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Chat log from R4 of 2018: Hawthorn vs Melbourne

Chat log for Hawthorn vs Melbourne, R4 of 2018

runt: lost 14/15 against the Hawks. Demons will need a miracle
masterhc2: They beat the north streak last week no reason why they can’t win here, I’m expecting them to win they’re a decent team
CBeezDeez: Sic, Bernie, Bugg or Lewis 1st to be reported?
Chelskiman: Kent with a cape already.
RGriffen: superman Kent. Fits the name too
JockMcPie: Wow 3 goals for Kent? were they all from frees?
Chelskiman: @Jock – One was.
runt: Kent has flown in to provide a small miracle
penguins00: First 2 from frees but they were there
SilverLion: Please don’t do this Hogan…
Chelskiman: Needed O’MEara and Gunston to stay down… fuck
DrSeuss: How tight is the Jones tag on Titch? Or are the hawks just not getting enough possession?
Burnsy03: any chance titch can drop me a 30
runt: Jones constricting Mitchell like an Asian made condom
masterhc2: L plate for Mirra? Interested to see how he does
Chelskiman: Of course Mitchell does this when I play someone who doesn’t have him.
Hadouken: same chelski, same ๐Ÿ™
SilverLion: Just need a 60 or so Fritsch
BzBman8: vice Dusty V captain titch <3
SilverLion: For once in your life Sicily… walk away
masterhc2: any danger of pulling your finger out for the first time this year hibberd
TheBoy89: The one week my vc doesnโ€™t fire I need my c to deliver
JRedden: hibberd sucks this year
circle52: same 2the boy – Punt on Dusty did not pay off and now Mitchell. lowest qtr for year
billnats: SO happy everyone warned me off Hogan
TheBoy89: Jones can actually suck my left nut
CBeezDeez: What? 141 from Dusty wasn’t good enough?
circle52: Sorry punt on Buddy angry put him as VC over dusty
CBeezDeez: Or U mean last week?
Moona: Just waiting for the “Titch dropping in price – now i’ll get him in”
Umpirespet: Cmon fritz get a touch
the worm: understandable circle, why would you expect dusty to do well at home to brisbane
SilverLion: Bugg on Sicily oh boy
CBeezDeez: Phew @Circ U had me worried for a minute. Was concerned for your well being!
TheBoy89: Sicily playing beast
DrSeuss: Ok time for someone to take out Jones
Umpirespet: Bonner to Sicily this week
SilverLion: Imo a kick should have to travel 15m to be called on the full
SilverLion: “Looks like a mark to me” top umpire right there
TheMessiah: Capt Titch :/
gdshifty: what is Petracca doing?
TheMessiah: Come on you hawkers!
masterhc2: Don’t mind that as a rule actually silverlion would prevent unlucky ones where someone hits it into their foot
DrSeuss: No Hawks helping Titch with the tag
poolboybob: Petracca get involved in the play you crab
pcaman2003: Sicily a welcome inclusion this week.
DragonLass: hey petracca, the ball is the oval shaped thing moving around you. how about you go and touch it
TheMessiah: Holy Rioli ๐Ÿ™‚ What a kick!!
CBeezDeez: Dunno how Dees win any games with this defence!
frenzy: pedal harder m0nty
LuvIt74: keeps saying loading
ajconodie: Wet weather footy is far superior to that indoor crap.
TheMessiah: Come on Sic, Hogan and Captain Titch!
DrSeuss: Titchell, Gawn, Sicily and Fritsch – this was supposed to be a great game for my AF team. Not so much
pcaman2003: O’meara showing up his detractors
CBeezDeez: Uh Oh. Why is skiing entering my thoughts?
TheBoy89: Jones has ruined my schedule week Iโ€™m playing fortnite
LuvIt74: Glad i took Dusty’s 141
TheMessiah: Titch will tonne I reckon
lukefield9: @pcaman worth a look on SC?
TheBoy89: Supercoach
anthsill03: Who is tagging mitchell
Fatbar5tad: Hibberd you shittruck. At least Yeo does well every other week.
boofjb57: Jones ant
anthsill03: Thanks mate
TheMessiah: Come on Titch! 30+ Possies in the 2nd half champ haha
DrSeuss: Get involved Sicily
TheMessiah: Weather does not suit Sic @DrSeuss – Wont go huge today
happytimes: How did O’Meara do that so easily
pharace: Anyone watch Melb know what is with Hibberd’s lack of ball this season?
