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Chat log from R4 of 2018: Western Bulldogs vs Sydney

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs Sydney, R4 of 2018

Waspy79: Can’t find final teams as usual
J.Worrall: go m0nty, go!!
AngryRyno: calling 8 goals for Buddy on Naughton
ReggieOz: Dogs have the wood on the Swans
JockMcPie: Dogs by 12
lukat: Go big Parker!
circle52: Took a punt on Buddy as VC Angry,
circle52: So need those 8 goals.
Hadouken: naughton 100 please
Fatbar5tad: Bit niggly this one
Hadouken: almost tempted to trade out nic nat and put english on !
AngryRyno: geez, English has done this every week except for when i had him on covering Kreuzer… classic
RGriffen: looks like I am fielding Ryan to loophole English
PowerBug: What comp were you thinking of trading NN out in Hadouken? Because if SC then that’s a wasted trade
luke394: Dahl’s score seems wierd
wadaramus: Get the Bont out of full forward ffs.
pcaman2003: Lift Heeney.
Apachecats: 2 muppets for Dahl won’t help @luke394
wadaramus: Back in the middle, thank you.
Chelskiman: Heeney always seems to start slow.
Rush: Heeney starts slow and then gets 50 points in the blink of an eye
pcaman2003: @Rush. I hope so. Just got him this week.
DrSeuss: Sydney backs butchering it and ignoring Lloyd
th3rio: Because hes just gone to mids
luke394: I can’t remember him having two FA’s? and that tackle on Grundy didn’t register @Apachecats
Stu7: Come on Dahllyass!,,,
JockMcPie: Nice cheapies there by McLean, more of that please
Waspy79: Glad I brought in Lou Richards
Torpedo10: Richards kick didn’t register.
JRedden: looks like our pressure is back, why did i tip the swans
pcaman2003: Swannies pressured into errors
the worm: probably because you they will win
Torz: Hunter being tagged by Cunningham
th3rio: Fuck off Parker
Stu7: Any idea on what Daulhass is not doing?
AngryRyno: who woulda thought Naughton would have more SC than Buddy at quarter time
the worm: touching the ball
Torpedo10: Far out Richards. Missed kick which hasn’t been given alongside his awful 4SC to start!
Waspy79: Also a missed tackle on Buddy for Richards
Torpedo10: You’d think with his red hair they could pick up his stats! Will they even get added, if not done so at the QT break?
AngryRyno: tackles only count as tackles if they result in a stoppage or turnover, unless your name is Dusty of course
Torpedo10: Was that kick stat a new one, or the missed one from last Quarter? Just switched off.
Waspy79: You got that in writing from CD, Ryno?
PowerBug: correct
AngryRyno: only the last bit
PowerBug: Not a tackle if they get a disposal away to a teammate
JRedden: macrae is one of the most underrated players in the comp
Waspy79: Ok, that flies in the face of what a tackle actually is. Perhaps there should be two category of tackle
Ben_Gogos: Bonty!
luke394: idiot beverage plays Dahl fwd all game
AngryRyno: SC treat tackles as qualitative rather than quantitative anyway
pcaman2003: Macrae= Ball magnet.
Waspy79: True Ryno
PowerBug: There is, they are called pressure acts
mace485: can buddy hurry up and kick 10 already?
pcaman2003: Heeney looks too slow. Is he okay?
th3rio: Gow the fuck was that not ball!!!
Fatbar5tad: LOL can’t pay it against Buddy
DrSeuss: Stop ignoring Lloyd FFS
JockMcPie: Couple of dud decisions there…but umpires were looking for the second one after they missed the first
JockMcPie: Buddy hurt his shoulder….oh no
Gotigres: buddy shoulder problem
th3rio: Oppt has buddy abd parker, no ball for buddy abd parker goal
Fatbar5tad: Just a stinger
masterhc2: last minute decided to reverse my trade kelly to hunter, looking like an ok decision atm
Fatbar5tad: Finger out Dunkley
Gotigres: Mclean down
jfitty: Finger in McLean
JockMcPie: Solid black eye for Toby
vamos77: F off Rampe, I just dumped him this week
chinkas: come on dogs don’t let me down
mardyb: suckling such an over rated kick
stoo: Me too vamos, sux
frenzy: is the pom back on yet
StuL: Heeney and Buddy probably essential by round 22 but even they can be rubbish. Fwds suck this year.
pcaman2003: @Stul. Got Heeny this week. Buyers remorse possibly
Hadouken: does lloyd have a pulse ?
