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Chat log from R4 of 2018: Geelong vs St Kilda

Chat log for Geelong vs St Kilda, R4 of 2018

JockMcPie: Captain Danger, my last hope. Also would be nice if Billings got a lazy 150 to make up for previous rounds…
the worm: 3 Votes, Geelong, E.Ratugolea
man0005: 3 Votes, Geelong, E.Ratugolea
Hadouken: 3 votes C Judd
korza: Free kick for Selwood diving
luke394: Danger back in the midfield thankgod
korza: Who is better Watts or McCartin ?
RGriffen: Watts by a country mile
ReggieOz: Bit early to tell..But Watts by a long way lol
RGriffen: maybe compare Weitering to McCartin both are hacks
korza: Who was the noob, that upset Danger
CBeezDeez: Did every1 trade Ryan to Rat?
th3rio: I went henry
ajconodie: I went Henry. There is a bit of Blicavs about him.
TheMessiah: Please repay the faith Billings!!
feralmong: To hogan and it’s looking good.
Hadouken: went rat hoping for a possible dpp later?
th3rio: Fucken hell billings need a big one if im to win
JockMcPie: If McCartin still isn’t good in 3 years then he’s crap, atm he’s developing
circle52: I went Henry as well
th3rio: Billings scores shithouse as a hf
Hadouken: why is billings so spud like this year ?
DrSeuss: Billings started so well…then back to sleep
luke394: How is Danger only on 26 he’s dominated
th3rio: Yea 4 touches and still a muppet
luke394: St Kilda have been pretty bad @Hadouken
Jukes82: Bringing in Cofffield seems like a certiantly now
TheMessiah: Come on Billings, thats better
AngryRyno: Coffield in for who? Barry perhaps? create a D/M link with Finlayson
Hadouken: true
JockMcPie: Imagine if Billings and Danger could use the ball well …
the worm: i’ve heard its hard to kick Australian rules footballs straight sometimes
Hadouken: captain danger single handedly saving my draft at this rate
TheMessiah: My Opponent in Draft has Danger as C…….. Go home Danger
Chelskiman: Need massing games from Coffield and Billings. I’m in a tight one in one of my leagues.
th3rio: Were they seriously wanting to trade menzel? Hes a nutter
AngryRyno: just saw the footage of Roberton collapsing, scary stuff
SilverLion: Go Savage
DrSeuss: Damn what is Kelly doing?
the worm: cats are just kewing up for goals now
SilverLion: Just saw it now too Ryno. Hope he’s alright
TheMessiah: Wow, hope Roberton is ok. Horrible to watch
the worm: wasnt roberton the one that got ko’d and interviewed by lingy concussed?
ajconodie: Blue Moon for Parfitt right flippin now, Montgomery!!
SilverLion: Duncan > Duckwood
DrSeuss: Billings – so promising, then so disappointing – all in the one quarter lol
AngryRyno: Roberton to hospital, so he’s obviously done for the day
RGriffen: Billings is Walters just scores in quick burst
man0005: Walters is Billings just scores in slow burst
Chelskiman: Billings + Coffield vs 80. Who wins?
Breezey: Is Roberton still the +1 on the way to the hospital
J.Worrall: B&C, none of teh above
SilverLion: Who is this Parfitt fello
AngryRyno: Rowan Marshall also ruled out for the rest of the game (concussion)
pcaman2003: Kelly on 50 with those lousy stats. lol!
Chelskiman: Lift, Billings! Jesus.
SilverLion: Billings is killing me
luke394: get going Danger cmon
Torpedo10: Icicle for Danger?
DrSeuss: They say never trade a premium, lucky that Billings isn’t a premium – useless spud
pcaman2003: @DrSeus. Glad i traded him out this week.
LuvIt74: What do you guys think will be the average?
colin wood: Hate these complimentary Danger points…
luke394: loving Billings
DrSeuss: Yeah @pca – I try to hold but his role and play just screams average at the moment –
poolboybob: WTF Billings
LuvIt74: I’m on 2019 with Kelly & Henry to go so will only score around 2150
DrSeuss: He has scored as much as Roberton since HT and he is on the way to hospital (hope he is ok)
circle52: I’m on 2043 with the balance of Kelly, Henry and Savage to come.
lukefield9: Anyone see what happened to marshall?
man0005: I’m on 2219 with Kelly & Henry to go so will only score around 2450
Jukes82: and ppl said billings was one of the best forward options lmao
Stu7: Is Robertson still playing?
AngryRyno: Roberton en route to hospital, he’s done
Stu7: Cheers
boo!: if Vickery was still playing i would rage trade billings for him
obione05: Danger heading to 600k
mardyb: thats what were waiting for obione
pharace: No you wouldn;t b00 – Vickery was a bigger dud
mardyb: would love to get henry to 50
Snarfy: Gee these coaches can mess you up with their positional changes.
obione05: Will be a nice cheap upgrade in about 4 weeks
pharace: 14 players 44 to 59pts for the Saints
Burnsy03: can u give kely wall? had about 40 after it happened last week
Breezey: Parfait going real good SC
the worm: i dont really care if kelly get 5 or 500
TheOnyas: onya browny
obione05: Just need Kelly to get to 90 and Henry to 50 and ill have a good score
anthsill03: Thanks billings cost me me in cash leagus
Chelskiman: Should have marked that, Billings!
original: Zombie icon for menegola
PowerBug: Cmon Danger keep going mate
JockMcPie: Billings is gone from my team, that way I don’t have to take any interest in St Kilda games
th3rio: Billings to buddy or greene i think. Fucking potato
AngryRyno: can the Cats find a goal for the Rat?
luke394: Danger’s pissing me off now
wadaramus: Correction trades, Billings and Goldy out.
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: The captain of St Kilda just turned into a muppet.
th3rio: Billings to who wada?
frenzy: should Cunico have L plate
wadaramus: Anyone!!! Maybe Heeney or what about Menegola?
frenzy: * P plate
AngryRyno: Cunico has played before frenzy
th3rio: Heeney good menegola to up and down
Hadouken: how can danger be on 55 qtr time and end up with that…
wadaramus: Danger completely MIA or what?!
Snarfy: Wada – A trade to Taranto, 3 tons in 4 matches. Low score when Cameron played him on the wing. Corrected this week.
colin wood: lol Danger handballs staright too Savage in goalsquare +3.. what a joke.
Snarfy: Give you more cash to get a super premium in the guts, maybe.
LuvIt74: keep it uup danger loving that score a possible $600k purchase in a few weeks
PowerBug: Danger just went off the ground. Probably him done for the day
luke394: Parfitt 180 wow
wadaramus: I brought Taranto in last week to cover Caddy/Sicily outs, he repaid the faith this week!
wadaramus: It was effective colin wood…for my Savage points anyway 🙂
lukat: Come on Savage! If savage outscores Danger by 3 i win!
batt: Parfitt 100% deserving of that score… absolutely ridiculous today
wadaramus: Would luv that LuvIt!!!
luke394: I reckon Danger is under done with that hammy
luke394: the fact that savage has scored anywhere is a disgrace CD love him
Burnsy03: lukat your done i think
Hadouken: gl lukat !
Hadouken: well you can draw now at least lukat
feralmong: Wada how about Mundy. I started with him and been good.
wadaramus: Paddy got a pack on his calf…
frenzy: putrid week
wadaramus: Billings 23 touches for 65 SC 🙁
Hooks: What did everyone score this week, Supercoach wise, I managed 2231

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