaps?
pcaman2003: Where the hell is Gibbs playing? Can’t see him.
LuvIt74: heeney coming from nthe clouds
benzammit: Evening all, surprised Heaney is score so well I can’t see tackle though
Chelskiman: 4 tackles for Heeney.
poolboybob: Papley is a massive tosser
benzammit: Doedee is a ripping youngster
pcaman2003: FFS Gibbs. You may as well go home.
benzammit: K.Jack is a hack these days, he was a work horse now he’s a donkey
heppelitis: Get a goal M. Poholke…then turn around…thats what its all about.
NewFreoFan: Been hot garbage umpiring this game sadly, great contest otherwise
cobrakai00: Parker 1 kick.. slug
Breezey: And now he’s a goal kicker
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Mitch McGovern drops a pud on the HBF, oh dear.
JockMcPie: Parker, embarrassing, doesnt even look like he wants to get near the ball, disgrace
benzammit: Yep his ears were burning!
twinpeaks: Hewitt following Gibbs around – might be his lot until Sloane, Crouches return
pcaman2003: @Jock. Him and Gibbs
benzammit: Gees Sydney have some upside in the second half, Franklin, Kennedy, Hannebery and Parker all can lift
Snarfy: Who do you put VC this week, um, I know, Parkers due….NOT!
benzammit: Sydney by 22 is my tip from here
NewFreoFan: Agreed ben, wonder if Hartigan going down early will affect the crows legs late
LuvIt74: I chose Laird as my VC
lock98: Get that seagull ready for Jake Lloyd
LuvIt74: wish i chose Doedee though…lol
feralmong: Same luvit and if not for the muppet would be excellent
twinpeaks: Credit to Tex, backing up after this week. Maybe if he wasn’t such a flog, mouth off so much, less schadenfraude?
heppelitis: every single week this year i have the wrong rookies on my bench..Doedee this week
benzammit: Any none playing subs you can loophole Hep
heppelitis: No Ben spewing…feel like reversing trades and bring in a non player on each line ffs
luke394: Anyone how to zoom out the he stats on an iPad?
Stu7: Kennedy lift brother
th3rio: Last wk when opt had parker he went mental this week i dont care and does shit
benzammit: I always try and have one in the lines full of rookies back and mid
th3rio: Last wk when opt had parker he went mental this week i dont care and does shit, standardt
heppelitis: yeah i have 1 in my mids but not backs this year.
BigChief: McGovern having a mare with his marking.
mark621: Has Gibbs forgotten that the game has started?
Raspel31: Doo-day, doo-day-do de do ray eh.
carlton_99: Doedee an absolute gun, and surely a heart for Rohan
Haydo: hey
NewFreoFan: Just give Doedee the rising Star now
Stu7: Doedee what a find!
cusch1: Sydney pressure has gone up a notch
billnats: I don’t have McGovern but I just want to comment how bad of a footballer he is tonight
Ash777: everyone wondered why adelaide went doedee with their first pick
Haydo: dodee is an absolute legend
cusch1: Gibbs back to his old habits in that Carlton doesnt show up to Friday night games
duckky: Seedsman stopped
Haydo: very happy with lloyd, heeney, dodee and vc laird
BigChief: Gibbs doesn’t have Sloane feeding him the ball.
duckky: Heart for Rohan
Ash777: buddy almost made a meal of that twice lolll
mardyb: awesome for rohan!!
carlton_99: Gary Rohan <3
duckky: Is there a symbol for posters?
Zeratul: McGovern needs another Muppet. Clumsy as tonight
luke394: Anyone know how to zoom out the stats on an iPad?
Breezey: Methinks the Adelaide resistance is just about done
BigChief: Ouch. That was tough from Papley.
pcaman2003: Crows will choke.
pcaman2003: Gibbs touched the ball again. Wow!
Breezey: Not sure how Papleys still walking after that clash
Bulky: “Gibbs whose been superb.” says Zempilas. What an astute student of the game he is.
DragonLass: not so much a case of choke, but you just can’t keep up that intensity over 4 quarters
Fatbar5tad: Fuck off Parker going backwards now
BigChief: I think he is watching the game from 2 weeks ago @Bulky
MONEY TALK: dropped doedee for hibb
pcaman2003: @Moneytalk. Why?
Fatbar5tad: He’s a really good user…OOTF
BigChief: Nice call BT you flog. “Really good user” under no pressure and OOTF.
DragonLass: supercoach is a cruel mistress. have Doedee on ground but also have parker 🙁
CamT: Who’s Sydney’s midfield coach ?