Fatbar5tad: Fuck off heeney
Waspy79: Is a DT tackle different to a SC tackle?
StuL: heeney gets 20 touches and it’s a ton. Walters gets 50 because he’s soft.
PowerBug: I now know why I picked Bont again this season without double thinking it
pcaman2003: LOL! I should mention Heeney more often. Lifts every time I say something
wadaramus: C’mon Dunkley, need a bit of X-Factor from ya.
SilverLion: Alright, just got home from our game. Time to watch some real footy.
RGriffen: PB I did the same but traded him to Mitchell cos dogs looked crap
SilverLion: Is McLean alright?
oc16: yep he seems to be
wadaramus: Smack in the face stunned him for a bit Silverlion, he was on fire early.
SilverLion: Sweet, cheers wada and oc. Expecting a sub 70 score tbh. Usually happens when I bring in a prem hah
piro: richards fail
TheBoy89: the week i trade in buddy he decides to do nothing
pcaman2003: @The boy89. Isn’t that mostly the way?
TheMessiah: Of course hunter cops a tag the fkn bring him in 🙁
pcaman2003: @Messiah. Lucky to be that score on those stats.
th3rio: who went henry for L. Ryan?
pcaman2003: Off to dinner out. See you next game lads.
wadaramus: I went L.Ryan out, Garlett FWD, Finlayson MID, Richards DEF, not looking great 🙁
TheMessiah: Enjoy dinner champ!
TheMessiah: Hoping the tag moves to someone else in the 2nd half?!
th3rio: damn wada , just sussed ed and he is definitely not backing up last week
LuvIt74: Buddy will always go huge and other times have very quite games.
Fatbar5tad: Shithaus
Hadouken: anyone bring hunter in ?
Fatbar5tad: Richards going to sink us all
mardyb: budwaaaaa
luke394: dahlis so frustrating and its only been 4 rounds!
Fatbar5tad: Wheels starting to fall off here…
penguins00: That’s not very good from Hunter but he will probably be saved by a lack of force
luke394: how does Buddy get 20 points for a goal lol
LuvIt74: will be a cheap pick up luke
Burnsy03: mark kick and goal
th3rio: Wtf right
luke394: 42 for 2 goals
lukefield9: boys who should I field on SC draft Nic nat or goldy?
mardyb: contested mark
TheMessiah: fmsc – seriously where is the delete button?
duckky: SC gives extra points for a goal that changes the lead
piro: eddie diicks
lukat: Come on Parker dont slow down big boy
Fatbar5tad: FFS Richards
TheMessiah: Do something Huntard
luke394: I dunno duckky seen plenty of lead changes before
th3rio: Ive got heeney he better get 20 for that
masterhc2: The absolute fuck is daniel doing hasn’t tocuhed it for about an hour, have him in draft
LuvIt74: Buddy went from 33 to 75 by kicking 2 goals. Must be degree of difficulty…lol
luke394: @LuvIt74 haha exactly! dunno what else
chinkas: ffs
BigChief: SC love Duddy Franklin.
th3rio: Buddy gets points for giving away frees
LuvIt74: is it just me or are the ups blowing play on alot quicker this year?
PowerBug: You’re all jelly that you didn’t start him despite his 10 years of premium scoring
DrSeuss: Am I the only idiot with Jake Lloyd?
RGriffen: piss off Bont and the dogs
luke394: lol @powerbug, Walls got 20 odd as well as long as its consistent
frenzy: Franklin Mint
wadaramus: Bont getting his usual CD service, love it.
TheMessiah: Donut quarter for the Huntard
zoomba23: Trading Richards in for Brayshaw was a bloody spud move fml
circle52: Bont finally repayingh my loyalty. Would have been traded this week if I did not have injury issues. There is some luck
Rush: I also have Lloyd
FordyHawks: Traded in Dusty for brayshaw, lol not bad
Rush: Not for much longer mind you.
circle52: VC on Buddy not looking good.
Fatbar5tad: Roos giving me the Tom tits. What a flog.