TheMessiah: Well done hawkers! Keep it up!
Hadouken: titchell rage trade this week anyone ?
TheMessiah: OMeara Knee?
Breezey: All JOM owners just breathed in
CBeezDeez: Dees changed structure & style somewhat with Lever coming in and Old Mac out injured also.
McSpud: hibb not taking kickouts this year
TheMessiah: Hes back on! Looks fine
TheOnyas: onya kenty
lukat: Oliver with 6 kicks? Must be a mistake- or some kind of record for him
McSpud: need 137 from oliver for the win
runt: The question as to whether to tag or not to tag Mitchell still not answered
TheMessiah: Where has Hogan gone?
the worm: it’d be a shame if titch was up against a tagger again next week. who do hawks play?
TheMessiah: O’Meara looking amazing
J.Worrall: mirra negating Hogan
runt: Demons munted since the 1st qtr
CBeezDeez: Mmmm undermanned opposition again. & deez still can’t beat em!
AngryRyno: Hawks have Norf next week, Jacobs will tag
runt: My 2 cents worth is that the Hawks play better when Mitchell is tagged so better not to tag him!
TheMessiah: COme on Titchy get us to 90 mate
original: JOM added about 50 points in 15 min sheeesh
pharace: Thanks McSpud and CBeez. Sound like not kicking out has stripped him of circa 30pts
DrSeuss: Mark the ball Sicily you spud
SilverLion: Gawn didn’t touch him lol
TheMessiah: Hogan Missing
CBeezDeez: He’s def not alone @Messiah.
frenzy: Maxy rage trade coming
JockMcPie: Poppy cooked
Hadouken: i team traded out omeara to zorko in draft league before round 1. boy do i feel silly.
TheMessiah: Come on Titchy, big final quarter and some junk
SilverLion: Daisy said Rioli hasn’t been there since 1/2 time. Camera immediately jumps to him sitting on the bench…
CBeezDeez: He only came up from the rooms @3/4 time siren
LuvIt74: poor buggers who chose Titch as their Captain
TheMessiah: I am that poor bugger haha
CBeezDeez: I feel like I’ve time travelled back 21 days! Deja Vu or what?
Haydo: same and oppo has jaeger
thommoae: Martin last week, Titch this week – sheesh!
circle52: and me as well
TheMessiah: Titch to go bananas this quarter – wishful thinking haha
AngryRyno: surely tag drops off this qtr if Dees want to win
Hadouken: cue the cape for titch, 100 still to come ๐Ÿ™‚
circle52: From the penthouse last week with 2400 in SC to struggling to make 2100 this week – Thanks Mitchell c
Chelskiman: I really didn’t need this from JOM and Gunston. They’re match winning performances for my opp.
CBeezDeez: Have I finally taken the blinkers off? Or have Deez been overrated now?
DrSeuss: Sicily, Titch (c) and Fritsch – not the Sunday scoring I was hoping for
TheMessiah: Tommy get into it!
DirtyDawn: Afternoon all
SilverLion: And when Mitchell isn’t getting 40 touches, everyone should be asking “Where’s Mitchell”?
frenzy: Ski season started
DirtyDawn: Tom Mitchell captain this week, probs like most!!! Where’s Dave Swan when you need him?
Gloryhound: Atlas for Clarry – 23 contested possessions out of 25 total possessions. WOW.
Chelskiman: Well I’m boned. fuck you O’Meara and Gunston.
the worm: i bet someone has accidently put C on o’meara and they are laughing their butt off
RGriffen: give Gunston xfactor? He’s been outstanding today
luke394: Tagging Titchell has gone well for the dees
CBeezDeez: Thanks Jaeger Bomb! Making up for Titch.
Hawks_13: Omeara for gun today
TheMessiah: come on Titch another 18 champ!
masterhc2: 14 tackles for shiels jesus
CBeezDeez: Bring back Neeld! All is forgiven! LoL
pcaman2003: Stunning win Hawks. Well played!
Gloryhound: Gawn with a lazy 66 HO’s – lift yur game son lol
th3rio: Where the actual fuck is petracca
Burnsy03: who was calling gawn rage trade?
CBeezDeez: Means nothing when the Hawks have 50+ clearances!
Jukes82: you lost because you have too many muppets like Crisp in your team lol
a1trader: JOM looks really hungry
luke394: Melbourne over rated
Chelskiman: You talking to me, Jukes?

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