MONEY TALK: idk pcaman idk
RGriffen: Dean Cox I think does rucks and mids but don’t quote me on that
colin wood: Brought Parker in this week my apologies lads.. 🙁
CamT: Thanks, RGriffen.
BigChief: How did Parker get rid of that before the free was paid?
zadolinnyj: When u drop the ball in the tackle then get a free for holding?
Fatbar5tad: Crows hanging in here
JockMcPie: Keep going Parker
Stu7: Damn I took my loophole captain off Heeney 😩
NewFreoFan: Wowee what did the Swans do to piss off the Umpires? Getting no love at all
BigChief: Laird went from 68 to 89 in a rush.
Stu7: Anyone got a spare rocket that I can shove up Kennedy’s rear???
cusch1: How was that seedsman goal worth 20 SC?
MONEY TALK: sorry i put the VC on buddy boys
Manowar: Buddy a Duddy tonite
Torz: They keep bombing it on his head
luke394: Loving Franklin’s shitness
pcaman2003: @Manowar.As soon as u say that,he’ll score 60pts last wtr.
anthsill03: Watch buddy ton up! Even though i dont have him
The39Steps: Agree with someone. While technically not meeting the requirement of a heart – he should get one.
a1trader: Good start Poholke
zadolinnyj: Douglas on kennedy outstanding
The39Steps: Rohan that is.
Umpirespet: Parker is gunna lose a lot of $$ this week 🙁
Crowls: 25-30pts this qtr and Laird becomes my C for the week
CamT: Big possession getters are all defenders.
Breezey: It seems if you have 2 consecutive ees in your name you will be scoring well tonight
zadolinnyj: Stevie j looking chubby
benzammit: Rampe100% ? Swear I just seen him put one 5 rows back out on the full
Breezey: Seedy, Doedee, Heeney
The39Steps: RIP Shane Yarran. Poor troubled soul. Heart goesout to the family.
Crowls: Buddy 60 points in last qtr, nope shanked it
MONEY TALK: give me the noose
Ash777: give the mare to buddy
zadolinnyj: U r right benzammit
runt: When buddy bad, he bad
MONEY TALK: that has to be the worst timing for that comment
BigChief: You did Ben
th3rio: Went billings to buddy. Watch billings get 150 tomorrow peeps
BigChief: Look at that tosser Mills trying to rough up Laird. Hahaha.
Burnsy03: ben thats tog his de is 80
MONEY TALK: i have buddy and billings ):
BigChief: Yes please th3rio
mardyb: i preferred when it was eff instead of TOG
BigChief: I think everyone does mardyb
a1trader: no big scores tonight
mardyb: why did it change?
pcaman2003: Gibbs not looking for action. Avoiding the ball like the plague.
Chelskiman: This season is already hard to pick tipping wise.
colin wood: Come on Parker lay some tackles or something!
Breezey: Terrible against Doedee
cusch1: Doedee was unlucky he got a second slap on the ball. Had he not slapped the ball away, would have been play on.
cusch1: Was a good decision
cusch1: Buddy just try to sand that ball back?
th3rio: Ball tampering lol
Ash777: give him a cheeky fine lol
Haydo: lloyd and dodee stopped
zadolinnyj: Star for dougy if they win. Containing Kennedy tough
Raspel31: Thank you Mr Buddy and Mr Gibbs-sigh-there goes my differential.
BigChief: Seedsman for star.
MONEY TALK: my buddy vs lloyd and heeney
pcaman2003: Get near the ball Gibbs. I feel a rage trade coming on
duckky: Had Gibbs last year – he is such a heartbreaker
duckky: Boundry ump trying to influence?
BigChief: You can’t compare last year and this year for Gibbs.
The39Steps: Talia X factor.
MrGmax: Traded in Seedsman and benched Doedee. Opponent is playing Doedee. So annoying.
pcaman2003: You’re a useless caller BT
JockMcPie: Umpires call surely…
BigChief: Didn’t that hit Heeney’s foot?
Chelskiman: Almost thought that snicked Heeney’s boot after it was touched but they only showed that angle once.
Burnsy03: i was saying that chief thats what i thought
circle52: Thought it was just me that thought it hit Heeneys boot.
pcaman2003: Well,that highlights Gibbs night. Another usesless disposal from him
Ash777: I thought it hit heeney’s boot then scraped the goal post
Umpirespet: What a win
J_Herer: lol is that the brick wall on Doedee?
Haydo: nah its dynamite j herer
Sunday2810: No. It’s Ayers Rock – symbolises he was solid as a rock in defence

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