TheMessiah: @circle – He will kick 3 in the final quarter and score 130+
Chelskiman: Yeah, I’ve never been able to stand Roos.
mardyb: umpire murdered buddy on that angle. he didnt mark it on the goal line
Fatbar5tad: That was diabolical
lukefield9: Love paul roos he’s great – don’t know what you’re on about
BigChief: Sucked in Duddy
SilverLion: McLean and Heeney good stuff.
Fatbar5tad: When they moved Redpath back he ripped in then five minutes later he’s crapping on about how it was a good move.
TyCarlisle: paul roos is a premiership coach
SilverLion: I’d say $ for Richards, Naughton, Gowers but uh… yeah, not so much.
TheMessiah: Please get to 60 Hunter 🙁
the worm: you didnt bring hunter in this week did you?
mjdub: If you started with Christensen over Dunkley, you messed up
PowerBug: Naughton deserves $, best game ever for him 😛
lukefield9: hunter’s never averaged over 95 in a season why would you bring him in?
the worm: starting with both wouldnt have been terrible though
the worm: he mustve started with him, he wouldnt have brought him in
th3rio: Fuck this if billings plays shit tomorrow buddy coming in
lukat: and herrreeee comes buddy
BigChief: Hunter’s best year was 2016 averaging 92.7
PowerBug: Bont, Heeney, Buddy and English in this match for me. Not too bad at this stage but still time for them to go backwards
Hadouken: yeah billings has me worried also th3rio
wadaramus: Macrae has gone quiet.
masterhc2: Would love another 2 from buddy, got on the ladbrokes special swans win and buddy kick 5
FordyHawks: Never considered bont. Overrated.
th3rio: Apart from rd 1 billings has been dog shit
BigChief: I don’t rate Bont either but he is a must have in SC as they love him.
Ash777: just trade him. he’s shown that he’s not going to be worth the price for his speculative scoring
Rush: Plenty of better mids than Bont in SC
Torz: Bont is a good player, just doesn’t always play fantasy-friendly roles. Up forward etc.
chinkas: dogs are cooked
FordyHawks: Titch, Dusty, Danger, Gaz, Selwood, Oliver, Fyfe, Cripps, Parker, Kelly…. all those are better sc wise
DrSeuss: Lloyd gone back to sleep this quarter
BigChief: Does that make them hot dogs chinkas?
PowerBug: Yeah role isn’t great and if Greene was playing in Rd 3 I was trading Bont. Just nice that he’s scoring alright now 🙂
Chelskiman: Another brilliant last quarter from Heeney I see.
chinkas: makes them burnt snags
LuvIt74: I cannot remember a player at such a young age with the versatility Bont has, he plays Mid, Ruck, Fwd
Stu7: Soggy sausages more like it!
billnats: Starting Richards instead of naughton 😳
chinkas: dogs need Jose Romero out there
wadaramus: Bont has stopped!
wadaramus: Macrae has restarted!
wadaramus: Go Dunkley!
FordyHawks: Hunter stop damn you
Stu7: Hunter and Dahl spiking
chinkas: is this first time Dale has ever played footy in his life?
Stu7: Kennedy on valium
Ash777: jose romero is not a afl player
zoomba23: Holy crap Richards touched the ball
chinkas: neither are 3 quarters of these blokes in blue Ash
Breezey: Love ya work Toby
BigChief: Dunkley = muppet
mjdub: Ol’ mate Dunkers would be on 140 if he could kick straight
Breezey: Kermit warming up after that stuff up
th3rio: Haha buddy
mjdub: glad I kept the faith in azza naughton, some good cash coming yet
chinkas: need an icon more than a kermit for costing the game
luke394: dahl! finally
lukat: stop going down parker grrrrrrr
Stu7: Dahl will get the dogs over the line
the worm: dunkley or lloyd for the last goal please
Seb78: Down to the wire
Ash777: damn just short
chinkas: daniel you are pathetic
BigChief: Not today @Stu7
LuvIt74: great game
runt: Daniel pumped it all of 20m
th3rio: If buddy scores in 23 seconds i quit
wadaramus: Bont and Dunkley massively disappointing last quarter.
SilverLion: Hearts for Franklin and McLean
JockMcPie: Parker….
BigChief: Duddy marked that after the siren.
Burnsy03: th3rio nearly had to quit
Fatbar5tad: Good recovery Richards
th3rio: Yeh that was scary

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